'The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part' (2019) Movie Review

Updated on November 4, 2019

My Thoughts on Legos

Loved them as a kid, thought they hurt like a b*tch to step on.

Oh yes... let those Nam flashbacks hit ya!
Oh yes... let those Nam flashbacks hit ya!

My Thoughts on the Lego Movies

2014’s The Lego Movie, I love. I absolutely adore the first film, I still re-watch it every now and again because I find it to be that much fun. I consider The Lego Movie to be a high mark for all children’s’ movies. I can pop it in right now, still have a great time laughing from start to finish. The Lego Batman Movie was a movie that seemed to have won over everyone else, while I simply thought it was okay. Wasn’t bad, I just didn’t find it all that funny. It was more determined to jam pack the movie with a bunch of references rather than legitimate jokes, in my opinion. The Lego Ninjago Movie had its moments, also didn’t find it all that funny. That cat was probably the best part. Now we have finally reached the official sequel to The Lego Movie after five long years and what are my thoughts? Dun dun dun!

Don't hurt me...
Don't hurt me...

The Plot

Five years have past since the destruction of Bricksburg, leaving our heroes from the first venture living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Until one day a warrior named General Mayhem (Stephanie Beatriz) takes captive Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett), Unikitty (Alison Brie), MetalBeard (Nick Offerman), and Benny the Astronaut (Charlie Day). Taking them to the evil Queen Watevra (Tiffany Haddish) for some diabolically evil plans of evil. It’s up to Emmet (Chris Pratt) and his new friend Rex Dangervest (Chris Pratt again) to save the day!

I'm totally not evil.
I'm totally not evil.

This Is Going to be Tough…

I’m struggling a little bit here because I don’t want to criticize The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part too much since not even a week ago I fell victim to watching Norm of the North 2: Keys to the Kingdom, that was an atrocious mess. With this film though, I do have problems with it, but at least this movie actually tries. That being said, the problems I have with Lego Movie 2 really irked me. No, I don’t think it’s a bad movie. But it is another installment that I found to be somewhat of a letdown. Something that the rest of the world seems to disagree with me on. Maybe I’m the jackass here, but it’s how I feel.

The Progression of Digression

For the first fifteen to twenty minutes, I was actually pretty into it. I was having a good time and kept laughing at some funny gags. I personally enjoyed watching Emmet maintaining an extremely optimistic attitude inside of a world that looks straight out of Mad Max. That gave me some pretty decent chuckles honestly. The pace was just as quick and fun as I remembered from the first movie, I was all around having a good time. Then I’m not sure what exactly happened, but the laughs grew further and further apart. Not that the movie stopped telling jokes, I just didn’t find the ones they were making all that funny. Never in a eyerolling type of way though, I simply sat there silently watching.

That smile is just so infectious.
That smile is just so infectious.
Me when the world goes to heck.
Me when the world goes to heck.

After a while the pace became exhausting, the constant references were boring me, rarely any of the jokes landed, and the on-the-nose parallels the Lego world was making with the real world started to annoy me. The moral itself was blatant from the start, which resulted in me waiting for the story to catch up on what I’ve already figured out ninety minutes prior. Sadly, this turned into a relatively difficult sit. Even in those first twenty minutes that I liked, I was kind of getting irritated about how many times the characters would reference the song “Everything is Awesome”. Something that they do so many times in this movie that I almost never want to hear those words ever again. Because of how much the characters bring that song up and sing multiple variations of it, in the third act when there’s supposed to be a pretty emotional moment revolving around that song, I’m not feeling it. Not at all. I’m sitting there grunting at the movie to f*ck off. It would be like if in Toy Story 3 had the characters constantly reference Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” a dozen times and then tried singing a sad version of it in the third act climax. It loses the weight it could have had.

Let's say the title every thirty seconds because that was a thing from the first movie!
Let's say the title every thirty seconds because that was a thing from the first movie!

That also reminds me… the cynical music numbers that would not stop. Sometimes, briefly, very briefly, they would be fine. Mostly they felt like an attempt to recapture “Everything is Awesome” and they did not work nearly as well. There’s literally a song called “This Song’s Going to Get Stuck Inside Your Head”, all it does is repeat the title over and over again. “Everything is Awesome” did that too, to an extent, but that felt genuine and incorporated way more thought into it. The “Stuck Inside Your Head” song is just the creators thinking that they are being clever by being obvious with what the goal of the tune is, but it feels lazy and obnoxious. After hearing it repeated so many times I thought about muting the movie honestly. Not going to lie, I thought real hard about adlibbing the rest of the movie with it being muted. I didn’t. I was close though…

Kill me.
Kill me.

It’s Not All Bad

I’m harping on this movie way more than it deserves, it really wasn’t all bad. There was occasionally just enough to hold onto in order to make it through to the end. Chris Pratt as Emmet and Rex had some solid laughs in there. I enjoyed Rex Dangervest being a parody on Pratt’s action roles, there was some clever stuff there. Even his origin story had good ideas in it that held my interest. The resolution with his character could have been fine if the movie allowed for the emotion to set in, but it didn’t, so that was a little disappointing. Other than that, I enjoyed Emmet and Rex from time to time.

Rex has a spaceship full of side-kick raptors, that's awesome.
Rex has a spaceship full of side-kick raptors, that's awesome.

There was a running gag with Bruce Willis that actually got to me a few times, it was simple and out of nowhere, but it kept making me laugh so I liked it. Really has nothing to do with the plot or anything else for that matter. It’s a random special guest appearance by Bruce Willis in the most random of moments, I was okay with that though. All films could use more Bruce Willis. I’m just saying.

I know that things have been rough since 'A Good Day to Die Hard', Bruce, but... you gotta move out from living in vents, man.
I know that things have been rough since 'A Good Day to Die Hard', Bruce, but... you gotta move out from living in vents, man.

The animation is absolutely gorgeous, I mean, there is some stunning work done here. It possibly surpasses any of its predecessors in regards of the animation quality shown in Lego Movie 2. From the character and vehicle movements, the environment designs, the color schemes, and the textures for everything was perfect. I was convinced that I was looking at living Legos, I really was. The animators, modelers, designers, VFX artists, etc. do not sleepwalk one bit through this movie. They do their damn jobs like true professionals, which I completely admired. Something that the Norm of the North people could learn from for their stupid ass polar bear adventures… lazy bastards.


Where I Come Down

Where I come down on this movie is simply the fact that I don’t find it all that funny. If I found it funny, I could forgive pretty much any other issue I had with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t laugh all that much after the twenty minute mark. It’s not bad, it’s perfectly fine for kids. Honestly, the whole family could probably have a good time with this. Me personally, I don’t know, I was not into it. Maybe I’ll have to revisit it sometime and it might hold up better upon a second viewing. For my initial reaction to it, I’m not mad, but I’m not satisfied with the final result either. There are certainly aspects to enjoy, it’s almost like when there was a bad Muppets movie back in the day. The characters are so lighthearted and likable, it’s hard to get mad at it. That’s kind of how I feel about the Lego movies that haven’t succeeded on the levels of the first one, I can’t get all that mad because the cast is a bunch of adorable yellow blocks.

Overall, the movie is harmless. It’s fine. There’s not a whole lot to love for the older audience, but there’s plenty to entertain the little ones I’m sure. The voice acting is all A grade material, the animation is some of the best around, the story does have a decent heart and moral to it, there are some funny things occasionally, this isn’t a bad flick by any stretch of the imagination. I just think that it could have been a much stronger follow-up than what we ultimately ended up with. Which is strange, considering this has the same writers credited for the screenplay, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Although maybe they put more of their focus into Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse from late last year. Granted, Lego Movie 2 is also under a different director this time around… from the man that brought us classics such as Trolls and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked… we were totally in good hands… To be fair, Mike Mitchell has made a couple of decent flicks, so I can’t be too hard on him. I just wonder if Lord and Miller had directed The Lego Movie 2 whether this would have been on par with the original or about the same as it is now. Who knows. Oh well.

Even at our worst... you still kinda like us!
Even at our worst... you still kinda like us!

Could Be Far Worse...

I will say this… it’s not nearly as creepy as The Laygo Movie. So there’s that.

I think you can guess where this is going...
I think you can guess where this is going...

What's Your Favorite Lego?

Out of the theatrical releases, what is your favorite Lego movie?

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That’s All Folks!

That’s all that I got on the sentient toys that assemble and break apart in forever an eternity. What did you think of my review though? Like or dislike? Agree or disagree? Wish my head would pop off? Comment down below and let me know! And if you so happened to enjoy my review, please do me a favor and share this article around the social media world. Thank you all so much for reading, have yourselves and BRICKERRIFIC day… I think I’m getting worse.

© 2019 John Plocar


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