'Onward' (2020) A Magical Movie Review

Pixar has been knocking it out of the park since 1995 with their debut picture, 'Toy Story'. Can the legendary studio do it again with their latest flick 'Onward'? Why are we even asking? Let's just find out! BE WARNED: I talk about something sad in my life. And yes, there is context.


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"Onward" Movie Review

After two straight sequels, Pixar is back to offering up fresh material for the first time since 2017’s Coco. Onward, a magic-steeped bit of fun set in a world of elves, fairies, and the occasional centaur-stepdad-policeman, may not offer up Pixar’s usual level of instant-classic-ness, but it ...


"Short Circuit: Experimental Films" Review

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"Frozen II" Movie Review

It’s been six long years since Elsa belted out (and belted us with) “Let It Go”, the show-stopping power ballad from Disney’s Frozen. At the time, I called the film “an exciting, charming, and downright exceptional movie that may just be Disney Animation’s finest effort since Beauty ...


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How do you follow a genuine piece of artwork like "WALL-E"? For Pixar, the only way was literally up! Benjamin Cox takes time out to enjoy a bright and emotionally draining adventure that had a tough act to follow...


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Pixar has developed a well earned reputation of producing top notch animations for the past two decades. From their 21 feature films, I thought I would highlight my personal favourite, 2004's The Incredibles and detail the reasons why it is for me the best from the animation studio.


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Should I Watch..? 'Big Hero 6'

With Marvel now part of the ever-expanding Disney empire, this film was the first to be discovered in their back catalogue and adapted for the screen by the House Of Mouse. But is it any good? Benjamin Cox isn't so sure.


36 Magical Facts About Your Favorite Disney Films

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