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Not for Kids: 6 Hilarious Cartoons Similar to Family Guy

Updated on February 18, 2017

Family Guy has enjoyed popularity for years, and its comedy ranges from slapstick to offensive to downright dark, earning its fame all over the United States and beyond.

This type of comedy - an animated show with 'harsh' humour that is strictly unsuitable for children - not only lies with Family Guy. There are numerous American TV shows out there holding the same kind of shock value, offensive jokes and slapstick side-ticklers.

These kinds of cartoons are good to watch for people over the age of 18, in groups with friends, or alone if you need a chuckle. Please keep in mind these cartoons are NOT suitable for children and that viewer discretion is advised.

Here are some of the best out there. Grab the popcorn!

1. F is for Family

Produced by: Gaumont International Television

Though only one season has been made so far, F is for Family is a great dysfunctional comedy sitcom set in the 1970s. With father Bill Murphy's bad temper, the children demonstrating classic angst of teen and childhood and reminiscence of 1970s America, this funny sitcom is not only funny, but wickedly so.

F is for Family is currently showing on Netflix, so don't miss it!

Best line:
Bill Murphy: "Be nice to your sister. One day you'll be sleeping on her couch after your first divorce."

2. Rick and Morty

Produced by: Adult Swim

Rick and Morty is a funny cartoon about a crazy scientist and his antics with his grandson, inspired by a Back to the Future parody.

Rick is an alcoholic mad scientist, always taking Morty on other-dimensional adventures. Now in its fourth season, Rick and Morty continues to tickle people who love outrageous and potentially offensive humour.

Best line:
Morty: "You sold a gun to a murderer so you could play video games?"
Rick: "Yeah, sure, I mean, if you spend all day shuffling words around, you can make anything sound bad, Morty."


3. Squidbillies

Produced by: Adult Swim

Squidbillies is a giggle-worthy, and sometimes pretty gross, cartoon about a penniless redneck alcoholic, Early, living every southern American stereotype there is. He is also a squid.

Squidbillies is sometimes difficult to understand because of the strong accents, but there are enough jokes to make it worth watching.

Best line:
Early: Numbers? Numbers was created by prehistoric Hispanics to steal jobs from the Romans.

4. Robot Chicken

Produced by: Adult Swim

Though relatively old compared to the first two shows on this list, Robot Chicken still impresses with its endless shock value, pop references and dark comedy moments.

Seth Green, who also provides the voice for Chris Griffin in Family Guy, is the frontman for this show. What makes Robot Chicken different is that they use stop motion animation, and as it is a sketch show, you can start at any season and any episode.

Best line:
Child: "Is this gonna hurt?"
Doctor: "Only if God hates you."

5. Metalocalypse

Produced by: Adult Swim

Metalocalypse is a hilarious animated comedy about a metal band called Dethklok. Slightly gory, entertaining and with endless music references, this series is well worth a watch.

Each band member has their own personality and they rub off brilliantly on each other. Bonus points if you love rock and metal music.

Best line:
Toki Wartooth: [gasps] What's this place called?
Skwisgaar Skwigelf: This is, I believes called, food libraries. Food libraries.
Toki Wartooth: Food Library.
Pickles The Drummer: It's called a grocery store, you douchebags!


6. Archer

Produced by: FX Productions

Now showing on Netflix, Archer is yet another hilarious animated comedy for adults. This one is definitely worth watching.

Archer is a spy sitcom. Archer is a dangerous spy, a parody of James Bond, so egotistical that he takes no situation seriously. He constantly insults everyone around him, even the company boss, who also happens to be his mother. Despite this, he's a very likable character and the script is gold.

Best line:
Archer: Wow, Lana. Your eyes are amazing. I mean, not compared to your tits, but...

There you go - 5 terrific shows you should go and watch right now if you want a laugh. Make sure not to watch them with children around, or anyone who gets easily offended. Have fun!

Have you seen any of these shows? Which one sounds the most appealing to you?

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    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy Reid 2 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Yeah I love it too! It's awesome.

    • profile image

      Terry 2 months ago

      F is for Family is the best waited for season 2 love it

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy Reid 6 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Thank you for reading the article! F is for Family was probably my favourite. It's short and the script is absolute gold. Check that one out first if you have a Netflix account!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 6 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Very good reviews of these adult cartoons, Poppy. Thank you for sharing. The only one I have seen so far is Archer, but I hope to check out the others.