10 Annoying Anime Characters - Who Just Make Me Scream

Updated on April 9, 2018


Any discussion of which anime characters are the most annoying ends up generating a lot of nerd rage on the internet. Designate any anime character at all as "annoying" and there will always be fans of that character defending them.

So, of course for a while I've been hesitant to do something like this. It just kind of seems like whining and not like I would be doing anything that productive. But I guess sometimes, on the other hand, it can be nice to vent. So here are my picks for the ten most annoying anime characters I can think of (with some honorable mentions).

I'm not counting obvious rivals or villains like Gary Oak from Pokemon or Sae from Peach Girl. You're supposed to hate them, even though they can also be sympathetic at times. I chose characters who are protagonists or supporting characters on the "good guys" team, who are nevertheless irritating to watch. Let the rant begin!

10. Ren - DearS

Ren is cute and all, but she's just so... stupid! The whole series is just based on a basic formula: Ren does something stupid, then Miu and other characters have to do damage control. It looks like taking care of an infant, or mentally handicapped person, or something.

This might be okay, after all it is a comedy. The weird and creepy thing is the implied fetish fuel. Mental retardation is not attractive! The series makes it seem sexy that Ren is so innocent and naive, clearly going for that Starfire concept of the cutesy, girl-next-door, innocent alien girl who doesn't understand "what is kiss?".

But, other fictional examples of this type of girl are better. Many of them, like Starfire herself, are still smart and competent, they just don't understand Earth culture, and figurative language and other things. They're like foreigners who visit other countries on Earth. But Ren is so empty-headed as to barely seem functional. The series also uses the same jokes around her all the time. There is no mystery at all as to why this was just a half-season show. Oh, hahahaha, we get it, she loves melon bread, that was so funny... the first time?

9. Meryl - Trigun

I like her in some of the action scenes, where she is, I'll admit, pretty good with a giant-ass gun. However, in non-action scenes, all she seems to do is whine, and her English dub voice was shrill, it grated my nerves constantly. I get that as an insurance girl, she has to be all business, in contrast with the "manic pixie dream girl/free spirit" she works with, Millie. She sometimes feels like the only sane person in the cast.

But ah, she bitches and whines non-stop, and her voice is just so annoying! I would pay double what I paid for my series box set of Trigun to just have one with Meryl's voice muted, or her gratuitous complaining cut! It borders on ruining a show I otherwise really like. She does change, becoming less annoying over time. The serious moments make the better side of her personality shine through in the later episodes. But, she often comes across as abrasive, condescending, and acts like other characters' displeased mom all the time. She wants to see the manager.

8. Asuka Langley Sohryu - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Another character with a shrill, annoying English dub voice, and a personality to match. I was initially watched Evangelion on Cartoon Network, and I remember always talking about last night's episode the next day like "yeah, Asuka was super annoying, but the rest of the episode was pretty cool".

If they had introduced her in the first episode, I might not even have given the show a chance. Some scenes with her were just painful, and she strikes me as rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and a bully. (You can probably tell that I'm more of a Rei Ayanami fan?)

In Asuka, I see everything I hate about Western culture reflected and magnified. She has a dismissive attitude towards all things Japanese (which is being a rude guest in a foreign country). She loudly whines about everything, and does nothing to hide her disdain for Shinji and outright hatred of Rei, both of which come across as snap judgments she makes within a few moments of meeting them. She's proof that being super outspoken is not always a good thing.

7. Kagome - Inuyasha

She's sort of the anime world''s equivalent of Bella Swan; a likely author stand-in for her own wish fulfillment for the wish of being sought-after by hot, brooding, supernaturally-gifted dudes - despite being completely ordinary in every conceivable way. She also has an annoying English dub voice that just pains my eardrums. Did they tell the English VA's the difference between sounding young and energetic... and sounding like a banshee-possessed c-word?

Anyway, Kagome is often just an object in her own story. She's the character in distress most often except maybe for Shippo. A lot of the plot revolves around guys fighting over her, as well as the bizarre love rivalry she has with... herself? That's right, she has to fight a past-life version of herself for her lover's affection. And she worships him, even though he's an immature ass. Romantic, ain't it?

A Compilation of Kagome Being Annoying

6. Kaoru - Rurouni Kenshin

In Japanese AND English, her voice is annoying. While I respect Kaoru's drive to rebuild her martial arts dojo and regain the honor of her father's fighting style, she's on this list because they make the same unfunny jokes about her... over and over and over. Oh she can't cook. On the 76th episode that joke is... stale. Oh, Misao is calling her a raccoon, and she's calling Misao a weasel, and the animators are also still making that joke about Megumi being like a fox... how amusing. Again.They had all this potential with Kaoru to make her a good character, yet they made her a cliche nagging wife type. Lame. And while she's kind of cute when she gets all romantic with Kenshin, she's also a bit dumb and weak, making me wish female characters who were better than her got more screen time.

5. Ayeka - Tenchi Muyo

She's not a terrible character, but I definitely rarely sided with her in her numerous fights with Ryoko. For one, she's related to Tenchi, as is Sami, which really leaves only Ryoko as the only decent choice Tenchi could make, but somehow they go for a "marry 'em all" ending. Eh...

Ryoko is so badass that Ayeka just seems sort of lame in comparison. She seems like a spoiled, arrogant, royal brat, looking down her nose at everyone, who is never satisfied with anything. Her English voice sounds like an old lady, and is just plain cringe-inducing. Ayeka starts a lot of the bickering, and escalates the fighting way too often, instead of acting like a reasonable adult. (Although let's be fair, Ryoko does her share as well.) She's one girl you just want to go "Excuse me, princess!" to.

4. Naruto - Naruto

In case you were thinking of hating me for being a misogynist, I now have one guy on here, so now you just get to hate me for hating everyone's favorite screaming traffic cone. I know Sakura and Sasuke also get a lot of hate, but Naruto is one of the most annoying anime protagonists I've ever seen. At least Sakura and Sasuke are annoying in that they sit there and have flashbacks and feel feelings and think thoughts without actually doing all that much (initially at least), but Naruto is kind of flashy and... highlighted about his annoying-ness.

First of all, I hate the fact that he tarnishes the name "ninja" almost as much as Edward Cullen tarnishes the name "vampire". Ninja are supposed to be stealthy assassins moving unseen in the hidden shadows. Naruto is louder than a kindergarten boy on the playground bragging about his own farts, and he wears the notoriously conspicuous color bright orange. He's about as far removed from any traditional definition of "ninja" you can get. I guess I prefer my ninja to be more historically accurate. Well they didn't really wear black either, they wore disguises and street clothing that would help them blend in, black clothing would have stuck out and that is a Hollywood fiction.But Naruto is less accurate than that, even.

Funny enough, you only see this "silent assassin" type from the villains mostly in Naruto. But I guess if you called them "mages" and realize that their "ninjitsu" is really just a type of magic, the show is okay. But Naruto remains an annoying character. Just. Stop. Yelling!

3. Keiko - YuYu Hakusho

Somehow she looks particularly punchable in this shot.
Somehow she looks particularly punchable in this shot.

In a world of humans, demons, and oni with fantastic supernatural abilities, Keiko is painfully ordinary. She's also not much of a character, since she revolves so heavily around Yusuke. She's there to fill that oh-so-important wet blanket/nagging girlfriend role, and to be a damsel in distress at times (though Kuwabaka and Yukina also fulfill that role in different arcs). She does absolutely nothing in the most important arc of the show, the Dark Tournament arc. What do you expect though? She has no powers, unless you count super nagging and super crying.

She's a disappointment as a love interest for someone as badass as Yusuke; sometimes I hoped he would see the romantic potential in other girls. Even Botan does more, and is more interesting and lively. Keiko barely seems alive half the time. The romance is sweet, but largely that's because it's sweet to see Yusuke even giving the time of day to a girl so boring in the first place. Maybe he likes the challenge of getting a girl who's so aloof and such a goody two-shoes type. Or maybe, he just thinks she's kind of hot when she's pissed off.

2. Haruhi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I seriously don't understand the appeal of this show. Being told out of order makes it make little sense, until you plow through and watch it all. That's not really innovative, just annoying.The show is cool I guess, but it's not helped by having such an unlikable main character.

Haruhi is obnoxious, and her motivation is so "first world problem" to me that I could never really take it seriously. She's just not happy with life, because reality doesn't have fantastical things that probably only exist in fiction; specifically, she's looking for time travelers, espers (people with ESP), and aliens. It's a childish, unrealistic motivation, and the lengths she goes to in pursuit of it (blackmail and sexual assault) are... disturbing.

In another anime, Haruhi would be the antagonist. She has the arrogance, and this annoying, childish mentality - treating everything as a game. But the anime basically just rewrites reality so that Haruhi is God of their universe, but they don't dare tell her this because... reasons? She comes across as indifferent to the suffering she takes great joy in inflicting on Kyon, Mikuru, and other characters. So yeah, basically she is exactly like God.

Honorable Mentions:

Sailor Moon
All the crying and whining, and with such a compulsive sweets habit you wonder why she isn't 300 lbs.
Ranma 1/2
He's consistently a jerk to almost every girl in the series. They go nuts fighting over him anyway.
Cute, but weak, often the team's dead weight or "character in distress".
Neon Genesis Evangelion
No wonder even most Evangelion fans hate him. He is whiny and always runs away from things in a dishonorable way.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Also no wonder he's hated by most of the fans. He's very cruel to Sayaka at a time when she is crucially emotionally vulnerable.


1. Chibi Usagi - Sailor Moon

She nearly ruins my favorite parts of Sailor Moon, and I find that unforgivable. I love the characters called the "outer Senshi" who represent the outer planets; Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto (well it was a planet at the time, damn it!). Love them. They're all so cool, mature, deep, emotionally complex, and interesting. And yet Chibi-Usa shows up in their story arcs like a fart in an elevator and ruins all the coolness of everything else that's happening in the show.

She's not at all needed in the story. She pretends to be a side-kick or mentee to Sailor Moon, even adopting her catch phrase and literally jumping into her spotlight. Okay, every Batman needs a Robin, right? But the problem is she doesn't respect Usagi at all. She constantly criticizes and whines about her. So she becomes sort of confusingly bipolar about whether she loves or hates Usagi. How can someone learn from a mentor they don't respect?

Finally, there's the creepiness. Since Chibi-Usagi is really hundreds of years old, she acts mature for her age. Okay. But what makes it super creepy is that she acts like she's in love with Mamoru, who is basically to her a past version of her father! And she acts like a love rival getting between him and Usagi and... it's so cringey and perverted. Why would you want to get in the way of the courtship of your own parents anyway? Doesn't she care about existing? Every scene where she acts all cutesy and romantic with Mamoru basically just makes me want to vomit.

I was hoping they would make Chibi-Usa look permanently older somehow magically after the Black Moon story arc, and they didn't. You have to just wonder what her purpose in the show even is, other than as fanservice for the pedos in the audience? Ugh...

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      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 4 hours ago from Illinois

        The series has some stuff I like, such as the worldbuilding and cool powers, but the protagonist makes that almost all effort for naught... :/

      • profile image

        Lulz 6 hours ago

        Agree about Naruto. Ninja are meant to be stealthy and hidden in shadow, but for Naruto, he's like nope. He wears bright color orange and constantly yelling "SASSSKEEE!", "DATTEBAYYOOO" most of the time. It's really annoying. He's as bad as Sakura and annoying as hell.

        Sorry Narutards for me saying this, you guys seriously don't defend this series too serious.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 10 days ago from Illinois

        YoLo - Well I get that Kagome is more expressive, she's expressive in a very annoying way, just watch that video again, yikes! So much whining and lecturing. Such an annoying voice. She acts like Inuyasha's nanny.

        As for Sasuke, main reason is Sasuke and Sakura, like I said are boring, or annoying in a kind of muted way, but Naruto as a LARGE HAM is very obvious and loudly annoying in every scene. I think Sakura does get a lot of undeserved fan hate, though, I agree there. Also, Sasuke is a villainous/rival character. I specifically said in the introduction I was mostly focusing on characters the audience is SUPPOSED to root for - protagonists.

      • profile image

        YoLo 3 weeks ago

        I don't think Kagome is equivalent of Bella Swam--Bella Swan's character was a big dull dud whereas Kagome not only is a hell lot of expressive and well she is at least humane...

        Other than that hey, you're entitled to your own opinion...

        Also, I doubt Naruto should be in the list... I mean! DUh! Instead Sasuke should be there! And honestly I applaud you for not putting Sakura on the list... since she is considered to be annoying af... (which she is not)

      • profile image

        kaori 2 months ago

        I don't think kagome deserves to be on this list...every character has their annoying times ....but wasn't the complete story revolving only around her...

        And she would only seemed to be annoying around the topic of Inuyasha and kikiyo

      • profile image

        Kagari 2 months ago

        BrO, Naruto is my pumpkin pie and I will protect him. SHAME. Naruto is one of the best characters, and he wears bright colors to get people to notice him and acknowledge him. At least he didn't betray the village like Sasuke did. NARUTO IS ONE OF THE BEST CHARACTERS EVERR!!

      • profile image

        Tohru Melody 6 months ago

        This was an awesome article! But about what you said about God, He doesn’t cause any suffering in this world. We cause it when we are careless or selfish. He never inflicted hardships or pain on anyone. We create our own problems through bad decisions and corrupt behavior. So we really shouldn’t blame Him for it. It’s not His fault. :(

      • profile image

        Nuni 7 months ago

        Bruh Yukina from strike the blood should be here with here "no senpai ths is our fight" bullshit

      • profile image

        Maria 7 months ago

        Naruto shouldn't be on this list. At first he isn't good at being a ninja but then he evolves and has a good character development. Also you seem to forget that unlike Sasuke, Naruto is hated and bullied by the villagers, yet he doesn't betray them or acts like a douchebag to other people like Sasuke. Plus I think I need to remind you that Sakura is not only an abusive bitch but also and idiot who fell in love with a douchebag that betrayed her more than once and mistreated the guy that saved her ungrateful ass more than once as well as toying with his feelings for her. So please before saying that Naruto is annoying remember that there are people in the anime who are worst.

      • profile image

        iii 8 months ago

        I disagree with u about putting Naruto in this kind of category

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 13 months ago from Illinois

        Dears isn't really worth bothering to see. It's only 13 episodes but mostly just repeats the same jokes over and over again in different situations, and the plot goes nowhere in the anime really. Maybe the source material is better?

      • NBYomi profile image

        N B Yomi 13 months ago from Dallas, TX

        I haven't seen DearS yet, so I'm not sure about Ren. I sadly agree with you about Asuka. Shame too because she was hot until she opened her mouth. I think Ayaeka and Kaoru are supposed to be annoying.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 14 months ago from Illinois

        I can kind of understand that. Rei Hino in the manga is saintly and spiritual, but they make her quite the firebrand (heh) in the 90's anime. She's kind of mean to Usagi and seems to want to flirt with Mamoru just to get Usagi mad, which is uncool. She comes across as stuck up because she goes to a private school. I like some things about her that redeem her though, at least for me. I don't mind a character who's a bit of a firebrand from time to time, and she's very strong and capable. I often believed she was right to think she should have been the leader of the Sailor Scouts, I mean, o-dango head falls over and cries the first time she's confronted with real danger. In contrast, the first time Rei is, and whenever she has to fight, she keeps her head cool and fights with ferocious determination. But what is annoying is that between fights, she and Usagi bicker like children.

      • profile image

        NozoEli 14 months ago

        I totally agree with the Chibiusa part since she never respects her own mother. But if I made this list, I wouldn't put Usagi being in the honorable mentions, I would replace her with Rei Hino instead and there are many reasons why.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 14 months ago from Illinois

        I never watched "Ouran High School Host Club" much. But from what I did see, everyone was annoying and Haruhi was the only sane one. But I guess she was also somewhat annoying/boring. Maybe the whole show sucks. It seems like it's just hyper-kawaii fan service for girls. Which is okay, but it's not my taste.

      • profile image

        Ellie 14 months ago

        Honey. Mitsukuni Honey should be the winner of this list. How i wish i could beat him senseless everytime i see him. oh and also, haruhi herself, of course. how could i forget?

        (Ouran High School Host Club)

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 15 months ago from Illinois

        I guess you're right that she's important to the story.

        But the main reason she's on the list has to do with her voice and personality. She's very harsh and abrasive and yells a lot. Sometimes it's justified, but a lot of it seems like whining or nagging. Inuyasha is annoying too. In many episodes they bicker back and forth like children fighting over which one of them should be grounded.

        And she often yells and reacts with anger to things I didn't think warranted it, like when she first meets Inuyasha does she have to yell and get so mad when explaining that she's not Kikyo?


      • profile image

        Anime 15 months ago

        I don't think Kagome is an average person, she is a person from the gendai that arrived in the sengoku jidai, there's a big difference. And she isn't like Bella Swan on that matter, Bella was a human living between vampires, Kagome is a human living between humans and youkais and she has POWERS, that's why she isn't the average person, she does things, she just doesn't watch the things happening arround her.

        And I don't think the other's plots drive her, the anime's main plot is exactly trying to find the shikon no kakera, which came back in time and where chattered because of her, and she helps, because she can sense them. Also her romance with Inuyasha and the triangle with Kikyo is also part of the main plot, and she actually acts, she doesn't just watch Kikyo and Inuyasha and wait for them. But of course that the other character's histories are showed, because, you know, she isn't the only character in the whole anime.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 15 months ago from Illinois

        I didn't mean that as that she's passive, but I meant she's kind of an average person inhabiting a fantasy world as a probable audience/author stand-in character. I find those annoying and they show up a lot in anime as the boring brown-haired male protagonist. I also hated her dub voice in English and her way of acting like a nagging housewife. So many interactions in the show involve Inu pissing her off and her overreacting for comedic value. She is kind of the opposite of Bella in terms of being much more emotionally expressive, I'll give you that one.

        And plot-wise, the other characters' actions drive her story much more often than her actions drive the plot (other than falling into the well in the first place).

      • profile image

        Anime 15 months ago

        I get someone not liking Kagome, but she is nothing like Isabella Swan. Kagome is violent, speaks her mind, wants things her away, she's the oppose of Bella. Bella let's everyone decides things for her, doesn't have a say on her own life. Kagome decided she's accept whoever Inuyasha chose, her or Kikyo, but she still was jealous which she showed.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 15 months ago from Illinois

        Too obvious.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 16 months ago from Illinois

        I'd also like to add that Chibi-Usa seems to be better in Crystal than she was in the 90's anime and that most of what I said was referring to the 90's anime.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 16 months ago from Illinois

        I guess with Chibi-Usa, her purpose is probably just to market the show for girls who are younger than the teenage main characters. I still think the Chibi-Mamoru-Usagi love triangle drama is a little disturbing.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 16 months ago from Illinois

        Yeah, I guess I feel let down by her as a character. She's set up as if she's going to become a great swordswoman and badass some day, but she never really does that much that's important. I think it's largely because Kenshin is so good that he kind of overshadows her. One thing that sucks is that she barely plays much of a role in the Kyoto arc. That's the best story line in the show and it revolves around Kenshin vs. Shishio and Misao getting Aoshi back. Kaoru is kind of forgotten about (although she does help take down the minor members of the Juppongatana, which is not nothing, but Misao's role is bigger even in that part too.).

      • CYong74 profile image

        Kuan Leong Yong 16 months ago from Singapore

        Agree with you about Kaoru. At various points, she seemed ready to break the 80/90s stereotype of the hapless love interest constantly in need of rescuing. But ultimately she just gives up and stays that.