The Top 5 Highest Bounties in One Piece (One Piece Chapter 925)

Updated on December 17, 2019
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Keira is an anime and manga enthusiast. She likes to write about the series that she follows. Currently, she focuses on DBS and One Piece.


Not Updated Since Chapter 925.

Significance of bounties in One Piece

Bounties in One Piece is a significant indicator of a character's strength. There are other characters who don't have a bounty but are powerful individuals (like the Marine Admirals). But when it comes to pirates and the revolutionaries, knowing someone's bounty is like taking a glimpse of that person's power.

Having a high bounty cements someone's status, but can also be a pain in the neck. One such unfortunate individual who suffered from a bounty problem is Duval, who was mistaken as Sanji until his face got modified. Nonetheless, getting a high bounty is better when you're a pirate. In this article, I will feature the highest bounties ever released in One Piece (up until One Piece chapter 925).

5. Charlotte Smoothie (B 932,000,000)

The only female on the list, Charlotte Smoothie is one of the most powerful members of the Big Mom Pirates. She is one of the three Sweet Commanders, along with Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Cracker. We haven't seen what she's capable of yet in the battle, but having B 932,000,000 under her head, it means that she is quite a character. She is currently the user of the Shibo Shibo no Mi, or the fruit that let the user squeeze the liquid from the target. This is also one of the most unique Paramecia-type fruit in the whole series.

4. Jack "The Drought" B 1,000,000,000

Jack "The Drought" is the first person to reach the billion mark in this list. He is ferocious and no one can stand against him during his rampages. No one from the Straw Hats has faced this guy before. He doesn't also have a lot of battles to showcase his true strength. Hopefully, we will finally see him and Zoro duke it out in the second part of the Wano Arc.

It was revealed in the last chapter that the Queen The Plague and King The Wildfire is more powerful than Jack. He might be replaced in this list as soon as the other All-Star bounties are confirmed. Hopefully, the hype will be worth it.

3. Charlotte Katakuri (B 1,057,000,000)

Charlotte Katakuri is the main force of the Big Mom Pirates (before Big Mom herself). With his more than a billion under his head, he is one of the greatest pirates in the new world. He is also one of the hardest fights that Luffy had faced. Just imagine if this guy is a marine rather than a pirate.

With Luffy's persistence, Katakuri tasted his first ever defeat. A lot of fans are wondering what happened to him after his fight with Luffy. Did Big Mom demote him? Maybe. Maybe not.

2. Monkey D. Luffy (B 1,500,000,000)

After the event in the Whole Cake Island, as well as being mistaken as the mastermind for Big Mom's failed assassination, Luffy's bounty jumped from B 500,000 to a staggering B 1,500,000,000. That's because of how he is still alive after he challenged a Yonko and defeating Katakuri.

Luffy is getting mixed up with yet another Yonko again just after his skirmish with Big Mom. This time, Kaido managed to finally imprison the elusive captain. If Luffy's luck will not run out and he will actually free Wano in Kaido's grasp, only Oda can imagine how Luffy's bounty will go up once again.

Marshall D. Teach "Blackbeard" (B 2,247,600,000)

Who would've thought that Blackbeard will show in the previous chapter of One Piece? Chapter 925 has been a helluva ride because of him and his crew's appearance. He shook the world by obtaining the power to wield to Devil Fruit abilities. He shook the world again by being the first Yonko to have bounty revealed. His bounty is B 2,247,600,000, the highest ever known bounty issued so far.

This will increase again if Blackbeard decided to join the riot in the Wano Country. That's if he really appears in this arc.


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      8 weeks ago


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      5 months ago

      To the person ''bruh'' in the comments, you're being rude as fuck. it's CLEARLY stated that it's been published after chapter 925, there's nothing wrong with her or the article just because it's outdated. I see no reason for you to be rude to the writer. Your spelling is also horrible. Learn how to read and have manners before commenting something stupid.

    • Keira Alexandria profile imageAUTHOR

      Keira Alexandria Morgenstern 

      6 months ago from Philippines

      Sorry, the article is not updated.

      As stated, this article was published after 925, a lot of things happened since then.

      Will try to update this article when I get the time.

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      unknown user 

      11 months ago

      I feel thats something is wrong in this

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      14 months ago

      bruh akira has a bounty equal to luffies

    • profile image

      bad article reader 

      14 months ago

      eh this was ok

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      15 months ago

      This article has way too many mistakes.

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      15 months ago

      Monkey d dragon has a greater bounty of 5,000,000,000 so it’s should be the highest

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      17 months ago

      Thanks this is very helpful


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