The Top 10 Best Anime Openings

Updated on April 14, 2017

If you have a hobby of watching anime, chances are you have more than just a few anime openings spicing up your music playlists. A good opening can entice people to check out the show of where the opening came from and can sometimes even make the entire process of watching the show a better experience in general.

What makes anime openings special is that whenever we listen to them, we get transported to a moment of the anime itself. We get to feel and experience the fictional world that we love again through its beats and melodies. These songs can invoke our feelings of love, adventure, passion, grief, hope. Playing with all our emotions and we love them for it!

So here’s a list of the top 10 best anime openings that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

10) Hello,world! – Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen is a weird show. But it’s the good kind of weird. The world and plot doesn’t make sense for the majority of the time but the show knows this and manages integrate the nonsensical feel of its world and uses it to effectively increase its charm. The show is unique and, unsurprisingly, a ton of fun to watch.

The opening for this show represents all of the mentioned above perfectly. The visuals show the many colors that this world has to offer. The upbeat yet calming music and vocals lets you know that this world is ready for you to jump into and experience its day-to-day adventures for yourself! “Hello, world! Here I am!"


9) Kuusou Mesorogiwi – Mirai Nikki

Powerful, intense and most of all BADASS. This opening will remind you of those words as you bang your head to it. With awesome chords and fist-pumping beats, this opening had me replaying it over and over again when I first stumbled upon it on Youtube. Whenever this song comes up in my playlist it always manages to get me pumped up. It blends both the feeling of hope and despair (well, mostly despair) into a chaotic cocktail of crazy.

Say what you will about the show itself but there’s no denying that this opening in both its intense beats and visuals is definitely one of best.

Kuusou Mesorogiwi
Kuusou Mesorogiwi

8) My Dearest – Guilty Crown

supercell has composed some of my all-time personal favorite VOCALOID songs such as World is Mine, Black Rock Shooter and ODDS&ENDS. So when I finally decided to watch Guilty Crown for the first time and heard this opening, I was not disappointed.

From the beautiful melodies of the piano to Chelly’s angelic voice. While some parts of the visuals were a bit lackluster in terms of animation, the rest of it (especially the beginning part) were nothing short of breathtaking. With all that said, this song will always stand out to me as one of supercell’s best musical pieces.

My Dearest
My Dearest

7) unravel – Tokyo Ghoul

I gotta be honest here. The first time I listened to this song I just didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. Maybe it’s because of the hype from everyone I knew saying how this is “the best opening of 2014”. It didn’t leave the impact on me that I wanted it to make at first. However as listened to it again while indulging in its lyrics and emotions, I began to appreciate this song as it is. It’s an appropriately melancholic yet powerful song and the visuals are unique compared to most anime openings that came out within the same year.

If you somehow avoided this opening because of hype surrounding it, do yourself a favor and give this opening a chance like I did. Trust me, you will not regret it.


6) Toki wo Kizamu Uta – Clannad After Story

Alright everyone! It’s time to step abort the feels train! The very beginning sequence of this opening will make you cry from both happiness and sadness at the same time with its entrancing visuals and melodies. Clannad After Story is a direct sequel to Clannad which means that it follows right after the ending of the first season. The general theme for After Story is about growing up and the transition from the carefree life of a teenager to the hardships and struggles of the adult life.

There are a TON of tear-jerking moments in After Story (as if the first season didn’t have enough of those already). When you finish watching this show and then go back to this opening again, you will cry as all those moments come back to you and fills you up with so many emotions that you can’t even keep track of what it is that you’re feeling.

Toki wo Kizamu Uta
Toki wo Kizamu Uta

5) Mitsu no Yoake – Spice and Wolf 2

Spice and Wolf is a show about a man who meets a wolf-harvest goddess and then takes said goddess on a journey together with him around the world (or at least, the continent). What follows after that, you ask? Maybe a grand adventure? A war deciding the fate of mankind? Nope. Just a whole lot o’ medieval age TRADING. This show basically focuses around our two main characters, a trader named Lawrence and wolf goddess Horo and their daily struggles that comes with doing trading with a bit of romance sprinkled in between the said two main characters. Which is great as both of them are excellently written characters and their romantic development is well-developed and believable.

The reason I chose this opening over the opening for season 1 is because I feel this opening captures the “journey” feel in both visuals and sound better than the opening for season one (although the opening for season 1 is still a great opening in its own right). It’s a tune that you can listen to and relax as you take your supernatural wolf-harvest goddess with you on a long journey around the world. What more is there to life other than money, love and traveling?

Mitsu no Yoake
Mitsu no Yoake

4) COLORS – Code Geass

You knew this opening would make it on the list. Why wouldn’t it? It’s the first opening to one of the most legendary anime shows to ever grace the entertainment world (liiitle bit biased there, eh buddy?). It marks the beginning of Lelouch’s rise to power and rebellion.

Showing off all of its iconic visuals accompanied by a track that just sticks with you even after you’ve finished the entire series makes it an exceptional opening and one that topples all of the future openings of this show and if you’ve watched all of the show’s openings, you know that that is no small feat.

All hail Lelouch! “Jibun wo sekai sae mo kaete shimaesou na~” … Alright that’s enough bias for one day I think.


3) Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Famous (or infamous?) for being one of the most influential, love it or hate it anime series. For me personally, I neither loved nor hated it. It was an… Interesting show, to say the least.

What made me keep watching the next episode was definitely the opening. Its upbeat tone is kind of contradictory to the mostly dark and depressing themes of the show itself but the lyrics tell you everything you need to know about the show. It’s an extremely catchy song with a 90’s disco pop vibe to it. A memorable classic

Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis
Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis

2) Hacking to the Gate – Steins;Gate

I absolutely love Steins Gate. I have never seen any other anime about time travel that can match Steins Gate’s feel and quality, from the three-dimensional yet likeable characters to its clever storytelling blended perfectly with suspenseful moments easily makes this anime my number one favorite time travel anime of all time.

The opening for this show is just as great in every aspect. Fitting perfectly with the theme of the story, both the visuals and lyrics manage to make metaphors regarding “time” all the while cleverly referencing major elements that the story consists of. It’s simply brilliant … but unfortunately not enough to take the number one spot.

Hacking to the Gate
Hacking to the Gate

1) Sora iro Days – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Sora iro Days isn’t just a song. It’s the track for an intensely, over-the-top, exhilarating roller coaster ride of a show titled Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. A show that is the very definition of AWESOME. Fun, quirky yet memorable characters mixed with a story that is inspirational as it is epic.

What made this opening secure its number one spot is how it manages to incorporate itself into the entire experience of you watching the show. This song is played whenever the story reaches a high point and the credits of the opening change in according to the events of the story as it progresses. Because of that, you grow more and more attached it with every episode. When you hear this song being played as the background music for the final battle of the show, you will feel all those emotions flow through your body as you have goosebumps all over. Which is why this opening is my favorite anime opening of all time.

“Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That's how Team Gurren rolls!” - Kamina

Sora iro Days
Sora iro Days

Honorable Mentions

As with any top 10 list, there are always great candidates but just didn't quite make it into the list. So here's a brief list of some of the honorable mentions:

Brave Shine – Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Brave Shine
Brave Shine

BLOODY STREAM – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2


daze- Mekakucity Actors


Guren no Yumiya – Attack on Titan

Guren no Yumiya
Guren no Yumiya

one-Me two-Hearts – Divine Gate

one-Me two-Hearts
one-Me two-Hearts

Did you like the list?

Which opening is your favorite?

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If you know of any more awesome anime openings that aren’t listed here, please don’t be shy to list them in the comments. Knowing more anime openings can never be a bad thing :D

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      • profile image


        10 days ago


      • profile image


        2 weeks ago

        how isnt Cowboy Bebop tank not on the list or mirai nikki even NORAGAMI hey kids what is life anymore

      • profile image


        5 weeks ago

        where is the opening 1 of full metal alchemist ?it deserves to be at the top

      • profile image

        Most of my family 

        7 weeks ago

        one REALLY good anime opening is Odd Future, From my hero academia

      • profile image

        All Star 

        2 months ago

        Bloody stream is my jam

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        I was not interested in Bleach until I stomped upon it's openings. Almost every single one of them are masterpieces, but opening 13 takes the cake for me! The symbolism, lyrics, animation and song in that particular opening is unbearable good!

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Trust in You - SWEET Arms (Date a Live)

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Bleach OP 10


      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Peace Sign- Boku no Hero Academia

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Excel Saga - Love

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Death Parade OP/ Opening "Flyers" - BRADIO

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        aozora no rhapsody- miss konoyashi's dragon maid

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        That's a very strong list you have made!

        Here are some openings that went unmentioned that I like:

        FMA:Brotherhood OP 1 & 4

        Again - YUI

        Period - Chemistry

        Deadman Wonderland

        One Reason - DWB

        Bleach OP 13

        Ranbu no Melody - SID

        Psycho Pass OP 1

        Abnormalize - Ling Tosite Sigure

        Naruto Shippuden OP 16

        Silhouette - KANA-BOON

        Parasyte -the maxim-

        Let Me Hear - Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

        One Punch Man

        The Hero!! - JAM Project

      • profile image


        5 months ago

        Naruto Shippuden OP16

        "Silhouette (シルエット)" by KANA-BOON

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        I really like the Terror in Resonance theme. I think it's worth checking out, it could make it onto your list maybe.

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood season 1 opening

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        I want No Game No Life Opening… -~-

      • profile image

        Pokemon fan 

        6 months ago

        Where is Pokemon

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        First opening of Soul Eater is best :3

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        Where are the Death Note openings?? The second one especially; the, eh, unique song choice and excellent animations really emphasise Light's increasingly psychotic mind and the music really gets you pumped for whats probably the best thriller anime ever

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        I love the Yuri on ice opening. But, my favorite is the attack on titan. Anyway, this is your list and it has a lot of good ones.

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        Yuri!!! On ice's opening is lit

      • Zero Ways profile imageAUTHOR

        Zero Ways 

        10 months ago from Indonesia

        Well this is my personal list, which means it's clearly based on own personal taste in music. I like that song too by the way. Just not so much as to put it on this list. But if you like it more than me, that's good! Support the artist in whatever way you can!

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        You missed...

        Your Lie in April - Hikaru Nara

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        One of my favorites is,

        ReRe from ERASED

        Honorable mention(s):

        Feel So Moon - Space Brothers

        Tank! - Cowboy Bebop

        Rage On - Free!

        Aoi Shiori - AnoHana

      • profile image


        15 months ago

        Masatoshi Ono - Departure - Hunter X Hunter

      • profile image


        18 months ago

        problem children's opening - black † white by Iori Nomizu

      • profile image


        20 months ago

        Noragami aragoto OP & Handa-kun OP

        really badass !!!

      • profile image


        20 months ago

        Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji - love good time

      • profile image


        20 months ago

        FLOW - Kaze no Uta - Tales of Zestria


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