75 Richest Actresses in Hollywood Today

Updated on March 12, 2019

The 75 Richest Actresses in the World

image - Jennifer Lawrence, the highest earning Hollywood Actress, 2015
image - Jennifer Lawrence, the highest earning Hollywood Actress, 2015 | Source

Who are the Richest Actresses in the World?

This post continues from the previous post which was made for the richest actors in the world. It just made sense.

So, down to the question, who are the richest actresses in the world? Some of these actresses are veterans in the businesses having been making movies now for decades, racking up their earnings and net worth over a long period of time.

Others are new to the Hollywood film industry, getting lucky with the right roles paying checks are beyond anything that actresses have ever earned before averaging as much as 20 million dollars per movie.

And then there are the actresses who have played it smart and used their Hollywood fame to not only act in movies but also produce, direct and write scripts for movies.

Not to mention the even more ambitious of the bunch who have set up their own businesses with the likes of production companies, clothing lines, boutique labels and countless other entrepreneurial ventures.

The 75 Richest Actresses in the World

In addition to the Hollywood actresses net worth in dollars there is also the translated worth in pounds as an interesting look at how the west would perceive these Hollywood stars financial worth.

  1. Dina Merrill - $5.1 Billion (£3.6 Billion)
  2. Candace Bailey - $500 Million (£350M)
  3. Mary-Kaye and Ashley Olsen - $300 Million (£210M)
  4. Angelina Jolie - $200 Million (£140M)
  5. Sandra Bullock - $200 Million (£140M)
  6. Victoria Principal - $200 Million (£140M)
  7. Julia Louis Dreyfus - $200 Million (£140M)
  8. Miley Cyrus - $165 Million (£117M)
  9. Jennifer Aniston - $150 Million (£106M)
  10. Demi Moore - $150 Million (£106M)
  11. Frances Fisher - $145 Million (£102M)
  12. Julia Roberts - $140 Million (£99M)
  13. Drew Barrymore - $125 Million (£88M)
  14. Nicole Kidman - $120 Million (£85M)
  15. Amy Irving - $120 Million (£85M)
  16. Jane Fonda - $120 Million (£85M)
  17. Tracey Ullman - $112.5 Million (£79M)
  18. Charlize Theron - $110 Million (£78M)
  19. Cameron Diaz - $100 Million (£71M)
  20. Sofia Vergara - $100 Million (£71M)
  21. Rosie O'Donnell - $100 Million (£71M)
  22. Sarah Jessica Parker - $90 Million (£64M)
  23. Kate Winslet - $90 Million (£64M)
  24. Salma Hayek - $85 Million (£60M)
  25. Reese Witherspoon - $80 Million (£56M)
  26. Scarlett Johansson - $80 Million (£56M)
  27. Michelle Pfeiffer - $80 Million (£56M)
  28. Roseanne Barr - $80 Million (£56M)
  29. Kim Cattrall - $75 Million (£53M)
  30. Courtney Cox - $75 Million (£53M)
  31. Jaclyn Smith - $75 Million (£53M)
  32. Jennifer Lawrence - $75 Million (£53M)
  33. Jane Seymour - $70 Million (£49M)
  34. Linda Hamilton - $70 Million (£49M)
  35. Halle Berry - $70 Million (£49M)
  36. Kristen Stewart - $70 Million (£49M)
  37. Emma Watson - $60 Million (£42M)
  38. Ellen Barkin - $60 Million (£42M)
  39. Sharon Stone - $60 Million (£42M)
  40. Kristin Davis - $60 Million (£42M)
  41. Mary Tyler Moore - $60 Million (£42M)
  42. Lisa Kudrow - $60 Million (£42M)
  43. Cynthia Nixon - $60 Million (£42M)
  44. Debbie Reynolds - $60 Million (£42M)
  45. Phylicia Rashad - $55 Million (£39M)
  46. Penelope Cruz - $55 Million (£39M)
  47. Sally Field - $55 Million (£39M)
  48. Helen Hunt - $55 Million (£39M)
  49. Natalie Portman - $54 Million (£38M)
  50. Raven-Symone - $53 Million (£37M)
  51. Jane Leeves - $52 Million (£36M)
  52. Kaley Cuoco - $51 Million (£36M)
  53. Keira Knightley - $50 Million (£35M)
  54. Helen Mirren - $50 Million (£35M)
  55. Vanessa Redgrave - $50 Million (£35M)
  56. Alicia Witt - $50 Million (£35M)
  57. Terri Hatcher - $50 Million (£35M)
  58. Susan Sarandon - $50 Million (£35M)
  59. Bo Derek - $50 Million (£35M)
  60. Annette Bening - $48 Million (£34M)
  61. Mariska Hargitay - $45 Million (£32M)
  62. Uma Thurman - $45 Million (£32M)
  63. Monica Bellucci - $45 Million (£32M)
  64. Meg Ryan - $45 Million (£32M)
  65. Cate Blanchett - $45 Million (£32M)
  66. Tina Fey - $45 Million (£32M)
  67. Catherine Zeta-Jones - $45 Million (£32M)
  68. Blythe Danner - $45 Million (£32M)
  69. Meryl Streep - $45 Million (£32M)
  70. Susan Lucci - $45 Million (£32M)
  71. Patty Hearst - $45 Million (£32M)
  72. Renee Zellweger - $45 Million (£32M)
  73. Whoopi Goldberg - $45 Million (£32M)
  74. Penny Marshall - $45 Million (£32M)
  75. Marisa Tomei - $43 Million (£30M)

Source/s - CelebrityNetWorth.com, TheRichest.com


As with the richest actors in the world, the net worths of the richest actresses in the world is not too different in terms of the comparison of them both, although it is no secret that Hollywood actresses are falling behind fairly substantially when it comes to the paycheques that they receive from films. This being heavily dependant upon the fact that actresses very rarely get the leads in movies, and even when they do there is usually a lead actor to accompany them who gets a heavier dose of screen time.

On the other hand, times are changing and women in Hollywood are finally getting the due rewards as we see the likes of Jennifer Lawrence paving the way for young actresses with her leads in countless movies, the most famous being "The Hunger Games" trilogy which is arguably one of the best fantasy franchises we have seen from the teen market angle.

Then there are actresses like Angelina Jolie who in her prime was demanding top dollar for her performances easily taking in similar amounts of money as her co-workers and husband, Brad Pitt, in the film industry. Many others could be named but it does still feel as though Hollywood is still a man's game to play, but as we are all seeing women are becoming in far greater demand for the leads in movies. It is a slow process, that is for sure.


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