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"Missing Link" Movie Review

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Everybody has a dream. Some want to break records, some want to be the first to break new ground in their respective fields, and some want to explore the unexplored and find long lost artifacts. Then there's some that just dream to belong. Missing Link successfully tapped into some deep emotional subjects all the while keeping its tone humorous. With the aid of stop-motion and an amazing cast, the film proves that hard work does pay off, in this case more ways than one.

The film follows Sir Lionel Frost, an explorer who searches for proof that mythical creatures exist. He's found several but has had a streak of bad luck in bringing back proof of his findings. When he receives a letter in the mail from someone claiming to have proof of the existence of a Sasquatch, Lionel immediately sets out to find this person. What he uncovers is a kind beast who wants nothing more than to join his distant family, the Yetis, who are hidden away in Shangri-La. Lionel takes it upon himself to find a way to unite the creature with his own kind.

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Out of all the positive things the film possesses, let's start with the most important: the story. Writer/director Chris Butler obviously took a lot of time to think through every detail. It can't be easy directing a film shot entirely in stop-motion. To not only accomplish that but to also keep the film as a whole flowing well and making the story engaging is a terrific feat.

The voice cast worked perfectly together. With the talents of Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, Zach Galifianakis, and Timothy Olyphant, the film was brought to life in an unique, emotional, and charming way. The chemistry among them was nothing short of electric and the heart radiating from the writer's desk shown brightly through the cast.

The message the film intended to send was beautiful. It was rather thought-provoking too. Do you really need to be with people that look like you to feel like you belong? Is living up to someone else's expectations really worth it? Is it more important to accomplish your own goals or to help others? There were a lot of wonderful lessons in this film that kids and adults both can benefit from.

In conclusion, do yourself a favor and go see Missing Link. It has a beautiful story with a ton of laughs, a lot of teachable moments, and enough feels to fill Shangri-La. I give the film a 4 out of 4.

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