8 Korean Stars Who Left Their Dramas Midway Through Production

Updated on June 13, 2018

Whether you are a fan of any kind of entertainment, be it movie or television or even music, anyone can have a meltdown or something a little more serious. Today I decided to show eight celebs from Korea who had problems ranging from health to just having a breakdown. It just shows that no matter how much money one has, sometimes the problem lies much deeper than finances. Money does not cure or solve everything, as we can see from the following.

Go Hyun Jung - Return

Due to issues with staff members, Go Hyun Jung, who was in the lead role of Choi Ja Hae in 'Return', left the drama midway. Her role was replaced by actress Park Jin Hee starting from episode 16.

I feel sometimes people just get too greedy, and I think that's exactly what happened here with Go Hyun Jung.

Han Ye Seul - Spy Myung Wol

Following a dispute with director Hwang In Hyuk over her working conditions, Han Ye Seul failed to show up for her scheduled filming on August 14-15, 2011. She then flew to the United States on August 16. Due to her absence, an episode was cancelled and instead a special featuring highlights of the series was aired. It was the first instance of a leading actor abruptly leaving in the middle of a Korean drama shoot. After extensive press coverage and threats of legal action, Han returned to the set on August 18 and apologized to her fans.

At least she didn't just take off and never come back.

Oh Ji Eun - Blow Breeze

Oh Ji Eun ruptured the anterior ligament of her ankle, and was prescribed eight weeks of non-activity. Afterwards though, she tried to keep on working while receiving treatment at the hospital. However, she could not continue when it became apparent that she needed surgery. Oh Ji Eun was replaced by Im Soo Hyang.

Oh Ji Eun will hopefully make a full recovery and get back on TV as she rightfully deserves.

Lee Seo Won - About Time

Lee Seo Won has officially left his series following his recent scandal in which he sexually molested a female colleague and threatened her with a weapon. Dongjun of ZE:A is set to replace Lee Seo Won in the upcoming tvN drama 'About Time'.

So many actors are in this kind of hot water over the last year.

Goo Hye Sun - You're Too Much

Goo Hye Sun left the weekend drama "You're Too Much" after being rushed to the emergency room for severe allergic shocks. She learned from her doctor that she has a serious allergic digestive disorder known as anaphylaxis and needed rest and a long-term treatment. Goo Hye Sun was replaced by Jang Hee Jin indefinitely on the MBC drama 'You're Too Much.'

This is the one I feel the most for as it's not like some of the others that chose to do what they did. This one seems to be just so sad and tragic and there is nothing Goo Hye Sun can do about it. I hope she can recover and just enjoy her life to the fullest.

Yoon Tae Young - Dear Husband of 100 Days

'Dear Husband of 100 Days' has announced that it will be removing Yoon Tae Young from its cast after the police revealed that the actor was involved in a drunk driving accident earlier this month.

At least he didn't kill anyone while under the influence. Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning what he did in any manner. He should not come back.

Onew - Age of Youth 2

Onew was forced to drop out of his drama after he became a suspect in an alleged sexual assault case. Lee Yoo Jin takes on the role of Kwon Ho Chang, replacing Onew in the drama 'Age of Youth 2.' The good news is that Onew was found not guilty for the alleged sexual assault charge, as the charges were dropped by the prosecutors.

Onew, I hope this is a serious wake up call for you.

Oh Dal Soo - My Ahjussi

Oh Dal Soo admitted to sexual assault and apologized to the public. As he left the drama 'My Mister,' actor Park Ho San was selected to take over his role in the drama.

This just goes to show you that this epidemic known as sexual assault is happening worldwide, not just on this side of the world. The whole world is now on top of this whole crap and it's about time!

Which Actor Do You Miss The Most?

Which Actor Do You Miss The Most?

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What do you guys and gals say? Do you know of other famous celebs who quit halfway during filming? All replies welcome, not just on Korean drama but anywhere in the world. Let's see what you have to say. How about any of these eight celebrities, do you know them? If so, which one affects you the most? I tend to side with the ones with serious health issues, especially if they were unaware of it at the time.

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