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Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: the Bromance

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy relaxing in Stayin' Cool. This scene does not last long.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy relaxing in Stayin' Cool. This scene does not last long.


Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy have been the three most well-known Disney characters for a very long time. Being the creations of Walt Disney himself, that fame may be somewhat justified. Also justified were all of the content that had the three of them together. Especially in the recent Mickey Mouse shorts. As shown in Mickey Mouse: Theme Park References, there have been shorts where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were together when the shenanigans of the short occurred. And while the three of them have been shown to be the best of friends, sometimes two of this trio got to enjoy the fun aspect of certain shenanigans while one of them had to get hurt in a slapstick manner. For this article the episodes I will write about will be:

  • Shorts that had Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as its main protagonists.
  • The short had a conflict that Mickey, Donald, and Goofy had to resolve together.
  • The short had to have a problem that had to be resolved in a slapstick manner. Or in a hilarious manner.
  • One or two of the three will most likely suffer some form of physical punishment because of the shenanigans of the other two.

Stayin' Cool

Stayin' Cool began by establishing that the main conflict of this short was that it was an incredibly hot summer. So much so that a child managed to set himself on fire after using a slide. But for Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, they did not have to worry about the heat. Because the first thing the viewer saw the three of them do was lounge around inside a swimming pool. Unfortunately, that pool did not belong to either of them, and the real owner immediately showed up. After running from the owner's dogs, Donald pointed out that now the three of them had no way to escape the heat. And that Goofy was melting.

Stayin' Cool Short

Some options that were attempted to escape the heat in Stayin' Cool were:

  • Using the water in an automated car wash to get soaked. It worked initially, but the soap and brushes made relaxing more difficult.
  • Starting a plane's rotor and use the wind to cool off. Also nearly worked. But then the rotor gained more speed and eventually torn of Mickey, Donald, and Goof's clothes, fur, and skin.
  • Hanging themselves on meat hooks inside a freezer. Again this plan nearly worked. And again it failed because of lack of foresight. In this case a butcher getting Donald ready to be somebody's meal. This plan resulted in another chase scene.

Almost immediate Mickey had the three of them hide inside an ice cream truck. This time, the three of them were in a cold area that looked like nothing would force them to leave. Unfortunately, the celebration the three had caused the ice cream truck to move. Not that any of them noticed. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were too busy rubbing the frozen contents of the truck all over their bodies. And when they did notice that the truck was moving, it was too late to prevent the truck from crashing into a fire hydrant. Fortunately, the two objects caused the entire city to become covered in ice and snow.

Bronco Busted

Nobody likes an overheated car. Especially if the driver is forced to stop in an arid desert. But that was the situation that Mickey, Donald, and Goofy found themselves in in Bronco Busted. Fortunately, the three of them were able to get their car to a mechanic who could fix said car. For $350. Which neither Mickey, Donald, or Goofy had on themselves. Fortunately, the mechanic pointed out that there was a rodeo in town. Which could potentially result in the acquisition of a huge sum of money. Which Mickey, Donald, and Goofy saw as a great opportunity. So, during the rodeo, the three of them dressed-up as cowboys and tried to enter. But they could not go any further until they could acquire a horse. So Mickey, Donald, and Goofy tried to get a random horse so that they could enter the rodeo. However, none of their attempts worked. However, Donald, during one of his tantrums, provided another idea.

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Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as cowboys. They looked ridiculous.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as cowboys. They looked ridiculous.

Bronco Busted Short

During the rodeo Mickey tried something rather unorthodox. He used Donald as a horse. Understandably, the spectators looked like they were surprised by this development. Also understandable was Donald's anger at being used by Mickey. Which resulted in Donald tossing Mickey off of his body violently. Fortunately, the other cowboys made it very clear that Mickey was the winner of the rodeo. But Mickey could not get the prize money. Because the plot twist in Bronco Busted here was that there was no prize money because of the economy. For a more happier plot twist a Texas millionaire was willing to give two suitcases full of cash to take Donad to use in the sport of rodeo. Mickey was apprehensive, but Donald was more than happy to continue pretending to be a horse. Especially since it meant that he could ride around in luxury. Bronco Busted ended with the car being fixed, but Mickey and Goofy confirming that they would not tell Donald's girlfriend Daisy what happened.

Roughin' It

Not a lot of people like camping. But there are people who support camping because of the opportunity to get away from a technology-reliant lifestyle. The conflict in Roughin' It was that while Mickey enjoyed camping and the accompanying abandonment of all technology, Donald and Goofy did not grasp the idea of abandoning technology very well. So much so that apparently Donald got to bring a giant RV to whatever campsite the three of them sere staying. And while Mickey was very upset because of Donald taking the easy way out when it came to camping, Goofy was more than happy to use Donald's RV. He needed toast.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's camping clothing in Roughin' It.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's camping clothing in Roughin' It.

Roughin' It Short

Mickey, being the one character in the short who enjoyed camping without technological support, declared that he would continue camping without needing Donald's RV. What followed was a few scene juxtaposing Donald and Mickey's camping styles. Examples included"

  • The viewer seeing Mickey pitch a tent. Almost immediately Goof's antics lead to Mickey having to deal with wild animals being attracted to discarded garbage. Mickey getting caught in a big fight was the result.
  • Cooking food. Mickey managed to cook a weiner on a stick using a campfire. Donald managed to cook a feat's worth of meat using a grill. Mickey's weiner got reduced to ashes.
  • Interacting with nature. Mickey wanted to take a picture of a group of animals in their natural habitat. Donald and Goofy wanted to race ATVs in the forest. Which left a big mess. And resulted in Mickey being mauled. Again.

By the time it got dark the viewer got to see that Mickey even had trouble going to sleep. Donald and Goofy were playing some very loud music in the RV. Suddenly, a short circuit caused the RV to malfunction to the point that of going on a rampage. Fortunately, Mickey was able to save the day thanks to his wilderness survival skills. Hilariously, Roughin' It ended with Mickey deciding to quit camping and deciding to go to a hotel.


Friendship can be a neat thing to see. Especially in fiction. The friendship between Mickey, Donald, and Goofy has been one of both hilarity and support. And it is nice to see that even if one of the three were being jerks to each other, the three of them will always have each others' backs.

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