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Five Beautiful Women From Gordon Ramsay's 'Hell's Kitchen' 3rd Edition

Jan is a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay and enjoys watching all of his shows.

Andi Van Willigan-Cutspec


Chef Andi has been a fixture in Hell's Kitchen since Season 7. She has appeared in seasons 7-14, took a hiatus on season 15 and was back in season 16.

Andi may look like a model but don't be deceived. She is a tough Sous Chef.

She has reprimanded Elise Wims, one of the most hated chefs in the history of the show, and kicked out Tiffany Johnson for answering back to her.

When she is in the halls of Hell's Kitchen, she is all business. She does not tolerate attitude or disrespect. She is passionate about cooking and had deferred marriage in order to get where she was.

In Season 15, Andi was absent from her usual Sous Chef duties as she was busy with her wedding to the love of her life, Brice Cutspec. Their reception was held in Hell's Kitchen and they got to select the dishes they wanted to end up on the menu.

Chef Andi was back in Season 16. She saw potential in eventual winner Kimberly-Ann Ryan and encouraged her to find her voice. This is solid advice as Chef Ramsay looks for leadership in addition to culinary skill.

Chef Andi has been part on many high jinks in Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsay always seems to want to put the wool over the eyes of the contestants. One of the most elaborate stunts she was part of was in Season 10 when Chef Scott challenged the contestants to shave their head. Andi had a wig which she removed to reveal a bald head. Only, it was prosthetics and she later removed it to reveal a full head of hair underneath.

Roshni Gurnani


Roshni is the second Indian to compete after Krupa the season prior.

Despite her short stature, she has a big heart and always puts her best effort in what she does.

Roshni clearly had talent. She made her signature dish "coriander crusted rack of lamb." This impressed Chef Ramsay. He praised the balance of flavors and how well the dish was seasoned.

However, Roshni was still needed a little more seasoning in dinner service as she was faltering. Her first service was a disaster. she could not deliver acceptable scallops and Chef Ramsay tossed her out of the kitchen.

Roshni cried as she had never been thrown out of dinner service before.

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The second service did not go that well either. The whole red team did not do well and were tossed for the kitchen. Roshni was put up by the red team in hopes Chef Ramsay would pick Barbie and eliminate her for good.

The third service was likewise a struggle. Roshni was assigned to the garnish station but she forgot to make the dumplings. When the dumplings finally arrived, they were stone cold in the middle.

In the next challenge, the two teams needed to make lamb based dishes. Roshni paired with Kimmie to create kibbeh with curry sauce. This impressed Chef Ramsay and he awarded a point to the pair.

Dinner service would again struggle in dinner service and get kicked out. She would again be nominated for elimination. Chef Ramsay eliminated Don instead. He gave Roshni a lifeline and gives her another chance. He transfers her to the blue team in hopes that a change in environment will change her performance.

Roshni did well in the challenge but narrowly lost to Dana, one of the best chefs to ever compete in Hell's Kitchen.

Roshni had a much better level of service when she switched, she and Brian held the fort and finished dinner service.

Despite her turning things around, Roshni was finally eliminated in episode 8.

"Roshni is a small lady with a big heart. Unfortunately, her performance tonight matched her stature," commented Chef Ramsay.

Roshni is not new to competitions. She was the Chopped Champion on the hit Food Network show Chopped in 2009 and competed in Food Network's top show Cut Throat Kitchen in 2017.

Kristin Barone


Kristin may have an angelic face but she can be a bit of a wild child. She has been involved in a number of petty crimes such as a DUI, shoplifting and driving with a suspended license.

While under house arrest, Kristin spent the time reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows.

Kristin made a grilled pork tenderloin with fried Brussels sprouts and garlic aioli as her signature dish. While the presentation leaved much to be desired, Gordon liked the dish and gave it 3 points.

Kristin got paired with Vanessa on the appetizer station and they did not get along well as Vanessa was performing poorly.

She then sent a message to Vanessa not to perform that way again.

The red team still won the service despite the hiccups in service.

The next services would not be so kind to the red team as they lost six in a row.

Kristin would be nominated several times but survived each time.

It was not surprising that Kristin did not perform as well as she could. as there was infighting in the team and Jackie was a cancer to the squad.

Kristin did have some highlights such as scoring 4 points in the Shopping Cart Challenge and scoring a tie on the Bison Cut Challenge.

Kristin came very far in the competition and was runner up to Ariel Malone.

She came from being a delinquent to nearly winning a prestigious cooking competition.

Ariel Contreras-Fox


The first time Ariel came to Hell's Kitchen, she was a raw prospect. She bombed the signature dish challenge as her duck breast was under-cooked and had raw fat. Not the best way to start.

Though Ariel was not spectacular in service, she was sturdy enough and was neither too good or too bad. Proof of this is that she never got nominated during the contest until the latter portions when there were very few chefs left in the competition.

Ariel also demonstrated being vocal and being a leader through her stay in Hell's Kitchen.

She called out Joseph Tinnely when he disrespected Chef Ramsay. She also pushed Tenille and Sabrina to complete service earlier than the opposing team during the third dinner service.

Through the services, Ariel kept pushing her teammates to win. Despite the mixed results she still kept motivating and pushing.

Ariel was so close to the final but Ramsay picked Dave and Kevin.

When season 18 of Hell's Kitchen came rolling around, Ariel was one of the early favorites to win it as she came in third during Season 6 and had grown a lot since then.

Even her fellow chefs recognized her as one of the best chefs in that season. In the Chinese food challenge, Motto challenged Ariel and said that the reason he picked her is because "To be the best you got to beat the best." Mia was also glad to compete with Ariel in the final and had tremendous respect for her.

While Ariel did not perform as well as Mia on the challenges, she still held her own and truly shined during service. She was light years ahead from where she was back in Season 6.

It was never a doubt Ariel would be in the final. It was just a question if she would win it all.

Ja'Nel Witt


Ja"Nel was a strong chef from day 1. Her grilled prawns and Asian pesto scored a point with Chef Ramsay during the signature dish challenge. As part of their reward, the girls got to meet diva Celine Dion. All of them were starstruck as if they saw a goddess.

She had an excellent palate. She and Jacqueline guessed the turkey meatballs in a few seconds wherein their counterparts took four and a half minutes in the fifth challenge. Ja'Nel and Jacqueline then sealed the victory in only four tries by guessing the swordfish and chips.

Ja'Nel has another good showing in the Oriental dish challenge with her lemongrass red miso soup and gets a point for her team.

For the eighth challenge, she prepared a goat and wild mushroom ragu. It was tasty and tender and won the eighth challenge for her team.

For the ninth challenge, Ja'Nel does an Argentine chimichuri with orange. She then ties up the score with the dish.

For the thirteenth challenge, Ja'Nel again wowed Chef Ramsay and Dana Bowen with her steamed halibut lemongrass coconut broth.

For the fourteenth challenge, Ja'Nel again impressed with a 3/4 showing while her counterpart Anthony got 0/4.

Ja'Nel was simply dominant in the challenges.She won a total of twelve challenegs all in all.

She was shortlisted and was chosen to get a black jacket.

Again, Ja'Nel had solid performances and she and Mary were chosen for the final.

Ramsay praised Ja'Nel and gave this comment "In all my years in Hell's Kitchen, I have never seen a more composed individual than Ja'Nel. And that is why I am so happy to have this ambitious, creative and talented woman as my Head Chef."

Unfortunately, she never was able to accept the job due to her testing positive for cocaine. She still kept her title and cash prize though.

Hell's Kitchen's Most Beatiful

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Question: Do you have any honorable mentions for your list of the most beautiful girls from 'Hell's Kitchen' 3rd edition?

Answer: I have made several editions of this article with 5 ladies each. I'm not a fan of honorable mentions.

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