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Sakura Haruno: Why Does She Get So Much Hate?

Amber has spent the last couple of years, dedicated to learning everything there is to know about the Naruto franchise.

"Sakura Haruno Part I"

"Sakura Haruno Part I"

Why the Hate?

Sakura held a big role in the series as the only female member of team 7. During part one, she usually stayed on the sidelines. She would typically guard the person that they were assigned to protect or do another menial task. To be frank, she was usually crying. This is part of the reason she receives hate from the fanbase, but it's not the only reason. In this article, we're gonna look into some reasons for the hate to help new fans or fans of Sakura understand why this character is despised.

1.) Her Treatment of Naruto

Since the beginning of the series, Naruto has had a puppy crush on Sakura. He could be a bit pushy, but he was very protective. She always mistreated him and blew him off in favor of Sasuke, even to the point that Sasuke had to stand up and shut her down. An example of this was Sakura making fun of Naruto for being an orphan to Sasuke, who is also an orphan.

She also punched Naruto a lot. Now I know that this is typical tsundere behavior, but she'd punch him when he saved her, or when he was trying to help her. In part one (while Sasuke was still present), she'd only be kind to Naruto when she thought it would capture Sasuke's attention. I know it was supposed to be comic relief, but a lot of us never found it funny.

Sakura being angry at Naruto.

Sakura being angry at Naruto.

2.) Her Feelings for Sasuke

So this is a bit tricky to explain because her feelings alone aren't the problem, but it's the way she handles it and the way she allows it to hold her back. Most of us have been there or will experience a love that consumes us in our lives and that's okay. However, Sakura only had a crush on Sasuke at first, and getting his attention was more important to her than becoming a strong kunoichi. I'm sure her feelings escalated, but she still barely knew Sasuke and still felt that she held the right to claim him when he gave her no reason to believe that he wanted to be claimed. Sometimes she would have moments where she showed strength and it seemed like she had grown, but as soon as Sasuke was in front of her, she just became a blubbering mess. Her feelings for him also pushed her to do some pretty uncool things, like mistreating her friends. Here are a few examples.

  • Ino was her best friend when they were children and she cut her off completely when she realized that Ino liked Sasuke too. They were children when that happened, but they continued to bicker and fight until they were in their 20s.
  • When Sasuke was prepared to leave the village, she was prepared to follow. She was ready to leave all of her family and friends and go rogue. She was ready to do all of this over a superficial crush. The only reason she stayed is because Sasuke didn't want her there. The Will of Fire must have fallen through here.
  • Lying about her feelings to Naruto so she could kill Sasuke because she felt that it was her "responsibility." This is another example of her feeling that she had staked a claim to Sasuke and that he was hers to kill if he steps out of line. Even if she wasn't able to, that thought was still in her head.
Sakura attempting to kill Sasuke while he was rogue.

Sakura attempting to kill Sasuke while he was rogue.

3.) Her Abilities

For me, her abilities are actually fairly low on the list of reasons to dislike her. However, it may be important for a lot of people, so I'll bring it up. In my opinion, Sakura isn't useless, but her abilities are not up to par for the role she plays in the show.

  • Super strength is cool and all, but a lot of the time she is only capable of supporting others in confrontation. She typically has to stand back and make sure the others on her team stay alive. Her super strength is honestly used more on Naruto than actual opponents.
  • Her medic abilities are nothing special compared to other people in the series because there are plenty of others. I don't know how others feel about it, but I think that Sakura wouldn't be called useless as much if she had abilities that made her stand out against regular side characters.
Sakura healing Naruto during the war.

Sakura healing Naruto during the war.

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