Top 10 Digivolution Methods in Digimon

Updated on March 29, 2020
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Digivolution in Digimon

Unlike Pokémon, Digimon evolution is temporary, with monsters reverting to prior forms once their energy depletes. Companion Digimon typically start at the Rookie stage and eventually unlock Mega, but sometimes shift to earlier forms when weakened.

Each anime season introduces new ways for Digimon to evolve which transformations reign supreme? These are the top ten Digivolution methods throughout Digimon!

Digimon Evolution Rankings

10. Dark Digivolve

Effect: Digivolution with corruption
Example: Greymon becomes SkullGreymon

Admittedly, Dark Digivolution results in an uncontrollable monster who attacks friend as quickly as foe (similar to Beast Digivolution in Digimon Frontier). That said, it can help a Champion morph into the Ultimate stage without needing a Crest.

You could argue whether SkullGreymon or Agumon's true Ultimate form MetalGreymon is stronger, but either way, Dark Digivolution offers quick and easy power for those willing to pay its price.


9. Death-X Evolution

Effect: Revive from death and merge with X-Antibodies
Example: Dorugoramon becomes DexDorugoramon

So, regular "X-Evolution" merge sX-Antibodies into a Digimon's core, making them immune to the X-Program and increasing their power. But this variant can trigger when a Digimon dies, and they're reborn into a stronger albeit evil form. A power boost plus second life, Death-X is a rare but intriguing Digivolution mechanic.

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode
Imperialdramon Dragon Mode

8. Mega Digivolve

Effect: Ultimate becomes Mega
Example: Paildramon becomes Imperialdramon

Megas were incredibly rare in the early anime, and it wasn't until Digimon 02 that an Ultimate could directly transform into one. First used by Paildramon, the aptly-named Mega Digivolution finally lets an Ultimate access its Mega power without needing other tricks.


7. Warp Digivolve

Effect: Digivolve from Rookie to Mega
Example: Agumon becomes WarGreymon

Basically an upgraded version of Super Digivolution (which takes a Rookie to Ultimate), Warp Digivolution upgrades a Rookie all the way to their devastating Mega form.

When Agumon and Gabumon warped to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon in the original show, it was the first time companion Digimon achieved Mega form, just in time to defeat VenomMyotismon.


6. Biomerge Digivolve

Effect: Tamer and Digimon fuse into a Mega
Example: Takato and Guilmon fuse into Gallantmon

Like Warp, Biomerging skyrockets a Digimon from Rookie all the way to Mega. However, this time they also fuse with their tamer (human companion), showcasing some of the strongest Megas in Digimon Tamers.

Human-Digimon fusion would carry over to the next season (Digimon Frontier), where the tamers were the Digimon. And speaking of Frontier...


5. Ancient Spirit Evolution

Effect: Every Legendary Warrior spirit unites
Example: Warriors fuse into Susanoomon

Throughout Frontier, the humans discover a variety of Spirit Evolutions that morph them into various Digimon. With Ancient Spirit Evolution, all the main protagonists bond together to form Susanoomon, the strongest Digimon in the show. Definitely a powerful transformation, but one that requires all 20 Spirits to utilize.

Omnimon X
Omnimon X

4. DNA Digivolve

Effect: Two Digimon fuse into one
Example: WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon become Omnimon X

DNA Digivolving combines two Digimon into one, often increasing their rank. For instance, Champions ExVeemon and Stingmon merge into Ultimate-level Paildramon, who easily defeated fellow Ultimate Okuwamon. Megas can also use DNA Digivolution to become even stronger Megas, shown with Omnimon X.

ShineGreymon Burst Mode
ShineGreymon Burst Mode

3. Burst Digivolve

Effect: Digivolves into Mega without Digivice or becomes a stronger Mega
Example: ShineGreymon becomes ShineGreymon Burst Mode

We've seen Burst Digivolution in two forms. In Data Squad, it offered a Mega "Mode Change", altering a Mega into a stronger Mega form. But in Digimon Next, it was a risky yet powerful way for a Digimon to immediately become its Mega form (similar to Warp Digivolution), even without a Digivice.

This second usage drains the tamer's life force, but lets their companion fight at max power.


2. Ultra Digivolve

Effect: Digivolves from Mega to Ultra
Example: UlforceVeedramon becomes UlforceVeedramon Future Mode

This controversial form showcases a rank higher than Mega. Only a few games and manga use Ultra, and in both name and appearance, it's more an upgrade on an already-existing Mega than an entirely new form. Still, Ultra Digimon are undoubtedly the cream of the crop, wielding phenomenal power.

Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode
Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode

1. Final Fusion Digivolve

Effect: Fuses Digimon with every willing soul
Example: Shoutmon becomes Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode

The strongest form of "DigiFusion", the Final Fusion combines a creature with nearly every Digimon in the world, pooling their abilities into a divine monster. Superior Mode Shoutmon even creates the new rank "None" because no classification would adequately describe his power.

Which digivolution is your favorite?

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Other Types of Digivolution

Seeing how a Digimon upgrades is one of the franchise's highlights, and many more Digivolutions exist, including Armor, Blast, and Slide. Perhaps we'll tackle these in another countdown, but for now, vote for your favorite evolution type and I'll see you at our next anime countdown!

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