Top 10 Girls Who Actually Like Brock in Pokemon

Updated on January 10, 2019
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Brock, Pokemon's Hopeless Romantic

Brock is Ash Ketchum's most steadfast human companion, traveling through more regions with the young trainer than anyone else, even Misty. In most situations, Brock serves as a mentor and voice of reason for his often hot-headed friend, and his cooking skills make him popular with any adventurer.

However, Brock's cool exterior instantly melts when he encounters a pretty girl, and he carries a long history of unrequited love across his seasons. But throughout the years, a handful of gals have actually fallen for Brock, often when he drops his pandering and just acts normally. So, who has the former Pewter City Gym Leader successfully wooed? Here are ten girls who actually fancy Brock in Pokemon!

Suzie and Vulpix
Suzie and Vulpix

10. Suzie

Episode: Pokémon Fashion Flash

Suzie ends up falling for her childhood friend Zane, but in her initial appearance, she was quite impressed with Brock's ability to prepare quality Pokemon food. Suzie rejects Brock's offer to become her Pokemon grooming student, not because she didn't want him, but to give her time to journey the world and further develop her skills.

Suzie also trusts Brock enough to give him her Vulpix, and the two are shown to work well together when partnered for the Pokemon Beauty Contest in Johto. Brock ends his infatuation with Suzie after she and Zane bond, a rare moment of development where he's just glad to see her happy—even if it's with a different man.

Narissa and Ditto
Narissa and Ditto

9. Narissa

Episode: Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!

Narissa's hair and outfit may appear familiar; she cosplays as Sinnoh Elite Four member Flint, right down to the afro. She hasn't been a trainer long, but she's fairly competent, managing to capture a shiny Ditto and craftily making an opponent flee by having Ditto transform into legendary bird Zapdos.

Narissa was briefly infatuated with Brock, but quickly got over her feelings after seeing him throw himself at another girl. Come on, Brock, one at a time.

Brock and Temacu
Brock and Temacu

8. Temacu

Episode: The Heartbreak of Brock

Trust me when I say this girl was crazy. In the span of one episode, she fell for Brock, James, and a random doctor she just met. And she didn't just develop little crushes, she was planning marriage after meeting them. In fact, she does marry the doctor at the end, just a bit too late for Brock to decide he likes her back. Honestly, Brock, you might have dodged a bullet on this one.

Natalie in Pokemon
Natalie in Pokemon

7. Natalie

Episode: The Lotad Lowdown

Along with her sisters Rita and Nicole, Natalie runs a flower shop, and she's an expert on Pokemon berries. Natalie displays jealousy when Brock flirts with her older sisters, and she even ventures out to find him a rare Sitrus Berry, thinking it would help him improve as aPokemon breeder. However, she's attacked by Beedrill, but Brock saves her in time.

While she's a bit young for Brock, she gives him a book detailing the different effects of berries, and in Berry, Berry Interesting (more than 100 episodes later and part of a different season), he reveals he still has it, so perhaps there's hope for a romantic reunion.

Autumn, Spring, and Summer in Pokemon
Autumn, Spring, and Summer in Pokemon

6. Autumn

Episode: Tanks for the Memories!

Autumn sadly repeats Natalia's fate: she has a big crush on Brock, but he's more interested in elder sisters Spring and Summer (what, no Winter?).

Autumn has trouble raising her Miltank until Brock helps the two bond, especially when she jumps in front of a Beedrill swarm to protect it. Wait, Beedrill plus young girl Brock ignores for her older sisters again? This really is a cookie cutter story!

Lizabeth in Pokemon
Lizabeth in Pokemon

5. Lizabeth

Episode: Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (movie)

Lizabeth is a descendant of the "People of the Water", protectors of Manaphy's sea temple. She's a friendly and upbeat individual who actually returns Brock's affections.

Nothing really happens that hinders their relationship, but they don't end up together because it would have meant losing Brock, which the show wasn't ready to do yet. Maybe one day, Brock.

Wilhomena in Pokemon
Wilhomena in Pokemon

4. Wilhomena

Episode: For Crying Out Loud

Wilhomena is a somewhat-spoiled rich kid, but she's pleasant enough and genuinely cares about her Marill. She also reciprocates Brock's affections when the group helps search for her lost Pokemon, and expresses interest in seeing him again when the pair are reunited.

Brock and Holly
Brock and Holly

3. Holly

Episode: Tag! We're It...!

At first, Holly resists Brock's affections, but after the two are partnered together in a tag-team tournament, she becomes infatuated with the former Gym Leader, getting "heart-eyes" as she watches him battle and expressing jealousy when he flirts with Nurse Joy.

Holly abruptly leaves without a goodbye, but Nurse Joy reveals she's training to become a better partner to Brock, showing just how devoted she is.

Brock and Olivia
Brock and Olivia

2. Olivia

Episode: A Passionate Heart That Can Smash Even Rock!

Brock and Misty return for a few Alolan adventures with Ash, and Brock quickly hits it off with Alolan Elite Four member Olivia. Both share a love of Rock Pokemon, an official Pokemon position, and even team up for a heart-shaped Continental Crush Z-attack against would-be thieves Team Rocket.

Say what you will about Brock, but in this season, he's got some serious abs (seen when he takes his shirt off mid-battle, as any true Pokemon master would), so he may not remain single for long.

Lucy and Brock
Lucy and Brock

1. Lucy

Episode: Queen of the Serpentine!

Yep, Brock even manages to woo Pike Queen Lucy, one of the several Frontier Brains who leads the Battle Frontier. Despite her building being closed for the day, Lucy battles Ash as a favor to Brock, and she nearly joins the group when he invites her (unfortunately, Max interrupts their conversation).

It's revealed that Lucy partially likes Brock because he reminds her of her cherished "closed-eye" Pokemon like Abra and Snorlax. Hey, as strange as that is, a win's a win—get back to Hoenn sometime, Brock.

Which girl would you pair Brock with?

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More of Brock's Relationships

In addition to today's list, Brock has an interesting history with Professor Ivy, having stayed with her while Ash traveled the Orange Islands, but an unknown incident caused him to leave and clam up whenever he hears her name. He also shared a joyful embrace with his crush Rhyanna , although she never expressed outright romantic feelings.

To Brock's credit, several of the girls he flirts with don't outright reject him—he just gets interrupted by Misty, Max, Croagunk, or another spectator. Still, it's nice to see girls finally reciprocate his feelings, as Brock's not a bad guy at heart and deserves a happy ending. But for now, as we eagerly await more classic companion cameos, vote for your favorite Brock ship and I'll see you at our next Pokemon countdown!

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