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A-List Celebs: First Major Film Premieres vs. Now

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See some of Hollywood's biggest stars then and now.

See some of Hollywood's biggest stars then and now.

A-list Hollywood actors do not always start out on the top; sometimes they have humble beginnings before landing that breakthrough role. With heavy-hitters like Leonardo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon and Will Smith, it's interesting to see where their major acting careers all began. Here's a look at some of your favorite actors at their first and most recent film premieres.

Reese Witherspoon: 1991 vs. 2018

Then: Reese Witherspoon was just 15-years-old at the premiere of her debut film, 1991's Man on the Moon. Her role garnered her a nomination for the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress and she received much praise for her debut. During the 90s she would go on to star in films such as Fear, Pleasantville, Cruel Intentions and the Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated film Election.

Now: Since her first film in 1991, Witherspoon has been a constant presence in Hollywood. She reached super-stardom with her portrayal as the determined Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde series, while also starring in hits like Sweet Home Alabama, Mud, the critically acclaimed Wild and her Oscar-winning role as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line. Her most recent release was 2018's A Wrinkle in Time. Witherspoon currently stars in the mega-hit series Big Little Lies.

Brad Pitt: 1991 vs. 2017

Then: In 1991, Brad Pitt was just beginning to blossom as an actor. His first notable role was as the young drifter J.D. in the hit female buddy flick Thelma & Louise. Pitt would go on to become an A-lister and mega heartthrob, starring in films like Interview with the Vampire, Seven, Meet Joe Black, and the cult classic Fight Club. He would meet Friends star Jennifer Aniston, becoming one-half of Hollywood's golden couple.

Now: Pitt hasn't slowed down a bit since bursting onto the scene, having starred in blockbuster hits like the Ocean's series, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (where he infamously met and fell in love with co-star Angelina Jolie), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Inglorious Basterds and World War Z. His most recent release was 2017's War Machine, and he will appear alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman: 1992 vs. 2018

Then: In 1992, Nicole Kidman was just beginning to breakthrough in Hollywood, having appeared in Dead Calm and Days of Thunder. Her leading role opposite then-husband Tom Cruise in Far and Away garnered the actress praise from the critics. Kidman would then go on to star in works such as Batman Forever, Practical Magic and Eyes Wide Shut (once again with Cruise).

Now: Kidman has maintained a colorful and impressive acting resume since coming onto the scene. She has appeared in films like Moulin Rouge! The Others (for which she earned the Oscar for Best Actress), Cold Mountain and Sofia Cappola's critically acclaimed The Beguiled. Most recently, Kidman starred as Queen Atlanna in the blockbuster hit Aquaman. She currently appears alongside Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies.

Halle Berry: 1994 vs. 2019

Then: Before venturing into acting, Halle Berry was a model and even finished as the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant and 6th in Miss World 1986. After small roles in minor films, Berry appeared alongside Eddie Murphy in 1992's Boomerang and in 1994's live-action version of The Flinstones, opposite John Goodman. The actress would continue the momentum, starring as Dorothy Dandrige in the TV film biopic Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. For her role, she won both a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award.

Now: Berry has kept herself quite busy and has remained a strong force in Hollywood. She is known for her role as Storm in the X-Men series, the James Bond blockbuster Die Another Day, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. She became the first and only African American woman to win the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Monster's Ball. Most recently Berry starred alongside Keanu Reeves in the hit series John Wick: Chapter 3--Parabellum.

Jennifer Aniston: 1993 vs. 2019

Then: Back in 1993, Jennifer Aniston was on the brink of super-stardom (a fact she didn't realize then). Before becoming part of the ultimate will they/won't they couple Ross and Rachel on the mega-hit show Friends, Aniston was on the run from an evil leprechaun in 1993's horror film Leprechaun. She would go on to receive critical acclaim for roles in films such as Picture Perfect and the cult classic Office Space. Aniston would also marry fellow A-lister Brad Pitt in 2000 (whom she later infamously divorced).

Now: Aniston's star hasn't dimmed and she remains a beloved staple in Tinseltown. Her hit show Friends ran from 1994-2004, and during that time she starred in a slew of films like Bruce Almighty, The Good Girl, and Along Came Polly. Aniston would also appear in Rumor Has It, The Break-Up, Marley & Me, and Horrible Bosses. The actress has most recently starred in two Netflix films, Dumplin' and Murder Mystery, alongside Adam Sandler.

Johnny Depp: 1990 vs. 2018

Then: Before becoming the A-list film star he is today, Johnny Depp started out on the hit television show 21 Jump Street. He made his film debut in the classic slasher A Nightmare on Elm Street. He had smaller roles in films like Platoon, before hitting it big in 1990 when he appeared in both Cry-Baby and Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands. Depp would develop a unique and highly impressive resume, starring in hits such as Benny & Joon, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Donnie Brasco, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Now: Depp's star power only continued to grow upon his success in the 90s; he starred as the bumbling pirate Jack Sparrow in the billion-dollar franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as in Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland and Black Mass. He reprised his role as Tom Hanson in for a cameo in the movie adaption of 21 Jump Street, and most recently appeared in 2018's The Professor and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Kate Winslet: 1995 vs. 2017

Then: In 1995, Kate Winslet found massive success in the Academy Award-nominated film Sense and Sensibility, in which she starred alongside Emma Thompson. For her role, she received her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Prior to the film, she had appeared in another critically acclaimed drama, Heavenly Creatures. Winslet would go on to star in the epic romance disaster film Titanic in 1997, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. The picture was a massive success, garnering 14 Oscar nominations and winning 11, as well as becoming the first film to reach the billion-dollar mark.

Now: Winslet has continued to become a seasoned and well-respected actress, having starred in films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland, Little Children, and The Reader (for which she won the Oscar for Best Actress). The actress most recently starred in the Woody Allen drama, Wonder Wheel and will appear in Avatar 2 and Ammonite as English fossil collector Mary Anning.

Will Smith: 1996 vs. 2019

Then: Will Smith soared to fame as the titular character in the hit comedy series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. During the course of the show he would venture into the world of film, starring in the movies Six Degrees of Separation, Bad Boys, and the summer blockbuster hit Independence Day. He would go on to have a lucrative film career in the 90s, appearing in Men in Black opposite Tommy Lee Jones, Enemy of the State and Wild Wild West.

Now: Smith didn't lose any steam as he entered the 2000s, becoming a well-respected Hollywood leading man. In 2001 he starred as boxer Muhammad Ali in the biopic Ali, for which he earned an Oscar nomination. He also had roles in a slew of films like I, Robot, Hitch, The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend, and Suicide Squad. He most recently starred in the Netflix film Bright and in the blockbuster hit live-action adaption of Aladdin as the Genie.