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Top 10 Most Insane Anime Characters

Insane Anime Characters

Insane Anime Characters

Anime is filled with just about everything. It's got action, romance, comedy, giant robots, amazing stories, fights, intense drama and much more. Needless to say, the things the creators deliver and the way they deliver it is always changing and improving drastically with new animation and storytelling that we cannot get enough of.

The most essential part to having a great anime is the characters. They are the soul of the series and carry out all the moments. If they do not carry the emotions and messages clearly, the whole thing falls apart. A stellar cast in anime almost surely means a successful amount of fans that will follow to the end. A good example of this is One Piece. If it were not for Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, no one would bother to watch all those episodes. It is only thanks to the characters that the series has worked and grown so efficiently.

Light from Death Note

Light from Death Note

The characters we love the most though are the ones that are completely out of their mind. The reason as to why is pretty clear. We love seeing someone utterly insane wreak havoc and teach life lessons at the same time. These merciless weirdos have gone through way too many things to count that have created them what they are. Now they only destroy, torture, kill and enjoy the act. These are in my opinion the craziest, most insane anime characters:

  • Light from Death Note: To be given full power means that you will surely overuse it and create a new world with it. At least that is what main protagonist Light Yagami understands when he begins using the notebook that kills anyone he writes their name in. Manipulative, cunning and with a distorted sense of justice, nothing stood in his way for too long before getting taken out abruptly. He felt like God himself and attempted to make a future in his vision. He was truly insane, smart as he was.
  • Jason from Tokyo Ghoul: Being a ghoul grants you the ability to regenerate and heal quickly. There are downsides to being one as you regularly need human flesh to keep living. Jason, a ghoul that was captured and put under harsh punishment served as the primary villain in the first season of the show and he made me tremble with fear. Terrifying and twisted because of his torture, he only casts what he experienced onto Kaneki, the main protagonist, and dishes out cruel bouts of wisdom through pain and suffering.
  • Lucy from Elfen Lied: Another protagonist that was tortured and held captive, Lucy, or Kaede, is a Diclonius that suffered through the loss of her mother and the abandoning of her father. She lived in an orphanage where she was tormented day and night, only to find a real friend in a puppy that she fed. A girl that spoke to her told the bullies about the dog and they got Lucy and the dog together so that she could see them kill it in front of her. This unleashed her powers as a Diclonius and she killed everyone. After that, Lucy had been on the run for a long time, killing many and losing her sanity more and more. A truly terrifying character, I never knew if she was good or bad for the entirety of the anime.
Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan

Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan

Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki

Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki

  • Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan: This kid is messed up. You might want to defend him saying he has gone through a lot but he was already crazy before any of the titans had broken the wall. He single handedly killed two grown men to save Mikasa as a child, urging her to fight when he was later captured by a third. Sure it was to save her and he did achieve this but it really made all viewers understand that he had a killer instinct ever since he was a kid and only developed on it after his hatred for the titans grew.
  • Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki: This girl made me shiver slightly every time she spoke. It was not until the end that I understood why she was the way that she was and gosh was I scarred. This girl utterly loved Yukki and wanted what was best for him, even if they were both part of a game that needed only one winner and everyone else dead. She was the real incarnation of stalker creepiness and mass murderers, proving to be immensely smart and skilled in pursuing what she wanted and getting rid of anyone.
  • Stein from Soul Eater: Fluctuating from being a good guy and a bad guy, Stein was a beloved character for his quirks and how we could relate to his insanity. It was not something that happened suddenly. He, as all human beings, was slowly devoured by his thoughts until an event made him snap and he could no longer turn back. Medusa did have a lot to do with it but his decision was ultimately to let himself go and enjoy how crazy he was and what his distorted wishes were.
  • Envy from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Named as this capital sin mainly for the envy held towards mankind, this character was cold and manipulative in every way possible. A shape shifter, Envy could turn into anyone and change the situation to his advantage. Even when facing his end, he attempts to convince people to kill each other and make a different scenario possible for him. He ultimately decides to just end his life himself since he does not want anyone else to do it.
  • Shion from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni: Now, to be fair, this anime is meant for different story arcs to be presented and with them, different versions of the characters and how the events form and change. Nevertheless, I found that Shion was the one to take the prize as most insane in the arc with her twin sister Mion. She tortures and unrelentlessly kills because her biggest love was taken from her and she cannot stop until everyone responsible has paid for it.
  • Liang Qui from Canaan: A merciless killer and torture fanatic, Lian Qi is a lieutenant for Alphard Alshua that feels a great connection to Alphard, having spent so much time with her and even calling her sister. If anything or anyone wants to interfere with her love for her sister, she will destroy it. This character brought new levels of manipulation and skill when it came to handling what she wanted until she ultimately destroyed herself.
  • Kayaba Akihiko from Sword Art Online: He didn't need an insane laugh, needless torture or vast killings by his own hands to be on this list. All he had to do was to create a safe environment and then allow people to die and kill each other in it. He does not care about human life or its loss and merely made the game and the nerve gear to see how many could die and how this innovative idea of his would work. He, different to the rest, was fair and accepted his defeat in the game by Kirito, allowing him to win and get the rest of the players home. This is what made him an especially noteworthy maniac. He did not make anything impossible. He just made it seem that way and let people act accordingly.

These characters still give me terrors when I hear their names be uttered, but not because they are scary, but rather because they are very real and their reason as to why they are the way that they are is an understandable one.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez

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Michelle on August 27, 2020:

man i was expecting the despair queen here

Anesthesia on August 29, 2017:

Where is Shou Tucker?

Ally on March 09, 2017:

Can somebody tell me why Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter or Ferid Bathory from Seraph aren't on this list?

I nominate Hisoka and these are my reasoning's:

1) inhumanely strong/ Amazing strategist and fighter

2) Will kill anyone and get off on it ( I mean it, dude has organisms during a fight.. for reference type in "Gon vs Hisoka" on youtube)

3) everyone in the series is wary of him (with the exception of Chrollo Lucifer who is also nuts)

4) He dresses like a Joker/Clown

5) Will do anything if it amuses him or makes life "interesting"

6) He feels no pain and enjoys it when limbs are torn/ blown off (this includes his own limbs!!!) he was extremely amused when part of his mouth was destroyed, fingers where blown off as well as his foot...

7) He has a really creepy obsession with the main characters who are 12 years old (FYI Hisoka is 28).

8) He has inner monologues that are absolutely nuts. Some include how excited he is when Gon and Killua (two twelve year olds) are near him. or how much fun he could have with his "toys" (by toys I mean every other character in the series).

There you have it, there are more but I would ruin the series. I should mention that Hisoka is by far my favourite anime character, weird I know...O_o...

Polydegmon on February 12, 2017:

How about more recently 'Tanya', from Youjo Senki?

Gibape on December 23, 2016:

Hey Captain_TNT! Did you mean Hidan by any chance? If so, I didn't feature him on this list because of two factors, those being screen time and lunacy. Sure, he was crazy enough to be on here, but he was more sadistic and collected than insane. It is just my personal opinion though, and I can see why you would want to see a character like him on this list. Thanks for the feedback!

Captain_TNT on December 21, 2016:

I'm REALLY surprised Hiram from Naruto isn't here.

Milady González (author) on October 18, 2015:

If you are talking about Stein from Soul Eater stein's_cray_daughter, the reason he is not in here is because there was a sound explanation and a recovery to his insanity while the ones in this list were just purely insane the whole time without reason and/or chose to ignore a mentally healthy lifestyle.

stein's_cray_daughter on October 17, 2015:

I suggest Stein be added to this before someone gets hurt

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