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The 10 Most Beautiful Pokémon

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

The Most Beautiful Pokemon

From its release date to now, the Pokémon series has introduced 898 pocket monsters of different types. Due to the popularity of this Japanese anime, there are millions, if not billions, of Pokémon fans worldwide.

Some Pokémon have very intricate designs and are super creative. This article lists the top 10 most beautiful Pokémon!


1. Alolan Ninetales

One of the most gorgeous Pokémon is none other than Alolan Ninetales. This beautiful ice and fairy-type Pokémon has icy blue-colored flowy hair. With its big blue eyes, the Alolan Ninetales is definitely one of the most beautiful Pokémon in existence.

In addition to being beautiful, Alolan Ninetales is very elegant as well. Imagine skiing with this fox-like Pokémon in the icy mountains. Lots of other trainers will envy you!


2. Gardevoir

Gardevoir is a psychic and fairy Pokémon that looks like a young woman in an elegant A-line white dress. Upon mega-evolving, the A-line skirt turns into a full ballgown.

With soft green hair and big eyes, this Pokémon is definitively one of the best-looking psychic types. What could be more impressive for a Gardevoir trainer? Gardevoir shares a deep bond with its trainer and will use its extraordinary psychic powers to protect them. Think of the Kalos champion Diantha! She has her faithful Gardevoir by her side at all times.


3. Milotic

No list of beautiful Pokémon is complete without Milotic. This serpentine water Pokémon is the definition of beauty.

Even in the Pokémon world, Milotic is known as the most beautiful Pokémon of all time. Aside from its good looks, this water type is incredibly powerful in battle. Think of Wallace. His signature Pokémon is his Milotic. However, it's difficult to get Milotic in the game because Feebas are very hard to find in the wild. After catching Feebas, it's really hard to get it to evolve into the beautiful Milotic.


4. Beautifly

All butterfly Pokémon are very beautiful because butterflies are good-looking in the real world. Out of all the butterfly Pokémon, Beautifly is the most colorful, with five colors.

Do you remember that this butterfly used to sit on May's head and stand on her hand all the time? With a weight of 62.6 pounds, how can May withstand this Pokémon on her body? The answer is anime physics!


5. Suicune

Suicune is the most beautiful legendary dog. This water-type Pokémon is very elegant and dainty, unlike the other two powerful and muscular-looking legendary dogs. The purple mane resembles flowing hair.

With high defense and special defense, Suicune can take lots of hits. Although its attack and special attack stats are not very high, Suicune can still dish out stab water moves that obliterate its opponents. Goh is incredibly lucky to catch this Pokémon! However, Suicune is only with him in spirit. This water legendary Pokémon likes to roam in the wild.


6. Lilligant

Lilligant is a female-only Pokémon that resembles a young lady. Now, this resemblance alone makes Lilligant a beautiful Pokémon. With a big flower on its head and delicate looks, this grass type is not very strong in Pokémon battles. However, it is a very good utility Pokémon for many trainers.

It can learn the move aromatherapy and can heal a teammate's status condition. Also, it can steal its own HP backup by using Giga drain. Furthermore, it can use sleep powder as one of its moves. This allows Lilligant to help its trainer when the trainer suffers from insomnia.


7. Pheromosa

This ultra beast might come as a surprise to many. Pheromosa resembles a tall and skinny woman. Team Rocket's Meowth fell for her immediately. With long slender legs, this Pokémon looks like a model.

Paired with big eyes and long eyelashes, Pheromosa definitely has her charms. What's more amazing about this ultra beast? It's very strong and able to battle several opponents simultaneously. Pheromosa's powerful legs pack a serious punch!


8. Ho-oh

This legendary Pokémon is one of the most brightly colored on this list. Resembling a phoenix in real life, Ho-oh is beautiful and incredibly strong at the same time. Besides having powerful moves such as scared fire, Ho-oh has some unique abilities.

Ho-oh can create a beautiful rainbow in the sky with its vast wings. It can also give you eternal happiness if you are lucky enough to see it. I think all trainers want to have this legendary Pokémon because being lucky is a great feeling!


9. Mega Diancie

Diancie is a very cute Pokémon. After mega-evolving, it turns from cute to beautiful. Diancie is almost like a small girlish Pokémon before mega evolving. After its mega evolution, Diancie turns into a beautiful and elegant Pokémon.

Diancie is a Pokémon that can also create diamonds. How awesome is that? You can get super-rich by having Diancie at your side. With its signature move, diamond storm, Diancie is also formidable in battles. After mega-evolving, it turns into a beautiful bride like Pokémon. With pink diamonds as its skirt and on its head, Diancie turns into a powerhouse!


10. Mega Lopunny

This rabbit Pokémon looks like an elegant boxer. Before its mega evolution, Lopunny looks more like a cute rabbit that can pack a punch. Upon its mega evolution, mega Lopunny turns into a very beautiful feminine Pokémon that can hold its own in battles. With powerful long legs, this rabbit Pokémon can land very devastating physical moves on its opponents.