Top 5 Strongest Avatars (From "Last Airbender" and "Legend of Korra")

Updated on June 9, 2020
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What is the Avatar?

The link between the spirit world and the physical one, Avatars are special humans who can bend all four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Tasked with keeping the peace between the four nations, only one Avatar lives at a time, but their abilities make them the strongest benders in the world.

With training, Avatars can also master the "Avatar State", which grants them an enormous power increase and the knowledge of past Avatars, but they're formidable even in their base forms—which reign supreme? These are the five strongest Avatars! Spoilers ahead.

Avatar Wan
Avatar Wan

5. Wan

Favored Element: Fire

The very first Avatar, Wan favored fire and developed the Dancing Dragon style (which Zuko and Aang would later master). But his greatest triumph came when he merged with the spirit Raava to defeat the dark entity Vaatu, beginning the Avatar cycle of reincarnation and keeping peace between the nations for years to come.

Avatar Kyoshi
Avatar Kyoshi

4. Kyoshi

Favored Element: Fire

Despite her Earth Kingdom lineage, Kyoshi favored the fire element, fitting for her warrior nature. Skilled with her metal fans in addition to the four elements, Kyoshi's battle prowess and strict justice made her the most brutal Avatar, and she has the longest known lifespan, living an amazing 230 years.

Even in death, her legacy continues through the Kyoshi Warriors, of which Suki and ultimately Ty Lee become members of.

Avatar Roku
Avatar Roku

3. Roku

Favored Element: Fire

Kyoshi's successor and Aang's predecessor, Roku is Aang's most-consulted Avatar. Roku's bending was both powerful and precise, he mastered lava-bending (a subset of earth-bending, not fire), and he balanced his terrific strength with wisdom and compassion

Roku's skills are best displayed when he easily defeats Fire Lord Sozin, although he later regrets his decision to not kill the man, which leads to the Hundred Year War.

Avatar Korra
Avatar Korra

2. Korra

Favored Element: Water

The protagonist of sequel series The Legend of Korra, Korra displays remarkable proficiency despite her youth. She's especially skilled with water and fire, and she's the only character shown to break out of blood-bending without using the Avatar State.

Korra is also skilled with healing, the first Avatar to learn metal-bending, and an excellent melee combatant, making her a fierce warrior even without bending.

Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang

1. Aang

Favored Element: Air

At just 12 years old (well, technically 112, but he was frozen for most of it), Aang successfully learns all four elements and ends the Fire Nation's prolonged war. He conquers Fire Lord Ozai despite Sozin's Comet giving the tyrant a large power increase (Aang gets it too, but it's less effective since he was new to fire-bending).

But despite Ozai's boost and years of experience, Aang conquers him using the Avatar State, and he would have beaten him without it had he not purposefully missed Ozai with redirected lightning. Aang's energy-bending also gives him a powerful way to disable big threats without killing them.

Even before learning the other elements, Aang was considered the youngest master of air-bending, and he invented the "air scooter" technique, making him as fast as he is powerful.

Which Avatar is your favorite?

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The Dark Avatar

In addition to true Avatars, Dark Avatars arise through the evil spirit Vaatu. While a Dark Avatar can only bend one element (Unaluq used water), they can enter a state that drastically enhances that element, and they can merge with Vaatu to become an enormous dark monster, wielding new powers like energy blasts and spirit-bending.

Despite a horrendous movie adaption, the Avatar franchise retains a dedicated fanbase who hope for new entries into the series. But for now, vote for your favorite Avatar and I'll see you at our next countdown!

© 2020 Jeremy Gill


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