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The Windmill/Nether Gundam is the Goofiest Mobile Suit

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"You want some of this? I will slowly conserve solar power and blow cool air on you. BRING IT ON!!!"

"You want some of this? I will slowly conserve solar power and blow cool air on you. BRING IT ON!!!"

Hands-down, Gundam G (1994) is a classic. It’s an important series, being the first to introduce a non-Universal Century timeline, hence contributing to the longevity of the franchise. Without the constraints of a single Gundam universe, we could say that Gundam G’s inception basically emboldens the developers to explore new ideas.

The U.C. timeline is great, but the world won’t have classics like Gundam Wing (1995), Gundam X (1996), Turn A Gundam (1999), Gundam SEED (2002), Gundam 00 (2007), and Iron-Blooded Orphans (2015) if not for Gundam G. And as a friend said, the addition of alternate timelines helped renew the interest in the U.C. timeline. Let’s face it, during the run of Victory Gundam, fans were showing signs of getting tired.

Gundam G and the other series came to the rescue by giving the U.C. timeline a “time to recover” for the fans. Then there is the fact that Gundam G is radical in terms of storytelling. So much so that it borders on being goofy. Indeed, the Gundam G is goofy!

Look at the Suits!

The suit designs seem to get its inspirations from Street Fighter, and hit and miss are the best way to describe them. We get some awesome and memorable suit designs, like the Master Gundam, but at some point they gave us stereotyped caricatures of foreign cultures.

Up to now, Gundam G had the biggest collection of ugly mecha, not just in the Gundam universe, but in the whole mecha world. And one of them just earned notoriety in social media fan groups.

Meet the Nether Gundam. Also known as Hurricane Gundam, or simply the Windmill Gundam. It counts as the goofiest Gundam ever.

The Mermaid Gundam. When Mecha anime meets Bikini Bottom.

The Mermaid Gundam. When Mecha anime meets Bikini Bottom.

Gundam G’s Collection of Ugly Suits

It’s an accepted truth among fans that this well-loved series is responsible for giving us the most cartoonish robot designs ever. Again, I will repeat it, there are iconic suit designs in Gundam G. The whole Shuffle Union is an amazing sight to behold. The same could be said to villainous suits like the Master Gundam. And we are still waiting for Bandai to release the MG, RG, or updated HG of the Devil Gundam.

It’s just that the whole fandom still can’t forget the laughable suits that haunted their whole childhood. We are not sure what the designers were thinking when they let loose the Mermaid Gundam. This mecha design belongs to Bikini Bottom! Toro Gundam was another abomination, and Skull Gunda, despite of the cool name could be passed for a badly made Halloween costume. And fans knew too well that they are just the start. As the series progressed, more mechanical anomalies came out.

But for some reason, the Windmill Gundam is getting more ridicules than those lot.

Massed produced Nether Gundams emerging from their places.

Massed produced Nether Gundams emerging from their places.

The Nether Gundam

Whatever they call it, this suit needs no further introduction. Its “unconventional” exterior made it well known among fans. Its story goes like this. Neo Holland wanted to get into finals without participating in Gundam fights. Hence, they deployed their flagship weapon the Windmill/Nether Gundam, a suit that could transform into a, errr, windmill.

The idea here is for the suit to disguise itself into a building, hence avoiding fights. And it succeeded in doing so, and Rutger Verhoeven, its pilot qualified into the finals without scratching his suit.

So basically, all it does is hide until it qualifies.

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And when it did gets into a fight, the result is abysmal. The Nether Gundam became a jobber for various mobile fighters without winning a single victory. But then again, all Neo Holland wanted is to gain recognition by joining the finals, and those loses never mattered. They basically won by participating.

And they head to battle.

And they head to battle.

Basically, a Walking Building

Like many of the abominations in Gundam G, the concept behind the Nether Gundam is silly. True, it’s not as stereotyping as the rest of the ugly mobile fighters the Shuffle Union have to face. And to be fair, it’s not that bad looking either. We could tell, as fans everywhere wanted a release of a kit (unless I’m wrong).

But please, what’s the point of giving us a building with arms and legs? Windmills were basically giant farming equipment, sort of a wind powered grain crusher. At least we could say that Nether Gundam is the only suit design based on an agricultural tool.

And although the Gundam itself isn’t that much uglier, it’s goofy nevertheless. The conical head is the roof, and the armor is the body of the windmill (with details like wooden panel).

Fans felt that the large churning blades sticking out of its chest looks silly. Overall, people often make fun of its bulky, boxy appearance and large blades at the front. Literally, it’s a walking building.

Even more ludicrous than its mad aesthetics are its abysmal performance in Gundam fights.

You talking to me?

You talking to me?


Throughout Gundam G, we saw some mobile fighters that performed as ugly as its design aesthetics. Tequila Gundam barely stood its ground against the Shining Gundam, and the same goes for Nether Gundam. At least, the even uglier Mermaid Gundam won a single fight.

Windmill Gundam’s professional record on the other hand includes zero victories. Simply, the windmill aesthetics is too impractical in real fights. The Nether Gundam did have weapons, like beam canons on the chest and shoulders. And that giant churning blade could generate the Nether Typhoon.

And that’s it.

Body Too Restrictive

People noted that the boxy body is too restrictive for quick and agile movements. While the large blades made it impossible for the Gundam to throw punches and kicks. It may also add to the excess bulk of this impractical mobile fighter.

As for the Nether Typhoon, it sounds terrifying indeed. Yet it’s insufficient to blow away the competition. Opponents simply walked through the attack unaffected. It also lacks any effective defenses, and that explains why George de Sand made a short work of it.

Overall, we got a Gundam here with cartoonish aesthetics, and poor performance. But then again, if your intentions were not to win, we could say that Nether Gundam did its job well.


The Nether Gunda, or Windmill Gundam earned the mockery of the fans because of its goofy design, and poor performance. This weird looking suit hide most of the time to escape random Gundam fights, before losing miserably in the finals.

Nevertheless, that never stopped the fan from wanting an actual kit. It’s so goofy, fans love it. And there are discussions in various forums about this clunky Gundam being turned into a kit.

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