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"Golden Time" is an anime that created a new breed for anime: romantic comedy. It is adapted from the Yuyuko Takemiya's novel series—which has been well received, with over 700,000 copies sold to date. It's the perfect mix of romantic comedy, drama, and supernatural themes. It was also one of the most-watched anime series of 2014. The twists and turns of Banri and Koko's relationship has captivated the hearts of thousands of viewers.

If you’re a fan of rom-com animes, you’re in for a treat! Here is a list of seven other animes that are just like Golden Time.

1. Toradora!

Toradora! A funny anime similar to Golden Time.
Toradora! A funny anime similar to Golden Time.

Ryuji Takasu, a sophomore in high school, wants to look his best in order to get a girlfriend. Unfortunately, his eyes make him appear looking like an intimidating delinquent.

On the first day of school, he finds out that he is in the same class as his good friend Yusaku Kitamura and his crush, Minori Kushieda. This is also the same day that he bumps into Taiga Aisaka, a small girl with the reputation for snapping at anyone. Taiga instantly hates Ryuji, but their quest to find the love of their lives takes an unexpected turn, leading them closer to each other.

2. Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea (Nagi no Asukara)

A supernatural anime similar to Golden Time
A supernatural anime similar to Golden Time

Humans have long lived on the ocean floor. Many, however, wanted to know what life was like above the surface. So they then moved to land, creating a separation between humanity.

The series follows the story of four middle school students from the sea village of Shioshishio. Their school closed down and they had to attend Mihama Middle School, which was above the surface on land. They struggled to adjust in their new environment, but later formed newfound feelings for the land people.

3. One Week Friends (Isshuukan Friends)

The anime that bears the closest resemblence to Golden Time
The anime that bears the closest resemblence to Golden Time

Yuki Hase is a typical high school student. He notices that one of his classmates, Kaori Fujiyama, is always alone—with no friends in sight at all. So he decides to approach her and make friends. Eventually, Kaori reveals that she experiences memory loss every Monday. Yuki is shocked, but unfazed. He befriends Kaori every week, hoping that she will one day call him a friend.

4. Nisekoi

A popular anime like Golden Time
A popular anime like Golden Time

Raku Ichijo is leader Shuei-Gumi's son, while Chitoge Kirisaki is the daughter of the boss of rival gang Beehive. One day, Chitoge hops a wall and inadvertently hits Raku with her knee. She runs off, and Raku realizes that the locket given to him by his childhood sweetheart is lost. Raku learns that Chitoge is a new transfer student in his class and forces her to help him look for the locket. They dislike each other, but they eventually find themselves pretending to be in a relationship after the two gang leaders decide to settle their feud.

5. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)

A rom com anime similar to Golden Time.
A rom com anime similar to Golden Time.

Shizuku Mizutani is the kind of girl who only cares about her grades and her future plans. A boy named Haru Yoshida sits next to her, but he rarely attends class. One day, Shizuku is tasked to bring printouts to Haru’s place. Haru immediately considers Shizuku a friend, marking the beginning of a rather strange relationship she never imagined she would be in.

6. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (I Don’t Have Many Friends)

A school anime similar to Golden Time.
A school anime similar to Golden Time.

Kodaka Hasegawa is a transfer student at St. Chronica’s Academy. He finds it difficult to socialize because of his fierce looking eyes and brown-blond hair. One day, he meets Yozora Mikazuki, a girl who also seems to have no friends. Yozora is talking to her imaginary friend, Tomo. Kodaka and Yozora decide to build the "Neighbors Club," a club for students who don't have friends similar to themselves. Other students with a variety of personalities join their club, forming a remarkably funny group.

7. White Album 2

A mystery anime like Golden Time.
A mystery anime like Golden Time.

Haruki Kitahara is the last member of the Light Music Club. He plays his guitar by the window in preparation for the upcoming school festival. Playing the guitar is his only recreational activity, since he's been a studious pupil for two years. Unexpectedly, he hears a piano melody and a crystal clear voice joining the music of his guitar. He suddenly finds himself alone no more in the Light Music Club.

Which anime like Golden Time will you watch next?

  • Toradora!
  • Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea
  • One Week Friends
  • Nisekoi
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
  • Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
  • White Album 2
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