Top Ten My Little Pony Songs

Updated on April 23, 2020
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Get Your Hooves Up, Everypony!

Pinkie's here to see you smile! Please don't sue me, Hasbro. All MLP everything is protected by copyright.
Pinkie's here to see you smile! Please don't sue me, Hasbro. All MLP everything is protected by copyright.

Ready To Party?

First, it was almost impossible to pick just ten! If you watch the show you know some episodes are musical ones and packed with songs. And there are tons of tiny snippet songs in other episodes, and a lot of seasons to choose from. So the following are ten of my personal favorites, but by no means the only ten songs I love from the show.

To be fair, I tried to pick only one song from each episode. And that made some choices super hard, but it also meant getting to watch more videos.

As always all writing and photography (Read: screen shots) are my original work, so if borrowing for Internet use, credit where credit is due and a link back are appreciated. The photos are screen shots of MLP episodes and used for illustrative purposes only, for the love of Lauren Faust, please don’t sue me. All videos and everything else My Little Pony remain the property of Hasbro.

Morning In Ponyville

Although one of the shortest songs in an episode filled with music like A True, True Friend, there’s something special about a song where Twilight Sparkle wakes up happy and bursts into song. She isn’t making lists or singing freak out arias for once as Rainbow Dash would put it, and it’s pretty awesome to see her happy. And dancing on tables. Did I mention dancing on tables?

The bouncy tune also leads into an episode about mixed up cutie marks thanks to Twilight Sparkle trying out a spell, which teaches a powerful lesson about how we must follow our hearts, and that even a cutie mark, magic gone awry, or other people’s expectations shouldn’t effect us. Would it have worked if the girls had kept true to themselves after the swap? We may never know, but as the bouncy intro song points out, when everything is going to plan, morning in Ponyville shimmers.

Morning In Ponyville

Hush Now, Quiet Now

When Fluttershy of all ponies agrees to babysit the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she is under the impression that children and animals are the same, and a talent with one means a talent with the other. She wasn’t thinking of the ornery Angel at the time and her hushed and gentle lullaby is transformed into a rocking number with a gospel backbeat.

It’s an all around great song, one in which the gentle and overwhelmed Fluttershy is contrasted with fillies being, well, fillies. The girls aren’t being bad, per se, simply youthful, and that leads to all sorts of problems for Fluttershy as the song should have warned her.

Hush Now, Quiet Now

This Day Aria

This has to be one of my favorite songs of all time from the show. With the upcoming wedding in the Crystal Empire of her old sitter, Twilight is looking forward to a happy reunion. But as this song shows, the true Princess has been replaced by the evil changeling, Queen Chrysalis bent on sucking the love right out of the Crystal Empire for her own people.

It’s one of my favorites as the queen is one of the rare villains you can actually feel empathy for. She may be doing something terrible, but she’s only trying to take care of her own people. And the song itself is not so much a duet in my view as competing arias that blend at point.

I stuck with the English version, though it is a beautiful song in any language.

This Day Aria

Smile Song

She likes to see you smile! Fans of the show know that Pinkie Pie grew up on a rock farm, and while nopony is ever exactly shown as poor in the series (background characters I missed excluded) she didn’t have the soft life of some ponies. Everything was dark and grey as a rock until she discovered the power of parties.

And making people smile! This upbeat smile song is highly addictive and you can usually trust Pinkie Pie to pull together an impromptu musical number because she’s Pinkie Pie. A great song for Ponyville’s most upbeat pony.

Smile Song

The Spectacle

No it isn’t Lady G, singing but the stage show of Countess Coloratura aka Rara will remind fans of all ages of her shows. I liked it because Lady G is a big supporter of gay rights and in a show that has yet to even touch such a subject and likely never will, it was nice to see a singer get a pony who supports us. And the stage show is simply awesome!

The Spectacle

Having Fun Yet?

Pinkie sure hopes you are!
Pinkie sure hopes you are!

Do you like the songs in MLP?

While you might not love them all, do you like songs being in MLP?

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Stop the bats, stop the bats. Poor Fluttershy wants to see a peaceful solution to the invasion of fruit bats in Applejack’s apple orchard. But although vegetarians, the other ponies insist the bats have to go, ignoring her please to find a solution where everyone wins. This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite episodes.

Any animal lover has to admit that at time animals become invasive pests, and this musical number contrasts the needs of ponies and fruit bats who need the same resources nicely. I don’t see the other ponies as bad here, it can be a tough choice when your livelihood is at stake and a peaceful solution can seem to take more time.


May The Best Pet Win

Fkuttershy and Rainbow Dash get together on a duet about choosing the perfect pet. I love the harmonics here, and the excitement each gal shows. These ponies seem to be polar opposites, so it was awesome to see them share a song about the wonder of a new pet, although Fluttershy is singing from a place of peace and love and Dashie just wants something cool and awesome.

May The Best Pet Win

Babs Seed

What would you do with a bully on your tail? The Cutie Mark Crusaders were looking forward to a visit from cousin Babs, and at first everything seemed great. Then Babs became a bully. As the fillies sing the upbeat song they have to repeatedly flee from her, and the bully Babs seems to be everywhere! Can the girls ever find a peaceful solution?

I love it since we’ve all had to deal with bullies and everyone who has ever been a victim of the negative attention asks the same questions the gals do.

Babs Seed

Hearts As Strong As Horses

I love this song as the girls are super confident they will carry the flag in the Equestria Games. But how can they be in the games? With hearts as big as horses, of course! And so the fillies sing as they go through a training montage to prepare. Another great song where the fillies pull together and march on, determined to have hearts as big as horses.

Hearts As Strong As Horses

Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

The Flim Flam brothers roll into the Apple family orchard on the first day of cider season and they are up to no good as usual. And as usual the bothers smooth talk their way into a contest that may cost the family the farm, but first they sing an upbeat song, assuring everyone they have the best cider making machine in town.

Enjoyed The Party, Everypony?

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the video! Please feel free to leave your hoof prints below.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the video! Please feel free to leave your hoof prints below.

What Song Is Your Favorite?

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