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TV Review: "The Freak Brothers" Fly High on Tubi

Gilbert Shelton's classic counterculture comics characters, The Freak Brothers, have been brought to life in a new animated series on the Tubi streaming service.


30 Years of Cartoon Network: "Ed, Edd n Eddy"

The retrospective continues with one of my all-time favorites, "Ed, Edd n Eddy" created by Danny Antonucci. This was the longest-running original series with non-stop humor, unique animation, likable and entertaining characters, and a legacy that stands out among other shows at that time.


30 Years of Cartoon Network: "The Powerpuff Girls"

The retrospective continues with one of the network's most successful franchise, "The Powerpuff Girls," created by Craig McCracken. Though the series went through franchise fatigue, the original remains engaging, creative, and action-packed with a wide cast of characters both good and evil.


30 Years of Cartoon Network: "Cow & Chicken" and "I Am Weasel"

The retrospective continues with "Cow & Chicken" and "I Am Weasel" created by David Feiss. Though strange and surreal, both of these shows stand out for their off-the-wall humor, characters, and voice acting. Sure, "I Am Weasel" didn't last long as its own show, but "Cow & Chicken" prevailed.


30 Years of Cartoon Network: "Johnny Bravo"

The 30th anniversary continues with “Johnny Bravo” created by Van Partible. Though the show went through some changes back and forth, the characters, memorable episodes, and humor still hold up tremendously. It helped launch careers for new animators and featured overlooked historic moments.


30 Years of Cartoon Network: "Dexter's Laboratory"

Starting the retrospective line-up is the network's first original and my personal favorite show, “Dexter's Laboratory.” The first half of the series was highly inventive, funny, and memorable. The second half went experimental under a new direction with mixed results. Nonetheless, it holds up well.


"Primal" (2021) Blu-ray Review: Genndy Tartakovsky's Bloody Masterwork

Primal is Genndy Tartakovsky's prehistoric bloodbath of an animated series, but it also has a ton of heart and patient and deliberate storytelling. Yes, this is the series where a caveman rides a Tyrannosaurus. And yes, it's as brilliant and awesome as it sounds.


Why General Ironwood Was Right in "RWBY"

Explore several reasons why morally-ambiguous General Ironwood actually had the best plan in RWBY volume 7.


Top 10 Semblances in "RWBY"

Explore the ten most useful semblance powers in the hit show "RWBY"!


Cartoon Review: "The Batman" Season 2 (2005)

Batman continues working with Detective Ellen Yin to take down Gotham's criminals as the Riddler appears, along with new villains like Killer Croc and Ragdoll. Chief Rojas tries to capture him as Jim Gordon arrives to lead the G.C.P.D. Is this cartoon worth your time and money? Let's find out!


"Tenko": Saban's Forgotten Magical Girl

Based on a real life magician, "Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic" shouldn't be forgotten. Let the magic begin!


10 Reasons Patrick Is a Terrible Friend to Spongebob

Explore ten reasons why Spongebob Squarepants would be better off without Patrick Star!


ABC TV's 1973 Saturday Morning Television Schedule

Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear, Batman and Robin, and more populated some of the now classic cartoons series that aired on the ABC network on Saturday mornings during the 1973 TV season.


Series Review: "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" is one of the few spectacular shows out there that anyone of any age can be a fan of. What makes this show so astounding?


"Bojack Horseman": The View From Halfway Down, An Analysis

An analysis of the best episode on this show.


"2 Stupid Dogs": A Simple but Revolutionary "Ren & Stimpy" Clone

On the surface, this short-lived animated series would be considered a simple Ren & Stimpy knock-off. In practice, however, this show not only revitalized Hanna-Barbera's legacy but a launched a new legacy for the animators involved making the show.


Rick Sanchez: An Extremely Detailed Character Analysis

He's not a nihilist, he's a cynic. Yes, there is a difference that matters between the two. Also, he "does an arc", whether he wants to admit that or not.


"Freakazoid!": A Zany, Overlooked Superhero Cartoon

Freakazoid! is an Emmy-winning animated series produced by Stephen Spielberg that mixes superheroes and comedy. While it may have started with a lack of focus in its format and got canceled after two seasons, it gained a cult following for its characters, animation, and non-stop humor.


Top 10 Kim Possible Villains

Explore the ten most threatening villains in the Kim Possible cartoon!


'Close Enough' (2020) Review: Hilariously Absurd, Adult-Oriented Perfection

Regular Show's J.G. Quintel is back with a brand new animated series called Close Enough filled with cursing, nudity, booze, and clown strippers.


"The Critic" (TV Series) Review

The Critic is an underrated animated sitcom created by Simpsons showrunners Al Jean & Mike Reiss. Despite the show only lasting two seasons, and having aged a little, it left a cult following with a satirical passion for parodying movies, memorable episodes, and a talented voice cast.


(Some of) The Best Animated Adult TV Shows

Through the lens of Disney, we can begin to see the cultural and societal change that the role of women in the US have gone through, as well as some of the things that always stay the same.


Top 5 Strongest Avatars (From "Last Airbender" and "Legend of Korra")

Explore the five strongest warriors can who can bend all four elements in the Avatar franchise!


5 Animated Series With Disabled Heroes

Disabled representation is hard to find. Here's a list of 5 heroic characters not brought down by their disabilities.


Who Are the Characters in "South Park"?

Over the top irreverent ironic show South Park actually makes major statements about America. Find out what it's about.


8 Crazy Cartoon Siblings We Just Can't Forget

Over the past years, cartoons have given us some memorable sibling relationships. From the lovable and admired ones to the crazy and unbalanced ones.


Scooby-Doo: An Intro to Horror

The O.G. dawg of horror is back and he may have been more influential than you think.


Character Profiles: The Diamonds in 'Steven Universe'

The diamonds are a big point of contention as 'Steven Universe' characters. They begin as antagonists, but they change, and some fans and critics think this change happens too quickly. So what explains this 180 from dictators to loving aunts?


'Felix the Cat' (1959) - Reviving a Cartoon Star With a Magic Bag of Tricks

Felix the Cat had been an icon of silent animation, but the sound era brought about his fall. However, in 1959, his television debut would bring him back into the spotlight.


"The Jetsons: The Complete Original Series" Blu-ray Review

The Warner Archive Collection has released "The Jetsons: The Complete Original Series" from 1962 and 1963 on Blu-ray. The show looks better than it's ever looked. But does the program hold up all these years later? Marshall Fish says the answer is a resounding yes.


History of Hanna-Barbera: 'Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!'

Scooby-Doo is one of the most popular Hanna-Barbera characters, but where did it all start? It's time to travel back 50 years, to delve into the mystery behind the creation of such an iconic franchise.


Top 10 Strongest "RWBY" Characters

Count down the ten strongest warriors from the RWBY animated series!


9 Male TV Cartoon Characters Voiced by Women

You may be surprised to learn that some of our favorite animated male TV characters are actually voiced by women! It's extremely impressive how well these actresses are able to manipulate their voices and become male characters. Let's take a look at 9 male TV cartoon characters voice by women.


History of Hanna-Barbera: 'The Space Kidettes' and 'Young Samson'

Out of a partnership with a cereal company, Hanna-Barbera produced two separate series which, through decisions out of their control, were permanently joined together.


History of Hanna-Barbera: "The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show"

Hanna-Barbera created several package series during their time being distributed by Screen Gems, but with the last of these, The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, the end of one era would show glimpses of the next.


Top 10 Cartoons of the 2000s for Kids

This list takes a look at some of the best animated series aimed at kids from the years 2000-2010.


Top 10 Best 'Futurama' Episodes All About Bender: Fox Edition

Bender is the best 'Futurama' character, so let's countdown the shiny metal robot's greatest episodes of the show with way too many humans in it.


Top 15 Funniest Adult Cartoons of the '90s

The '90s was the decade when comedic adult cartoons really started catching on with TV viewers, and some of the animated series it gave us are still some of the best ever created.


30 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Your Favorite '90s Cartoons

The '90s were arguably one of the greatest decades for television and cartoons. Chances are if you grew up during this time you often were watching your favorite cartoons on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. Let's take a trip down memory lane with some fun facts you might not know about these shows.


History of Hanna-Barbera: 'Magilla Gorilla' and 'Peter Potamus' - The First Toyetic Cartoons

Cartoons produced alongside toylines was a popular trend during the 80s and 90s, but the trend starts much earlier than that. In 1964, Hanna-Barbera produced two shows, Magilla Gorilla and Peter Potamus, in conjunction toy company Ideal Toys. Thus, the toyetic cartoon was born.


'Spider-Man' (1967) - Spidey's First Cartoon and His Struggle Against Budget Cuts

Marvel's Spider-Man is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and it can be argued his fame really took off after his first cartoon in 1967. However, this first foray into animation came with a great deal of growing pains, including a bankrupt studio, green-skinned foes, and recycled plots.


History of Hanna-Barbera: 'Fantastic Four' (1967)

Among their other superheroes during the 60s, Hanna-Barbera also teamed up with Marvel Comics to bring the first animated adaptation of the Fantastic Four, Marvel's "First Family" of superheroes.


History of Hanna-Barbera: 'Herculoids', 'Shazzan', and 'Mighty Mightor'

Following the success of Space Ghost, CBS commissioned Hanna-Barbera to create three new series for 1967. With designs by Alex Toth, they created the Herculoids along with two other fondly remembered series to add to their roster of heroes.


20 Best Cartoon Couples of TV

From mismatched pairs to matches made in toon heaven, here's a look at some of the best cartoon character couples of TV.


Finding Filmation: 'The Adventures of Batman'

First Filmation had done Superman, then Aquaman, and now they were gearing up to take on the first animated adaptation of Batman. However, certain media groups were turning against them, and the future was beginning to look grim for superhero cartoons.


Finding Filmation: 'The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure'

Filmation and CBS found a hit in their Superman cartoon, and for its second season it would be paired up with a hero never seen on screens before: Aquaman, as well as several other heroes previously only known to comic book readers.


History of Hanna-Barbera: 'Birdman & The Galaxy Trio'

Following the success of Space Ghost on CBS, 1967 was a busy time for Hanna-Barbera in regards to superheroes. Not to be left out, NBC gained Birdman & the Galaxy Trio, their own answer to Space Ghost.


History of Hanna-Barbera: 'Space Ghost & Dino Boy'

In 1966, Hanna-Barbera were tasked with creating their first Saturday morning series, starring a hero named Space Ghost who'd help change the television landscape, both for 60s cartoons and for 90s cable television.


Top 10 Strongest Characters in "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

Countdown the ten most powerful benders throughout Avatar's three seasons!


The Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers First Assemblage in Animation

Nearly 50 years before the Avengers would join together on the silver screen, Marvel's superheroes made their first appearances on the small screen in a series of faithful, possibly *too* faithful, animated adaptations.