Top 10 Prettiest Female Digimon

Updated on March 26, 2020
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Who Are the Hottest Female Digimon?

In Japan, expressions of sexuality aren't quite as taboo as they are in America, and the legal age of consent is lower, which helps explain why so much Japanese anime is rife with fan service.

Even generally "kiddy" shows like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh delve into this area, and Digimon is no exception, granting several creatures a mature feminine appearance. So, which digital monsters have been confusing young boys throughout the years? These are the ten best-looking female Digimon!


10. QueenChessmon

Level: Mega

QueenChessmon bears the highest Digimon rank (mega) and can be seen in the Digimon Masters video game. She's the ultimate evolution of the Chessmon line, a fitting placement given the queen's supreme power in chess matches.

She also reflects the queen of hearts considering her Heart Breaker technique, which impales foes with the swords she carries. Yea, don't mess around with this metal maiden.


9. Kazemon

Level: Champion

In Digimon Frontier, humans can actually transform into hybrid Digimon, so Kazemon is really a morphed Zoe Orimoto. As the only girl in her group, Zoe receives a lot of male attention, and her Kazemon form doesn't shy away from using her looks in combat.

Heck, one of her strikes is called Love Tap, and its official description reads "taps foes with buttocks to cause temporary feelings of attraction". Is that really a Digimon attack, or just something that happens in high school?


8. Darcmon

Level: Champion

A play on French figure Joan d'Arc, Darcmon is surprisingly only champion level (just one above rookie) despite her fierce appearance, but hey, we've seen angelic champions defeat ultimates before. You'd expect her to fight on the side of good, but in Frontier, Darmon was actually a disguised Murmukusmon, an evil entity seeking to conquer the digital world.

Sistermon Blanc
Sistermon Blanc

7. Sistermon Blanc

Level: Rookie

All three of the Sistermon forms are pretty cute, with shy Blanc being an introverted but determined force of good who helps keep the peace in her realm. While she's only a rookie, like her sisters, Blanc can transform into her awakened state. Since this isn't a digivolution, she's still a rookie even in her altered mode, but a stronger one who brandishes a trident crackling with energy.


6. Mervamon

Level: Mega

A member of the Olympos XII (modeled after the Twelve Olympians of Roman history), Mervamon is Nene Amano's partner in the Digimon Fusion series. Look, I'm not sure dating a girl with a snake for an arm is a good decision, but there's no denying she's pretty, so you do you. Besides, she's on the good team, and even kindles a romance with Beezlemon.


6. Ophanimon

Level: Mega

As a celestial creature, Ophanimon represents God's loving side, but she's not afraid to enter battle when needed. She's responsible for banishing the former angels Cho-Hakkaimon from heaven for an unspecified crime, and it's thought that the demon lord Laylamon was once an Ophanimon.

She's yet another major figure in Frontier, having summoned the DigiDestined to her world to save the imprisoned angels. As a mega class warrior, Ophanimon proves her strength on several occasions and grant the heroes the ability to "unified spirit evolve", where a powerful digivolution is conducted using ten of the twenty available spirits.


4. JetSilphymon

Level: Mega

She may look like a cosplayer with a pinwheel, but JetSilphymon has complete mastery over wind that, according to her official description, "has transcended legend".

She's one of Zoe's potential forms using the D-Tector 3.0 toy, but she never made an appearance in the Frontier anime (or any other series), so JetSilphymon remains an elusive and mysterious figure.


3. Venusmon

Level: Mega

One of Angewomon's final forms, Venusmon is another member of the Olympus XII, named after Venus, the Roman god of love and beauty. Venusmon blindfolds herself for two purposes. First, she can see with her "mind's eye", unmasking any deceptions or lies, and her coverings (skimpy though they may be) serve to reduce her glamour, as her pupils are evidently so beautiful that they need to be concealed.

Venusmon is another enigmatic figure, as she's only been seen in the Digimon Crusader game, but her considerable fan popularity may well spark a return in upcoming media.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

2. LadyDevimon

Level: Ultimate

Maybe instead of all these angels, you're more into goth girls; LadyDevimon proves black is in with her trendy outfit and devilish style. In the original Digimon Adventure series, she was Piedmon's strongest minion, and it took the combined forces of MegaKabuterimon and Angewomon to defeat her.

Speaking of which...

Angewomon | Source

1. Angewomon

Level: Ultimate

The female counterpart to Angemon, Angewomon evolves from Gatomon, Kari's partner in the original anime. Angewomon helps defeat Myotismon and assists in the warp digivolution of Agumon and Gabumon, which eventually allows for the final defeat of VenomMyotismon.

Angels have always been some of the strongest Digimon around, and Angewomon's no exception, showcasing the power and beauty of the cosmos.

Which Digimon do you prefer?

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Future of Digimon Girls

While Digimon has certainly lost steam, it maintains a loyal fanbase who hope it'll one day regain its former glory. With a steady stream of new anime and video games, hopefully the series will soon fuel its comeback. I always appreciated how (unlike several kids shows), it was less episodic and more arc-based, providing season-long storylines to keep us interested.

Like many series, Digimon advertises to younger males by blending monster battles with attractive ladies, and I hope to see girls receive the bigger leadership roles they deserve in future entries. But for now, as we eagerly await Bandai's next batch of digital monsters, vote for your favorite gal and I'll see you at our next anime countdown!

© 2018 Jeremy Gill


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