5 Reasons Why "A Dream Is A Wish" Is My Favorite Disney Song

Updated on May 31, 2016

"A Dream Is A Wish" Cinderella

Cinderella was one of the first popular Disney movies ever created. A lot of us hold it as a precious fairy tale in our hearts that we grew-up with. We liked the idea of becoming a princess and marrying a prince. We thought it was cool how the animals helped her get dressed. We loved Cinderella's singing voice and her sacrificial, hardworking nature. But best of all for me, was the part where Cinderella woke-up from bed, to her unhappy life and still sang a song so beautiful that it's been cherished for decades.

Here are five reasons why I, personally, love that song.

#1 It's A Message Of Hope

Cinderella was in a bad place when she sang this song. She didn't have her father around, she was being treated like a slave by her stepsisters and mother. She didn't know she was going to meet a prince or become a princess. She had no prospects in front of her, but she still believed in the beauty of the future.

I like listening to this song when I am sad. The discussion of the possibility of rainbows in the future, if I just keep believing is such a hopeful message. It makes me happy.

It also reminds me of my husband, who is an optimistic so positive that he makes me want to barf sometimes. He often repeats this message to me about having faith in the future. The pessimist in me likes to fight him and be more "realistic" as I put it. But sometimes it actually is better to be an optimistic like he tells me to be.

#2 Dreams Help You Live Longer

I'm positive that if I ever get to the point where I'm no longer struggling and have nothing to strive for or hope for, that I'll immediately perish. Maybe I'm wrong, but it helps me accept the fact that life is a struggle.

As long as I have something I am dreaming about, something I am fighting for, I have something to live for. I've heard many nurses and doctors say that a patient is more likely to survive an illness if they have a strong will. This is because they are willing to fight their body and the impossible to achieve their goal of getting better. It doesn't always work, but it helps.

Dreams are what drives us forward. My dreams are everything to me.

#3 It Captures The Magic Of Childhood

I don't know about you, but I grew-up with Cinderella. This song perfectly summed up childhood for me.

When you're young, you have the whole world in front of you. You play pretend, you dream about what the future could be. People tell you that you can become anything. A lot of children, when asked will say that they dream of being an astronaut or the president or a lawyer. As a child, anything seems possible.

But then you become an adult. You get set on a certain course of life. Sometimes that course is depressing or discouraging, but you're so far down it that you feel you can't go in any other direction.

I don't want to forget that magic from my childhood. I don't want that part of me to be over. I want to still dream every day about what I can accomplish or do. Maybe I don't ever want to be an astronaut or a president, but I want to look at the future as full of possibilities, not something I am trapped in.

I swear that the child in me dances whenever I hear this song. She still believes that anything is possible for anyone.

#4 Dreams Are An Escape From The Hard Times

I am a writer with a chronic illness, so maybe this is more true for me than for other people. I sometimes use fantasies and write stories to get me through the hard times. But I think we all seek this type of escape, which is why we watch movies and television shows, read books, and daydream. When we can't escape the pain of the situation we are in, it's okay, because we can just dream that we are somewhere else and disassociate from reality for awhile.

The thing I love about the word "dream" is how it can mean either sleep or daydreaming. I like how this song talks about grieving (lyric: "no matter how you're grieving") and how if you hold on to dreaming it can get you through it (lyric: "if you keep on believing, a dream that you wish will come true.")

A lot of times when we are suffering, it's easy to want to escape all the time or sleep a lot to get away from it. I don't think this is necessarily unhealthy. Sometimes it's the only coping mechanism that works.

Is the story about Cinderella becoming a princess ridiculous and unrealistic? Sure. But sometimes it helps to have those fantasies to get you through the hard times until a satisfying conclusion to your problems presents itself. Sometimes, all you can do is hold onto your dreams until that time comes.

#5 It Reminds You To Listen To Your Heart

It's very easy, especially when you're a very logical person, to ignore your heart. A lot of adults stay busy all the time as a way to escape their problems and it works...for a time. But you can't neglect your heart completely. You can't neglect it's wishes or needs forever.

It's okay to dream. It's even healthy to dream. It can be soothing to your heart and that's why I love it.

If You Love Cinderella...

You'll probably also love the newest live action version of Cinderella that Disney came out with, if you haven't seen it already. I am a huge fan of this movie. I was skeptical before I saw it because I didn't enjoy Snow White & the Huntsman, but this one was great. If you loved the original cartoon, it pays homage to the it in a lot of ways and I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy the new version.

Purchase The Live Action Version Of Cinderella On Amazon


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