Universe 7's Best "Tournament of Power" Fighters

Updated on June 2, 2019
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The Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super reveals that the cosmos is much larger than Dragon Ball Z fans believed, spanning multiple universes with vastly different races. But eight regions are threatened with destruction unless their team of ten champions wins the free-for-all brawl known as the Tournament of Power.

The rules are simple: each universe has their ten strongest warriors fight against the other teams, with characters being disqualified when forced off the arena. Universe 7 (Goku's squad) is as eager to avoid death as anyone—which of its combatants reign supreme? Based solely on their performance in the tournament, these are the ten best Universe 7 fighters from the anime!

Spoilers ahead.

Tien in the Tournament of Power
Tien in the Tournament of Power

10. Tien Shinhan

Unsurprisingly, even the strongest humans in Universe 7 just can't compare to their Saiyan and Android allies. Tien isn't the first Universe 7 fighter to fall, but he has the lowest kill count, only eliminating two opponents. Additionally, he had help from Master Roshi against the first (The Preecho), and though he knocked off the second (Harima) alone, Tien himself was defeated in the process.

He did what he could, but Tien was the team's weakest link.

Krillin in the Tournament of Power
Krillin in the Tournament of Power

9. Krillin

Krillin was the first Universe 7 fighter to be disqualified, but he held his own beforehand. Krillin helped elimate three threats, one of which he took down single-highhandedly. Perhaps more importantly, he saved his wife (Android 18) from falling out of bounds after suffering a surprise attack, protecting one his squad's stronger members.

For what it's worth, Krillin himself was only eliminated by a sneak attack from Frost, and he might have downed more opponents if given a chance to use his newly-attained No Ego form.

Master Roshi in the Tournament of Power
Master Roshi in the Tournament of Power

8. Master Roshi

Master Roshi helped down five opponents, and he craftily bypassed the "no equipment" rule with the pot needed for his Evil Containment Wave, as Grand Zeno ruled the items were harmless enough to warrant a pass.

Roshi performs remarkably well even against stronger fighters, and when exhaustion brings him to death's brink, he takes Vegeta's advice to willingly disqualify himself, letting him heal from a much-needed Senzu Bean.

Piccolo in the Tournament of Power
Piccolo in the Tournament of Power

7. Piccolo

Piccolo allied with Gohan and adopted a defensive strategy throughout the tournament, avoiding conflict when possible. Thus, while he lasted longer than most, he downed a comparatively-few five opponents, being eliminated by Damon, whose minuscule size made him difficult to sense. That said, he saved Gohan more than once and helped reveal Damon's secret of not actually being invisible, just extremely small.

Gohan in the Tournament of Power
Gohan in the Tournament of Power

6. Gohan

More level-headed than his pure-blood Saiyan superiors, Gohan is elected the team's leader and works closely with Piccolo throughout the fight. Once his mentor falls, Gohan also partners with Goku, Vegeta, and even Frieza to eliminate other threats, making him arguably the team's most cooperative member.

Gohan eventually sacrifices himself to hold down Universe 3's Dispo so Frieza could blast them off, as the alien's incredible speed made him a daunting threat. Only five fighters remained afterwards, showcasing just how long Gohan lasted.

Android 18 in the Tournament of Power
Android 18 in the Tournament of Power

5. Android 18

Android 18 was eliminated only slightly before Gohan, making her one of the final competitors. She helped defeat six opponents, and while she needed an early rescue from Krillin, she sacrificed herself to save her counterpart Android 17, who proved crucial to Universe 7's win.

Android 17 in the Tournament of Power
Android 17 in the Tournament of Power

4. Android 17

First and foremost, Android 17 is the tournament's winner, being the only competitor to never exit the arena. His infinite energy provides the stamina to remain standing even at the brawl's climax, and his selfless wish to the Super Dragon Balls spares all universes from annihilation.

As crucial as he was, 17 required a rescue from his sister against Anilaza and from Goku against Damon, who 17 proceeded to eliminate.

Frieza in the Tournament of Power
Frieza in the Tournament of Power

3. Frieza

Despite mistrust regarding his intentions, Frieza proves a solid ally to Universe 7, and he boasts the third-highest kill count in the entire tournament, having felled twelve opponents. Many of these Frieza eliminated single-handedly, and he and Goku finally topple Jiren (likely the only real threat to Universe 7's win) by sacrificing themselves.

Vegeta in the Tournament of Power
Vegeta in the Tournament of Power

2. Vegeta

Vegeta fights until almost the very end, finally falling to Jiren with only three competitors left. However, he possesses the second-highest elimination count (having defeated fourteen opponents), helps eliminate key threats like Toppo and Jiren, and unlocks the new Evolved form of Super Saiyan Blue—something even Goku hasn't mastered.

Goku's Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power
Goku's Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power

1. Goku

Despite not technically winning the tournament, Goku is Universe 7's most important warrior. He triumphs in terms of body count, vanquishing sixteen foes, and his Ultra Instinct transformation makes him the only combatant capable of overwhelming Jiren. Plus, even when Goku reverts due to lack of energy, he and Frieza are able to ring-out Jiren and earn the win for Universe 7.

Which character is your favorite?

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Universe 7's Standing in the Tournament of Power

Looking at things as a whole, Universe 7 dominated the brawl. Not only did they end up winning, they easily racked up the most eliminations, accounting for at least 52 of the 80 participants. Android 17's wish also revives the other worlds, making his team triumphant in both a literal and moral sense.

Dragon Ball Super is on hiatus as of this writing, yet fans remain hopeful for more adventures from Goku and friends. But until then, vote for your favorite character and I'll see you at our next anime countdown!

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