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8 Crazy Cartoon Siblings We Just Can't Forget

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8. Sarah and Ed ("Ed, Edd n Eddy")

Sarah and Ed

Sarah and Ed

It was as clear as day that Ed was dead from the neck up. Despite that, he was the one Eddy would always turn to when he needed some manpower to carry out his occasionally unsuccessful plans.

With the strength he had, you'd think Ed would be able to stand up against her little sister, but he was terrified and intimidated by her. Sarah was manipulative, harsh, and gave imperious demands. She would often use Ed's love for her and fear of their parents, to get him to do anything for her.

Her animosity towards the Eds, including her own brother, was visible throughout the show. She would regularly bombard them with a ton of insults. Sarah was, however, a completely different character around her best friend Jimmy. She would destroy anyone who would lay a hand on him.

7. Johnny, Susan and Mary Test ("Johnny Test")

"Johnny Test"

"Johnny Test"

While the relationship between Susan and Mary Test was out of this world, Johnny Test didn’t fit in the same way. Their relationship with Johnny was one of mutual benefit. Johnny would let them use him as their Lab rat and in exchange, he’d get something cool from them. Other times, he would just do it for the fun since he was an adventurous kid.

There were however some instances where they would infuriate each other. Yes, Johnny was not the only culprit here; it went both ways. In an episode titled “Johnny’s New Baby Sisters,” Susan and Mary turned themselves into babies so that they could be cared for by their long-time crush Gil, who had a babysitting service.

However, they needed someone to put them in the machine that would eventually turn them back. With complete disregard of Johnny’s plans, they left a note for him to turn them back after Gil was done babysitting. Johnny and Dukey had a fun day planned, but were forced to take care of them and even change their diapers because Gil couldn’t.

Now let’s delve into Johnny’s acts that made him an annoying brother. Johnny was, more often than not, the root of the problems encountered in almost every episode. His irresponsible and ignorant acts caused a lot of his sisters’ experiments to go haywire and put the world at risk. He would eventually go on to save it by teaming up with his dog Dukey who was most of the time the rational one.

6. Cow and Chicken ("Cow & Chicken")

"Cow and Chicken"

"Cow and Chicken"

A number of cartoons go beyond the realm of reason, but Cow and Chicken did it in the most unimaginable way possible. Two human parents give birth to a Cow and Chicken. Who would have thought of that? And to add to the absurdity, they didn’t care how.

Despite that, this cartoon was surprisingly good. Its combined humour, thrill, and fun made for an entertaining show to feast our eyes upon. The 2 inconceivable siblings underwent a lot of adventures throughout the show.

Although kind of heart, Cow’s wild and over-zealous character normally ruffled Chicken’s feathers. We can see this in the episode “Cow Pie,” where Cow followed Chicken for an entire day to get him to eat a pie he didn’t want to.

5. Cat and Dog ("CatDog")



No tails, no hind legs, no problem. This pair was the perfect summary of what would happen if you attached SpongeBob to Squidward. Numerous kids adored Dog. He gave life to the show with his unshrinking thirst for adventure. But rewatching the show as a grown-up, our eyes are opened to the nuisance Dog was.

He never could control himself when a garbage truck was passing by. He would run after it while smashing and slamming his conjoined brother onto the hard road. Moreover, Dog was distracted by balls, dragonflies, and bones. All of which would end up being disastrous for Cat. It can be argued that it is in a dog's nature, but it was still no excuse to put his brother through all that pain.

Although Cat was composed and intelligent, he was often self-centered, materialistic, and cunning. He would normally convince a gullible Dog into doing things he wanted. So he can't be let off the hook too. It's just that Dog wasn't bothered as much.

4. Dexter and Dee Dee ("Dexter's Laboratory")

"Dexter's Laboratory"

"Dexter's Laboratory"

It is hard to Imagine that Dee Dee was actually Dexter’s elder sister. Well, her height might have given it away but apart from that, anyone would assume his brother was the older one.

Dexter was the Einstein of Cartoon Network. He made his first invention before he was barely old enough to walk and had a secret laboratory at just 7 years old. Dee Dee, although an exceptional dancer, wasn’t as smart. She kept on wrecking everything his brother built out of sheer curiosity. This really angered Dexter. It’s impossible not to recall Dee Dee’s puzzled expression and frequent chatter like “Ooooh! What does this button do?”

3. Lincoln Loud & Her 10 Sisters ("Loud House")

"Loud House"

"Loud House"

Although Lily has done her fair amount of damage, she can be excused because she’s just a baby. However, this leniency cannot be granted to the rest of the sisters who together have made Lincoln’s life in the house a living hell. From Luna’s untimed and deafening guitar sessions to Lisa’s calamitous experiments, he’s experienced it all.

Loud House didn’t give Lincoln a visible character as can be seen in all his sisters. Instead, they decided to explore with him. His inclination towards anything fun is however noticeable.

Though rare, there are times when Lincoln has enough and decides to put himself first. All in all, it is incredible how he manages to keep his sanity intact in such a tumultuous house. That is something to applaud.

2. Bart and Lisa Simpson ("The Simpsons")

"The Simpsons"

"The Simpsons"

Three decades on air and The Simpsons is still flying high. Well, maybe not that high, but still high enough. With the audience it has amassed over the years, it would be ridiculous to leave out the Bart and Lisa rivalry.

As the older brother, you would expect Bart to be responsible but he is nothing close to that. Bart is the personification of a rebellious child gone worse. From vandalism to forgery, this kid has done it all. Lisa, on the other hand, is an intelligent, moral, and talented young girl.

Their rivalry has gone on for decades and Bart is on numerous occasions the perpetrator. Lisa has received an awful lot of punches and kicks from Bart when they were in kindergarten, coupled with some well-planned pranks later on. She is, however, not one to sit down and let Bart bully him, she fights back.

1. Lucien and Wayne Cramp ("Cramp Twins")

"Cramp Twins"

"Cramp Twins"

Wayne started picking on his brother even before they were born and continued to do that for pretty much his entire life. Their personalities were poles apart. Whereas Lucien was calm, composed, and smart his brother was violent, rude, and insensitive.

Despite the cartoon having other antagonists, Wayne still topped the list. You’d rarely miss an episode where he’s done some bit of mischief, most of which were directed to his brother.

Being an environmentalist, Lucien would always retreat to the tranquillity of the swamp where he found peace. Of course, the two brothers teamed up from time to time but that was only when necessary, like when they had to escape from grandma.


JohnJones9723 (author) on January 04, 2020:

I am so happy I was able to bring back such wonderful memories. Those cartoons were amazing.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on January 02, 2020:

You have taken me back to the days when my youngest son watched Edd Ed and Eddy, and the rest of these shows.