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The Top 10 Sexiest Science Fiction Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest science fiction characters of all-time. It provides a brief overview of each lady's background, specific traits, and general characteristics. Did your favorite character make our final list?


30 of the Greatest Italian Film Comedy Actors

A selection of the greatest male comedy actors from the Italian screen. A mixture of young and old, classic and modern, wordplay and slapstick. When the Italians make their best comedies they make some of THE best comedies in the movie business.


4 Best Song Joong-ki K-Dramas

Song Joong-ki has been one of my favorite actors since I first started watching K-Dramas in 2016. He's still one of my favorite South Korean actors and here are his four best K-Dramas.


10 Most Handsome Male Celebrities of Pakistan

Here are the 10 most handsome male celebrities of Pakistan. Who is the most handsome? Vote in the Poll below!


10 Famous People Who Were Born Out of Wedlock

Children born out of wedlock are children who were born to unmarried parents. Children conceived by rape are also included. Although these famous people were born under this adverse circumstance, they have gained fame and success.


5 Reasons Why People Hate Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a controversial figure, who attracts as many detractors as fans. While he rose to fame doing comedy work, TV presenting and acting, more recently he's turned his attention to political and social campaigning. This article looks at five reasons why some people so dislike him.


What Ever Happened to Diahnne Abbott? (Robert De Niro's First Wife)

Beautiful black actress Diahnne Abbott came onto the Hollywood scene in a small role in the blockbuster film Taxi Driver (1976). She married a Hollywood icon, and then she mostly stayed out of the limelight. So where is she now?


5 Reasons Why People Hate James Corden

James Corden has experienced some major successes in his acting, writing, comedy and hosting career, but he's also picked up more than his fair share of detractors along the way. This article lists and examines five reasons for why he's so disliked by many.


The Tragic Death of Thelma Todd

Thelma Todd was an actress and an entrepreneur. An unfortunate series of events (or a well crafted plan depending on who you believe) led to her premature death and the end of both her careers.


7 Facts You May Not Have Known About Betty White

Lauded as "America's Favorite Grandma" and "The First Lady of Television", Betty White had a fascinating career in showbusiness that spanned 8 decades, and a life with many twists and turns. Here are some fun facts about the beloved "Golden Girls" actress and her life on and off screen.


Kenzy: A Chimp More Famous Than You Know

From the crib of Hulk Hogan to the mean streets with "Speed Racer," Kenzy is a Hollywood chimpanzee worthy of his own documentary.


Whatever Happened to Bobby Driscoll?

He was Disney's first child star, popular with both critics and audiences. So how did he end up fading into obscurity?


5 Reasons Why People Hate Phil Collins

The musician Phil Collins has had much success over the years, both with the band Genesis and as a solo artist. However, he has also attracted much negative criticism, especially in the UK, his birth country. This article lists and explores 5 reasons why Collins is so disliked.


Top 10 Laurence Olivier Films

Highlights the top ten films in the prestigious career of #14 on AFI's top 50 screen legends, Sir Laurence Olivier.


Betty White's Last Word Before She Died

The iconic and beloved actress would have celebrated her 100th birthday on January 17, 2022, but she died on December 31, 2021. She entertained the world over eight decades.


Dopesick: 20 Celebrity Victims of America's Opioid Epidemic

For far too long, drug abuse has been viewed as a personal weakness and a moral failing. Today, though, we realize many addictions start in a doctor’s office with a prescription. Patients can get easily hooked on opioid painkillers such as OxyContin and Vicodin, and celebrities are no exception.


Betty Brosmer: Highest-Paid Supermodel of the 1950s

Betty Brosmer won over 50 beauty contests before she reached the age of 20. Her looks earned her a spot modeling for hundreds of book and magazine covers as well as advertisements and more. Betty Brosmer was the top-earning supermodel of the 1950s.


The Most Interesting Men in Hollywood: 7 Handsome and Talented Actors on the Big Screen

The movie business is full of talent and charm. It takes a lot for a single actor to stand out among the crowd. Here is a list of the most gorgeous and interesting men gracing the silver screen.


Whatever Happened to Mariann Aalda?

You may remember her from "The Edge of Night," "Designing Women" and "Sunset Beach," but where is Mariann Aalda today?


Marilyn Monroe's Top Ten Fashion Moments in Film

Marilyn Monroe is an iconic style queen both on-screen and off. Her blonde bombshell persona and unmatched talent continues to be idolized and adored to this day. She rocked many fabulous costumes while on film. Let's take a look at some of her best fashion moments on-screen.


5 Reasons Why John Lennon Was a Bad Person

John Lennon was without doubt a remarkable songwriter and political activist, but he was also a deeply troubled man. This article looks at five ways in which he was an awful human being.


Top 10 Natalie Wood Films

Highlights the top ten films in the career of child star turned brunette beauty Natalie Wood.


Peter Fonda and the Beatles

In 1965, Peter Fonda got the chance to do LSD with the Beatles. It did not go well. The incident would be immortalized in a song.


Top 10 Marion Davies Films

An overview of the 10 best films in the career of the chatelaine of Hearst Castle: sparkling comedienne Marion Davies.


Whatever Happened to Helen Martin?

Helen Martin was a familiar face on 70s TV screens across the country. Find out what happened to the well-remembered, comedic actress.


16 Things You Might Not Know About Larry King

Larry King died on Saturday, January 23, 2021, at the age of 87. Read on to learn unique things people don't know about the iconic talk show host.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses Over 40 Years Old

A list of the ten most beautiful actresses who are still stunning after forty years old!


13 Famous Figures Who Eerily Predicted Their Deaths

Learn about 13 famous figures who predicted their own deaths. Most of these cannot be chalked up to mere coincidence.


Top 10 Rock Hudson Films

This article highlights the top 10 best Rock Hudson movies. If you're interested in the dashing Hudson's movie career, this article is for you.


Top 10 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Movies

This article gives a small tour through the best Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies.


Hollywood Legend and Award-Winning Inventor Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was a successful actress during the Golden Age of cinema. She also co-invented an early method for spreading spectrum communications.


Comedic Legend: Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a famous comedian and actor known around the world. His improvisational skills are considered legendary by many. He also provided many different memorable voices for movies. Williams is considered one of the best comedians to have ever been in the entertainment industry.


10 Famous Korean Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

South Korea is known for its beautiful celebrities, but some of them have gone under the knife in order to achieve their good looks.


24 Smooth Facts About the Rat Pack

The Rat Pack was an iconic group of musicians and actors that defined the word cool in the 1960s. Let's take a closer look at the dynamic Rat Pack.


7 Best Korean Female Action Stars

Have you ever wondered who the hottest action female stars in South Korea are? Read this article to find out!


Don Lemon: Interesting Things About the Political Host

Don Lemon is the host of his own political show that airs weeknights on CNN. Learn other interesting things about him.


Joy Reid: Interesting Things About the Political Host

Joy Reid is an MSNBC national correspondent and political commentator who hosts her own show during prime time each weeknight.


Rachel Maddow: Interesting Things About the Political Host

Everyone probably knows who Rachel Maddow is (hint: she's a political talk show host on MSNBC). She's pretty good at her job . . . maybe a little too good. Here are some interesting things you probably didn't know about the talk show host.


Animated Characters Perfectly Played by Real Actors in Live-Action Remakes

Bringing beloved animated characters to life can sometimes be a daunting task, and in Hollywood it can either be a major hit or miss. Let's take a look at some animated characters perfectly cast by real actors in live-action remakes.


Top 10 Frank Sinatra Films

The top ten movies in the impressive film career of "The Voice," Frank Sinatra.


Whatever Happened to Aunt Bee? (Frances Bavier)

Find out what happened to classic TV icon Frances Bavier, the actress who portrayed the beloved Aunt Bee on "The Andy Griffith Show."


Ten Classic Hollywood Stars Born in Pennsylvania

Ten actors and actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood who were born in Pennsylvania.


"Laurel & Hardy: The Definitive Restorations" Blu-ray Review

For nine years, some of the classic Laurel and Hardy comedies have been restored by a team made up of UCLA's Film and Television Archive department, Jeff Joseph/Sabucat, and the Library of Congress. Now, a Blu-ray release of the films is available to purchase. Marshall Fish reviews the set.


Celebrity Twins You Didn't Know Existed

Although there are many celebrities who have siblings, only a few actually have a twin. Here is a list of some celebrities that have twins. Some are also famous.


10 Actors With Surprising Musical Talent

A quick look at 10 actors you probably didn't know were musically inclined!


Comedic Legend: Benny Hill

For almost four decades, Benny Hill was a prominent British cultural figure. The Benny Hill show established itself as a remarkable worldwide television comedy success story. It was one of the most-watched television comedy shows in the history of the United Kingdom.


Top 10 Steve McQueen Films

Highlights the top ten films in the career of the "King of Cool," Steve McQueen.


My Top 5 Groovy Bruce Campbell Movies

When thinking about B-movie celebrities, none come to mind faster than The Chin himself, Bruce Campbell. In today's list, I discuss my five favorite performances from Campbell.


How Have These 1970s Hollywood Hunks Fared in 2020?

The 1970s was full of Hollywood hunks. Let's see how well they've held up today.


Whatever Happened to Erik Estrada?

Erik Estrada was a popular 1970s actor and sex symbol. Here's your chance to find out what ever happened to Erik Estrada.