Movie Review: Fairy Tail Dragon Cry

Updated on August 17, 2017
Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry theatrical poster
Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry theatrical poster

The E.N.D.

With the manga reaching its end and the anime currently in hiatus, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is the perfect entry before the anime series ultimately takes it last bow. Involved in the film is creator Hiro Mashima and anime writers, Tatsuma Minamikawa and Shōji Yonemura. Also, reprising their roles are the Japanese voice actors from the TV series. The film was released in Japan earlier this summer (in June) but was currently released worldwide for a limited time starting August 14. The movie is available in sub and dub; with the former being available first.

Natsu and...Red Happy?!
Natsu and...Red Happy?!

Dragon Cry

Dragon Cry picks up between the Grand Magic Games and the anime's second time skip. It's weird because when the FT anime ended it didn't full animate the arc it came back on. Therefore, this film takes place during the currently unfinished arc and before the last one. So what is Dragon Cry? Dragon Cry is a mystical staff which was discovered beneath the Kingdom of Fiore. It amplifies the power of any Dragon Slayer user who touches it and has the power to extinguish light. King Animus, the ruler of the Kingdom of Stella, enlists his elite set of wizards named the "Three Stars" to capture the staff and destroy anyone who stands in his way. He plans to use the staff to cause an enormous amount of destruction and fullfill his own selfish ideals. You know, normal bad guy stuff.

The elite group of wizards from the Stella kingdom (Gapri, Doll, and Swan) otherwise known as the Three Stars.
The elite group of wizards from the Stella kingdom (Gapri, Doll, and Swan) otherwise known as the Three Stars.
King Animus from the Stella Kingdom.
King Animus from the Stella Kingdom.


What makes this film a blast is not only its nod to the anime and manga series, but also how it feels like a brand new arc in itself. In regards to Fairy Tail, Lucy and Erza provide fan-service (which can be a little bit much in this film), cute moments between our non-official, official couples, and the comedy gold between the FT members themselves. In addition, the new villains are all unique and strong enough to give the members of the Fairy Tail guild a run for its money. And without spoiling anything, it is beyond exciting to see the cast of FT fight foes of equal power using magic that hasn't been introduced in the anime yet. Therefore, a lot of the film's appeal comes from the awe of seeing new FT content. It's not only a tease for the anime's return but also a gesture of faith to the watchers who waited so long for new content.


Ultimately, your enjoyment of this film is tethered to how much you like the Fairy Tail anime. If you're a fan, then this film is nothing less than amazing. Do not hesitate, try and find a participating theater near you! However, if you're new to the series I recommend getting familiar, first. The film is still enjoyable but it's clearly intended audience are FT fans. A lot of the jokes and moments in the film FT fans will greatly appreciate. Therefore, in order to not alienate yourself it is wise to know FT first, and by doing so you'll adore the quirks, action, and fan-service that FT has to offer.

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