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Top 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters of All Time


Fairy Tail is gaining a lot of publicity nowadays in the anime world. Many even believe that it can be closely compared to the big three namely Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. This anime introduced hundreds of strong characters with interesting and unique powers. Deciding whether who is the most powerful among them is a very big challenge. I’m a fan of Fairy Tail and have been watching the series from the start. If your favorite character is not in this list, feel free to explain your side and convince me that your character should in the comments section. I know you’re as excited as me so here are the Top 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters!

Gajeel Redfox is an Iron Dragon Slayer, a member of the Fairy Tail guild and a former S-Class Mage of Phantom.

Gajeel Redfox’s Iron Dragon Slayer Magic was taught by Metalicana. Gajeel uses this magic to turn any part of his body into steel and produce huge iron rods or swords for offense. And like other Dragon Slayers, Gajeel can retain his used up magic power by simply eating anything made out of iron. His Iron Dragon Slayer Techniques include Iron Dragon's Roar, Iron Dragon's Lance, Demon Logs, Iron Dragon's Scales, Iron Dragon's Club, Iron Dragon's Blinds, Iron Dragon's Sword, Iron Dragon's Throwing Knife, Iron Dragon's Restraint, Iron Dragon's Foot Blade, and Iron Dragon's Hard Fist.

Natsu Dragneel Minimal Art

Natsu Dragneel Minimal Art

Natsu Dragneel is a Fire Dragon Slayer and a loyal member of Fairy Tai. He is also the main male protagonist of the series.

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Natsu was trained by Igneel, a Fire Dragon, back when he was just a kid. With this type of magic at his disposal, Natsu can consume almost any type of fire to reimburse his depleted energy. Natsu is also known because of an ancient and rare type of fire magic known as Flame of Emotion. This is the main reason why Natsu is much stronger while protecting someone or if the enemy was able to harm his friends prior their battle. The characteristic of his fire can also be changed which was evident when he used it to cling to surfaces and be saved from falling off a cling during his first encounter with Erigor.

  • Fire Dragon's Roar

This attack delivers a humungous fireball towards the enemy which originates from Natsu’s fire breath.

  • Fire Dragon's Claw

Natsu engulfs his feet with fire to boost their attack power. This spell can also be used to jet-propel him towards any direction which is useful for both offense and defense.

  • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist

Only a few can survive after being barraged by this spell where Natsu covers his fists with flames to increase their power and speed.

  • Fire Dragon's Wing Attack

Natsu mimics a dragon wing with his flames and uses them to strike the enemy with immeasurable force. Those who are caught up with this attack are blown away while being burned.

  • Fire Dragon's Sword Horn

Natsu covers his entire body with flame and attacks the enemy at full speed. This spell is a straightforward attack that can be easily dodged but brings upon tremendous damage if it connects.

  • Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame

Natsu burns the enemy and destroys anything around him by engulfing both of his hands with extreme fire power and combining them.

  • Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow

Natsu ignites the tip of his elbow with fire. He then uses the flame to boost his punching power and let loose a devastating attack that can throw his enemy high up in the air.

  • Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang

This is an absurdly fast attack where Natsu slashes the enemy with his blazing hands.

  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art

Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist

This technique was used to defeat Gajeel who is also a Dragon Slayer. To perform this attack, Natsu unleashes countless punches which causes fiery explosions.

Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade

This is considered as one of the most destructive Dragon Slayer Technique. Once connected the enemy will be enflamed and suffer huge amount of damage from blade-shaped flames in a spiral formation. This was the technique Natsu used to defeat Laxus Dreyar, who is known for his immense durability.

Hidden Fire Form - Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade

This technique is highly effective against one target. In fact, many considered it as the most powerful technique a Fire Dragon Slayer can deliver. This technique is done by covering the entire body with the Flame of Rebuke and charging straight towards the enemy with devastating speed. After connecting a fiery punch, a clash of heads will finish it all.

Dragon Force

Natsu achieved Dragon Force when he ate Etherion and the Flame of Rebuke. This form is considered the most powerful state any Dragon Slayer could achieve as the users body turns into that of a dragon. This technique can greatly increase ones magic power and causes magic aura to be visible.


Natsu mastered the basic skills of Transformation and was even successful at first try when he tried to copy Lucy Heartfelia.

Aside from being a Dragon Slayer, Natsu Dragneel is also a formidable opponent due to his superb sense of smell, hearing, strength, and reflexes. He is also very durable against both physical and magical attack. Moreover, Natsu Dragneel’s speed is second to only a few. He will never back down to a fight and will do his best to protect his guildmates even if the cost is his own life.

Erza is hailed as the strongest female member of Fairy Tail. Her specialty is Requip Magic which allows her to change from a set of armor to another increasing her attack damage and defense in the process. She also gains several exciting effects depending on what type of armor she wears or weapon she wields.

Magic and Abilities

Erza’s Armors

  • Heart Kreuz Armor

This is Erza’s casual armor made by the infamous fashion brand Heart Kreuz.

  • Heaven's Wheel Armor

This sturdy armor provides not only good defense but an array of offensive possibilities. While wearing this armor, Erza Scarlet can fly short distances and summon hundreds of swords at once. It also allows her to use extremely powerful magic like Blumenblatt, Circle Sword, Trinity Sword, and Pentagram Sword.

  • Black Wing Armor

This is one of Erza Scarlet’s best offensive-type armor. It grants her the ability to fly in short distances and extremely boosts his attacking power especially if used together with strong weapons. With this armor on, Erza Scarlet can also cast Moon Glimpse, an infamous swift attack which slashes a target in a cross pattern.

  • Flame Empress Armor

This armor is perfect against Natsu Dragneel and other Mages who use fire magic as their main offense. The armor also grants Erza the ability to shoot fire and unleash a very powerful fire spell called Flame Slash. This spell is done by collecting fires around the caster’s sword and delivers a blazing attack.

  • The Giant's Armor

Erza often use this armor with the Evil Crushing Spear. It enhances her strength for optimum throwing power. This armor was first introduced when he tried to throw a spear towards the moon at Galuna Island.

  • Adamantine Armor

This is the primary defensive armor of Erza Scarlet. It was even strong enough to protect Erza from all the magic beams fired by the Phantom Lord although the armor was completely damaged afterwards. Adamantine Armor also features two shields in the hand which can be combined to form a tough Magical barrier. And like in most of her armor sets, this also provides Erza the ability to fly in short distances.

  • Purgatory Armor

Erza claims that this armor is the most powerful in her disposal. However, there seem to be no chance left for her to prove it since this armor was completely destroyed when he fought Ikaruga.

  • Lightning Empress Armor

This armor is her best option against Laxus Dreyar and other mages who use lightning magic. She was able to survive from Laxus’ most powerful lightning magic without any scratch while wearing this armor. The lightning empress armor also comes with the ability to cast a beam of lightning which is generated from the tip of the armor’s spear. This spell is referred to as Lightning Beam. A much advanced spell named Lightning Cyclotron uses the same principle but unleashes multiple lightning beams at the same time.

  • Robe of Yūen

This armor is very elastic and was used against Midnight’s Reflector Magic.

  • Flight Armor

The fact that it grants unfathomable speed made this armor very handy. It was even enough to help Erza keep up with Razer despite being under the effects of his Slowing Magic.

  • Morning Star Armor

Erza can produce a massive blast direct towards an enemy through this armor by simply pointing the twin swords that comes with it. The spell is named Photon Slicer and has been used on several occasions against enemies who can’t be bulged by any form of physical attack.

  • Armadura Fairy

Erza Knightwalker, Scarlet’s counterpart in Edolas considers this armor as the strongest. This armor comes with a pair of identical huge swords. With this armor on, Erza Scarlet can cast Fairy Piercing Sword where Erza chargers her dual sword with energy and hits the target with immeasurable force enough shatter an island.

  • Sea Empress Armor

This armor offers water resistance which was very useful when Erza Scarlet faced Juvia, a mage who specializes on water magic. It comes with a powerful water magic which allows Erza to set forth powerful whirlpools against her foes. Water slash, a spell that charges Erza’s sword with water can be used through this armor as well.

  • Farewell Fairy Tail Armor

Like what it name implies, Erza uses this armor to simply bid fairly to her friends and was used when they were on a mission at the Tower of Heaven.

  • Seduction Armor

This is basically a daring maid outfit with unknown effects if there’s any.

Artificial Eye

Erza Scarlet was enslaved in the Tower of Heaven together with Jellal Fernandes when they were just kids. She lost her right eye after being punished for an attempt to escape but was given an Artificial Eye by Porlyusica. Because of having a fake eye Erza Scarlet can’t be affected by Illusion Magic or Stone Eyes Magic. She can’t cry out from it as well.

Ultear Milkovich was once a loyal member of Grimoire Heart until the Dark Guild was terminated right after the death of their Guild Master, Hades. At present, she is an independent Mage of Crime Sorciere.

Magic and Abilities

Arc of Time

This magic is probably one of the most powerful ever introduced in the series. It can manipulate the time of anything, given it is not responsive. She believes that this type of Magic is a perfect counter for Mages who specialize on Element Molding magic. With this magic at her disposal, Ultear can either bring back or forward anything in time affecting its speed and overall condition.

  • Restore

This technique seems to be casted by simply looking at the target object. It allows Ultear to restore any inorganic item back to its original state prior taking any damage.

  • Parallel Worlds

With this magic, Ultear’s multiplies his weapon which is a simple rock-like orb. The copies created in the process are no illusions and are even used to attack enemies at lightning speed.

  • Luminous Minutes

Upon casting, Ultear’s weapon will release damaging light beams toward an enemy target.

  • Flash Forward

This spell is probably Ultear’s most fearsome attack. It directs all the future of her weapon towards the enemy sending hundreds of extremely tough orbs to hit the enemy all at once with immeasurable force!

  • Infinite Sphere

This spell starts by hitting her opponent in any part of the body with one orb then it reproduces to commence an attack that is almost impossible to dodge.

  • Second Origin Release

Ultear was able to unlock this new ability after seven years of training which gave him a massive boost in Magical power.


Ultear usually uses this magic to control his weaponized orb. She stays on a safe distance and simply controls the orb to either attack or defend.

Possession Magic

This magic was the one that corrupted the mind of Jellal Fernandes and convinced him that he was Zeref. It allows Ultear to take a ghost like entity and corrupt anyone’s thoughts.


It’s not a surprise that Ultear also knows Ice-Make Magic since she is the only daughter of Ur, Gray Fullbuster’s master. During her battle against Grey, Ultear used three remarkably strong Ice-Make magic namely Rosen Krone, Bloom, and Dahlias.


Natsu Dragneel first met Ultear disguised as a masked man named Zalty. Nevertheless, she failed to hide her real identity as Natsu’s extreme sense of smell noticed her womanly scent.

Thought Projection

This magic is a requirement among Magic Council members. It allows the use to create images of himself in a distant place without leaving his current location.

Superior Strength

Despite being a woman, Ultear can easily out-power strong male mages like Gray Fullbuster. There was even a scene in the anime series where Ultear blocked Gray’s forceful kick with minimal effort. She was also able to grab Gray’s head with her legs and thrown him to a wall which was shattered in the process signifying the immense impact.

Immeasurable Magic Power

Ultear is the leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory and a former Magic Council member so it’s not a surprise why she boasts a vast amount of Magic Power. This was even the main reason why Ur, her mother, left Ultear to a Magic Research Laboratory because her excessive magic power brought upon negative effects to her body.

Laxus Dreyar is the grandson of Makarov Dreyar. He is also a Lightning Dragon Slayer and an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail.

Magic and Abilities

Lightning Magic

Laxus is known for his absurdly strong Lightning Magic. This magic does not only allow him to generate lighting from his body but also make it appear from almost anywhere to strike enemies in an instant and catch them off-guard. Aside from its damaging effect, Laxus’ lightning can also be used to distract or temporarily blind enemies. One more exciting feat of Laxus’ Lightning magic is that it provides him the ability to turn his whole body into lightning and evade almost any kind of physical attack. Raging bolt, Thunder Palace, Lightning Body, Lightning Eruption, Lightning Flash, Thunder Bullets, and Lightning Storm are the lightning spells he already used in the series and it’s quite evident that there is more to come as Fairy Tail encounters more powerful foes.

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic

This is a form of Dragon Slayer Magic which gives Laxus the power and characteristics of a Lightning Dragon. This magic also made him immune against lightning attacks. He can also restore his magic power by simply eating electricity. But unlike other Dragon Slayers like Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox, Laxus’ did not learn it from a true dragon but is implanted to him through Dragon Lacrima. This was initiated by his father basically to save Laxus’ life. This made Laxus a Second Generation Dragon Slayer. As a Lightning Dragon Slayer, he can use a multitude of powerful magic which includes Lightning Dragon’s Roar, Lightning Dragon’s Heavenward Halberd, Lightning Dragon’s Breakdown First, and Dragon Force.

Thought Projection

This ability is very handy especially at times when Laxus’ simply can’t leave his current location but really needs to communicate with other Fairy Tail members. This magic allows him to create a Thought Projection of himself. This image is immune to any attack and is closely related to having an ethereal body.

This magic is more like a counter-attack strategy. It will redirect an attack straight back to its source but in a form of lightning.

Fairy Law

As an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail and a Lightning Dragon Slayer at the same time, it’s not surprising that Laxus Dreyar knows how to use this exaggeratedly strong spell. It uses immense light magic power to eliminating anything or anyone within its range who is considered an enemy by the caster.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant

There have been many occasions in the anime series where Laxus proved his prowess in hand to hand combat. He managed to ward off the combined attacks of Gajeel and Natsu with ease. He also delivered a fury of punches and kicks to Hades who was left shocked about Laxus’ growth as a mage in the end. Like Natsu, Laxus can also create lightning orbs in his arms and legs to boost the speed and power of his physical offense.

Exceptional Magic Power

The potent aura coming out from Laxus’ body in a form of lightning can easily destroy anything in its path. If in rage, Laxus’ magical power will continue to rise until he manage to defeat the one who cause him pain. His intense magic power was also clearly manifested when he faced Mystogan, a Fairy Tail S-Class Mage. During the fight, he even mocked Mystogan for using weak and ineffective spells against him.

Unbelievable Durability

It will take more than the attack combination of Natsu and Gajeel to bring down Laxus. Even Mystogan’s Sacred Song was no match against Laxus’ unparalleled tenacity. His resilience is outstanding even for a Dragon Slayer. Hades was also surprised to see him survive after going all out on his Dark Magic. Laxus is definitely not just behemoth offensively but also one of the best when it comes to defense.

Boosted Strength

Even without lightning magic, Laxus can easily overpower a physically gifted opponent like Natsu and Gajeel. His strength was more than enough to block Ezra Scarlet’s kick with just one hand.

Can endure even the most horrifying Physical and Magical Damage

Laxus can withstand even the toughest physical challenge. He was able to stand up against two strong Dragon Slayers and even fought with S-Class Mages being extremely weakened afterwards. In his battle against Hades, he gave up all his magic power to Natsu yet he was able to stand by his own afterwards.

Extremely High Reflexes

Laxus is in a much higher level than most Fairy Tail members when it comes to speed and agility. This is clearly observed when he effortlessly evaded all the fast combination attacks of Natsu and Gajeel. His speed was also enough to eliminate the entire Raven Tail Guild’s top members which include his father Ivan Dreyar.

Makarov Dreyar is a very short man with exceptional magic power. He is the 3rd and 6th Guild Master of Fairy Tail and also one of the infamous Ten Wizard Saints.

Magic and Abilities


Titan is a magic which allows the caster to enlarge its whole body or just a specific part like a hand or feet. The enlarging power is absurd as it can make Makarov almost bigger than an island. Another interesting fact about this magic is that it can be transferred to another person. This was evident when Makarov used Titan to enlarge Reedus Jonah’s chest allowing him to use Pict Magic more effectively. Although the complete Titan form of Makarov is much slender compared to the usual, it grants him with excessive amount of power and causes his mustache to be wilder and point upwards. Light will also be emitted from his eyes which may be brought upon by his light magic.

  • Enormous Strength

While in this state Makarov’s physical power is unmatched. He can easily crush anyone with his bare hand or pull out trees or infrastructure debris and smash them to foes.

  • Exceptional Durability

After Makarov achieves a gigantic form, his tolerance against all sorts of magical or physical attack is increased. He even managed to hold back Acnologia, a very strong black dragon which is feared even by the Magic Council.

Maximum Defense Seal

This magic can protect Makarov from any kind of harm. It will surround him with several magic seals which will literally consume enemy attacks and render them useless.

  • Three Pillar Gods

Two ethereal pillars will appear on both sides of Makarov and one on his back to form a very powerful barrier. It was even strong enough to protect Makarov from the destructive power of Amaterasu Formula 100 casted by Hades when they battled on Tenrou Island. Even Hades was amazed about the power of Makarov’s Three Pillar Gods.

Light Magic

This type of elemental magic basically relies on light as its main source of power. This magic can be used for both offense and defense. His master on this type of magic is clearly evident when he fought against Jose Porla where he conjured ethereal spheres of light in the air united by beams of light coming from the stars to perform invisible blinding and powerful spells.

  • Giant Wrath

Makarov constantly releases a surge of destructive light energy from his light magic aura. This magic can easily destroy surrounding buildings, trees, and virtually anything near the caster.

  • Light Blast

This magic is a powerful beam of light that can pierce through an enemy with this. Even those with thick and sturdy protective gears are not safe from the wrath of this spell. In fact, only a few defensive magic is capable of stopping it.

  • Light Shield

Light Shield is casted with the use of several Magic Seals in the air. These seals are brought upon through light magic and will protect anything before it from all sorts of dangers.

  • Rain of Light

Rain of Light is an array of light beams that can bring upon severe damage to opponents casted through a single Magic Seal.

Fairy Law

Fairy Law is a legendary spell that only Fairy Tail members are capable of casting. It is also described as Makarov Dreyar’s most powerful magic. Upon casting, it will create a bright light which covers a considerable range. Anyone caught up in it that is considered as an enemy by the caster’s heart will be heavily damaged.

Aside from Light Magic, Makarov Dreyar also excels in using other types of elemental Magic such as Fire, Wind, and Ice. He can also re-equip his clothes to match the occasion or when the old one is too worn out after a battle.

Exceptional Senses

Makarov Dreyar can sense immense magic power even if its source is miles away. He is also seldom fooled with disguise and impersonation since he can sense anyone’s magical power with just one stare. This ability is evident when he sensed the Grimoire Heart approaching Tenrou Island even before their ship docked.

Master Acrobat

His first appearance in the Anime series suggests that Makarov’s acrobatic skill is at par to only a few. He jumped from the old Fairy Tail’s lounge first floor to the balustrade above him. He seemed like dancing in midair and was able to make it on the second floor effortlessly.

Immense Durability

Despite suffering a heavy damage after being badly defeated by Hades, Makarov still managed to help Natsu Dragneel fight against Zancrow, the God Slayer. This only shows how tough he is.

Immense Magic Power

To be a reliable Guild Master is not a laughing matter. The responsibilities entailed with this position especially in protecting the whole guild against extremely strong foes are not easy as well. This is probably the main reason why it’s not surprising for Makarov to have immeasurable magical strength. His spell called Giant Wrath through very destructive requires abundant magic power to be casted, which is a clear indication that he’s among the best if we talk about abundance in magic power.

To the disbelief of many, Hades is actually Purehito, Fairy Tail’s second Guild Master. He was the one who passed the title to Makarov Dreyar. Before he died in the hands of Zeref, he led Grimoire Heart, one of the most powerful Dark Guilds in Earthland.

Magic and Abilities

Chain Magic

This magic gives Hades the ability to create a magical chain with hooks in both ends. He usually uses it to grab a hold of an enemy and smash them to surrounding objects. However, the chain seems to be breakable with the use of a strong magical sword like what Erza Scarlet has.


Hades creates Magic formulas in the air which releases a spherical shockwave. The damage of this spell increases with the formula’s number.

  • Bomb Formula

This spell is casted through three Amaterasu seals which surrounds a target. After the caster puts his palm facing the target, and explosion will instantly occur inside the three seals.

  • Formula 28

This formula can bring upon a massive and destructive spherical shockwave. Hades used this against Makarov, but was negated with a defensive seal created by Makarov himself.

  • Formula 100

Makarov’s Three Pillar Gods was his strongest spell. However, this seal managed to completely break it and created shockwaves which caused extreme damage to the area where the battle took place. The explosion’s sound was too extreme that almost everyone in Tenrou Island heard it.

Bullet Magic

This type of magic allows Hades to create bullet-like projectiles from his finger to attack foes. In most cases, he positions both of his hands to mimic a gun and targets that enemy. These magic bullets are powerful enough to inflict wounds, destroy buildings, and crush rocks.

  • Piercing Bullet:

The user focuses his magical power in the index finger and maneuvers his hand to take the shape of a gun. A small magic sphere will come about where laser-like projectiles are shot towards the enemy.

  • Explosion Bullet:

This magic can cause heavy damage. It’s casted by placing the hand forward while magical power is gathered in the hand. Once ready, a beam-like bullet will be fired straight to the enemy at lightning speed which makes it almost impossible to evade.

Grimoire Law

This is the dark counterpart of Fairy Tail’s strongest skill; Fairy Law. It is said that once casted, this spell can bring upon immense destruction and leave nothing but death and despair.


Team Natsu was able to tear Hades attire but his magical power was not weakened at all. In fact, he managed to re-equip with another set which greatly shocked everybody since it only confirms that all their efforts where basically useless.

Magic Alteration

This ability allows Hades to absorb any kind of magic and use it as fuel to his darkness Magic.


Hades used this spell to greatly harm Wendy but its effect was not mentioned. Horologium, Lucy Heartfelia’s celestial spirit came to the rescue and saved Wendy before it was too late.

Demon's Eye

This magic is activated once Hades opened his right eye which is usually covered with an eye-patch. Upon activation, it will release an insane amount of magic and introduce a number of dark and destructive spells into his offensive arsenal. Here are the abilities he can use once Demon’s Eye is turned on:

  • Immense Magic Power

Hades has tremendous innate magic power but the Demon’s Eye boosts it even more. A dark aura is created around him in the process which seems to be increasing as his enemies fear it.

  • Black Arts

Hades can do Black Arts with his Demon’s Eye. This magic is originally used by Zeref to cast insanely powerful dark magic. Whether Hades can perform Death Magic is uncertain. However, he managed to take the pose of the spell used by Zeref to eliminate him which is a clear sign that he knows how to use it.

Living Magic

This magic can turn the dead back to life but under the control of its caster.


With his Demon’s Eye activated, Hades set forth an army of evil spirits which brought fear to team Natsu.

The Devil's Heart

This is a device which contains the heart of Hades. It boosts his physical and magical powers so he will never face defeat as long as the Devil’s Heart is up. The device is also responsible of his youthfulness despite having an advanced age. But once broken, Hades will be no more like an old, powerless geezer. It’s his greatest asset and weakness.

  • Colossal Reflexes

Attacking Hades from the back is pointless since his reflex is superior. He even deflected Makarov Dreyar’s attacking with his back turned while walking away.

  • Superior Strength

Hades is decades older than Makarov Dreyar yet it was very easy for him to launch Fairy Tail’s Guild Master in Titan Form from the ground with his chain magic. He can even easily lift youthful and strong mages like Natsu Dragneel and Grey Fullbuster smashing them straight to the ground or wall.

  • Unequaled Durability

Hades emerged unscratched after being attacked by Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Wendy at full power. He even rendered Laxus Dreyar’s famous lightning spells useless. These are obvious indications of how durable Hades is.

3. Gildarts Clive The Ace of Fairy Tail

Gildarts with magic aura

Gildarts with magic aura

Gildarts Clive is undoubtedly the most famous Mage of Fairy Tail. He belongs to the few who managed to reach S-Class so whether he is powerful or not is out of the question. Some even believe that he has the right to be called the best male wizard of Fairy Tail. Gildarts Clive's magic and abilities include Crash and Disassembly Magic. He is also extremely durable, strong, and is known to have immense magical power.

Gildarts doesn’t use any weapon unlike most S-Class Mages. He usually evades attacks with the slightest movements and unleashes his own fury of punches and kicks to knockout even the toughest foes. Gildarts even managed to block every single attack of Natsu Dragneel without moving a single-step during the S-Class examination.

2. Mavis Vermilion The Fairy Tactician

Mavis Vermilion full body photo.

Mavis Vermilion full body photo.

Mavis Vermilion is a powerful wizard who founded Fairy Tail and was its first Guild Master. Her magic and abilities include Fairy Glitter, Fairy Sphere, and Flight.

What makes Mavis Vermilion strong?

Mavis has been long dead. However, she can still talk to any Fairy Tail member and even cast spells through her ethereal body. Mavis Vermilion deserves the spot of the second strongest character in Fairy Tail because of her intelligence. She often shows up at times of great despair and provide her beloved Fairy Tail members with effective advice on how to deal with the strongest foes. She truly lives to her alias as the 'Fairy Tactician'.

Zeref is sought by many as the strongest and most evil age to walk the earth. He possesses exaggeratedly powerful ancient and dark Magic. After 400 years, he still appears to be a youth which suggests that he managed to grab immortality. Zeref chooses to be alone and always stresses out about the importance of life. He believes that his wicked ways will only emerge once he forgets to value life.

Zeref's magic and abilities include Black Arts, Death Magic, and Living Magic. Aside from the mentioned powerful magic, Zeref also has the ability to absorb enormous damage. This was evident when he directly took Natsu Dragneel’s most powerful attack as if it was nothing. This dark mage can also sense strong people and creatures even if they maintain a safe distance. Lastly, probably one of Zeref’s highly disturbing powers is immortality which is why he managed to live more than 400 years.

What makes Zeref the strongest?

He is the strongest Fairy Tail Character for me because of two main reasons. First, his magical power is off the charts. He may not be the strongest in this aspect but he is surely among the top five in the whole Fairy Tail world. And when paired with his immortality, he becomes impossible to beat for good. You might be able to defeat him once or twice but the fact still remains that he has all the time in the world to train and come up with a strategy to eventually defeat you. And since you're a mortal, time will slowly get the best of you while he remains as he is through the years. You're just digging your own grave the moment you consider Zeref Dragneel as an enemy.


Victoria on September 10, 2020:

My opinion is this

1. Acnologia

2.Natsu Dragneel

3.Zeref Dragneel

4.Irene Belserion

5. August

6. Gildarts

7. Gray Fullbuster

8. Mirajane Strauss

9. Erza Scarlet

10. Lucy Heartifila

Lom on July 02, 2020:

My opinion (top 15)

1. Acnologia

2. Natsu Dragneel

3. Zeref Dragneel

4. Mavis Vermillion

5. August or Irene (idk who is stronger)

6. Gildarts Clive

7. Larcade

8. God serena

9. Laxus Dreyar

10. Erza Scarlet

11. Gray Fullbuster

12. Mard Geer

13. Mirajane

14. Lucy Heartfilia (Celestial Spirit King, but never seen true power)

15. Brandish

strong ones on March 25, 2020:

the top ten are natsu gajeel grey laxus mavis vemillon mater mcrov gulid arts zerf igneel

Sumara on January 11, 2020:

Lucy is one of the main characters. True that most of Fairy Tail are important characters it's clear that Natsu is the main character, but you never actually see Lucy's true power and it's clearly stated that she is stronger than the most famous celestial wizards such as Karen, Karen could only summon one spirit at a time and Leo switched places with Aries so he was now in the human world. Karen died in battle because Leo refused to return to the celestial world to protect Aries from being beaten by Karen, but Lucy was able to summon ALL of her spirits and even made the celestial spirit king show up so she could save Leo. Don't you think she's powerful???

zeref on December 17, 2019:

mira should be here

sloopy on December 11, 2019:

bro...laxus is not stronger than natsu not even close. people havent even made it past the second season so they have no ideo how powerful natsu REALLY is

Jordan on December 05, 2019:

I think lucy should be in there because she could bring all here celestial spirits at once on episode 33. And not to mention she can now do star dresss. And to top it all off she can now summon 2 Celestial Spirits at once!

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on November 06, 2019:

Good list. But Acnologia is not the strongest. He's over-hyped in my opinion. haha

Reyaan on November 05, 2019:

1 Acnologia

2 Natsu Dragneel

3 August

4 Zeref Dragneel

5 Irene Belserion

6 Gildarts Clive

7 Laracde

8 Mavis Vermilion

9 God Serena

10 Erza Scarlet

stupidity on August 15, 2019:

too the people who say zeref is stronger than acnologia you guys are all stupid. The show literally makes it crystal clear that acnologia is the strongest living thing in the world. Also Irene is definitely top 3 because she can transform into a dragon and can use her supreme enchantment to kill anybody within thousands of miles by using a meteor from space and crashing it into the earth and the only reason that she was killed was because she stabbed herself with a sword. Also if you want to talk potential then I would say Natsu but more info is needed like if he still has the power of E.N.D after destroying the demon seed in him.

Gabriel Lantsov on April 23, 2019:

Absolutely horrible.

1.Acnologia - CONFIRMED









Poop1337 on April 21, 2019:

uhhhhh for me

1. Natsu (when he gained the power of all dragon slayer)

2. Zeref

3. Acnologia

4. Irene

5. August

6. Larcade

7. Gildarts

8. Gray

9. Laxus (He kicked that robot guy and Hades which power is nearly a 12 spriggan)

10. other 12 spriggan

muh opinion

Owen Graves on March 26, 2019:

I really thought that Grey and Mira should be here

duhhhhh on February 12, 2019:

yall forgot the spriggan 12 and the emperors of ishagar duhhhhh

Nalulover2019 on January 15, 2019:

I think every good fairytail watcher knows that this is the list





5.erza and mira






(Honestly I feel Lucy could beat anyone in that guild if she really tried)

Celina on January 14, 2019:

Just looking at this makes me super pissed because natsu should be secound lucy and gray should be here also wendy

Johan. N on January 10, 2019:

Did everyone forget that Natsu is the


Z on January 02, 2019:

Gray is equal to Natsu so he should be here

SkaiBleu on December 31, 2018:

Yo where's Mira. She's underrated lol

Yoink on December 18, 2018:

Hiro said that if Mira and Erza fought that Mira would win, bump my homegirl up smh

ƒræk on December 16, 2018:

I think that Natsu should be second and Acnologia should be first. Idk why Acnologia's not even shown in this article because he is CLEARLY the strongest character in all of Fairy Tail, both in the manga and the anime. Even though Natsu did eventually beat him, it was only because he had the aid of many other wizards.

Gonn on November 19, 2018:

Honestly Gray deserves to be here

Phoenix on November 09, 2018:

You all forgot about gray he is eqale the power with natzu because whene they fight it is always a draw so gray and natzu shold be on the same place on the top ten wizerds I would even say gray is stronger then natzu

Someone on November 01, 2018:

Honestly, I think that Natsu is the strongest. He did defeat Acnologia, Zeref and two spprigans. Then there is Jellal and there is Lucy. She is like litterally a wizard the level of Erza in my opinion. Someone should really think over again...

hilofa on September 26, 2018:

honestly natsu is quite underrated.the real list is

1 Acnologia

Huge gap

2Natsu(he overpowered zeref with fairy heart which gives him infinite power)

3 zeref

4 gildarts

5 august

6 irene(universe 1)

7 larcade

8 god serena

9 jellal

10 laxus

Thomas on September 21, 2018:

1. acnologia

2. natsu Half dragon form

3. zeref

4. igneel

5. mavis

6. August

7. gildarts

8. Irene belserion

9. larcade

10. God serena

Sumanth on July 26, 2018:

This the right one

1. Zeref





6.god serena





Its trueee!!

Jack on July 24, 2018:

1. Acnologia

Huge gap

2. Zeref

3. August

4. Mavis & irene

5. Spriggan 12

6. Gildarts

7. Gray and natsu and jellal

8. Laxus

9. Mirajane and erza

10. Lucy

QueenLee on June 15, 2018:

You forgot Jellal!

someone who has not finished fairy tail but did a lot of reaserch on June 02, 2018:

shouldnt natsu be the strongest, because did he not beat zeref and he is a demon himself

Akuma on May 27, 2018:

Bullshit, there is not even a Larcade here

1. Zeref

2. "Mavis" (Because she have infinite power, but she is not strong as a person)

3. August

4. Mother of Erza (i dont remeber name)

5. God Seren

6. Natsu (He is e.n.d the strongest etherious demon)

7. Larcade Dragneel

8. Acnologia

9. Igneel

10. Gildarts

Lmao but this is so much more true than yours

A on May 26, 2018:

Quite obviously we all know that Jellal Fernandes she be part of this list. His ability to Heavenly Body Magic, which includes spells such as Grand Chariot and most of all Sema, makes him one of the most formidable opponents and allies that Fairy Tail have. Also, it must not be forgotten that he is able to cast the immeasurabley powerful Abyss Break without the assistance from any elementally affiliated mages, therefore implying that he is a master of Water, Air, Earth and Fire magic. This is only a small example if his power and he should therefore be in this list. Also, have we just forgotten about Acnologia people. Finally, whoever wrote this needs to learn how to spell and stop saying he when talking about our favourite female mages, come on guys.

A random guy on April 18, 2018:

It's hard to decide who is the best because some people would beat other people based on their style of magic. I would probably say Erza could beat Natsu, Natsu could beat Gray, and Gray could beat Erza. It really depends on personal strengths in battle. If everyone was at total top potential, I would probably think Gray would win.

Someone who hasn't watched the final arc on April 14, 2018:

My list, haven't watched the final arc yet so August, Irene and that aren't on here.

1. Acnologia

2. Zeref

3. Mavis

4. Gildarts

5. Makarov

6. Laxus

7. Natsu

8. Erza

9. Gray

10. Mirajane/Lucy, based on how powerful their magic is. Lucy summoned the celestial spirit king after previously summoning 3 celestial spirits. Then used Urano Metria.

can't tell you that on February 14, 2018:

I think that lucy heartfielia should be up there bucause you my think me is not strong but i'm pretty sure that summining all her spirits at once and the celestial king is a pretty big deal.

@fairytailofficial on January 23, 2018:

Here is the original list :

1. Acnologia

2. Zeref

3. Mavis

4. August


6. Irene

7. Natsu

8. Erza

9. Gray

10. Mira Jane

Valenthyne on July 15, 2017:

My Top 10 strongest

1. Acnologia

2. Zeref

3. Gildarts

4. God Serena

5. Laxas

6. Makarov

7. Erza

8. Mirajane

9. Natsu

10. Gajeel

anon on July 08, 2017:

What about August, eileen , acnologia, gray

Dumbo on June 29, 2017:

I feel like Mirajane should be like 2 or 3 I mean she takes over demons if she wanted she could possibly take over E.N.D, and where is Wendy

Revisedspace on June 28, 2017:

God Serena??

Ddeokbokki on April 16, 2017:

This looks like it was written before the time-skip.

Just No. on November 29, 2016:

Most of these lists are ridiculous. Mine won't be perfect, but it'll definitely be better.

ALSO, not including Dragons.

1. Acnologia (Zeref already stated Acnologia could rule the world if he wanted)

2. Zeref (The most powerful Black Mage/Wizard)

3. August (The strongest of the Spriggan 12, defeated Crime Sorciere alone & with ease)

4. Irene (The strongest female of the Spriggan 12, troll'd Acnologia)

5. Gildarts (The strongest in Fairy Tail)

6. Laxus (Defeated a member of the Spriggan 12 that was immune to lightning whilst on the verge of death)

7. Erza (Second Origin is OP & could quite possibly be equal or even surpass Laxus)

8. Natsu & Gray (Feats, they've never beaten one another. Always a draw.)

9. Spriggan 12 members (Spriggan's are all stronger than the Seiten Daimado)

10. Mirajane (Most likely due to eating most of Tartaros)

tohibur on January 23, 2016:


1.ZEREF -enough said

2.MAVIS- she's second because there cant be two 1st

3.ACHNOLOGIA-strongest dragon slayer


5.JURA NEEKIS-not as strong as Gildarts but still really strong


7.MAKAROV- light magic and hes a guild master

8.LAXUS-grandson of makarov and a dragon slayer

9.JELLAL-just to strong

10.ERZA-100 vs 1 she won

11.MYSTOGAN-he was s-class

12.GAJEEL-hes dragon slayer too

13.HADES-defeated makarov

14.MIRA-also s-class

15.GRAY-demon slayer

anju on January 02, 2016:

i love fairy tail

Titania Scarlet19 on December 06, 2015:

To the people who placed Erza Scarlet on their list, we're going to be bestfriends for life! PS: Others listen, they don't call her (Erza) titania for nothing. Titania=Strongest fairy. (Well woman) For me, erza and mira are on the same level. Everyone in the guild is strong though.

rosebert on July 29, 2015:

heres my top 15 strongest wizard









9.mira jane







Si pantat on May 07, 2015:

I think no 1 would be Bora bescause he is dragon slayer...haha suck u all

gray beat ultear on April 09, 2015:

As my 'name' states the statement is true isn't it sooo why ultear instead you should even replace gajeel with gray ( devil slayers isn't he hehehehehe

qaqaqaq on March 25, 2015:

1. Acnologia

2. Zeref

3. Natsu Dragneel

4. Gildarts Clive

5. Laxus dreyar

6. Gray Fullbuster

7. Erza Scarlet

8. Gajeel Redfox

9. Mirajane Strauss

10. Wendy Marvell

10. Mirajane Strauss

shadow girl on February 28, 2015:

what about lucy heartfilia she might surpass natsu since she sommed the celestial which is impossiable to do and sommed 3 no let me rephased that all of her spirits at once which is also impossiable to do defeated two members of tartaros and use urano metria without gemini and very hard magic to master defeated angel defeated sherry and also broke allgera and gain aqaruious powers soooo yeah

Sofia on February 22, 2015:

what about lucy. she have 10 of the 12 most powerful keys! She can do the urano metria and she is really intelligent!

And she had a big relationship with her spirits y once she invoke all her spirits to save Leo

She met the celestial king many times and she invoke him once and save everyone in tartarus arc

Pd: Sorry if i wrote something wrong, i spoke spanish

Drake on January 11, 2015:

My List:


2.Mavis Vermillion and END(Both are legendary mavis bieng a very powerful wizard and gained respect from even Zeref.As END is zeref's most strongest demon he is got to be damn strong as they believe he can kill zeref)

3.ACNOLOGIA(the dragon of the apocalypse.said to have destroyed an entire continent feared all across the world by every creature)

4.ALL DRAGONS(if you have seen all the recent arc's you'll agree that they are the strongest creature and no human in the currrent time has killed one)

5.Rest of the 4 GODS OF ISHGAR excluding WARROD SEQUEN as he states he is the weakest of all 10 wizard saints having no offensive power.Hey!These guys are regarded the strongest mages of this time.

6.Gildarts Clive(Nothing to say, he is just badass powerfull)

7.Makarov Dreyar and Hades (we all know he is damn powerfull)

8.Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster (Their recent acquirement of DRAGON FORCE AND DEVIL SLAYER MAGIC respectively has made them way more powerful than all the s-class mages of fairytail)

9.Laxus Dreyar, Bluenote Stinger and Jellal Fernandes (we all know that they are very powerfull and renowned mages)

10. Erza Scarlet , Mirajane Strauss, Jura Neekis (Three of them are known for their strength,Erza and Mirajane are 10 wizard saint type material and Jura already is)

Animefan on November 08, 2014:

I think zeref and mavis are tied together... if you read fairy tail zero, i think you would understand how cunning mavis is.. and fairy law, fairy glitter.. came from her... as you can see her spells can break off the power meter in grand magic games

coker on September 19, 2014:

i thought it would be fairy tail members only

minato. on September 14, 2014:

1. you guys forget that gildats clive took acnologia alone nd survived.

2. mirajane straus is far stronger than Erza. we have do far only seen her use the first battle form in all the battles that she has participated in. but Erza goes on to say that the other two forms are forbidden. and Erza goes on to say that. as far as she knows, THE SITRI form is the strongest. but remember mirajane has forms that are stronger than the SITRI form.

3. mystogan, I even have nothing to say. while still a kid, he single handedly closed 8 lacrimas on his own.

kei on July 29, 2014:

what about lucy. she have keys that can summon celestial spirits. she owned Aquarius remember. and if you are following the manga sieies of fairytail , she summoned the celestial king and defeated two dark mages one at a time and she can do the Urano Metria, and other celestial wizards can't do that thing.

jade on July 28, 2014:

What about future rouge

Lucy of fairy tail on July 08, 2014:

Lucy is strong people may not think it but its true

Andrew Boucher on July 06, 2014:


clc u know on June 15, 2014:

Mira jane is one of the most powerful wizards of all time I think she should be at least in the top 5 her magic is so strong sme of her spells were banned from ever to be used ever like who does that obviosly it's a sighn of her power plus she holds back in every single fight shes in mirajane is the best evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver

leona on June 09, 2014:

I think the first in list will be mavis because she defeated and sealed zeref by herself

natsu on April 09, 2014:

1.Natsu Dragneel = He can defeat all just being serios or making him angry

2.Zeref = the the historical " WIZARD" that destroys everything and he has acnologia,her dragon

3.Jellal = hes the one who was given some of the powers of Zeref

4.Mavis = the first guild master of fairy tail,he knows all the weakness of any magic

5.Hades = The master of Macarov ,,,he defeated macarov when they are on tenroujima

6.Macarov = the third fairy tail guild master,,he defeated many dark guild master

7.Mystogan = strongest wizard in fairy tail, ,,he was taught the strongest in fairy tail,, because they didn't know the true power of Natsu Dragneel

8.Laxus = the second strongest wizard in fairy tail , ,,he was taught the strongest in fairy tail,, because they didn't know the true power of Natsu Dragneel

9.Gildarts = the Father of Cana who defeated Bluenote

10.Erza = the strongest woman in Fairy tail ,, they usually called him Titania,.,.,.


redsangabriel on April 04, 2014:

#1- zeref

He slaughters anyone under his will

#2- mavis

She's a fairy, she's the founder, she's powerful though flinched in some cases

#3- hades

Fairytail alpha team plus laxus vs him, they barely won

#4- jellal

I am rooting for him! Haha. Well, taking reborn oracion seis by himself ALONE and won. He's deserving.

#4- gildarts

He crushes anything, hard to deal with it

#6- laxus

He defeated jura!

#7- jura

He is a tough opponent for anyone and he's a saint.

#7- makarov

He was surpassed by laxus, yet still possessing trump cards

#8- ultear

Time.. No one can beat time

#9- natsu

He can do more than what you think.

#10- erza

The name says it all. She's Erza.

Bash on February 20, 2014:

I know lucy isn't strong enough but i say shes the strongest celestial wizard

Scarlet-sama on February 20, 2014:

I miss Jellal in the list! He's definitely stronger than Ultear and Erza! And maybe Laxus too!

kt on February 15, 2014:

i know people think lucy is weak but think about it. how much power does it take to summon a spirit? and did mavis ever met the spirit king? plus remember what master bob said during episode 32 ,he said it required a lot of magical power to have more than one spirit. so how many spirits could the others summon. so for me LUCY IS NUMBAR 1.

TrueFan on February 06, 2014:

I'm glad I didn't see Mystogan on the list. I don't dislike him and I don't think he's weak, Natsu has just proven to be stronger.

Stormbrook on January 17, 2014:

I believe Wendy Is the strongest character

1) she can consume air

2) she has the rare healing magic which when she becomes the strongest no one can kill her.

3) she can revive half-dead people.

4) Wendy + Natsu in a fight is unstoppable because air and fire create more powerful flames.

5) Wendy can learn wind and other stuff like that.

Although for the most pat I agree with the list

you have to classify them at what time. I think if you put them in their respective classes then afterwards show which is the strongest fire mage, wind mage etc. Only then you can start cross comparing or cross multiplying the mages

Mike on January 06, 2014:

Ultear is number one for me

Just some random on December 29, 2013:

In my opinion natsu has the potential to be the strongest because as far as i can tell his power doesn't seem to have a cap. We've all seen when he's angry or "all fired up!!" he's unmatchable.

One on December 02, 2013:

You really left Mirajane out of the top 10 list? I think there is a good chance she is even stronger than Erza. Also Gildarts is not stronger than Makarov. Ultear is overated she is definitely ABOVE Erza, Jellal should be number 10 instead of Gajeel. Bluenote and the octopus guy(can't recall name sorry) should be in a high place, also master Jozu. Mavis is a cute ghost and wise beyond measurement but strong? we haven't even see her fighting.

Sam on December 01, 2013:


1. Zeref

2. Hades

3. Makarov

4. Gildarts

5. Jellal

6. Jura

7. Laxus

8. Jose

9. Bluenote

10. Mystogan

11. Erza

12. Ultear

13. Minerva

14. Natsu

15. Midnight

16. Gajeel

17. Sting

18. Rogue

19. Kagura

20. Zero/Brain

In Fairy Tail

1. Makarov

2. Gildarts

3. Laxus

4. Erza

5. Natsu

6. Gajeel

7. Mirajane

8. Gray

9. Juvia

10. Freed

justin on October 31, 2013:

ok im not gonna make a list of the characters but i just have to make some comments. It states in the show that Natsu has well enough power to be the strongest plus dragon slayer magic is pretty much limitless as long as you have the will to fight on and we all know that natsu has enough will and heart to spread across the entire earth and then some. Now lucy no way shes stronger than gray ya she has her celestial beings but with out them shes powerless so i don't really think that she could be counted. when it comes to laxus and mystigan ya mystigan wins hands down the only reason he didn't finish laxus off in the first season was he figured natsu could do it himself and also theres other reasons i just don't remember what they are. im not all that far in the series since funimation is only in the 60's so ill catch up soon enough plus im looking forward to seeing the other dragon slayers. well that's my oppinion and comments. so you can agree or disagree everyone has there oppinions. oh one more thing i think gray has some hidden power that he doesn't know about yet, but hes still not stronger than leo. ok goodbye now

JCF:) on October 23, 2013:

The Next Generation Strongest wizards.

1.Laxus Dreyar- He already surpassed his Father(Ivan Dreyar), and defeated one of the 10 Wizard Saints( Jura Neekis). He is just a very Strong mage.

2.Jellal Fernandes- a former wizard saint, leader of the Crime Sorcerer, an Organization which is Eliminating Dark Guilds. just imagine how strong he is.

3.Jura Neekis- The 5th strongest Wizard Saint. member of Lamia Scale. He Defeated Orga Nanagear by simply one Hit.

The 3 of them are very Strong, for me they can be the next Guild Masters to their AMAZING Guilds! still waiting for the other Characters be recognized.

Angel on October 17, 2013:

Poor Gray! :,(

JCF:) on October 15, 2013:

As you see to my Top Ten Wizards, Mystogan is not there, I did not put him there because he already left Fairytail. but He is also very Strong that he can already be compared to Laxus. As the Two Of them Fight in the Festival Arc. I can see that they are Match, but he just left because his face was revealed and Erza was Surprised because he saw that He really looks like Jellal. But Mystogan is really Jellal Fernandes in Edolas and we all know that. so that's it still Hoping that Mystogan will Return to the Guild. It's okay even if not the real Mystogan from the Edolas It's Okay if the Jellal in Earthland will Replace Mystogan from Edolas. because Mystogan is really Cool! and one of my Favorite wizards. HOPE that my wish will be Granted :))

JCF :) on October 15, 2013:

For me:

1. Makarov Dreyar- one of the ten wizard saints and the 3rd guild master.

2.Gildarts Clive- the only SS Class mage in Fairytail gulid.

3.Laxus Dreyar- an S Class Mage,and he already know how to use Fairy Law.

4.Erza Scarlett- an S Class Mage and has the chance to be one of the 10 wizard saints.

5.Mirajane Strauss-an S Class Mage,and can be compared to Erza Scarlett.

for No. 6-7, it can be Freed or Natsu, one of them can be no.6 or 7 ,

because for me they are just match, because until now we all know that Freed is not showing his True Power yet.

6.Natsu Dragneel- a Fire mage and a Dragon Slayer, and as the years pass he became more stronger. he always wanted to fight all the S Class Mages and even Gildarts Clive.

7.Freed Justine- the leader of the Raijin Tribe and has a powerful dark magic, he wanted to be more stronger because he wants to be like Laxus.

8.Gajeel Redfox-a Dragon Slayer and can be compared to Natsu. and just like Natsu he also wanted to fight Laxus,Erza and other S Class Mages.

For No.9-10 it can be Bickslow or Gray Fullbuster, because one of the episodes we all saw that they fight in the Festival Arc. but Gray was beaten. because he saw a little girl looking at the window that's why he loss his concentration. but we don't know, what if they will fight again this time.

9.Bickslow-one of the Raijin Tribe members , and just like freed he also admire Laxus and he also want to be like him(Laxus). He is also one of the strongest mages, by using his Seith Magic and Figure eyes Magic there is no doubt that he is Strong.

10.Gray Fullbuster-an Ice Maker wizard and can be compared to Natsu and Gajeel. When he was young Ur his teacher taught him how to use Ice Magic. that's why Gray Believe that Ur was the strongest. he was Once look down by Laxus. and Laxus said that he is not that interesting on the Festival arc. but as the years pass just like the others, Gray also became more stronger.

and this is My Top TEN Wizards in Fairytail, but this can be change because we all don't know, What If? One of them Beacome more Stronger. That's why we need to watch Fairytail and see what will Happen Next :))

Xchief on September 25, 2013:

1: zeref

2: Mavis

3: hades

4: makarov

5: gildarts

6: jella

7: jura

8: jose

9: bluenote

10: zero

I'd say this is the strongest fairy tail characters so far excluding dragons. I don't think the fairy tail group cut it yet, still believe they have a long way to go. But I'd love to hear thoughts

Fishy finger on September 24, 2013:

How can you not have Jura it's said his power may rival guildarts

rene vb on August 25, 2013:

little change:

10, Cobra

rene vb on August 25, 2013:

tell me. why not jellal???

here is my list:

1, Zeref

2, Jellal

3, Hades

4, Gildaerts

5, Makarov

6, Laxus

7, jura

8, Ultear

9, Zero

10, Natsu

jb on July 11, 2013:

natsu is stronger then most of these up to about 4 -3 , personally i think right now with LDF and his pure will he could beat makarov/hades, don't see how jura isn't in this he is one of the wizard saint's, and jellal is probably stronger then laxus, warrod cken is without a doubt 2nd anyway, do your history ;)

fairytailfan on June 14, 2013:

Ugh.. You all haven't seen Natsu fighting? Natsu woulf beat every one of them if he has to ;) he should be and he actuallh is first!

Batman-Fairytail on June 11, 2013:

You're forgetting Jellal. Segrain was his thought projection, right? Remember how he gave Segrain HALF his magic power? Guess who was a wizard saint? Segrain! Segrain, who had HALF of Jellal's power. In other words, Jellal is insanely strong, and we don't get to see enough of him and I'm sad. So yeah. :)

AniManga on May 27, 2013:

Yayyyy I love Natsu! ♥

mystoganfan25 on May 11, 2013:

Dude for the good guys in fairy tail.

1. Mavis- she's the founder she's number 1.

2. Makarov. - he's the freaking master.

3. Gildarts- makarov wanted him to be master.

4. Mystogan- this one could've gone either way between him and laxus so since I like mystogan more he gets the spot.

5. Laxus- again about tied with mystogan an extremely powerful s-class image with master potential.

6. Erza scarlet- she's the most powerful female member and make natsu and gray shit themselves.

(From here it gets tougher)

7. Natsu- powerful dragon slayer with much potential. Able to use dragon force makes him a powerful contender.

8. Mirajane- s-class mage with demon soul ability. The only reason I put her below natsu is due to the period she did not use her powers.

9. Gajeel- iron dragon slayer. Tough opponent with much potential.

10. Gray- finally I'll end with gray as the tenth most powerful. His ice

make magic makes him quite powerful.

So there u are and for all u hating on my list fuck off its the only one that most acruately ranks the top ten in fairy tails guild not the whole anime just fairy tail. And the other lists freaking sucked. Mine rocks.

mark jun on May 10, 2013:

that's right mirajane should be in top ten because mira is so powerful..she has a super Long range and wide range of magic and that's not all she has a great powerful physical strength that erza scarlet does not have. mirajane's can even surpass erza..i like mira and erza

nacha on May 05, 2013:

my fav mages











travis on March 30, 2013:

for me

1. zeref

2. mavis

3. hades

4. makarov

5. gildarts

6. laxus


8. erza

9. natsu

10. gajeel

charlezard on March 29, 2013:

Mirajane should be included here. Although she seldom fight, she already have shown immense power.. and that's not all, she haven't shown his full strenght in battle and she still has lots to show!! she's really powerful!!!

Xxx on February 23, 2013:

Ok firstly erza is far stronger than ultear,and i guess the same as laxus or maybe gildartz.and secondly gildarts is not stronger that makarov and hades,and the last how can u said zeref is stronger than mavis if u haven't seen mavis full strength?

Comet on February 11, 2013:

For me the strong Protagonists are ranked from 1-10:

1.) Natsu - Hellow?. He's like the Main Protagonist.

2.) Gildarts Clive - He's just too strong

3.) Mavis - Yah , she holds the legendary powers

4.) Makarov - He's one of the ten saints, so no doubt

5.) Erza- She's so "WISE" in any battles that's why she wins. Some say that Mirajane is stronger than erza , well erza doesn't depend only in her magic but in her knowledge on her ceratin opponent w/c makes her a strong opponent

6.) Gajeel - He's a dragon slayer so he's like NATSU but a little bit far. Just a "li'l" bit far from natsu. who know's maybe he has the power to become an Iron DRAGON.

7.) Laxus and Mystogan- I don't know. They are just too powerful and have complicated magic

8.) Mirajane - Her Devil forms makes her so powerful.

9.) Elfman and Wendy - Elfman can transform into a vigorous monsters that are strong and wendy isa dragon slayer so she is powerful too,

10.)Lucy - Don't Underestimate her power because she has the 10 golden keys. She even has the power Urano Metria. And don't forget she has gemini that has copy her opponents the same strength as her.

u might be wondering why gray is not included. well it's not his weak. he's just not one of the top 10. More like top 12.

Evil mages :

1.)Zeref and Acnologia- SUPER Powerful.

2.)Hades - POWERFUL

3.)MidNight - Powerful

4.) Brain - yah , he's strong enough

5.) Ivan Dreyar - So MEAN

6.) Jellal- Yeah he is strong

7.) Ultear - Yah she has also a weird magic

8.) Minerva - Super Duper strong

9.) Kobra - Tricky but strong

10.) Obra - complicated magic also but seriously strong

My fav. Mages

1.) Mystogan

2.) Zeref

3.) Gildarts Clive

4.) Makarov

5.) Obra

6.) Natsu

7.) Macao

8.) Rufus

9.) Elfman

10.) The Lamia Scale SAINT. SHORRY, forget the name

Fav.Girl mages

1.) Lucy

2.) Erza



5.) Mirajane

6.) Angel

7.) Meredy

8.) Cana

9.) Evergreen

10.) Ultear

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