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6 Reasons Why Robin Is the Strongest Teen Titan

Jeremy explores many topics as he juggles his passion for writing with his career as a chemical analyst and campus manager.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans

Robin in Teen Titans

Among all his mutant allies, Robin's certainly not the strongest, physically; Starfire and Cyborg's superhuman strength could easily best him. In fact, Robin is the only individual on his five-member team without any superhuman abilities, which you would think would render him the weakest link. But by examining several fights throughout the series, we build a compelling case for Robin's superiority.

With his tactics, speed, and gadgets, Robin outmatches any other single Titan when it comes to combat. Don't believe me? Here are six reasons why Robin is the strongest Teen Titan!



6. He Defeated Cinderblock

Episode: "The Apprentice (Part 1)"

Here, Robin and friends are pursuing Slade, who has threatened the city with a temporal bomb. During the chase, Robin gets separated from his companions and faces the imposing rock-monster Cinderblock (who has previously fought the entire team simultaneously) alone.

It's possible Cinderblock threw the fight on Slade's orders, but even if that's true, I'm not sure he would have won against the furious onslaughts we witness from Robin in this episode.

Robin vs. Terra

Robin vs. Terra

5. He Defeated Terra (Sort of)

Episode: "Aftershock"

Blond-haired Terra, a girl able to manipulate the soil beneath her, struggles to find acceptance of her latent abilities. After a misunderstanding causes her to leave the Titans, she winds up under Slade's wing, taking Robin's old position as his apprentice. Under his orders and wearing a suit that augments her strength, she separates the Titans, conquering them one by one.

Terra ultimately defeats Robin, but only because she was spared after he disarmed her in their brawl. Having been in her position himself, Robin's understanding of Terra's predicament causes him to hold back in their fight as he attempts to dissuade her of her misguided allegiance. His compassion fails to break through, but Robin managed to get a powerful foe on the ground at the end of his metal staff, and would have finished her had he focused on victory rather than persuasion.

Slade Bots

Slade Bots

4. He Thrashed Several Slade Bots Before His Team Could Beat One

Episode: "The Apprentice (Part 1)"

As mentioned earlier, in this episode, Robin and his team are investigating a lead on Slade, who has threatened to detonate a temporal bomb within the city. The five adolescents enter a warehouse, are quickly ambushed by dozens of Robot Commandos (Slade Bots), and prepare to fight back.

Robin, whose fury at Slade has been steadily rising, unleashes his anger and thrashes every last robot before his teammates can damage a single one. Robin's ruthless assault scares even his own companions, and it's astounding he wiped out an entire opposing force before his superpowered allies could beat any of them.

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Robin as Slade's apprentice

Robin as Slade's apprentice

3. He Fought His Entire Team

Episode: "Apprentice (Part 2)"

The second part of the Apprentice storyline features Robin being forced to work for Slade; if he disobeys, Slade will activate the deadly microprobes concealed within Robin's fellow Titans, killing them. With no choice but to help Slade's plans, Robin confronts his comrades aboard a rooftop and silently battles them. All at once! After a fairly-even battle, Robin eventually flees the encounter.

Admittedly, some of the Titans held back, hesitant to battle their friend, but the same can be said of Robin, who neglected to use the gadgets Slade provided (like a powerful thermal blaster). Regardless, matching all four at once proves just how proficient in battle Robin truly is.

Robin vs. Speedy

Robin vs. Speedy

2. He Won the Tournament of Heroes

Episode: "Winner Take All"

A mysterious and powerful alien, the Master of Games, transports several renowned warriors (Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Gizmo, Aqualad, Speedy, Wildebeest, and Hot Spot) to compete in a tournament determining the ultimate hero. Robin ultimately emerges victorious, having directly conquered Hot Spot, Wildebeest, and Speedy, adding several impressive notches under his belt.

Plus, after the tournament, Robin learns that the Master of Games has been stealing the powers of vanquished heroes. Despite facing a foe with the abilities of many champions, Robin successfully conquers this fearsome opponent (after damaging him and releasing some of his trapped allies).

Robin as Red X

Robin as Red X

1. He Fought His Entire Team (Again)

Episode: "Red X"

Prior to the Apprentice episodes, Robin dons the guise of the thieving "Red X," hoping to win Slade's trust and discern his motives. To make the deception convincing, Robin elects not to tell his team of his plan, going so far as to battle them multiple times to prove his worth.

Despite his team's genuine attempts to defeat him, Robin wipes the floor with his allies. Although Slade still sees through the guise, these contests show just how easily Robin—equipped with the right gadgets—can conquer his entire team, even when they go all out.

As if that weren't enough, Robin is the only member of his team to hold his own against the second Red X, an unknown figure (many suspect Jason Todd) who later steals the X suit.

Future of Teen Titans

Blurring the line between cartoon and anime, children's show and young adult series, Teen Titans endeared itself to thousands of fans. Although the show's parody sequel Teen Titans Go! hasn't received the same positive reception, many still hope for a true sequel or ending to their beloved series.

For now, the Teen Titans movie (Trouble in Tokyo) plus appearances in the more-adult DC animated films (like Justice League vs. Teen Titans) and the Netflix live-action series will suffice. As we continue to hope for more adolescent fun, vote for your favorite Titan, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

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Ced Yong from Asia on February 03, 2018:

Whom everybody wants to dress up as too. LOL.

Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana on February 03, 2018:


Agreed! Robin is often demoted to sidekick status, but here he shined as a leader. Combining the intellect and physical abilities of a Batman-trained fighter with the flaws of a teenager, he was a strong and relatable character.

Ced Yong from Asia on February 02, 2018:

I love this version of Robin. He's just so, OCD too.

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