'Toy Story 4': Is It Worth Your Time?

Updated on September 30, 2019
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'Toy Story 4': Movie Review

Toy Story 4 follows Woody, Buzz, and the gang as they now belong to Bonnie since Andy has now moved off to college. In this addition to the franchise, Bonnie creates a new toy while at school orientation. This toy is perfectly named, Forky, since he is made out of a plastic spork. With the introduction of Forky, Woody takes on a parenting role to protect him because he is Bonnie's favorite toy.

Bonnie's family decides to go on a vacation before school kicks off. Along the way, Forky does not see his reason for being alive and jumps out of the movie car. Woody, being the true cowboy he is, jumps out after Forky, and the two toys end up lost.

This movie is pretty much the premise of every single Toy Story movie, with a few things tweaked. After they get lost they must find their way back to Bonnie instead of Andy, but it is still the same idea. With that being said, is this movie worth your time?


The biggest positive for this movie is that it is extremely funny. I was scared that this movie would be a waste of time because of how perfectly the third film ended. I will say right off the bat, this movie is worth a watch.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return to voice the characters that they were born to play. Once again, the two actors do a phenomenal job of bringing these iconic voices to life. This film, in particular, felt as if they brought more to the table because they knew this would be the last time as these characters. There are also new characters in this film that steal the show and make for some very funny moments. Keanu Reeves is a character in particular that shines, and the always funny Keegan-Micheal Key and Jordan Peele are a couple of stand-outs as well. This movie is not short fo talented voices.

This movie also has some very adult-oriented themes. Forky is a toy who does not understand his reason to be alive and is constantly trying to throw himself in the trash can. Woody takes it upon himself to show Forky the reason to be alive. Again with Woody, he struggles with his own life choices. He has a few decisions to make in this film that create heartfelt moments. It very much showcases growing up and saying goodbye to people close to you.

This film is also very beautiful. If you compare this film to the very first 'Toy Story', it is amazing to see how far the animation has come. It is just a very beautiful film to watch. The director of the film is also very good. He knows how to set the characters up in the frame to create some very funny moments or to create some very sad moments. It all just flows together very well.


I have already mentioned the problem I had with this film and that is the central story. It can feel very repetitive at times. This is because every single film has the same central idea. While this film has some fresh characters and a theme a lot of adults can relate to, the story itself is still the same. It can get very annoying.

I personally did not like the villain either. She did not come across as very threatening to me. I understood her end goal and did feel sympathetic towards her, but in the end, I just didn't care what happened to her.

As the film concluded with a perfect one-liner, I wish the events leading up to it was a little bit drawn out. It felt as if the decision that was made was so quick and I was more shocked than anything. Yes, it broke me down, but it felt so rushed that I didn't get to sit there and deeply feel it.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, I loved this film. I am a big fan of the 'Toy Story' franchise but was worried when this film was green-lit. I was very skeptical because I feared it was just a cash grab attempt. However, it felt like there was more to the story after the third film, even if you don't think so.

If you have loved all the previous films, you will love this one as well. If you grew up with these films as I have, and are invested in these characters, then the last line of this movie will wreck you. The writers did a good job at continuing a story that felt already finished. Just bring tissues... You'll thank me later.

'Toy Story 4' Trailer

4 stars for 'Toy Story 4'


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