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Revisiting Villainous Red Gundams of the '90s

The demonic trio we fondly remembered.


The 21 Saddest Anime Masterpieces

Ready your tissues folks. Here’s my list of the saddest anime you must watch before you die. No joke, this list of drama anime will break your tear glands twice over.


The Top 10 Sexiest "One Piece" Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest "One Piece" characters of all time. It provides a brief overview of each character, followed by a discussion of their background, personality traits, and general appearance.


"School Days" is a Hot Mess

Long before the events of the final episode, "School Days" has more than enough twists to leave you wondering what the hell you just watched.


Was Queen Serenity a Good Queen or a Bad Queen?

Queen Serenity is patient, kind and beautiful, but was she really a "good" queen or did she make some royal blunders?


Anime Reviews: "Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet" ("Boarding School Juliet")

This review is of the anime "Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet." It follows the story of Inuzuka Romio and Juliet Percia, who appear to be rivals but secretly yearn for love and harmony in their burgeoning relationship.


Shivers In the Night! More Must See Horror Anime

It's time for another round-up of horror anime to watch. Here we look at five more horror anime to marathon with the lights on.


A Brief History of Magical Girl Theft

"Sailor Moon" (1992–1997) wasn't the first magical girl anime, but magical girl anime wasn't the same after it introduced the concept of a "transforming heroine" who fights evil. In its wake came several anime that went beyond influence and straight up copied "Sailor Moon."


The Top 10 Sexiest "Fairy Tail" Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest "Fairy Tail" characters. It provides a brief overview of each character, followed by a discussion of their background, abilities, and general appearance.


The Top 10 Sexiest "Bleach" Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest characters from the "Bleach" series. It provides a brief overview of each lady, followed by a discussion of their background and general appearance.


The Top 10 Sexiest Anime Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest women in anime. It provides a brief overview of each character, followed by a discussion of their unique traits, powers, and general appearance.


Character Comparison: Zuko and Shoto Todoroki

What similarities and differences do these edgy scarred boys have?


"Planetes": The Best Anime You Have Never Heard Of

There is one anime out there that everyone needs to watch. The thing is, most people haven't heard of "Planetes." This article sheds some light on this relatively unknown, but wonderful, anime.


Anime Review: "Grand Blue" (2018)

For studying at Izu University, Iori Kitahara, a 20 year old student comes to live at his uncle's diving shop Grand Blue. He joins the scuba diving club and makes new friends while learning to dive. The story revolves around Iori, his friends and their lives in and around Grand Blue.


Top 10 Anime With Normal Protagonists Facing Superhuman Odds

The article describes 10 anime where the heroes are weak, fleshy humans that face superhuman odds. Think of the "Resident Evil" franchise before Chris could punch boulders, but for anime.


18 Popular Tropes in Shoujo Anime

A Survey of 18 tropes from 40 shoujo works


Top 10 Stupid Fun Action Anime

The article highlights the top 10 stupid, fun action anime, meaning they're best enjoyed when your brain is off and you just want to see something awesome.


Top 9 Crouching Moron, Hidden Badasses of Anime

The article highlights the Top 9 anime characters fitting the crouching moron, hidden badass trope.


Top 30 Black Anime Characters

Discover the top 30 black anime characters from TV and movies.


Top 30 Funniest Anime Characters

Discover the funniest anime characters and learn about their personalities.


Top 5 Comedy Anime for People New to Anime

Action/adventure anime are well-known, but there are also many good comedy anime. In addition to being funny, these can be a gateway into other anime genres. Here are five good comedies for people new to anime that also help to introduce the breadth of anime genres.


3 Reasons Why Eren Yeager Is a Villain (And 3 Why He Is Not)

A question that has divided most "Attack on Titan" fans. Is Eren Yeager a hero or villain? We’ll defend and condemn Eren’s actions in a bid to find the most appropriate conclusion.


“Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie” (2021): The Good and The Bad

This film is based on Gege Akutami's "Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0," a prequel that functioned as a "pilot" for the main Jujutsu Kaisen manga series. Before being distributed internationally this year, the film was exclusively released in Japan on December 24, 2021.


The Windmill/Nether Gundam is the Goofiest Mobile Suit

It’s not the silliest, but definitely the goofiest.


Why Light Yagami Was Smarter Than L and Vice Versa

Which of these geniuses was more genius-y?


Strange Things Changed in the Cloverway Dub of "Sailor Moon S" and "Supers"

While the DiC dub for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R is infamous for its changes, the Cloverway dub for S and SuperS are also legendary.


The Hidden Melancholy of Sesshōmaru's Mother

An analytical look at Sessomaru's mother.


Ranking My Hero Academia’s Class 1-A From Least to Most Powerful

Which of our favorite aspiring heroes will rise to the top and which are future retail workers?


The 10 Most Beautiful Pokémon

The illustrators of Pokémon have created some beautiful illustrations over the years. Have you ever stopped to wonder which creatures are the most beautiful? Read this article to see which Pokémon made the list.


The Many Times You Saw "Sailor Neptune" Before You Were Supposed To

Sailor Neptune has become an icon for LBGTQ Sailor Moon fans, but did you know you've seen her before?


5 Reasons L Knew Light Was Kira in "Death Note"

Explore how detective L utilized a variety of subtle clues to guess Kira's identity in the anime/manga "Death Note"!


What Everyone Forgets About Sailor Moon

She is the one named Sailor Moon, and yet when people complain about her being a crybaby, they forget why she's always freaking out.


The Good and Problematic of Chibiusa's Future Love Prospects

Being the first-born daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, the future of Chibiusa Tsukino has been one of curiosity and debate since the 1990s.


The Anti-Escapism Themes of "Neon Genesis Evangelion"

How a cynical series taught us to man-up.


9 Best Fairy Type Pokémon

The fairy type Pokémon is the definition of beauty and cuteness. First introduced in Generation VI, the fairy type is very popular among female trainers that prefer cute Pokémon. This article talks about the most beautiful and strongest fairy Pokémon. Fairy type can hold its own in battles too!


"Midnight Train" - "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Episode 2 Review

While dialogue-heavy, the episode uses rotoscoping, character animation, and camera movements to draw our eyes to the characters and their experiences. Art and excellent color choices were on display with some great scenery and focused shots.


Why Is Chibiusa Called "Rini" in So Many Articles?

Why are so many clickbait articles calling Chibiusa by such a strange and short name? The reason may not surprise you.


Fantasia 2021: "Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko" Review

Beautifully animated with a deep, meaningful message that should resonate with just about anyone that was raised by a single parent, "Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko" is a touching, funny, and often times gut-wrenching journey that needs to be seen.


Why Yuki Nagato Is the Most Powerful Character in Anime

Yuki Nagato is the most overpowered character in anime. Yes, more powerful than Goku. More powerful than Saitama. Maybe even more powerful than Shaggy (forgive me Lord Shaggy). Here I set out my defense of Nagato's power.


Anime Self-Examination: How "Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphan" Challenges the Franchises' History of Child Soldiers

"Gundam" is famous for its giant robots and larger themes of war. However, no series goes as in-depth into it as "Iron-Blooded Orphan" from 2015. I just recently discovered this series and I am both surprised and not surprised how I've never heard of this show till now.


A Love That Can't Help but Fail: The Strange Relationship of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman

The end of the popular series "Attack on Titan" has been controversial. But it doesn't stop me from pondering the doomed relationship of its two main protagonists, Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackermen, with its depth and tragedy.


Top 10 Anime Characters Beyond Redemption

The article explains the top ten anime characters who cannot be redeemed, no matter how many love pillows their writers/fans have of them. Oh... and a SPOILER WARNING is in effect for anyone who hasn't seen these anime.


3 Things the Sailor Moon Super S and Eternal Movies Have in Common

Although they are separated by 26 years and two different animation teams, the Sailor Moon Super S and Eternal films have plenty in common.


Top 10 Geass in "Code Geass"

Explore the 10 best Geass abilities in the anime "Code Geass"!


5 Anime Like "Shaman King"

Your search for anime similar to "Shaman King" is over. This collection has what you've been looking for.


5 Anime Like "Edens Zero"

If you're a fan of adventure-filled shounen anime shows, then these five anime shows similar to 'Edens Zero' are for you!


5 Anime Like "Tokyo Revengers"

Your search for anime similar to "Tokyo Revengers" ends here. This collection lists five shows that will surely give you a run for your time!


Every Greymon Form in Digimon

Explore every Greymon evolution in the Digimon franchise!


Top 10 Strongest Partner Digimon

Explore the 10 strongest tamer companions throughout the "Digimon" cartoons!


Anime Movie Review: "Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel III: Spring Song" (2020)

Shirou Emiya made his choice and gave up being a Hero of Justice to be a hero for Sakura Matou, but as he continues his quest to rescue Sakura, his use of Archer's arm is destroying his mind and body. Will he be able to save Sakura? Is this movie worth your time and money? Let's find out!