Will "Bleach" Anime Return, and When?


Did Bleach the anime end permanently?

If you are here reading this article, you probably know everything you need to know about Bleach and want to know only one thing - and that is why Bleach anime ended at episode 366 and will they continue making it. Will Bleach anime return?

Bleach manga is ongoing - it has been coming out in Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan since August 2001 and is still being published weekly to this day. That means it is already coming out for over 12 years, and as of August 2013, Bleach manga has been compiled into 60 tankobon volumes which can be purchased all at once. Impressive, right? It sure is.

The animated television series (or to be simple, the anime) came out three years after the first publication of the manga in 2004 and has been keeping us entertained until its episode 366 that came out in 2012. This franchise also has four animated feature movies and two video games, as well as a sea of merchandise that involves action figures, sword replicas and a lot of other things. Everything for the fans, right? Well, yes, except for the continuation of the anime.

So what exactly happened with Bleach the anime?

All we know for sure is this - after episode 366 that was shown on 27th of March 2012, Bleach the anime series was cancelled. That was the last episode that was aired on TV Tokyo.

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Why was Bleach cancelled?

Bleach the anime was cancelled and that is all we can know for sure. Episode 366 was the last episode to air, and whether we will see another episode of this anime remains to be seen. However, there are a lot of rumors and speculations about the matter.

The primary question that we will try to answer in this part of the article is why Bleach was cancelled in the first place. There are several theories, but the most likely one is that Bleach the anime was cancelled simply because it was sub-par.

Let's first see what people are saying regarding this before we agree with this statement, though. There are two main opinions about the anime end at episode 366.

  • Bleach was sub-par and it had too many fillers

Let's view this from an objective angle. Bleach is one of the titles that can be regarded "the holy manga/anime trinity", along with Naruto and One Piece. Now, we all know that these anime shows are filler abundant, but in this aspect, Bleach indeed takes the cake. Why? Well, in comparison to Naruto and One Piece, that did have their respective shares of filler episodes, Bleach had filler seasons. For instance, the Zanpakuto arc in Bleach anime was literally a filler season. It did not happen in the manga.

Bleach is considered to be sub-par because almost half of the episodes were fillers, and some people were not satisfied with it quality-wise and considered the manga to be far superior.

  • Bleach anime stopped because it was catching up with the manga

Another group of Bleach fans believes that Bleach ended temporarily at episode 366 because it was catching up with the manga, so they had to stop making new episodes and take a break. This seems to be a bit further from the truth, actually, as this break has been going on for over a year and the anime still did not continue where it left off.

Considering that there is enough manga material that the Bleach anime had not covered, we would have expected it to have restarted sooner. But then again, if they do want to avoid filler episodes, waiting is a prudent choice.


The ominous facts

The main fact that needs to be mentioned immediately is that when this anime show ended, not a single person that was somehow involved with the making of this series mentioned that it will ever be continued. This immediately implies that any theory discussing the return of Bleach the anime is a bit far-fetched and revolves around a hopeless dream that the show WILL continue.

However, let's not be too hasty and agree with this.

Several shows in situations that awfully resemble the situation of Bleach anime have resurrected and started airing again. This is again a fact. In fact, if we think about it, most of these shows were not announced when they continued, and this was a great factor in the resurrections of their respective franchises. When we think about it from the marketing perspective, this is a brilliant solution to pull out a popularity-declining show from the mud.

More facts - and possibly good news for the anime

It has been confirmed that Tite Kubo is working hard on the final arc of the Bleach manga. Some fans are speculating that it is exactly because of this that the anime is on hiatus (and has not been cancelled) and that it might take some time for it to restart, but it most definitely will. Again, these are all assumptions, but they do make some sense.

Think of it from a marketing perspective again - if the anime started getting a lot of bad reviews it would make sense to call the gig off and end it right there. Temporarily or permanently - it's hard to say, but it's most likely the former. If something gets bad reviews, it needs to vanish from sight temporarily for two reasons and those are: 1. to be missed and to rebuild fandom and 2. to have enough time to rethink it and revamp it accordingly.

Bleach was by no standards a stereotypical anime and it had a lot going for it - a lot of these things can still be cashed in. Which brings us to the next part.


Can Bleach anime still earn?

Money is always a thing to consider in issues like show cancellations. For instance, it is pretty safe to say that the Bleach anime took a lot of money to make, but also earned quite a bit. Now, if the show was plummeting in popularity before the famous last episode 366, it would be logical to cut your losses and end it while you still can.

However, if the demand increases enough, and it is increasing substantially, there would be good reason to return the show once the hype builds up enough. And when will the hype build? To be fair, it s hard to state anything with certainty, but the final arc IS coming soon.

Would it be logical to just end with it once the manga is done and miss out on a really good opportunity to earn more with the anime? Or a better question, when you think about it. Do people want Bleach the anime to return? Yes. And there you have it - potential audience.

Do you think Bleach the anime will continue and when?

  • No, I think it's permanently cancelled.
  • Yes, I think it will be back by the end of 2014.
  • 2015 seems like a likely year of its return.
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To conclude

A lot of fans speculate that Bleach the anime will return sometime in the end of 2014 or during 2015, and this is mainly because the manga is supposedly nearing its end. If this should happen, we could expect to see a lot of people happy. However, there is still that distinct possibility that when this anime was cancelled, it was done so after a lot of elaborate consideration. Not announcing its continuation may not be a marketing ploy - which would make the episode 366 really the last one.

Anyway, if you enjoyed this article and would like to read more about anime, you can always read some speculations of when Naruto will end.

As for Bleach - only time will tell, but the odds seem to be slightly in its favor. It only remains to wait and see.

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narutotruefans 3 years ago

hope its back in soon

Bolzo 3 years ago

this is a good article but you were wrong on some substantial things:

First, you can't compare Bleach with Naruto and One Piece. Second, you say that there are too many fillers. It's true but the style it's completely different. One Piece has few fillers so why comparing with Bleach?Let's talk about Naruto: it has tons of stupid fillers that no one cares. You can see evidence of what i say just watching the anime series: let's talk about second series in particular (shippuden): if you watch the last 150 episodes you can see that MORE then 70 are filler and the anime it's not so close to the manga as for Bleach case. So what are you talking about?

Bleach anime has a totally different style of making: Naruto and One Piece follow the rule one animated episode one chapter of the manga. Bleach follow the rule one episode for about 2/2,5 chapter. Anime ends at episode 366, compared with manga 479. Bleach anime has about 160 filler.

Third, let's talk about marketing. Tv Tokio stopped the series after Excution. My opinion about that is the following: if you want to finish the animated series you'd probably ends it after arrancar saga (this can be considered the ends of the first season). There is no sense in complete the first season, then produce one filler saga and finally ends with exction. If you talk about money, anime sub-par,..... then what's better then a close up with Aizen defeated and Final Getsuga Tensho?

So the reason must be anime and manga were too close.

dude 3 years ago

Tite Kubo WANTED the anime to be canceled. Does anyone else realize that when the anime was canceled he became more lax on his chapter deadlines and releases. Two months after the anime was canceled, he started skipping several weeks, something he has never done before. Kubo has also made it clear in the interviews that he no longer enjoys writing the manga, hence the reason why the final arc that was original planned to be around 7 years will probably be ending in 3. will the anime ever return. i think so once the manga ends because kubo will not be rushed to publish more chapters; but all and all i think kubo screwed his fans and is pulling a deadman wonderland on us.

BleachFan 3 years ago

Actually the only reason that might make the anime return is that the last arc is FREAKING AMAZING.If the anime returns I believe manga sales will rise too.

Hi 3 years ago

The only problem is after reading the manga and finishing bleach completely nobody would want to watch something they already know the ending too, sure people would watch some good fights but they wouldn't watch a lot of the episodes if they already know what's going to happen, I hope it comes back by the end of 2013 otherwise it could be hard to start up again.

Bleachfan 3 years ago

yeah you're right. I can't wait to watch new episodes. so please :c

AZ 3 years ago


i have to say i disagree with your comment. i mean sure some people might be like that but not everyone.

for instance ive rewatched bleach easily 5 times. once with the fillers and 4 times without the fillers. hell here and there i still watch fight scenes. Hell if they decide to animate the rest of the series im gonna buy the entire series on DVD. so i can have me a bleach marathon.

bleach is just that awesome. ive never rewatched naruto or one piece. in fact there are very few short animes that ive rewatched. dbz ive rewatched a couple times though

candace 3 years ago

well I hope too bleach anime will continue.. ichigo was so amazing! my favorite is ichigo and Rukia!!... I will wait for the bleach anime come back continue series!... arigatou gozaimasu

komlit 3 years ago

well xbox and a few others are advertising it the bleach is returning woke up today and xbox has it on the dashboard saying bleach returning

Jeveb 3 years ago

Actually that ad on the Xbox was letting you know that Bleach was back on Xbox live to purchase.

Lohith Mohan 3 years ago

Actually there are a lot more factors that would come into play now.

Weekly Shonen Jump has a LOT of new popular series going on and since Bleach and Naruto are about to end, they would wanna try to hype these series much more since they are newer. There are a handful number of new series that are popular right now.

These are Nisekoi, Haikyuu!!, Shokugeki No Soma and Assassination Classroom.

2 from these have just announced anime adaptations. Nisekoi and Haikyuu!!. My guess is that in another few months, we will hear about an anime adaptation for Assassination Classroom.

The point is Bleach is no longer a "TOP" manga in the magazine. It still is quite important and is still popular but there are newer series that would get the higher priority and importance. Then there are series like Kuroko NO Basket and Toriko which, not only rank well but sell well too. Toriko is kinda over hyped by the magazine and its sales aren't impressive but Kuroko NO Basket is the highest selling series in the magazine right now, after One Piece, Hunter x Hunter and Naruto (obviously). Kuroko's sales right now is exactly what Bleach was 2 years back.

Ever since the fullbring arc, Bleach has lost about 250k in sales. This can also be attributed to the cancellation of the anime. But it's a fact that Bleach's sales has declined. The fullbring arc saw Bleach, a constant top 5 ranking series, fall to the bottom 5. Although, its rank had improved considerably in this final arc,

So with the newer series selling quite well (Assassination Classroom sells exactly like Bleach at about 600-700k a volume, without an anime. Haikyuu!! sells 300k a volume without an anime, Nisekoi sells 200k without an anime and Shokugeki No Soma sells 250k without an anime), its obvious that Jump would refocus their attention to newer series than a retiring old Giant. These series also rank better than Bleach most of the time in recent years and therefore they hold the age and ranking advantage over Bleach. The biggest point to note is that they DO NOT have an anime going on yet. An anime almost always has a positive effect on the sales and ranking of a series.

Haikyuu!!, Assassination Classroom and Shokugeki No soma have shown potential to sell over 700k a volume if done well. Therefore, it makes sense why JUMP would not mind giving Bleach priority anymore when they have a lot more newer series coming up that can take its place.

But that said, Bleach's anime can return

Why? Because, in the list compiled by TV TOKYO for their biggest earners in 2012 (the year bleach had no anime), Bleach was listed 3rd. Basically, in the year Bleach had no anime running for it, it still reached 3rd behind Naruto and Pokémon. So it wouldn't be totally off to assume that Bleach still earns a lot for the company and they can get profits from animating it.

The director of the anime had once stated in an interview in Australia(I think) that he hopes the Bleach anime would return when asked about it by the audience.

Then there is the evidence at the end of the anime when Ichigo says "See you again!". That could mean absolutely nothing or could be a hint that there is a possibility for the anime to return

And about the fillers part in this article and how Bleach could have returned since the manga put out enough material. That's not true. The manga's biggest problem, in respect to Bleach, is its pacing. Literally, 2-4 episodes can fit into ONE episode of anime. Therefore, if the anime were to return right now, it would catch up before the Manga itself ends and therefore would prompt another filler arc. Filler arcs are poorly received, irrespective of the series. Bleach has had way too many mindless fillers in between big fights that it lost its charm. The fight with Aizen and Urahara and Ichigo had about 6 fillers split in-between them which would make any fan agitated. After the fake karakura town arc, there was a filler arc followed by the fullbring arc. If the anime HAD to continue, it required another filler arc again which would only get them bad ratings.

My vote is for the fact that Bleach anime will return. But I expect it to return sometime in the end of 2014 when the manga is almost done, or early 2015.

Katy 2 years ago

I thought the manga was ending soon too...?

jack 2 years ago

i want bleach back that's all..

Juun 2 years ago

This last arc in the manga, as stated by Kubo, has been on it's final stretch ever since it came back from it's 5 week hiatus. I don't see why everyone is so surprised with this. The phenomena of anime stopping while the manga continues is not by any means rare. Soul Eater, D.grayman, kekkaishi, kenichi, and claymore are just a couple of great anime that I can name off the top of my head that have also followed this route. The fact that bleach wasn't an exception shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

belleart profile image

belleart 2 years ago from Ireland

I am a huge fan of bleach, although there were certainly things a also didn't like...the fact that one fight scene could last u to 6/7 episodes and of course the arc stories. I hated it when they started an arc story, but the more I got into it i couldn't skip the arc stories either because they were in their own way kinda good.

rashed belhal 2 years ago

I waiting for the new episodes of the best anime ever .. Bleach.

anonymous 2 years ago

bring back Aizen!

Zeboq 2 years ago


Never watch DBZ if you hate long fights. XD

gtx 2 years ago

Reason that Bleach was put down beceause of fillers is bullcrap. Naruto have so much more fillers and almost everyone of them is boring and don't expand anything. I watched every filler in Bleach, except the comey ones, and I they they were awesome, especially the last one.

Ryu 2 years ago

Bleach had more fillers than naruto?? Every episode of naruto is or full of flashbacks, or full of talking. out of the 10 episodes, 2 episodes are fight and story progression....

Nooooo 2 years ago

I watched all of the episodes... including the really bogus filler episodes. The filler arcs weren't the worst thing ever, but were unnecessary so they weren't great, and really the biggest issue I had with them was that they messed with the flow of the anime and sometimes could be confusing as to when they were supposed to be happening. Also, some of the stand alone filler episodes, while totally random and corny, were kind of funny to me only because they were so random and corny. I hope it comes back, but I also hope that it's after the manga finishes and the main story can progress seamlessly instead of having a bunch of filler that throws off the timing and continuity of the main story.

the mighty 2 years ago

i can´t wait come on kubo

BleachFan 2 years ago

I'm just waiting and waiting till the Bleach Anime returns and I will keep on waiting. The final Bleach arc is just so intense that I want to watch it. It's been inspiring for me.

Mike 2 years ago

PLEEEEEEASE come back Anime! This arc is so awesome! seeing it animated would just make my year, 2014!!

Hi 2 years ago

I hope bleach returns soon! I honestly loved the anime amd after watching 5 or six its my favorite! I don't read mangas but ive heard good stuff about them. I just watch the show and watch how awesome it is. The 3 things i love MOST about bleach(theres a ton i love but this is what i love most) 1.the intense fighting that no other anime that ive seen can do better 2. Watching how ichigo gets better and better and evolve in a way. 3. Watch how ichigo gets amazing powers and likes shows up people and it makes me like.. "Holy crap" so pretty much all i want is to know for a FACT bleach will be coming back and continue the same story line and come back the SAME way. Hopefully ichigo will master hollification or something. So pretty much all i want is an official saying that bleach is coming back for sure! I wish they would see this and listen to everyone because we all want bleach back!!!!!!!! Give us it back! Weve been waiting for some more action-packed episodes!

Alex-san 2 years ago

bleach will be back i'm sure of it, but only when the manga has ended and maybe in form of a movie or OVAs ... better than nothing i guess

me 2 years ago

"its obvious that Jump would refocus their attention to newer series than a retiring old Giant. These series also rank better than Bleach most of the time in recent years and therefore they hold the age and ranking advantage over Bleach."

Well, you could've easily said the same thing about Inuyasha at the time of it's cancellation, and yet they brought it back after 3 years to finish out the story as per the demands of fans everywhere. The difference being, from what i understand, NO-ONE involved with inuyasha (i.e. directors, animators etc...) wanted to continue the show. I see this as irrefutable proof that BLEACH WILL RETURN IF WE WANT IT BAD ENOUGH.

Zeph 2 years ago

Even if it doesn't come back to anime we all have to admit it will always be one of the greats and hardly any others can compare to it. Bleach will forever and always be my favorite anime.

Mia 2 years ago

You know... Bleach was my second love after Naruto, and thanks to those two anime, I got stuck being an anime fan for so long.

Now... It's been almost two years after the show stopped airing. I have no problems with reading the manga, but I feel like the anime still isn't finished and it should have a more meaningful ending, not like episode 366 (DO YOU CALL THAT AN ENDING, KUBO?!). Plus Bleach is currently 4th most popular anime, despite it not airing for 2 years. And I don't know about you guys, but I actually like fillers sometimes... Zanpakuto arc was, in fact, awesome. But, unlike Naruto, Bleach doesn't have such a deep story with stuff still needing to be shown. I can only remember Isshin's story and as to why he knows about Shinigami and stuff, but that was shown before Aizen was transformed. But still! Doesn't mean there's not enough material for a new anime season. It would be great if Bleach would continue, both the manga and the anime, despite what people say. There are fans who want to see more.

Nicole 2 years ago

They may come back, but the manga is far from finished. Even though it is in it's final arc, the writer will spend some few years on it before the manga I'd actually finished. If they start with a new season they may catch up with the series at the end of the year.

Therefore I think the anime may start again somewhere in 2016 if it will restart at all. It could also happen that they start from the very beginning and do some kind of reboot. Who knows really though ..,

Jizzm 2 years ago

I think Kubo might be waiting to finish the manga and the 366 episodes to be released in every country. Just a hypothesis, I have no need for immature replies disagreeing.

Bob_ 2 years ago

I hope it comes out soon! I just finished 366 and i'm really anxious to see the next arc!!

Bleach Fan 2 years ago

Bleach Come back!!

We waiting

the big one 2 years ago

Beach will come back and that a fact I know it will come back.

mahadi masao 2 years ago

i`m sure that will be continued!!! gambateh bleach producer!! i believe in you!!

ram 2 years ago

I hope they will bring back the anime. They can do the series in a seasonal format, instead of a weekly all year around. The last arc has shown some really good twists and turns, which i wants the anime fans of Bleach to see. How dark the events were in this final arc and revelations and backstories of their favourites characters.

While i do keep up with the manga.It is always a better experience to watch Bleach, than read. I truly love the manga for what it is and especially the artwork of Kubo, and the mindscrew he throws in time to time. But Bleach is one of those manga, where the anime only makes things a 100 times better. I want studio pierrot back with Bleach anime, with the same VA's [Unfortunately Yamamoto's VA passed away this january, he will be missed] , Abe's direction and Shiro Sagisu's music .

I pray for Bleach's anime return, Bleach needs it's anime back.

darius Cunningham 2 years ago

I love bleach

tommylop profile image

tommylop 2 years ago from Colorado.

You never know Inuyasha returned, so could Bleach. And yes the filler seasons are annoying because they always cut into the middle of the arc. Naruto had over 80 episodes of filler but it was during a time where the story could take a break and have those fillers. It never stopped an important story arc.

Bleach_fan 2 years ago

Until anime comeback there is something:

Man did a superb job. So enjoy!

just passing by 2 years ago

Some wow article out here.

I'll just wait for bleach anime to continue. Getting used to this good anime and manga then anime suddenly stops, waited 5+years for some initial d(ick) anime and some years for hxh chimera ant arc animation. I'll just be patient, I'll just hope I am still breathing before some good bleach action comes out again.

benmar 2 years ago

I really missed Bleach !

please come back !

son 2 years ago

will that is bad news I thing is far more better than naruto and one piece that anime should keep on moving bad news :( sad if it ends): but there is nothing I can do if it ends I will watch it all over that means 366 episodes and say bye bye bleach :) ;) I will probably be a manga arstist and make my own version of bleach

dan 2 years ago

I love the themes and the anime but Clavar la espeda is one of my favorite but I moved to a new anime named space dandy it is on 11:30 to 12:00 in toonami and then they give bleach 12:00 to 12:30 I think it is going to be a forgivebubul anime

Cody zakari 2 years ago

Will bleach is not a bad anime i think it is allright is ya say so :)

Lezarus 2 years ago

Well, this is one thorough article. I appreciated the read. I sincerely hope Bleach anime makes a comeback, because I see potential in it.

However, I have to agree with the mention of having "filler seasons." This wouldn't be a problem had the production team just given Bleach manga some breathing room.

I feel that some fans may have turned off Bleach because of the Fullbring Arc, however. No one likes seeing their favorite character lose their thunder (May I bring up DragonBall GT?).

But, I can appreciate that arc because that is what made Ichigo stronger. The point in manga and anime is to present the growth of one character to the audience, but how much real growth is there when the main character always has their power?

And its not like Ichigo had his powers stolen or anything, he gave up his powers to defeat Aizen and to prevent him from destroying Karakura Town. Protecting his home/friends/family was Ichigo's main objective -- this was established literally since Episode 1.

I must admit, the Fullbring fights weren't as OP as the Espada fights, but I can't take away the heartache and hardship Ichigo and his friends went through until he finally got his powers back. The hardship here is what makes Ichigo stronger, that is growth.

I just want to see the Wandenreich get some airtime, and Kenpachi getting some spotlight -- shit looks OP in the manga.

Raidenol 2 years ago

I really Hope Tite Kubo will finish Bleach.

Great things are meant to be finished.

Great Anime's are also meant to be finished.


I wait 764 Days that means 2 Years And 34 Days For 2014 / April / 18

But im very sure BLEACH will come back 2014 or 2015 or 2016 and

I don't care which year is Bleach coming back.

Im going to wait 3 years to come it back

Black 2 years ago

Bleach please come back! You are the #1 or #2 anime/manga in the USA & EU. We need to see this last arc which imo is the best animated!

Ulquiorra 2 years ago

Bring back Ulqui-chan, he was the best and I want Ulqui-chan to have Starr-chan to come back toooo *cries* I miss Ulqui-chan

Narc 2 years ago

First off it wasn't canceled it just ended

Most anime'a tend to be short and never finish the complete manga

Also I've read a live action movie is in the works

It white washed though cause the director

they asked to direct it is american

AuraChief29 2 years ago

It would be interesting if the anime took a FMA:B type of approach to returning, just focusing on the main arcs and no fillers. Plus, the whole series being redone in HD? Instant buy for me.

ichigo 2 years ago

I hope bleach return we ar all waiting

Fan 2 years ago

Ohmygod, Bleach. If you don't come back soon, I will die.

TheBladeIsMe 2 years ago

Yo, BLEACH must come back. BLEACH will come back.

That one guy 2 years ago also have some "substantial things wrong":

First, on your first, yes you can compare bleach to both Naruto and One Piece. They have been grouped together for years as the titans of the Anime and Manga franchises. Bringing them up brings upon an almost perfect foil for Bleach. It essentially makes this anime/manga viable for criticism, when considering its brethren on the market.

Second, on your second, the reference was in part of the awful fillers. It wasn't like One Piece or Naruto, where fans didn't care for them and just neglect them. It was entire seasons that off basisly stuck its face in the main story line, in hopes that it made sense to someone. The fact that there were fillers was not the issue, but the timing and the quality of the fillers became the issue.

Third, on your third, is the question of the decade thus far, in the Anime Community. The facts lay that it couldn't be a "catch up" because Bleach has had more than enough resource material to pull from. The Fullbring Arc was rushed terribly, and took the terrible pacing of Bleach to whole new levels. But if we were to start right now with Bleach's pacing, let's say 3 per episode, starting at March 27th 2012...leaving about 41 ish chapters not counting Golden Week or Tite Kubo Breaks till the end of the year... and beginning about your post but at the end of the month...November 27, 2013...41+52-4 from being in december...93chapters...divided by 3 chapters per episode....31 episodes with about 26 episodes per yearly season...1 season + 15 extra episodes....With the math, as it stands, taking the Decay Formula in consideration (P(t) = P0e-rt) Where P(t)=0.1, as the closest factor to 0 or a conclusive end...where Po=93 as the initial amount, and where r=3 as the decay would take a minimum of 2.25 years...well in to 2016 to even reach the point of where you are at. The fact remains that the Anime ended, and no convoluted theory of yours could change that.

*But I remain hopeful and vigilant for episode 367...

mostafa 2 years ago

i wish bleach come back

Taka 2 years ago

I hope bleach would resume soon. The filler episodes of bleach are way better than naruto's. I actually did enjoy the Zanpakuto Rebellion, it was nice seeing everyone's zanpakuto. The fullbring arc is not as exciting as the former arcs due to less fight scenes but it has a good storyline. The final arc will most likely be accepted by the viewers since majority of the viewers nowadays are obsess with watching fight scenes.

Bigfan 2 years ago

Maybe it will come back after all dub episodes are finished?

stdammie 2 years ago

best anime ever please come back can't stop loving bleach

TheBladeIsMe 2 years ago

Come back now -.- i can't see a problem now... the last arc is so amazing D: the viewers will rise and the manga is so far so tell me kubo pls tell us what is the problem D:

Sandy 2 years ago

The manga is AWESOME Please comeback T_T

Sams 2 years ago

yes please bleach return in our lives and stay there for eternity

Tite Kubo 2 years ago

Calm down people.

ragayah yahya 2 years ago

I love bleach so much. There is no way i will choose another anime except bleach. I love all character in there especially ichigo and rukia. Toushiro and karin dll. Please back soon...

person 2 years ago

there is also another reason that bleach me come out, when renji was fighting jackie he said he trained himself to face aizen which means aizen some how eacaped from prison but that is only a thought because I don't read manga it's boring so I am asuming. And why would the end the episodes when ichigo finally got his powers back, because thatalone is already telling you that soul society also needs his power to stop aizen but I wouldn't be sure I don't read manga .so that is my thought

Truth 2 years ago

I think bleach was rushed to be ended, what happened to his birth hollow powers and what happened to zangetsu? You don't know because they rushed it!

me 2 years ago

I started late on bleach anime and just finished watching it rn and i loved this anime , I coupd actually start all over again that's how much i liked this anime. Sure there were a lot of fillers but they were actually interesting not like naruto, they actually reflected on those fillers not like in naruto where they didnt even exist. So I hope Bleach anime returns the best anime i have seen !

a fan with info 2 years ago

has anyone considered its because Tomoko Kawakami died you know soifon's voice actor and there trying to find a replacement?

leyton 2 years ago

Personally I love bleach but as for Ichigo i think his story is over, bleach should come back with a new main character with all the other characters and ichigo just with a different story i don't know how but they'll work it out like maybe have ichigo in charge of a squad maybe shinji also like a substitute soul reaper squad and vizard squad then have ichigo become head captain something like that.

TheBladeIsMe 2 years ago

It´s not over. You will see it if the anime will come back D:

Ram 2 years ago

They already have a date when the anime will return. And it's September of this year.

TheBladeIsMe 2 years ago

Can you send me the webseite and its really official from tite kubo? :DD

nick hannon 2 years ago

Bleach is my number one to me not just to Watch to be I get strength from watching it to be real it has kept me alive everything about it I look at it icchigo as my hero I idlelezz him my dream is to be him I will want nothing more then to go though everything he dose I am here now cause of bleach it was my only light in my dark ness

sahil 2 years ago

Bleach best show should come back

mrm64 2 years ago

Ok...unless someone gives my some proof from Kubo himself or anything credible from TV Tokyo, or close related sources, I say it's gone for good :( I mean..look at Reborn. No word from them V_V It's a dang blasted shame. This final arc in Bleach is so's so good in my opinion. I'm on the edge of my seat with every chapter (especially with the slight IchiHime moments in the recent ones, xD)

This is ALL great speculation, but unless someone gives me a link....I'll just continue to sit in my room and cry to sleep until I grasp the Bleach anime is gone. :'(

Bryce Lawson 2 years ago

Bleach is the BEST anime I have ever watched


ichigo 2 years ago

it's a great anime.......and it should continue

Carlos 2 years ago

Anyone have any new info regarding a possible return?

Titeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2 years ago

Why is Tite so unfair... he must only say yes bleach will come back for sure or NO .... but i want it back D:

Luke 2 years ago

I think its possible that they may tell us of new episodes when the English version has caught up as Bleach has done very well in places such as america. It is almost at its end in English i think there's about 10 more weeks to go.

Bleach #1 Fan 2 years ago

I'm hoping to see the new bleach and see my favorite character ulquiorra again. I WANT MORE BLEACH!!!

LOliX 2 years ago

I do believe that the last arc (sadly) is a little rushed up. Then again it might be just me rushing my thoughts, because the manga has yet to end. Still i can't shake off this filling that the story is indeed rushing for the end. Oh.. also please, just don't compare the fillers of bleach with those of Naruto's.(As for One Piece it's roughly 1=1, the author really likes to detail everything in the anime). And as for Naruto... looking back i can only say... i have watched a LOT of fillers, more than half of Naruto is made of fillers. And lastly for Bleach, as everybody knows fillers in this anime are mostly made of arc's. Some of them justified the growth of Ichigo's power, and some of them were a little boring. And please don't go comparing Naruto fillers with Bleach's where the ratio for Naruto was (1 season fillers- then- half season original story with a lot of flashbacks, and so on) while bleach had some little extra fillers too, those were very small in number. Aaaand to be honest... fillers are a must for the anime in order to go on, then again, no one likes them...(Oh...but i kinda like One Piece for the way episodes are managed, but somehow, sometimes you say to your self "so few things happened this week"). And i think it's best to interrupt the anime rather than summoning "Fillers"(that's why i love ~25 episode-animes). And as for the main topic, i just can't say much. It has great probability that it's going to continue, but as for 'when?', it's not up to us to decide, just wait for it. Bleach for me is just one of so many great anime's that have to make a comeback in order to finish what the started.

MrYouNasty 2 years ago

I like bleach fillers

Chris 23 months ago

Nice article but all i want to know is if anyone has any idea that bleach episodes are going to continue after episode 366... in my opinion they have to, considering that the manga continues i can't understand why the episodes have to stop. Everyone is talking about money problems but srsly how can an anime that has so many fans and so many websites exist about it all over the internet have such problems?

MO 23 months ago

Who can we write to insist that the Bleach anime be continued? In my opinion, even Bleach's filler episodes are still much better than the regular episodes of every other anime series. BBB!! (Bring Back Bleach!)

23 months ago

bleach is very nice it can also be continue and im sure it will continue u can't tell it .im waiting for the contuination of the episodes

Angeline 22 months ago

I really want it back, I am a toshiro hitsugaya lover and I would gladly like to see more of him. Ichigo is alright although I don't mind him much even if he is one popular main character.

Dominick 22 months ago

For those that say that the order of the anime are different, sir/miss you are ignorant of the situation, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are all made by Shonen Jump. They each had an amount of fillers but honestly fillers are not that bad, it's like a break, to see some other stories you didn't know about, or too see the characters personal life for a change for one episode. For example near the end of the Bleach anime they had the New Years episode, it put my mind at ease and see how most of the characters enjoy there time flying kites and having a hilarious competition at the same time. Also it is almost 2015, I would love a return of bleach, but all we can do is hope, the author of this article did make some key points about it, and reasons why it might not come back, so entirely the outcome of this is a 50/50 on Bleach's return.

Jasutin Rai 22 months ago

I love bleach, a big fan in fact heck I even have a Kisuke hat.

I finished the final episode of bleach (Episode 366) about an hour or two ago then I jumped online to see if they really are going to bring it back. I do think it hinted at a return with Ichigo saying " See ya around" at the end of the anime and earlier in the episode he says to Rukia "When I say see you around it doesn't mean this is our last goodbye. I'll see you again, don't worry about it."

So this could be a hint at the return of it. I say we wait until the manga is finished then we will see what happens.

scarlet 22 months ago

One of my friends told me that there Is 800 episode of bleach but I can't find any episodes past 366 and the trailer of episode 367 will there be any more episode I really love the show I hope there is.

Jasutin Rai 22 months ago

No the anime currently is ended at episode 366. Until they decide to bring it back (Possibly when manga is finished) there will be no more episodes

ichigo 20 months ago

I think they will make more episodes because a lot of people liked the amine I did f I for one.

Maya1109 20 months ago

I love Bleach! I first watched Naruto and thought it was the best anime ever but then I watched Bleach... And Bleach stole my anime loving heart forever! Up until today Bleach is still my favorite.

As for the issue of fillers... Although Bleach had a lot of fillers and they spanned over a season, it wasn't that bad, I actually enjoyed some of it especially the Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tale. Many of Naruto's fillers are even more pointless than Bleach's fillers and don't let me get started on all the flashbacks that was utterly meaningless and just way to fill the time and get an episode out there.

In my opinion if they bring Bleach back it will probably happen after the manga ends. But my fingers are crossed for it to come back someday... I'll still be waiting.

Zeke Maddox 20 months ago

i heard its coming back summer 2015

Damien 20 months ago

They should make more bleach for 2015

jt 18 months ago

I would pay jump to bring it back

Akio Hayasaki 17 months ago

Well read bleach on any device with internet and go to manga its 10000000% free ive tried it new chapters every thursday.

Ichigo Kurosaki 17 months ago

I'm sorry guys,when I said "see you again!" I meant some day next year 2016,I have to consult my boss Tite Kubo as to whether he thinks its wise. Do not fear though,you will get more BLEACH

BleachedLife 15 months ago

Bleach better come was the only thing that kept me happy during the time when nothing when right and took my mind off the shit called 'life'. Heck, I'll even go as far as to say that I didn't commit suicide only because of Bleach, so....

The manga is amazing, the anime will be too.

History 10 months ago

Bleach needs to come back

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