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The Most Annoying Female Anime Characters

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Some of the most annoying female anime characters ever.

Some of the most annoying female anime characters ever.

Easy to Hate Female Anime Characters

The most annoying anime girls that get in the way of my ship/my personal hate list. Don't forget to leave a comment especially if you disagree!

Level 1: ANNOYING!


13. Sasagawa Kyoko (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Sasagawa Kyoko is Sawada Tsunayoshi's (Katekyo Hitman Reborn's protagonist) childhood crush. She is a sweet and nice girl, she just isn't my type as I'm rooting for Haru Miura who seems more strong-willed and assertive. Kyoko isn't really very annoying, just a tiny little bit!


12. Asahina Mikuru (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Asahina Mikuru annoys me more. Your typical "moe" girl that gets on anyone's nerves. As a Haruhi stan, I easily get annoyed by her as Kyon is more physically attracted which pisses me off.


11. Tessa Testarossa (Full Metal Panic!)

Tessa Testarossa is actually an amazing and independent girl. Despite being clumsy, she is still the captain of Tuatha De Danaan submarine and a smart and caring leader of her team. But amazing as she is, Tessa can stubborn and childish when it comes to Sagara and can be really annoying at times. I don't really hate her though!




10. Risa Harada (D.N.Angel)

Ah, this flirt. I can't even remember D.N.Angel's plot but I can still clearly remember how annoying Risa Harada is. She is one of the heroines of the series, twin sister to best girl Riku Harada. She is a pretty young girl with long, dark, brunette hair. The only thing that still sticks with me from the series was the scene where she forced Daisuke Niwa to hide with her inside a closet when Riku arrived - her most annoying moment ever.


9. Kikyo (InuYasha)

Kikyo, InuYasha's ex-girlfriend from ancient times was a likable character... before she died. Her resurrected form, however, was so irritating when she became hostile towards Inuyasha because she thought he betrayed her. Still, Inuyasha loved Kikyo and was willing to leave Kagome for her (broke not just Kagome's heart but all Inuyasha x Kagome shippers as well T.T). We all know Kagome deserved better.


8. Yuzuyu (Aishiteruze Baby)

Yuzuyu was supposed to be an adorable character being the lead in the series but somehow this annoying girl was never likable from the very start. She is actually a nice, young girl who loves Kippei so much, but too much - it just became annoying. The poorly made animation didn't help either, the girl didn't look cute at all.

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7. Sachi (Sword Art Online)

I just happen to dislike the damsel in distress types so Sachi had to be here on my hate list. But more than her personality, I was just annoyed that she and Kirito became close before Asuna and Kirito did. SAO's creator, Reki Kawahara, even said that she was actually Kirito's first love, which made me hate her more after that.





Rukia is a decent character, and is actually a graceful one and even has a strong sense of justice. She just becomes annoying when she acts like a know-it-all at the beginning of the series, only to find out she isn't exactly that strong (well at the time). As an IchiHime shipper, I found her especially annoying as she is always with Ichigo early into the series and when most of us thought she would end up with him.


5. Nina Einstein (Code Geass)

Nina is the most annoying. No explanations are needed. Same level annoying as Suzaku and Rolo. I don't even want to write anything.


4. Hilda (Beelzebub)

Hilda is Beelzebub's Rukia, but worse. Like Rukia, she sleeps in Oga Tatsumi's house, is bossy, know-it-all and thinks too highly of herself. Even her hairstyle annoys the h out of me. Her maid outfit isn't particularly charming either. Not a fan as I'm a big Oga x Aoi shipper. (lower left), (lower right) (lower left), (lower right)

3. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza is your typical strong and pretty but tsundere lead - but the annoying version. Although highly skilled, her temper can be very annoying. She is also too bossy to be my type. Her overcomplicated costumes do not add any appeal either. Anyway, was never really a fan of Erza.


2. Aoyama Nanami (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

I'm not even done with Sakurasou yet but I've disliked Aoyama since the beginning. I think my hate is on the same level as Asahina Mikuru's. As team Shiina, I found her annoying because Sorata cares for her too much and she seems equally special to him as well... as of episode 12. I'm looking forward to finishing the entire series as I still might change my opinion of her.

*Just finished Sakurasou. Annoying girl is annoying down to the last episode!


1. Kirigaya Suguha (Sword Art Online)

And finally! The most annoying female anime character ever is none other than Suguha! Both the real world Suguha and her online avatar Leafa are the most annoying of them all. She's on a whole new level! You see, Sachi was just plain annoying, but Leafa, she's incredibly and unbearably annoying. I don't even know why I still bother with harem plots!

In case your bet is not yet on my hate list, feel free to leave a comment!


Berlitrice on August 07, 2020:

I know this is an old Top Ten post but this list can be almost entirely summarized as this:

“This stupid meany character gets in the way of my OTP!!!! STAY IN YOUR LANE AND GET ANOTHER GUY TO LIKE!!!”

Even now the anime community still has a major issue in how they’ll clearly hate a character because they seem the character as a danger to their preferred ship. I guess some things never change...

Also Yuzu was obviously “possessive” over her cousin because she was a little girl scared of the possibility where he would leave her like her mother left her.

Vitari on July 10, 2020:

Sakura from Naruto is 1 - 10

Daniya on June 30, 2020:

You forgot nami from one piece she is like Sakura annoying and always angry

lalalanddd on May 06, 2020:

i kinda dislike leafa/sugu, but i like sachi. Sachi was like the motivation of kirito to clear the levels. Plus, i like leafa with the her other guy friend that confessed to her. Well, maybe because i like the main otp and i hate harems where a family member is a love interest. But, I've also seen sugu's development when she just focused on kirito's happiness and pushed her feelings away. Asuna's development was a little disappointing, she went from badass to a little princess in need of saving//... For me, sword art online should've ended when they finished so, after all, its title is " SAO".

Lalaland on May 06, 2020:

I dislike leafa/sugu too, so much. Kirito is his cousin, and he sees her as a sister. I hated the scene where leafa danced with kirito. I also hated when kirito caught her when she fell. It's so annoying.

randomperson.exe on April 04, 2020:

You forgot index from "A Certain Magical Index", she will flipping bite you while you're hospitalized if you don't get her food, even worse you're broke and SHE STILL WANTS MORE FOOD. *huff* *huff*. Even so, you should go watch it, it's pretty good (even if season 3 was completely rushed, it's still pretty good)!

Ichika咲 on April 04, 2020:

asuna is even more annoying as sachi here the reason why:

1. asuna is bossy and rude to kirito.

2. asuna is very jealous when girl are around her (leafa,lizbeth, etc.)

3. asuna ALWAYS almost naked in front of kirito.

4. asuna love having sex with kirito but that making people uncomfortable.

5. asuna and kirito should break up because i can't stand her anymore.

Lolichaan on March 19, 2020:

Yeah I loove the list overall but yeah I have to disagree on erza being there..coz I think she's cool being all bossy and stuff and yeah that keeps natsu and gray cool and then yeah imma have to remove her and put the old sakura there... thanks!

(I honestly think the list d amazing and that you did a very great job but yeah...this is just my opinion)

PATPPAT on February 07, 2020:

eliz from seven deadly sins!!

redcloverr on January 22, 2020:

sakura of naruto. how she hits people to get what she wants and fell in love with a douchebag. how she use naruto and use him for her all time sake. sakura is most annoying and evil

Anonymous on November 25, 2019:

Dude, Kagome was FAAAAAARR more annoying than Kikyo.

Anon on October 30, 2019:

You hate most of the characters just because they disturb your ships, pathetic lol.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on October 08, 2019:

i made this years ago, but yes, i kind of agree with u :(

Sengaku on September 23, 2019:

I feel like this is less what you consider "annoying" and more so what you consider a "threat to the main pairing". In other words, there is no real basis for these characters to recieve a position on a list titled "Top 10 Annnoying Female Anime characters" other than MUH SHIPS!! :'( This is just demeaning and giving female characters a worse rep than they already have. At least give us solid, merit-based reasons to hate them.

Rena on September 12, 2019:

Erza is never annoying so please shut it up. This helps and you're welcome!! No need to thank me!

Emma on August 26, 2019:

I know this post is a few years old, but it’s hard to take this list seriously when most of the girls on this list are disliked by you because of shipping-purposes. Just saying.

sakura on July 06, 2019:

Yahoo! I am happy I am not on the list.

Guest on June 24, 2019:

Did you forget Myne, from Rising of the Shield Hero? Mentioning her name irritates me.

Lg on May 22, 2019:

Sakura is the most annoying anime character.

Guest on March 03, 2019:

I agree with some names, abolutely not with others. And the author is such childish, hating most of these characters ONLY because they threaten her ships... XD That's dumb. Tessa and Rukia are amazing and Yuzu... Well, she's annoying at times, but Jeezus, she's just a CHILD. Oh, Erza isn't know-it-all and always angry... And the costumes, seriously? I'ts Fairy Tail LOL.

Guest on September 28, 2018:

I agree with Hmm and know what they say about opinions and a**holes...everyone has them!


Yeah Boi on September 09, 2018:

I’ve always thought that Ezra seemed annoyingly overpowered. There were some aspects I liked about her and some that I felt that forced the audience to feel sympathy towards her.

Yoo on August 08, 2018:

I hate tessa. She is annoying, clumsy flirt, she threw herself on sousuke

Hmm on July 14, 2018:

I agree with RealShizuo

RealShizuo on July 12, 2018:

I think you are the one who is annoying

kk on April 19, 2018:

Sasagawa Kyoko is reallyyyyy annoying!!! man is she a girl i don't think so

Yif on April 07, 2018:

Where's Sakura(Naruto) ? I can't seem to find her here and also Lucy (Fairy tail) I just don't like the both of them tbh; Lucy is so annoying but Sakura is the worst.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on March 12, 2018:

im sorry :(

Misaki on March 09, 2018:

Nina Einstein, Rolo and Suzaku are so damn annoying but I don't think Erza or Rukia is. I don't really think there is a reason to put them on this list.

anonim on February 19, 2018:

i vote for inoue orihime

Tinny on February 12, 2018:

Sorry about the rant.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on February 04, 2018:


Tinny on February 01, 2018:

HOW COULD YOU PUT ERZA?! Just because she has those armors doesn't mean she is annoying! It's not like she was the one who designed it! And it's not about the appearance, IT'S ABOUT THE POWER. THERE ARE A LOT OF ANIME CHARACTERS WITH MORE INAPPROPRIATE CLOTHES.


Jacob on November 11, 2017:

Your reasons for putting Erza on this list are just stupid.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on September 04, 2017:

Hi Uma, itsokayyy everyone's free to comment anyway :) and of course this list is very subjective. Honestly Im not as annoyed with her anymore compared to the time when i wrote this haha. =)

illbeinthecorner on August 31, 2017:

Hello there, it's Uma. I read your replies to other people and I apologize for ranting- I'm sure you've had way too many people saying that already :)

Uma on August 31, 2017:

Whoa whoa whoa~

I agree with many of the characters in this list, and yes, perhaps most of them get on my nerves too! But Rukia? Come on...

No hate here, but if Rukia's voice, actions and friendship with Ichigo is annoying, then what's Orihime? Right, of course- because Inoue isn't a 'damsel in distress' at all. She's a beautiful soul who is crushing on the main character and therefore anyone that gets in the way of their romance is considered annoying. Haha- no.

But then again, sorry about the rant. I bet I'll be considered a piece of crap by the pro-Orihime society from this point on. But I had to defend Rukia case, bro. She's one of the best female characters out there- just like her drawing, lol.

Josh on June 25, 2017:

im sorry but Erza is no annoying shes DOPE. -_-

HellboundHeart on June 22, 2017:

This list is somewhat biased.

Rukia annoying? Oh, interesting... so the person who made this list is trying to cnvince us to take part of the pro-Orihime club? Haha... nice try, but Orihime is far more annoying than any character in this list. Rukia is the best female character of Bleach (even the polls conducted by SJ second this).

Also... Erza? Haha! Again another nice failed try!

Some people need to learn that strong women =/= annoying.

Frost on February 08, 2017:

I think your list was pretty spot on but what about Tea Garner from Yugioh. I've been watching old dvds and oh my word she is useless. She's either spouting exposition, or blabbing about how cheering for Yugi helps him win. On top of that, she really couldn't tell a difference between Yugi and the pharaoh. The pharaoh is like a foot taller and sounds like he actually went through puberty. Stupid shit

CrimsonFucker from Houston on February 06, 2017:

@Ayu Bi

Hopefully it went through... Well If it didn't I apologize for the inconvenience. I started off by apologizing for a really late response, because like an idiot I forgot about this account and your response sadly went to my spam. I also adressed that you could call me "Ducky, Duck, Alucard (Crimson Fucker is abridged Alucard lol), or Ducks I don't mind.

As for it being obvious no.. it wasn't.. Obvious for Orihime's crush but for Ichigo it was a big unwanted surprise. It took so long for Orihime to finally fight with him (Fullbringer arc) and even then her powers were pretty down graded. She had potential and OP powers and even had a fairy that was determined to train her (however said fairy was never seen again after being healed back together) , but sadly she just stayed a damsel in distress. The ending with her ending up with Ichigo was something I doubt anyone wanted or would predict to happen. If I had no knowledge of the ending and re watched Bleach i'd be let down by that unwanted ending. It's so cliche the main character ends up with the girl/guy crushing on them and nothing gets explained, not even the fact as to HOW them ending up was possible. Some might argue that in the Full Hollow Ichigo fight, that it showed he liked liked her, BUT you have to remember that she's not the ONLY person that's happened to. His sister, Rukia, and his other friends all had Ichigo's will to protect. (He wanted to protect them that he'd go to great lengths to keep them safe) Needless to say I am more disappointed with both Naruto and Bleach's ending and pray Oda does keep his word and not follow in their footsteps. Seeing bad ass anime characters go down to normal cliche ending was horrible, but since Oda had promised that he'd NEVER make the adventure the "One Piece" or romance in it then we might have a chance. I'm sorry but Orihime's character development was bad and the ending was well... crap but at least it's not as bad as Sakura, Sakura reverted back to being sidelines when Sasuke came back and hopefully Orihime doesn't do the same thing.

(That is if she hasn't already)

CrimsonFucker from Houston on February 06, 2017:

Hopefully it went through

CrimsonFucker from Houston on February 04, 2017:

@Ayu Bi OMG I'm so sorry lol I totally forgot about this website and for some reason the notification went to my spam! (Didn't know till I got bored and decided to clean my account.) Meh you can call me Ducky or Rubber Duck either is fine -call me Duck the builder lolol- As for it being obvious well not exactly no. It was obvious for Orihime but for Ichigo? nah The guy was too focused on keeping people safe and training for him to show well anything. -besides his negativity lol- As for fighting WITH Ichigo oh don't get me wrong that was fine, but that's the problem why did he wait THAT long for her to fight with him? All the way to the was it Fullbringer arc (spell?) She literally has OP powers and a fairy thing that was willing to teach her how to use her powers to fight. (That fairy thing never reappearing after being healed back together.) For me Kubo fucked up pretty bad on her character development, but it's not as bad as Sakura. Sakura's character was fucked more minus war arc and Sasori fight. But that's off topic lol It was only obvious that Orihime was madly in love with Ichigo, but Ichigo it wasn't obvious at all. If I watched and read Bleach without knowing the ending and then see them end up together I'd be confused as hell, because he didn't show any interest in anyone besides fighting/training. To me it seemed he was trying to end it quickly and satisfy shippers, pretty much like the Naruto ending. Not only that but the ending didn't explain jack shit. At least Naruto Gaiden tried (never liked it tho) but Bleach ended quickly and cliche like. Main character ends up with the chick "in love" with them and two best friends end up together after a time skip with no explanation. tbh following Bleach all the way up till the ending was disappointing, since I was hoping it wouldn't have ANY romantic crap in it and then the ending came... Same shit that fucked up Inuyasha and Naruto... Hope to God One Piece doesn't end like that, so far Oda had promised he wouldn't end it with romance or the journey was the One Piece so fingers crossed.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on January 12, 2017:

Hi again Ducks! Can I just call you Ducks?

Hmmm I thought it wasnt surprising because even if Ichigo never even looked at her romantically in the beginning, I thought that it was obvious, at least from Orihime's end, that she liked Ichigo. I can still vaguely remember that scene during Ichigo and Byakuya's fight, when Inoue can only stand and watch them, how she felt helpless because she can only watch them fight from afar or something like that. Yes he did not show any romantic interest towards anyone, but that wouldn't stop any character from falling in love with him.

They also fought together several times already, even if they weren't really close when the series started, so I don't think that counted as "someone she barely knows." Plus he saved her very early in the series, so it wasn't surprising at all that she fell for him. I also think that there were already several notable romantic hints, some were subtle and some weren't, so the ending shouldn't really be as shocking.

Anyway I completely understand why a lot of people hate the idea of romance in stories like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece but I would like to disagree with you when you said that "Kubo handled it rather stupidly and basically trashed it." I would like to think that the authors are putting a lot of thought, love, and feelings when they write their stories. And if it's not up to the readers'/viewers' liking, that doesn't mean it's trash.

As for One Piece, whether Oda decides to end it with or without romance, it wouldn't change the fact that it is probably one of the best stories ever written out there, so there ya go! :)

CrimsonFucker from Houston on January 11, 2017:

@Ayu Bi The "confession" in the HM arc was pretty random and it confused people because.. well.. the girl fell head over heals over someone she barely knows. (lets not forget Ichigo didn't blink twice at ANY girl.) To me it seemed more like a Disney thing to do and was rather dumb popping up. I liked her character but Kubo handled it rather stupidly and basically trashed it. She had potential but the fact that Kubo's writing plus the girl's naive attitude towards situations was hair pulling. Lets not forget the fact that Ichigo showed no interest in anyone and only wanted to protect his Nakama, but suddenly everyone is married with children. I was hoping Bleach wouldn't end like Naruto but sadly looks like it did, hopefully One Piece doesn't end that way..

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on January 08, 2017:

Hi Ducks, I respect your opinion if you think she's annoying. I understand a lot of people not liking her too. But I don't understand why it got confusing when she started to express her romantic feelings. What's wrong with an unrequited love? I really thought that her confession before the Hueco Mundo arc was quite powerful :)

CrimsonFucker from Houston on January 06, 2017:

Btw I am Ducks lol forgot to log in

Ducks on January 06, 2017:

Not to be rude but why isn't Orihime on here? It's rather confusing since the girl's personality is as bland as Alexis Rhodes from Yugioh GX. First time she was introduced I was ok with her and actually liked how goofy she was, but when she started to express romantic feelings for Ichigo it got confusing. Why would she like a guy who never blinked twice at her? Kubo could've done better with her personality and powers, since tbh she also had potential with that too. In the end she was just badly written and horribly obsessed with a guy she'd never end up with. (if it weren't for the ending which made no sense for ANY character.) Also begging a corpse to help you and not us (guess Ishida isn't a person) was quite selfish and dumb, it was her that requested to go to the fight. Another thing is the HM arc... yeah it's pretty summed up properly with "KUROSAKI KUN"

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on November 03, 2016:

Omg, I think we're opposites when it comes to preferences on female leads!

Naomi Starlight from Illinois on November 02, 2016:

What? I like Kikyo and hate Kagome. I like Erza and hate Haruhi Suzumiya, she's a borderline sociopath and a tyrannical bully. I do think Mikuru is a bit annoying because she's so exaggerated as a stereotype of girlishness.

LOL on July 06, 2016:

What the hell Erza is here !!!! And Where the hell is Sakura she annoys most of us to the core.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on March 12, 2016:

Sorry havent read/seen that yet because everyone said yuki's annoying :))

Fae on March 10, 2016:

No Yuki Cross/Kuran from Vampire Knight!? This list is flawed.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on November 10, 2015:

HELLO Tgbtgbtgbefvfebtgbhtrb LETS BE FRIENDS

Tgbtgbtgbefvfebtgbhtrb on November 09, 2015:

I'm hating all these Lucy comments here. Lucy is not useless look what she did in the Tartarus arc people! She saved the whole good for crying out loud!! She had to sacrifice her first friend to summon the spirit king! She defeated a demon people!!!!(I don't care if I spoiled) She ain't useless open your eyes haters! She isn't weak either. Summoning a spirit takes up a lot of magic. Basically the spirits are using her magic without Lucy's magic they would be weak. Now with erza....... Omg I dont know where to start.... Ok let's see here I'll list some reasons. In the beginning she was a good character and was my favorite once (but now my favorite is lucy) but after the tower of heaven arc I started to dislike her. She wins her fights in the most BS way tbh every fight is with her getting beaten at first but then remembers her friends and gets a nakama power up and wins by one shotting them. The Tartarus arc happened....... She was fighting the demon kyouka loses her 5 senses and all of a sudden she starts fighting wthout her senses??? But the freaking blue cat happy just had to say...." It's because she's erza" OMG HAPPY JUST HAD TO SAY THAT!!!! Then I completely disliked her character. She's just a Mary Sue.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on July 12, 2015:

Well I like Sinon too!

Maki on July 07, 2015:

Well... I suppose it does explain why you dislike certain characters, but my point is that it is unfair. Especially when you're a blogger- and a good one at that- you need to keep a neutral voice. I'm not an expert, so don't mind me ;) But my point is that Sachi's personality is likable. She's probably the best SAO girl along with Sinon. Nanami is also a dependable and independant character. But well, each to their own.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on June 14, 2015:

Hi Maki, as 123 has pointed out, who is annoying for me seems to be biased by my shipping preferences, which I agreed on. That explains it all I guess :))

Maki on June 13, 2015:

So being a crybaby basically gives Haruhi a right to bully her? No. Haruhi sexually harasses her. Mikuru’s clearly mentioned to be attractive if you’re observant enough, so I don’t see why Kyon shouldn’t like her. You dislike Mikuru because she ruins Kyon/Haruhi? You’ve got to be superficial.

You dislike damsels-in-distress, and yet Asuna isn’t mentioned anywhere on this list. And hating a character because she/he ruins your OTP isn’t actually a legitimate reason to hate a characters. You like a character because of their personality and their relationship with other characters- not their boyfriend’s relationship with other characters. Don’t tell me you dislike Sachi because Kirito fell for her! Sachi can’t manipulate the emotions of those around her! It’s not her fault Kirito fell for her!

I’m going to quote something now: Sorata and Mashiro’s relationship is practically built around this idea of inequality. Physically, Mashiro is completely dependent on Sorata, but mentally, Sorata is inferior to Mashiro. He puts her on this pedestal, seeing her as this aloof genius who motivates him from afar. Either through obliviousness or sheer insensitivity (I see it as a bit of both) he refuses to acknowledge Mashiro as a girl. Frankly, Sorata’s feelings of ineptitude are a huge barrier most of the time. Unless he can bring himself to accept himself for who he is, I don’t see him ever really accepting Mashiro as a lover despite his ginormous crush on her.

I do see this situation between them improving somewhat by the end of the series, but Sorata is just a guy who is easily discouraged from anything he tries. As soon as he fails, he starts lashing

I like relationships that lack a heavy emotional burden. The important thing about Sorata x Nanami isn’t that they are equal – it’s that they perceive themselves as equal. They relate to each other a lot. They don’t feel intimidated by the other’s talent and they inspire each other to work hard. While Sorata has all this budding chemistry with Mashiro, his relationship with Nanami is much less dysfunctional and much more likely to survive in the long run.

When Sorata is with Nanami he is less of a tsukkomi and more of an actually normal teenage boy. Now make no mistake, I love Sorata as a tsukkomi character. But in a series full of wackos he needs to have someone nice who will keep him sane. I like the side of himself that he shows around Nanami. He’s less frustrated, more self-confident, kinder, gentler.

Instead of blabbling ‘annoying’ like an idiot, would you bother expalination why these characters are NOT likable? Please don’t give me the excuse ‘she ruins Kirito/Asuna’ or ‘she ruins ‘Sachi/Ki

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on May 30, 2015:

Hi 123, I think so too!!! :)))

123 on May 29, 2015:

I think your opinions on how annoying a character is are biased by your shipping preferences.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on May 20, 2015:

Will check Honey and Clover out, Zaku-Hime!! Thanks for leaving a comment :D

Zaku-Hime!! on May 20, 2015:

I find Rika harada from Honey and Clover hell annoying too

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on May 17, 2015:

Hi whateverwilldo!

I realized this too: "i can pretty much sum up that you're an asuna and orihime fan, which is why you find the characters who get in the way of your ship annoying."

Thanks for the comment! ;)

whateverwilldo on May 17, 2015:

views on annoying characters sure are subjective, huh?

while i haven't got a clue who some of these guys are, i can pretty much sum up that you're an asuna and orihime fan, which is why you find the characters who get in the way of your ship annoying.

on the other hand, i dislike both the aforementioned characters. asuna for lacking of much personality and orihime for being... well, herself - useless.

i find sachi and suguha as great characters because of their complex and realistic personality, like i can feel their pain or something like that.

anyway, i don't really find many characters annoying but nina is for sure, deserves the hate.

oh, and honestly, i find lucy (fairytail) and inori (guilty crown) annoying and that's pretty much it, i guess.

ght on March 23, 2015:

What? No Lisa from Zankyou no Terror?

WTF on March 16, 2015:

Dude why are Erza and Rukia in this list, I have no idea how you find Erza more annoying than that piece of shitty tits Lucy, needs to be saved in every freaking battle, cries every second. I can't remember one story arc where doesn't have to be saved.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on January 08, 2015:

Hi the rude sandstorm!

Thanks for sharing your opinion :) I agree that Kikyo seems nice as an individual character. Its just that when I put myself in Kagome's shoes, it must have hurt a lot for her because InuYasha still loved Kikyo, probably more than he loved Kagome at the time. I just happened to dislike her for that selfish reason haha.

Thanks for dropping by :)

the rude sandstorm on January 08, 2015:

Haha I read all your replies to the's nice how you let them have an opinion and not yell back at them. ;-) Must be hard, since there were some comments that were pretty mean...

I dislike all characters with big breasts and/or show them, because it's plain disturbing.

I haven't watched most of the animes you are watching, but I actually love Kikyo...I like the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome best, but as an individual character, I absolutely love Kikyo.

Just my opinion. :)

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on December 16, 2014:


I TOTALLY GET IT!!! Cheers! :))

MeliAYCMW on December 15, 2014:

Suguha makes my skin crawl. I feel like I SHOULDN'T hate her like this, but I just do. She's the reason I've been putting off SAO Season 2. I like Asuna, hell I like Sachi, she was. .okay. But. Just. Suguha. Just. I don't even know.

*tugs at hair*

I guess we're sort of similar that way. ..? I think I would like all the girls in the harem if the other girls didn't exist. If you get what I mean.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on December 04, 2014:

Hi Animefan20!

Thanks for sharing! XD

I will have to disagree that she realized that her feelings for Kirito, her cousin is wrong, because in the first place, no one even said that it's wrong to fall for your cousin or fall in love with anyone for that matter. Second, she still obviously likes/loves him, as of season 2 ending. I agree that the way her character has been developed/built up to now is good. My dislike for her is something personal, the same way I hate "all the other girls" in harem stories! Thus, the same goes for Rukia! :p

Will try watching Madoka Magica so I get to judge how "annoying" or not Madoka is!


Animefan20 on November 27, 2014:

I personally like Suguha and felt she had a lot of character development-she even realizes her feelings for her cousin are wrong, but was she screwed over? Yes, if your cousin was hospitalized in a death game for over two years and you didn't understand what was going on in his life, you'd want to be more clingy and protective of him, too. Plus, she honestly didn't know he was Kirito. It hurt to see Kirito holding Asuna's hand where Sugu could see, because from her point of view, her brother's slipping away from her and in love with someone he only knows online. But she has her own life. She manages. She's decently written. Asuna kinda became useless in the Fairy Dance Arc. I always liked Sachi and cried when she died.

As for Risa, HELL YES. The scene where she breaks Daisuke's heart by coldly saying, 'let's just be friends!' Without giving any thoughts to his feelings...ugh. As for Rukia, well, I admire that Ichigo didn't go for her simply because of her breast size or because she's a price.

It's an equal relationship. They really do get each other well and I love how the writer had them as reluctant partners at first and their arguing is hysterical and then has it grow into friendship and love. They love each other for who they are, and that's why I adore it. But Rukia's a strong character. As for Nina, ugh, no one likes her.

Another character that gets on my nerves is Madoka from Madoka Magica. All she does is cry at everything and never fights back.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on November 11, 2014:

Haha. Thanks Schemes!

Schemes on November 08, 2014:

Good list, nice to see a more basic opinion rather than a monologue about why you shouldn't hate annoying characters. Personally found Haru more annoying but yeah Ryoko is a piece of work too. About half way through Full metal and yeah, the albino captain really gets on my nerves, nothing is ever her fault because she worked hard to get where she is (wah wah) and she is meant to be a professional yet undermines her staff and admits to loving her subordinate openly. I'm hoping something changes my opinion of her later though...

Phantom bullet on October 17, 2014:

Sakura from Naruto would-be be THE most annoying character ever. Everything what she do is Sasuke sasuke sasuke sasuke Sasuke sasuke sasuke sasuke Sasuke sasuke sasuke sasuke Sasuke sasuke sasuke sasuke

I am pretty sick of it

Andrew Po on October 02, 2014:

I completely agree about Suguhu and many others, but not Aoyama. She's pretty much the only normal girl from the cast.

What annoys me the most though are those hyperactive "lol so random" girls like Kushieda Minori from Toradora.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on September 18, 2014:

will an email ad do?

see you there!

asunaxkirito on September 18, 2014:

Haha okay! What's ur name on fb? I'll find u.

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on September 16, 2014:

Hello asunaxkirito!

I am very happy to hear that we share a lot in common! :)) I agree, the harem must have something to do with it.

And yes please, we should be friends! Want and fb add or something? :D

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on September 16, 2014:

Hi, minato! I actually don't find Sakura particularly annoying. But I hate it that Naruto likes her. NarutoxHinata forever.

Hi Milkcananime, haha. Renge is just funny for me. I don't dislike her much :D Peace!

asuna×kirito on September 15, 2014:

OMG! I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOUR LIST! AND SOMEHOW THE ANIMES WE WATCH ARE QUITE SIMILAR!! HATE KYOKO,NANAMI AND MOSTLY SUGUHA! ok, I am not sure if I so strongly hate them because of the harem but I think guys should stick to one girl and in my opinion the prettiest and best character and they are all so weak. Btw im a complete fan of asuna × kirito!! ♥♥♥♥ I think we can be friends hahaha. No ofeence intended to those fans though we all have our own opinions!

Max Wong from Singapore on September 15, 2014:

For me, Renge's (Ouran High School Host Club) evil laughter is etched in my memory as one of the most annoying screechy female anime characters I know. I hate the way she enunciates the 'HO HO HOs' as she swivels up from some secret entrance.

minato on September 14, 2014:

I can't believe no one put HARUNO SAKURA on this list.

anime eater on August 13, 2014:

I think that Hinata deserves a place as she is so f ing annoying she just goes all shy around Naruto she should just hurry up and ask him out all ready she is doing my flipping head in!!!

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on August 10, 2014:

Thanks Silvie!

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on August 10, 2014:

Dont worry, not offended. Just no punching please 0.0


Frosch~ on August 10, 2014:

I have seriously no idea how I ended up at this site, but I'm laughing my ass off XDXDXD

I agree with some of them on the list, but because of some of them I really want to punch you :D

I don't really care and know about Suguha, because I dropped SAO before she even made an appearance in the game XD I do care about Sachi. She's not just a damsel in distress in my opinion. Sachi is just a girl who wanted to play a video game (I think that most of us would be like her). I think she's the most realistic in the damn harem. Well, not that I liked her a lot....

Next: Erza. I was in a state of shock when I saw here on your list. I mean, how can you dislike her? (Thinking about it, I somehow understand, but whatever) she isn't all about being bossy and badass. Out of all FT characters she's my favorite, with Frosch ^^

Okay, Erza wins most fights (but remember here, she's an S-class) but in FT the good guys always win, no matter what because of nakama power and all that crap...

Ok. I think I should stop writing now, because I'm afraid it will turn out to be a whole book.

Lastly, 'bout Erza, your "costumes reason" is not really a reason to be annoyed... Because pretty much all FT girls dress up in revealing ways (Lucy, Cana, Sherry/Sherrie, Gray, etc)

I don't mean to offend you, just my opinion

Frosch think so too~

Silvie on July 31, 2014:

Lol I liked Sachi in SOA XD the one I thought was annoying was that crybaby bitch Asuna, but that's my opinion.

PandaShake on July 23, 2014:

i smelled a little bit of shade, i did

saber on July 21, 2014:

really I don't find any of them annoying at all

Mirajane on June 18, 2014:

what makes Erza much more annoying is that she never seems to lose in the manga or in the anime. Like she's about to lose then bam, one-shot win. Even Natsu has lost at least once (Fukuro if you know him)

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on June 17, 2014:

Hi AnnoyedByallThoseErzaFanboys!

Well, I can tolerate most tsunderes except for Erza. ;D

AnnoyedByallThoseErzaFanboys on June 17, 2014:

I'm glad that somebody knows how I feel for me she's way too overrated and I don't really like her either. Yes, she's strong but her character is just sooo annoying I Don't get why everyone thinks of her as the Best Female of all Time and hate or insult Those who don't think the Way they do, Trust me there are Tons of Fanboys who think so especially in Facebook or Youtube. I Expected Yuno or some tsunderes to be here.

Can I have Suguha instead on June 04, 2014:

Ok. So this post is painful to my eyes but I do agree with the others.

Some I'd like to highlight though.


Sachi is as normal as you can get. She's playing a game one moment, fighting to survive the next. It's actually surprising that she even stays sane til she died. Realistically speaking, she's normal. I would've shipped her and Kirito but found it wouldn't have worked out. Level gap and all. Then came Asuna and well, she's every man's dream.

Kuchiki Rukia

Rukia's voice sucked. Can't argue with that. Yeah Orihime was lonely, sure but it was partly her fault for being the shy type. Rukia on the other hand was loud, abnoxious and an asshole but that's her charm. Then came her powerup and meh.

Erza Scarlet

Her personality seems too forced for my taste so you got me there. Also, really? Steel-plate lingerie?

Aoyama Nanami

Nanami is an innocent, hardworking, slightly awkward and shy girl. She likes Sorata but never really made any attempt significant enough to catch the guy's attention. Not annoying, just sad. Especially when she *spoiler* failed her audition

Kirigaya Suguha

You can't really blame her. There is no magic resist strong enough to counter the harem aura. I still can't fully understand how she came to like Kazuto after he went jerk-mode for the last few years but maybe she understood that he didn't want to see her as a sister. Maybe she thought he saw her as a woman (and not simply because he's a socially awkward loner guy who just figured out his sister was a lie) and remembered back when he wasn't being a jerk, how nice, cool and loving he is.

Knowing then that he's an ideal boyfriend material, she tried to jump the chance (because cousins are fair game in Japan. No seriously.) but failed horridly. She tried to look for a shoulder to cry on to and maybe some jeans to ride but failed even more spectacularly as she fell inlove with her brother again.

Maybe i'm overanalyzing it or maybe i'm just damn good but long story short, she got the shortest end of the stick in the game. She's a heart-eyed hormonal, slightly delusional teenager looking for some loving and coincidentally found her ideal guy in her cousin. She's not annoying, she's just hated by the world and the writer that she got shit on one-two-many-times. If I was an anime character however, I'd tap that.

lol on May 26, 2014:

lol. you find erza annoying but not lucy? LOL

ADayToRemember on April 05, 2014:

I voted for first place. I hate her soo much. I hate harems bullshit of life annoying some female characters i hate when there's some thot in the middle of the couple i want together i just wanna strangle so many times. I hate the female reverse harems thots. They are soo annoying because all they do is cry and become weak fuck that

ADayToRemember on April 05, 2014:

i agree about Asahina Mikuru God shes sooo annoying i agree from all your reasons. The fact that the guy is more interest in herbecuse of apperance makes me want to strangle both Haruhi is amazing. she's amazingly unique i love her

ADayToRemember on April 05, 2014:

I HATEEEEE lucy heartfilla from fairytail she is so weak it annoys me. Also the fact that shes involved in everything but has no power in the least sense annoys me also. She complains to much. All she does is scream. I think the only reason shes in fairytail is prop because of her dressing and a need for ecchi moments in fairytail. She cries too much. She is such a wimp. What does she help with in the guild? i have the least idea. Juvia,Erza,Levi,Cana,mirajane are my favs they re each unique in their own ways. Whereas, Lucy is the typical ecchi-must-be in anime type of girl, the rich, main character, useless, and whiny

Ayu (author) from Sorajima on March 29, 2014:

I kind of liked Lisbeth too

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