Movie Review: The Incredibles 2 (2018)

Updated on February 3, 2019
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The Incredibles 2 poster.
The Incredibles 2 poster.

Director: Brad Bird
Studio: Disney/Pixar
Released: October 23rd, 2018
Availability: On DVD and Blu-Ray, available for pre-order

Story Summary:

The Parr family is trying to go back to the normal life after they are arrested for superhero work after battling the Underminer. Bob and Helen Parr meet a man named Winston Deavor, who loves superheroes and wants to bring them back into the spotlight by changing the public perception of heroes. He asks Elastigirl to be the first to begin working in public again in order to change how the public views superheroes.

Just as everything seems to be going well, the mysterious Screen Slaver appears and begins to control others to wreak havoc in the city. Will Elastigirl be able to stop him?

The Incredibles 2 Official Trailer:

The Sequel is Entertaining:

As someone who loved the first Incredibles film, you can read my review for the first movie if you want. I loved it and this is a hard one to top. The first film was so fun and innovative, and over the last 13 years superhero films have become box office smash hits, there’s at least 2 Marvel movies a year and even DC Comics has tried to follow suit. There are so many superhero movies that you have to wonder how they would create a story that wouldn’t be a superhero movie cliché.

Pixar has done a great job of keeping the audience entertained while not just doing a rehash of the previous film and I really enjoyed it. It felt fresh and exciting to watch.

I had a good laugh at some of the humorous scenes in this movie. Jack-Jack was hilarious and that’s all I’ll say without spoiling anything.

Bob geeking out over Jack-Jack's superpowers.
Bob geeking out over Jack-Jack's superpowers. | Source

The Animation Was Amazing!

The animation in this film is stunning. It’s impressive how much animation has improved over 14 years. It was absolutely stunning what they’ve done with the animation. It looks much better and they were even more imaginative with the superpowers.

Pixar had top-notch animation for this film and it’s certainly a spectacle to behold. It’s visually stunning and they put a lot of effort into making it amazing.

Visually, it’s very well made and the fights are intense and exciting and it’s a very impressive film to look at from an animation standpoint alone.

Visually, it’s Pixar showing off and you can tell they wanted this to be as good as the first film, but I it only felt “just as good” not “That was better than the first movie”, story-wise, visually, it’s definitely better than the first film.

The Voice Acting is Great!

I really enjoyed the voice acting in this film. I won’t repeat all the things I said about the original cast in my first review. Huck Milner did replace Spencer Fox as Dash and he was great, I loved them all and they did a fantastic job in this film. So instead, I’ll talk about some of the other cast members in this film.

Catherine Keener did an excellent job as Evelyn Deavor. Her voice acting was great. She is an interesting character that has a lot of contrast between her and Helen Parr. I thought their dynamic was very entertaining and fun to watch.

Bob Odenkirk is also entertaining as Winston Deavor. I liked him because he was the positive and funny fanboy who wanted to give supers the chance to become heroes again. He was funny and entertaining and I enjoyed his performance.

The voice cast is great and I really enjoyed them. They did an outstanding job with all the voice work in this film.

Michael Giacchino - Incredits 2 (From "Incredibles 2"/Audio Only):

The Music is Fantastic!

I loved the score for The Incredibles 2. The music was just fantastic and I really enjoyed the soundtrack. The music sounds very similar to the first film, but it’s not just the same instrumental tracks from the previous film.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack and it was definitely well done. If you enjoy movie soundtracks you’ll probably want to buy some of the songs if not the main theme song from iTunes.

The Film Could Give You a Seizure!

There are scenes in this film where bright lights blink and flash a lot, and if you’re sensitive to flashing lights or you have photosensitive epilepsy you might have seizures watching this film because of the bright flashing lights in certain scenes.

Elastigirl in the spotlight this time.
Elastigirl in the spotlight this time. | Source

There is Some SJW Jargon And It’s Annoying, But Doesn’t Detract From the Film:

While I have seen a lot of online critics on YouTube complain that Pixar made The Incredibles 2 “feminist”, I feel it is mainly viewers being paranoid after the fiasco that was Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017) and how blatantly that film beat you over the head with a political message.

While the film does use some SJW jargon with “bad actors” and has Helen and Evelyn have a discussion on how to get their way using language that sounds very SJW (social justice warrior) and that Bob appears to be incompetent when it comes to taking care of Jack-Jack, I do think while they have things that do sound like social justice warriors, it’s not beating me over the head with it, and the story is still centered around the family as a whole.

While some people get annoyed at the stay-at-home-dad and working mom, it’s not a bad thing, it made the story interesting and I think that the anti-SJW paranoia detracts from that when all the anti-SJW critics are searching high and low for every little SJW thing, and while the film does have that SJW jargon, girl-power has been a theme for a long time, even if it does annoy me as a woman because no one knows how to not do the same clichés over and over.

Some people might be bothered by the social justice elements, but they didn’t feel too grating to annoy me.

It can’t Quite Surpass the First Film:

I really can’t decide if I like The Incredibles 2 more than the first film or not. There are a lot of things I really enjoyed like the story and the improved animation and how funny it was. But I think that even though this film has improved in a lot of areas, I think the story was pretty good and had some nice plot twists and it was a very exciting film.

I can’t quite say that the plot is as good as the first film. But it’s not a bad sequel at all, it just doesn’t have as many standout moments compared to the first film. I really enjoyed the movie, but it just can’t quite top the first film.

It’s still a lot of fun and I really love the movie, but it’s not better than the first film.

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This Movie Is a Great Sequel:

I really loved this movie. I had a lot of fun watching The Incredibles 2. It’s not the perfect sequel and it doesn’t surpass the first film, but it’s still a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

It’s got a lot of great things in it, not to mention improved animation, but the story isn’t quite as good. It’s not a bad movie and I loved it, but if you’re expecting the sequel to surpass the first film, this might not live up to your expectations.

It’s definitely an entertaining sequel but the wait was a little too long in my opinion. I hope if there’s another movie it won’t be another 14 year wait

Quick Summary:

What Works:
What Doesn't Work:
Great story, world-building and characters
Some people might not like the SJW jargon
Fantastic animation
It can't quite suprpass the original film
Great voice acting
Great soundrack

Final Grade: A-:

The Incredibles 2 (2018) is an amazing film in many ways, but it’s not the sequel that surpasses the first film. It’s still an amazing film in many ways but it’s not quite as good as the first film, but it’s not a bad movie.

I highly recommend this film because it’s an fun and enjoyable animated film The story is a lot of fun and it was entertaining and funny and I just had a great time watching it.

I will definitely be picking this up on blu-ray for my movie collection because it was a blast to watch and if you liked the first film you will probably love the second one as well. It’s worth your time and money but if you have a history of seizures you should probably avoid it so you don’t risk having one because of the flashing lights in certain scenes because it did go on for quite a bit in the movie.

My Rating:

5 stars for My Review: The Incredibles 2 (2018)

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