Top 10 Strongest Sword Art Online Characters

Sword Art Online is one of the most successful anime series to date. Despite having a few episodes, it managed to gather billions of fans worldwide. It’s not a surprise since SAO was well made aesthetically and story-wise. The anime series featured Kirigaya Kazuto and Yuuki Asuna, a couple trapped in an online world and their struggle to finish the game and finally meet each other in real life. Sword Art Online is a complete package which features not only romance but intense anime action and humor as well. It also features friendship, brotherly love, and various aspects of online gaming which caught the attention of MMORPG fanatics.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Strongest Sword Art Online Characters to convince you even more that this anime series is worth watching. Trust me! You’ll be immediately hooked right after watching the first episode! I recommend Sword Art Online not just for gamers but for anyone hungry for an exceptional anime experience.

Real Name: Unknown

Kuradeel was introduced in the series as Asuna’s personal bodyguard. However, it’s evident that he thinks of Asuna more than a Vice-captain of their guild. His jealousy about Kirito who Asuna regarded as a man far stronger than him turned into grudge. Kuradeel even challenged Kirito on a duel but he lost. As the series progressed, Kirito lost to Heathcliff after an intense battle of defense and offense which forced him to join his guild. Kuradeel and Kirito met once more to train but now under the same guild. Kirito thought that Kuradeel already got over his past grudge against him, yet it’s the other way around. Kuradeel almost killed Kirito with a paralyzing potion but Asuna was there to stop him. In the end, Kirito killed Kuradeel as he tried to harm Asuna.

PoH ALO avatar
PoH ALO avatar

Real Name: Unknown

PoH was the leader of “Laughing Coffin” an evil guild in SAO with only one purpose; get everything from the weak. Their main goal is to steal valuable items from players out of selfishness. They don’t want to finish the game but rule over SAO. Kirito described PoH as a master in using a dagger. Even Kirito was uneasy while telling the story to Asuna which is an evident proof that PoH is a formidable player. Nevertheless, his guild was wiped out after facing the alliance of good guilds. PoH’s body wasn’t found after the fierce battle so it’s assumed that he survived and eventually saved from SAO.

Yui SAO avatar
Yui SAO avatar

Real Name: Yui-MHCP001

Kirito and Asuna found Yui collapsed in a forest and they decided to take care of her. Back then, Yui can’t remember anything from his fast. The couple got fond of Yui so they decided to help the poor child regain her memory. They first teleported to the starting point city on SAO, where everything began, hoping that Yui could pick up some of her memories if she stumbles upon a familiar place. To their disappointment, everything seem new to Yui. Kirito and Asuna ended up helping a trapped guild leader in a very dangerous dungeon. They were up against a very strong monster and were almost totally defeated when Yui stepped in and used her GM privileges. Yui remembered everything. She was a help AI aimed to assist players deal with psychological problem. She was attracted to Kirito and Asuna as they were among the few players who still managed to laugh and be happy despite the bad experiences they had on SAO. Yui became Kirito and Asuna’s daughter. Though he was deleted by the system, Kirito managed to save her main program on his Nerve Gear and even used it to revive Yui on ALO.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Leafa ALO avatarKirigaya SuguhaLeafa thinkingLeafa shocked Leafa and Suguha
Leafa ALO avatar
Leafa ALO avatar
Kirigaya Suguha
Kirigaya Suguha
Leafa thinking
Leafa thinking
Leafa shocked
Leafa shocked
Leafa and Suguha
Leafa and Suguha

Real Name: Kirigaya Suguha

Leafawas Kirito’s partner in ALO. She helped Kirito understand the game and lead him closer to Asuna. Kirito’s charm and innate goodness made it easy for Leafa to fall in love with him. However, she eventually gave up on the feeling and was badly hurt in the process after knowing Kirito’s true identity. He is her brother, Kirigaya Kazuto. Leafa is quite skilled as a fighter in both online and real life. She even fought well against Kirito. Leafa’s support skills are also remarkable which was evident when she protected Kirito from the ferocious attacks initiated by a party of Salamanders. Leafa is one of the prettiest faces in the anime world and made Sword Art Online even more worth watching.

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Klein SAO avatar Tsuboi RyoutarouKlein low levelKlein teasing KiritoKlein getting ready to attack
Klein SAO avatar
Klein SAO avatar
 Tsuboi Ryoutarou
Tsuboi Ryoutarou
Klein low level
Klein low level
Klein teasing Kirito
Klein teasing Kirito
Klein getting ready to attack
Klein getting ready to attack

Real Name:Tsuboi Ryoutarou

Klein was Kirito’s first friend in SAO. Kirito taught him the basics in SAO and that marked the start of their weird but true friendship. Kirito decided to leave Klein and it was something our hero regretted about. Klein didn’t care at all and continued treating Kirito as one of the few players in SAO he can truly trust. Klein easily gets angry and hyped up if the safety of a friend is at stake. He is a strong player and already participated in various online games prior SAO which is probably why he survived. He is a bachelor and always finds some time to seek for love but he usually fails in a funny way.

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Asuna SAO AvatarYuuki AsunaAsuna embarrassedAsuna low levelAsuna casual attire
Asuna SAO Avatar
Asuna SAO Avatar
Yuuki Asuna
Yuuki Asuna
Asuna embarrassed
Asuna embarrassed
Asuna low level
Asuna low level
Asuna casual attire
Asuna casual attire

Real Name: Yuuki Asuna

Asuna is the main female protagonist in this series. She was among the many players trapped in SAO. Though she had the option to stay and be away from danger, Asuna decided to level up and help in beating the game. Such bravery is quite rare especially for a lady who seems to have no experience about playing an online game. Through hard work and determination in finishing the game, Asuna grew strong and eventually became the top guild’s vice captain. Asuna met Kirito during their early levels but haven’t but they took different paths. Kirito decided to be a solo player while Asuna stayed on a group. Their special feelings toward each other started to grow when Kirito found a rare ingredient which only expert cooks like Asuna can prepare. They ate together and decided to form a party afterwards. They cleared a hard dungeon together and their love story bloomed. After beating SAO, Asuna was left trapped in ALO because of Sugou’s doing. Kirito did his best to save her and bring Asuna back to real life. It was never easy yet Kirito managed to pass through all life-threatening challenges. This only proves how much he loves Asuna. Can’t get enough of this gorgeous anime character? Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Sword Art Online Wallpapers where Asuna, Kirito, and other awesome SAO characters are featured.

General Eugene ALO avatar
General Eugene ALO avatar

Real Name: Unknown

General Eugene is one of the strongest ALO characters. He fought Kirito and almost defeated our hero using a rare sword that changes phase. Despite his brute strength and impressive fighting technique, Kirito managed to overpower General Eugene through his remarkable speed. Kirito used two blades and attacked General Eugene ferociously leaving him with no room to dodge or block. Kirito’s victory stopped the Salamander’s guild from laying out their plan to defeat the two other guilds at once. This made Kirito a hero on the eyes of many including Leafa who was so amazed about Kirito’s overall personality and fighting prowess. General Eugene suffered defeat but it’s evident that he is a man who keeps his word and has more than enough courage to be worthy of respect.

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Fairy King Oberon ALO avatarSugou NobuyukiSugou attacking KazutoSugou defeated in real lifeFairy King Oberon's brief taste of victory
Fairy King Oberon ALO avatar
Fairy King Oberon ALO avatar
Sugou Nobuyuki
Sugou Nobuyuki
Sugou attacking Kazuto
Sugou attacking Kazuto
Sugou defeated in real life
Sugou defeated in real life
Fairy King Oberon's brief taste of victory
Fairy King Oberon's brief taste of victory

Real Name: Sugou Nobuyuki

Fairy King Oberon was the self-proclaimed ruler of ALO. He was the one who took Asuna hostage. His treats trapped SAO players as guinea pigs for their experiment in mind control. The digital world would be in great trouble if Kirito failed to stop him. He is selfish and cruel. Kidnapping Asuna was part of his plan to disable their company’s owner, Asuna’s father, to dig deeply on their company’s activities. The project he initiated was of course illegal so Sugou Nobuyuki, Fairy King Oberon’s real identity, did his best to keep it a secret. Despite having GM privileges, Kirito managed to kill him in ALO. He ambushed Kirito in real life with a knife but our hero fought back and placed Sugou on his rightful place, in jail.

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Heathcliff SAO avatarKayaba AkihikoHeathcliff stabbing KiritoHeathcliff on his thrownHeathcliff defending
Heathcliff SAO avatar
Heathcliff SAO avatar
Kayaba Akihiko
Kayaba Akihiko
Heathcliff stabbing Kirito
Heathcliff stabbing Kirito
Heathcliff on his thrown
Heathcliff on his thrown
Heathcliff defending
Heathcliff defending

Real Name: Kayaba Akihiko

Heathcliff is the Knights of the Blood guild leader. He was tall, muscular, and very strong. With a huge shield, he easily defended against Kirito’s attacks during their duel. He won but it’s evident that he could have lost if he didn’t use his powers as a GM. Kayaba Akihiko is his real identity. He is the one responsible for trapping thousands of gamers in SAO. He claimed that is was simply a social experiment. It was a test whether the youth of today truly knows the meaning of life and to determine how they would react to a challenge where their life is at stake. He committed suicide after SAO was at the brick of its end but he was able to transfer his consciousness on the game itself. Thanks to him, Kirito was able to defeat Fairy King Oberon so we can’t really consider them as an antagonist in this series.

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Kirito SAO avatarKirigaya KazutoKirito vs HeathcliffKirito on Knights of the Blood uniformKirito and Asuna
Kirito SAO avatar
Kirito SAO avatar
Kirigaya Kazuto
Kirigaya Kazuto
Kirito vs Heathcliff
Kirito vs Heathcliff
Kirito on Knights of the Blood uniform
Kirito on Knights of the Blood uniform
Kirito and Asuna
Kirito and Asuna

Kirito is the main male protagonist in Sword Art Online. He played SAO to escape reality and fight boredom. Kirito was a beta tester so he was confident that he won’t find any problem about playing the game but his expectations were all wrong when a strange figure appeared in the sky during the pilot day of SAO and announced the drastic and alarming changes in the game. Logging out was impossible until the game is defeated. Kirito worked hard in clearing one dungeon after another. As the challenges increase, he was convinced that soloing is far too dangerous so he decided to team up with Asuna. He fell in love with the pretty lady warrior in the process and his feelings encouraged him even more to finish the game as soon as possible and save Asuna. He eventually succeeded in defeating Kayaba Akihiko, who posed as Heathcliff. Nonetheless, he was the only one who woke up. He found out that Asuna was trapped in another game called ALO so he ventured on another journey to meet his princess and finally bring her back to real life. Asuna and Kirito’s love story is one of the sweetest I’ve seen in the anime world. Their chemistry never fails to excite anime fans and seeing them enjoying each other’s company after all the hard experiences they had on SAO and ALO brings joy to my heart like no other.

Kirito vs. General Eugene!

Who's your favorite Sword Art Online character?

  • Kirito
  • Heathcliff
  • Fairy King Oberon
  • General Eugene
  • Asuna
  • Klein
  • Leafa
  • Yui
  • PoH
  • Kuradeel
  • None of the aboe
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Onii-sama 14 months ago

Yuuki's sister, despite whatever they say about her, is featless and so cannot be quantified on how strong she is. It's like the Chuck Norris facts thing, a lot of people say a lot of stuff but none can be proven unless he is seen doing it.

No name 14 months ago

What about Yuuki's sister Aiko/Ran. Yuuki said she was much stronger than her before she died. I think she should be at the top. Also Lisbeth and Argo and my favourite characters.

Kuroyukihime 15 months ago

Konno Yuuki?

Onii-sama 15 months ago

Kirito lost to Yuuki in the novels via outright losing than timing out. They were fighting 10mins. non-stop before he lost to Mother's Rosario. So yeah, Kirito got really rusty but he did take his fight vs Yuuki seriously.

Desu-gun even commented on how Kirito was really, really pathetic in comparison to his SAO days.

Unknown 18 months ago

I think Kirito is the #1. Yuuki may have defeated him, but Kirito didn't really fight seriously. Well, he fought seriously, but it wasn't his best. Kirito said that he would only fight seriously if it involved life or death.

If there wasn't any time limit at all, Kirito would've won the tournament, and even Yuuki (or Zekken) got surprised on how strong Kirito really is. Kirito also goes easy on girls.

Onii-sama 18 months ago

Strongest Characters as per showing

10. Post-Caliber Arc Kirito

Among the top echelons of swordsmanship in all games but loathes using his dual blades persona to go full power (see Sterben's 'You Suck' speech during

Phantom Bullet Arc implying Kirito dulled which is how he was able to dominate

in the first place other than that Kirito was being hesitant)

9. Pre-Integrity Knight Eugeo

He showed potential to surpass Kirito by Kirito's own words with regards to

swordsmanship. He was already almost on par with 1-blade Kirito.

8. Sterben (Shinkawa Shouichi)

Fought and actually was dominating a 1-blade Kirito for most of their fight in

GGO (though admittedly, Kirito was a nervous wreck and was using a weapon too

light for comfort according to Sterben's own words) and had to be momentarily

distracted by Sinon for Kirito to get his bearings back.

7. Integrity Knight Alice

No doubt incredibly powerful but still lacks high-speed combat feats to go

higher. She relies on the fact that she has better overall stats to Kirito and

that Fragant Olive Sword is haxxed as well as her magic.

6. Zekken (Konno Yukki)

How hard is it to fight on par with a single-wield Kirito and beat him in his

own game (ridiculous reaction time) and beating him after a 10 minutes duel.

Take note that single-wield Kirito took out hellofalot of the World Tree's

guardians by himself.

5. Elder Chudelkin / Integrity Knight Bercouli (by hype)

Elder Chudelkin pretty much stumped Alice for most of their fight as well as

Bercouli to Eugeo. They both have ridiculously strong skills, more so for

Bercouli through pure close combat ability alone though the rest are hype.

He'd have been the strongest non-GM combatant in UW by this hype but lost

because he was taking a bath and got turned into a Knightsicle by Eugeo's Blue

Rose sword.

4. SAO Kirito (in Alicization Arc)

Incarnate SAO Kirito during the Axiom Church Tower Arc proved strong enough to challenge a cocky Quinella. He was able to fight on par with the GM in pure swordsmanship and sword skills, cut of her arms (he lost 1 arm in the process) and ultimately kill her.

3. GM Kirito

After being put down by Oberon (via gravity increase) and stabbed with a sword as big as Kirito, stood up, turned on the GM account and proceeded to manhandle Oberon (he never toned down the gravity).

2. Cardinal / Quinella

Both are master swords(wo)men and spellcasters, both stated to be able to fight entire armies of demons and their mothers and both of equal footing with each other in terms of power. Cardinal only lost because she self-sacrificed for Kirito and friends. Quinella only lost to Kirito after fighting on par with Cardinal as well as Kirito and friends

1. GM Heathcliff

Can't do anything to an immortal object so why bother?

Whelp wall of text. That's how I see the top dogs of the SAOverse. To clarify on why there are different Kiritos in this comment, Kirito shows different skill levels with the sword depending on what his mood is and what's at stake.

MoSB 18 months ago

Bump everyone down about 6 spaces. The top 6 characters in the SAO universe are:

1) Quinella

2) Cardinal

3) Bercouli

4) Chudelkin

5) Alice

6) Eugeo

TitanSwordHorizon profile image

TitanSwordHorizon 20 months ago from Cebu City

Guys just relax it is not updated yet so you guys won't expect to have Yuuki

But I like Klein more than Kirito

Sha-Kita 2 years ago

Oberon batttled only ONCE, and lost. He shouldn't even deserve a #10 spot, much less a #3 spot .-.

And Heathcliff shouldn't even be on this list, since, if you ACTUALLY watched the show, HE CHEATED HIS WAY TO THE TOP.

anonn 2 years ago

do not forget that while eugene got good gear


and know what?

KIRITO inherited HIS SAO STATS in ALO while fighting eugene

where SAO STATS=can make you invinsible!!!

Shadow 2 years ago

The GM is overall the strongest character, although not 'legit' still the strongest that was in the game. And this says strongest in SAO, ALO is a different game, so anyone from ALO that is mentioned should be removed.

Zekken 2 years ago

Ok. Two things that link. Get the hell rid of Oberon, he is actually an incredibly weak character. And also, Kirito is not the strongest. Konno Yuuki "Absolute Sword" is the strongest player to ever live. Kirito is only the current

Lorenzo 2 years ago

Deathgun is not the guild master of laughing coffin. POH is the guild master and he did not play GGO. Deathgun is redeyexaxa in SAO.

Log Online 2 years ago

Guys kirito defeated two GMs in the SAO show something no one else pulled off so Kirito is the DEFINITELY in the top spot think of all the feats he pulled of this so called Yuuki isn't shit to that

GG 2 years ago

1. Kirito - Kuro no Kenshi

Not Absolute Sword Konna Yukki because Kirito fought her with only 1 sword. Kirito is known for his dual wielding, not to mention he swats bullets, destroys spells -not even Konna Yukki could do- and mince the strongest ALO player (prior to his arrival) with second rate equips.

2. Konna Yukki - Absolute Sword

She defeated Kirito -albeit 1-handed- and everyone else she fought

3. Eugene - Salamander General

Guy nearly defeated Kirito -albeit using superior equips- and was considered strongest in pre-Aincrad ALO

4. Heathcliff - Guildmaster Knights of Blood

Known as strongest in SAO prior to dying. Reason he's low is because of Over-assist

5. Deathgun - Guildmaster Laughing Coffin

He nearly killed Kirito but only due to being in the game longer and having better equips

6. Yuuki Asuna - Lightning Flash

She is arguably the fastest hitter in the franchise, only held back by the fact that the others have better reaction time

7. Sinon - Ultimate Hecate

Probably the best archer -in its introduction to ALO- considering she shoots 200m away using a 100m limit weapon

8-9. Klein - Guildmaster Fuurinkazan and Agil - Shopkeeper

Among the best in SAO and was impressive enough during the 76th boss

10. Leafa - Kirigaya Suguha

Held her own well enough against 3 Salamanders albeit it was Kirito that rapestomped them

Yui - No combat feats. She only had that BANsword once too.

Oberon - Weak as slime. I'd support Yui if ever they have a match.

jayshawn 3 years ago




Winchester 3 years ago

In my opinion:

1) Yuuki

2) Kirito

3) Eugene

4) Asuna

5) Klein

6) Leefa

7) Deathgun (Shinkawa)

8) Shino

9) PoH

10) Agil

Unamed 3 years ago

Sorry, but I don't think yui and Oberon is the top ten strongest, Cuz they not players. Kirito is not the strongest if you read Sao completely. I think Shinkawa is also the top ten strongest since he almost kill kirito in GGO. Oh yea, add shinon also.

Evolons 3 years ago

I don't think that Kirito was the top player.... Read Mother's Rosario.

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