24 Smooth Facts About the Rat Pack

The Rat Pack was an iconic group of musicians and actors that defined the word cool in the 1960s. Comprised of members Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop, the group were famous for their wild shenanigans. Let's take a closer look at the dynamic Rat Pack.


Don Lemon: Interesting Things About the Political Host

Don Lemon is the host of his own political show that airs weeknights on CNN. Learn other interesting things about him.


Joy Reid: Interesting Things About the Political Host

Joy Reid is an MSNBC national correspondent and political commentator who hosts her own show during prime time each weeknight.


Rachel Maddow: Interesting Things About the Political Host

Rachel Maddow is an outspoken political host. She has a successful nightly talk show on MSNBC. She is so good at her job that most people don't know that this was not initially her career goal.


Animated Characters Perfectly Cast by Real Actors in Live-Action Remakes

Bringing beloved animated characters to life can sometimes be a daunting task, and in Hollywood it can either be a major hit or miss. Let's take a look at some animated characters perfectly cast by real actors in live-action remakes.


Top Ten Frank Sinatra Films

The top ten movies in the impressive film career of "The Voice," Frank Sinatra.


Whatever Happened to Aunt Bee? (Frances Bavier)

Find out what happened to classic TV icon Frances Bavier, the actress who portrayed the beloved "Aunt Bee" on The Andy Griffith Show.


Ten Classic Hollywood Stars Born in Pennsylvania

Ten actors and actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood who were born in Pennsylvania.


"Laurel & Hardy: The Definitive Restorations" Blu-ray Review

For nine years, some of the classic Laurel and Hardy comedies have been restored by a team made up of UCLA's Film and Television Archive department, Jeff Joseph/Sabucat, and the Library of Congress. Now, a Blu-ray release of the films are available to purchase. Marshall Fish reviews the set.


Celebrity Twins You Didn't Know Existed

Although there are many celebrities who have siblings, only a few actually have a twin. Here is a list of some celebrities that have twins. Some are also famous.


10 Actors With Surprising Musical Talent

A quick look at 10 actors you probably didn't know were musically inclined!


Comedic Legend: Benny Hill

For almost four decades, Benny Hill was a prominent British culture figure. The Benny Hill show established itself as a remarkable worldwide television comedy success story. It was one of the most-watched television comedy shows in the history of the United Kingdom.


Top Ten Steve McQueen Films

Highlights the top ten films in the career of the "King of Cool", Steve McQueen.


My Top 5 Groovy Bruce Campbell Movies

When thinking about B-movie celebrities, none come to mind faster than The Chin himself, Bruce Campbell. In today's list, I discuss my five favorite performances from Bruce Campbell himself.


My Top 5 Nicolas Cage Movies

Nicolas Cage is an actor who many people know of, whether positively or negatively, that has had an impressive track record as of right now. From "Wicker Man" to "Leaving Las Vegas," he has played a number of unforgettable roles. In this list, I discuss a few of those roles.


How Have These 1970s Hollywood Hunks Fared in 2020?

The 1970s was full of Hollywood hunks. Let's see how well they've held up today.


Whatever Happened to Erik Estrada?

Erik Estrada was a popular 1970s actor and sex symbol. Here's your chance to find out what ever happened to Erik Estrada.


10 Old Hollywood Deaths That Remain Mysterious

When Hollywood stars pass away under mysterious circumstances, this often results in scandal, secrecy, and conspiracy theories.


Nicolas Cage in the 80s

Nicolas Cage is an actor and a member of Generation X who had parts in many 80s movies. Let's go back in the day to check out some Nicolas Cage movies.


Whatever Happened to Jean Smart? (Charlene Frazier From "Designing Women")

If you're wondering whatever happened to Jean Smart, the actress who played the iconic role of Charlene Frazier Stillfield on the 80s TV show "Designing Women," here's your chance to find out...


The Best and Worst of Scarlett Johansson

In this article, I will reveal my picks for the five best and five worst films of Scarlett Johansson's career.


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's Zodiac Compatibility

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been in an on again, off again relationship since 2016. They were seen in January 2016 at the Golden Globe after party together. Their relationship was confirmed in May.


The Children of Meryl Streep

Who are Meryl Streep's kids and what do they do?


The Love Life of Meryl Streep

A brief history of Meryl Streep's love life.


Carole Anne-Marie Gist, the First Black Miss USA

Carole Gist is the first black woman to be crowned Miss USA, but whatever happened to her after her historic reign?


The Life and Career of Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is a beautiful black woman who came to fame as Miss USA in 1993. Since that time, she has been a model, actress, author, entrepreneur, and TV celebrity who's managed to stay relevant for nearly three decades.


Whatever Happened to Chip Fields?

We first met black actress Chip Fields in the 1970s and her likeness and those of her celebrity daugthers have been an entertaining part of our landscape ever since.


Walt Disney: Legendary American Entrepreneur and Animated Film Maker

Walt Disney was a true pioneer in the world of animated television and motion-picture production. Many movies made by Walt Disney are timeless classics. He built the popular Disneyland amusement park. Disney company is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world.


Comedy Legend: Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield was a successful stand-up comedian, musician, author, actor as well as a voice artist. He was known for his one-liners and his catchphrase “I get no respect.”


Martin Scorsese Is Not Wrong, Just Misunderstood

The man made Goodfellas for gods sake. Show some respect.


24 Compelling Facts About Your Favorite Classic Hollywood Movie Stars

Some of the world's most beloved and acclaimed movie stars shined during the Golden Age of Hollywood. With iconic names like Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, and Judy Garland, this period in Tinseltown truly brought forth some of the biggest names in cinema history.


Secrets of Long Married Celebrity Couples

Celebrity couples who have been married for decades share what has kept them together.


Frugal Habits of Queen Elizabeth and the British Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth is wealthy and could pay for anything she wants, but she is more frugal than many people. There are certain things she just won't splurge on. Learn about some of the frugal habits of the British royal family.


Mel Blanc: The Legendary Voice of Famous Cartoon Characters

Mel Blanc is a legendary entertainer known for being the voice of such famous cartoon characters as Bug Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Barney Rubble and many others.


The Top 10 Best Stan Lee Cameos of All-Time

Stan Lee is, by all means, an American hero. He created the heroes that people needed, and so many are still impacted by his characters decades later. In honor of this wonderful man, I decided to pick out my picks for the top 10 cameos Stan Lee ever made.


Top Ten Judy Garland Films

Highlights the top ten films of #8 on AFI's top 50 screen legends, the talented vocal powerhouse Judy Garland.


The Life and Death of Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate was an actress and model in America in the 1960s. She was a victim of Charles Manson and died in 1969. This article is about her life, tragic death, and clearing up some false information about her circulating in the media.


9 Actors Who Turned Down Playing James Bond

Arguably one of the most coveted and iconic roles an actor can ever vie for, James Bond has appeared in 26 films (24 with Eon Productions) spanning nearly six decades. We know the many famous faces who've portrayed the super spy, but what about those who have passed on the epic role?


13 TV Actors Who Landed Different Roles Than They Auditioned For

Many times in Hollywood, actors will go in to an audition with a specific role in mind. However, sometimes either they, producers or creators can have a change of heart and end up nabbing a completely separate part. Here is a list of 13 TV actors who landed different roles than they auditioned for.


12 Directors Who Love Working With the Same Actors

In Hollywood, it is normal for directors and actors to work alongside one another in multiple films. Whether it's because they're close friends, romantic lovers or simply box-office gold, a repeat of collaborations is normal. Let's take a look at 12 directors who love working with the same actors.


Are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Astrologically Compatible?

This article examines how astrologically compatible Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are.


12 Celebrities You Might Not Know Have a Twin

When you think of famous Hollywood twins, duos like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen or Tia and Tamera Mowry may come to mind. But you may not know that many famous celebrities have less-famous twin siblings. Let's take a look at 12 celebrities you might not know have a twin.


11 Presidential Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities might not intend to choose baby names that match the surnames of former presidents, but quite a few of them have picked political monikers for their offspring.


30 Wild Facts About Celebrities You Probably Never Knew

Whether you love or hate them, celebrities keep the masses hooked and constantly entertained. It's hard to keep a secret in Tinseltown, especially in the age of social media. Here are 30 wild facts about celebrities you probably never knew.


Which Disney Princesses Would the Duggar Daughters Be?

'Counting On' stars Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar have more in common with Disney princesses than you might think.


Celebrities Whose Kids Look Just Like Them

While it's not surprising that many people shares similarities to their parents, there is no denying that in Hollywood, celebrities and their kids are often borderline doppelgängers. Whether they favor one parent or both, it's interesting to see just how similar stars and their offspring truly look.


Top 10 Film Goddesses of Hollywood's Golden Age

The Golden Age of Hollywood bestowed upon us some of the most glamorous, talented screen goddesses of all time. With big names like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth and more, this period in Tinseltown truly brought forth some of the biggest names in cinema history.


Jason Bateman: The Most Underrated Actor of Our Time

Unpopular opinion: Jason Bateman is one of the best comedic actors working today. In this discussion, I will talk about the life of Jason Bateman and what makes him great!


18 TV Co-Stars Who Dated in Real-Life

From simple flings to falling in love, divorces to long-time marriages, Hollywood sets seem to be the ultimate breeding ground for celebrity relationships. While some couples fizzled out, many continue going strong. Let's take a look at 18 TV co-stars who dated in real-life.