Reasons Why Bob's Burgers Is the Best Animated Series Ever Made

Updated on October 31, 2018
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I have always had a passion for movies as I spend most of my days watching them and ranting about them, so why not share my opinions online?

Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom that follows the everyday lives of the Belcher family, which includes the parents Bob and Linda and their children Tina, Gene and Louise, who run a burger restaurant. Bob often struggles with finding success as his rival Jimmy Pesto owns a pizza restaurant across the street, which makes business slow and his life difficult. The kids are often getting into trouble, but so do the parents, so it balances it out and makes each member of the family likeable. Bob’s Burgers is mainly a comedic animation sitcom, but it also includes many musical numbers in every episode, which makes it stand out from other animated TV shows.

Bento Box Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television produce and distribute this TV show after the creator Loren Bouchard developed Home Movies. So far there have been eight complete seasons, which have 150 episodes altogether. However, the show was renewed for a ninth season, which premiered at the end of September 2018. Each episode runs for 21 minutes.

Bob and Linda:

Bob is the father and husband in the series who owns the restaurant with his wife Linda. He is a sarcastic character who has a passion for cooking and drinking with Linda, as well as creating clever puns for his ‘Burger of the Day’. Linda is the loyal wife to Bob, who always wants to have fun with the family and make them all happy despite the miserable situations they find themselves in. She is very optimistic and positive and enjoys breaking out into musical numbers throughout all the seasons.

Tina, Gene and Louise

Tina is the oldest of the children and she struggles with her relationships with girls at her school and her obsession with boys, including her love for writing zombie fan fiction. Tina also struggles with her schoolwork and she is more reserved than her siblings.

Gene is the middle child of the Belcher children and loves making music on his keyboard. He enjoys writing plays and composing songs for various occasions. He is very upbeat and enthusiastic, similarly to Linda. Gene is loyal to his family, but he gets easily distracted by everything he sees, which can get the kids into a lot of trouble. Gene is also un-athletic and struggles to keep up with the other kids due to his love of food.

Louise is the youngest of the Belcher children and is a tough character who enjoys pranking people due to her manipulative and aggressive personality, which results in many issues for the family. However, she is intelligent and has a dark sense of humour which makes her an interesting character to watch. She also wears her signature pink bunny ears at all times, no matter what, which is very distinctive to her.


This show can be watched by people of all ages, but parent supervision may be advised due to some of the themes, like occasional strong language and adult humour. However, most of the humour intended for adults is subtle and young children will most likely not understand the jokes so there is no harm in them. It is mainly a comedic show made to make people laugh, so people of all ages can enjoy Bob’s Burgers.


To conclude, you need to watch this show! Now go and do it!

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5 stars for Bob's Burgers

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