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Characters That Look Like an EVA Unit

Mamerto Adan is a feature writer who is back in college once again. Science is one of his favorite topics.


Call me childish, but I have an extremely wild imagination. Some jerks might dismiss this as a sign of insanity but it comes in handy when I’m thinking of what to write next. And I need all that working creativity when dealing with my day job. Rants taken aside, I see normal objects differently than most people. When they talk about a drinking glass on a table, it could be more than just a drinking glass to me. Maybe it is made up of kryptonite and the table it is sitting on is a gate to an underground stairway leading to…

Let’s leave it that way.

Now that you witnessed my eccentricity first hand, I also tend to relate what I love to everyday stuff. And when I talk about the Evangelion series, you might have guessed how I see it everywhere around me.

It could be that the Evangelion series is an influential anime or I watched too many NGEs, but I’m seeing it everywhere now. Whether or not it is affecting my thinking like what it did to its poor pilots, there are cases where I see orange juice as LCL, or when a friend drives a car and how I reckon he forgot his plug suit. And somehow there are things in anime and films that bring in mind those over-sized monstrosities. And below are just some of the few that will remind me of an EVA unit.


Yes, I know. Being a popular anime, there are a lot of mecha designs that look like an EVA unit. So how come there are only few down below? There are simply too many and we only have a limited space. Not all came from anime though. You will find one that came elsewhere. Feel free to comment below what you feel but make sure it is well reasoned.

Now let’s get going!

1.Fuji (Rurouni Kenshin)

The EVA of samurai era.

The EVA of samurai era.

Remember that giant member of Juppongatana who wrecked Aoiya? He is Shishio’s big man (literally). And he looks very familiar.

This comes as no surprise as the armored Fuji was based on an EVA unit. As Watsuki stated, his overall armor design was based from the Unit 02, though the facial mask and helmet came from the Unit 01. Aside from that, the Nausicaa's giants and the Frost Giants served as inspirations. Even the way he moved around looks so EVA. The slightly slouched posture and the slim build are also reminiscent of the cyborg units. I only learned of this connection a few years ago when I did some research. But when I first saw Fuji emerging in the smoke carrying the noisy Saizuchi, I thought, "What is Shinji’s unit doing there?" I almost gazed in the background looking for his cameo.

2. Ghirarga (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE)

When an EVA strayed into space.

When an EVA strayed into space.

This monster came from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Officially it is known as the XVT-ZGC Ghirarga and is piloted by Zeheart Galette, the mask clad antagonist of the show. Now I won’t go into further details about this Mobile Suit, but at first glance, an EVA unit will swim to my mind. In fact, it is a mix of EVA 01 and EVA 02 with live funnels. The head unit looks like it never came from the Gundam universe. It never had a snapping jaw though, but the overall structure resembles that of the Unit 01. It even had a fin that resembles the Unit 01 horn. The wing-like thingy on its shoulder is its version of the EVA’s shoulder binders. It is also slimmer than most mobile suits in the show. And the laser-blasting orb on its shoulder resembles an Angel Core. I could say this is the Gundam’s version of an EVA unit and I could come up with a fan theory that it is a later version of the EVA.

And do note that it is not an EVA inspired mecha. The resemblance is all coincidence.

3. Han’nya (Rurouni Kenshin)

Now if only the Unit 03 had claws

Now if only the Unit 03 had claws

Now this comparison is highly subjective.

I like Han’nya. Among the many anomalies of the Oni gang, he is the best. In fact, he is far better than most of his team members and one of the few that could make the Battousai bleed. And somehow the color of his outfit down to his stance made him resemble an Angel infected Unit 03 (at least how I see it).

Okay, he is not connected with any Evangelion characters in any ways. The demonic mask, extendable arms (illusions actually), and the lean and slouchy build is all original Han’nya. Watsuki created the coolest Aoshi minion without any Evangelion in mind. But again, the lean slouchy build, extending arms and the outfit color will bring an EVA unit in mind. And then there is the unmasking, something that indirectly parallels the entity inside every EVA unit.

4. Eagle’s Mashin (Rayearth OVA)

Magical girls worst nightmare.

Magical girls worst nightmare.

I always thought that the Rayearth OVA is underrated. Magic Knight Rayearth is one of the few Shojo anime I loved. Take note that being a guy, any Sailor Moon stuff is a hard sell to me. Yet the action adventure motif and some not so childish moments of Magic Knight Rayearth made me an instant fan. I was pretty excited when they released the OVA. Oh sweet nostalgia! I really enjoyed the show and somewhere in the OVA after they wrecked Zagato’s mashin, something familiar came out. Now what was that? The half open mask, exposed fanged jaws, glassy eyes, organic feel, and helmet shape all bring back the memory of Unit 01, only with bat wings. That was actually Eagle’s mashin, a very different and rather monstrous incarnation. It looks very EVA in many ways and this would probably be what NERV would come up with if they had access to magic.

5. The Xenomorph (Alien Franchise)

Both are suggestive.

Both are suggestive.

The only non-anime entry to make it into the list.

This one came years before the Evangelion series. This is why Geiger became my favourite visual artist. His sensual, nightmarish, and fierce depiction of an alien race became an icon of sci-fi. This is perhaps one of the few Hollywood alien species that got really serious. Most of the aliens at that time looked goofy and cartoonish. This one feels realistic and convincing. Now I included this interstellar demon here in this list as it parallels an EVA unit in many ways. Although it is not a piloted organic mecha, the xenomorph looks oddly robotic. It bears Geiger’s signature biomechanical design and seriously, an Eva will come in mind as it is a biomechanical organism in itself. In addition, this alien species slouched a bit and is built like an EVA (the slim frame).

And then the production EVA’s head is also elongated…

6. Wakiji (Sakura Wars)

The only thing I liked about Sakura Wars.

The only thing I liked about Sakura Wars.

I was excited with Sakura Wars at first, with the memory of Magic Knight Rayearth still fresh in my mind. But as it turns out, it is not the right anime for me. I don’t like the themes and the mecha in the series. Some characters are pathetic, though it made its lead character Sakura stand out. One of the few things I like is the mass-produced demonic mecha thingy Wakiji. It looks like a cross between an Angel and an EVA. The way it moves around, the fleshy and lean build, and the way it goes into a rampage reminds me greatly of an EVA. And compared to the stubby teapot that the lead character pilots, this EVA-like beast is 200 times cooler; I mean it looks more amazing than those walking kettles.


bob on February 08, 2020:

pretty accurate

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