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Best Mecha Anime—Top 10

Updated on April 18, 2016
Mecha Animes Top 10
Mecha Animes Top 10 | Source

What Is Mecha Anime?

Mecha anime is a genre of Japanese cartoons that focuses on robots. The tone of mecha anime tends to be epic, with large-scale battles between robots, although the tone can range in seriousness from dramatic to quite comedic. Some mecha anime shows and films feature robots that are almost like super heroes (this sub-genre is known as super robot), and some feature robots that are piloted by, and therefore of secondary importance to, humans (a sub-genre known as real robot).

The Top 10 Mecha Anime

Here is my list of the top ten mecha anime shows and films, including some that number among the greatest masterpieces of the anime industry overall. If you have any shows or films to add, please write it in a comment, and I would love to check it out!

10. Full Metal Panic

I noticed recently that people are really forgetting about Full Metal Panic, which is a shame because it is a classic and a must-see for every mecha anime fan. It is simultaneously epic, funny, sad, and complex, with amazing battles that you can't miss.

Full Metal Panic is set in a parallel universe, at the end of the Cold War. Sousuke is an undercover anti-terrorist agent on a mission to protect Chidori, a Japanese schoolgirl. As part of his undercover role, he attends her school, where his military mindset leads to some misunderstandings.

If you need a break from mecha anime, you should check out the spinoff series, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. This spinoff focuses on the high school romance story line, cutting out the military and political aspect. Also worth watching, this spinoff is very ironic and self aware, playing off of anime stereotypes.

Mecha Animes  - Full Metal Panic
Mecha Animes - Full Metal Panic | Source

9. Blassreiter

I came upon Blassreiter by chance. It showed up on MyAnimeList with a recommendation of 10/10, and when I watched the trailed I was amazed I had never heard of it. I decided to watch it, and it was really worth the time. Now I pass on the recommendation to you!

Blassreiter takes place in Germany ("blassreiter" means "pale rider" in German). There is an outbreak of a biomechanical plague that turns corpses into "mechanized monsters." These monsters can take over machines, and are being held at bay by the Xenogenesis Assault Team. There are several different story lines that intertwine throughout this series, and, like Full Metal Panic, I think that the storyline is one of the main draws of the show.

Mecha Animes - Blassreiter
Mecha Animes - Blassreiter | Source

Blassreiter Trailer

8. Asura Cryin'

The highlight of Asura Cryin' is not the storyline, but the mecha battles, which are honestly some of the best I have seen so far.

Tomoharu is the protagonist of this series. Three years before the show takes place, he was on an airplane with his best friend Misao. Tomoharu barely survives, but Misao does not, and now haunts Tomoharu. Tomoharu is now in high school, when he gets a mysterious trunk filled with secrets. Then the adventures begin—Tomoharu begins learning the secrets as people show up to try to take the trunk from him.

Mecha Animes - Asura Cryin
Mecha Animes - Asura Cryin | Source

Asura Cryin' Trailer

7. Gurren Lagann

On my original top 10 list, I completely forgot to include Gurren Lagann (I included Casshern Sins instead), so I am indebted to the good people at Reddit for reminding me. This film definitely deserves a spot in the top 10 mecha anime series, as one of the most talked-about, watched, and highly-rated mecha anime out there. If you ever questioned whether you should watch it, the answer is an emphatic yes! Really I'd recommend it as a must-watch for any fan who likes great action sequences, an epic soundtrack, and a good story with unique animation.

The protagonists of Gurren Lagann grow up underground in a future time when humans have been forced beneath the surface by a villain named Lordgenome. They journey to the surface of the earth, where they meet new friends and take on Lordgenome and his allies.

And yes, this anime is epic!

Mecha Animes - Gurren Lagann
Mecha Animes - Gurren Lagann | Source

Gurren Lagann Trailer

6.Gundam Seed

You have probably already seen or heard about Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. This was my first mecha anime that really brought out the fan in me and inspired me to watch other series in the same genre.

Like almost all mecha anime shows, this one is set in the future, when humankind has divided into two races: the Naturals and the Coordinators. The Naturals are humans as we know them today, and the Coordinators are genetically-altered, living in outer space. They are at war, and the series follows Kira Yamato, a Coordinator, as he becomes involved in the war as well.

Mecha Animes - Gundam Seed
Mecha Animes - Gundam Seed | Source

Gundam SEED Trailer

5. Macross Frontier

Along with Gundam, Macross Frontier is probably the second most well-known mecha series, so it is likely you have seen this. What I like the most about Macross Frontier are the mecha designs and the epic music.

This is one of many Macross series. This one tells the story of a colony fleet looking for a habitable planet. Three of the people on the ship form a love triangle that is the focus of the series: Alto Saotome, a pilot, Sheryl Nome, a famous pop singer, and Ranka Lee, an aspiring pop singer.

Mecha Animes - Macross Frontier
Mecha Animes - Macross Frontier | Source

Macross Frontier AMV

4. Evangelion

Evangelion, in my opinion, is the mother of all mecha anime movies, and the most well-known anime in the world, including in the United States. There is talk about Hollywood turning it into a live action movie, which is exciting except for the fact that Hollywood will never do it justice.

This anime had such critical success and such a controversial ending that two subsequent movies were created, each containing an alternate ending. Shinji is the 14-year-old protagonist in a future world fifteen years after the Second Impact, a "meteor" that caused global reverberations. The world is littered with Angels, whose coming were predicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Human beings pilot Evangelions to fight the Angels, and Shinji's estranged father works with the Evangelions. Shinji gets sucked into the world of Evangelions and finds himself thrown into the fighting, but he also witnesses the huge emotional and human costs.

Mecha Animes - Evangelion
Mecha Animes - Evangelion | Source

Evangelion 1.0 Movie Trailer

3. Gundam 00

This is the Gundam series that threw aliens into the Gundam universe for the first time. To be honest, it wasn't the smartest move in my opinion, because the story wasn't really polished. However, the animations, battles, character, and soundtrack are perfect and awesome to watch in HD. Take my advice and stick to the series, not the movie.

In the series, humans have depleted fossil fuels, and now power derives from controlling alternative energy sources. Three major power blocs control the new inexhaustible energy source, but since only the power blocs and their allies can use this power, constant warfare is taking place. A private military organization invents four machines called Gundams with the goal of world peace. However, a traitor from the military organization helps the power blocs build similar machines to resist the Gundam's efforts.

Mecha Animes - Gundam 00
Mecha Animes - Gundam 00 | Source

Gundam 00 Trailer

2. Code Geass

Code Geass is how you make perfect anime. Really, this series had everything from great start to shocking ending that I really didn't expect to happen.

In this series, the world is split into three superpowers: Britannia, the Chinese Federation, and the European Union. Britannia exiles Prince Lelouch to Japan, which Britannia then proceeds to take over. Lelouch has to take care of his blind sister during this time, and vows to take revenge on Britannia. During an attack Lelouch almost dies, but his life is saved by a girl who grants him his life along with a contract that gives him immense power, but also certain solitude. Thus equipped, Lelouch begins his quest for revenge.

Mecha Animes - Code Geass
Mecha Animes - Code Geass | Source

Code Geass Trailer

1.Winner - Gundam Unicorn

The original video animation makes Gundam Unicorn the winner for mecha anime. The animation is freaking sick; I think it's the best out of all anime to date. It has a really great story that actually makes sense, and the details, sound, and cinematography are on another level.

A boy named Banagher Links meets a girl named Audrey who is on a mission to prevent Cardeas Vist from giving up the key to a box that could determine the fate of the world. On this journey, among other twists, Banagher inherits Unicorn Gundam, and embarks on an enthralling adventure.

Watch the AMW in HD - 1080p. It's really sick. A half of a year was spent on each episode, and the time and effort is apparent. The quality and detail of the animation was well worth the time.

Mecha Animes - Gundam Unicorn
Mecha Animes - Gundam Unicorn | Source

Gundam Unicorn AMV

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    • A Thousand Words profile image

      A Thousand Words 5 years ago

      Great hub! Where's Eureka Seven??

    • MaskaThor profile image

      MaskaThor 5 years ago from Slovakia

      Well Eureka seven was good too, but these are just better :) if it was top 15 it would be there so maybe the sequel of eureka (Eureka Seven Ao) will do better.

    • A Thousand Words profile image

      A Thousand Words 5 years ago

      :O There's a sequel? You have made me a happy, happy girl.

    • profile image

      Wrong 5 years ago

      You forgot Martian Successor Nadesico

    • A Thousand Words profile image

      A Thousand Words 5 years ago

      @ Wrong, I haven't watched that one yet. I always pass by it, is it good?

    • MaskaThor profile image

      MaskaThor 5 years ago from Slovakia

      I didn't forgot, but Martian Successor Nadesico isn't really something special, I would say 5,5/10 average

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      Legend of the Galactic Heroes will always be the #1 mecha animu, imo.

    • profile image

      Banagherlinks 4 years ago

      CORRECTION gundam 0079 is the true mother of all real mecha anime I can't believe that any of UC series including mobile suit gundam, zeta gundam, stardust memories, 08th ms team and char's counterattack is not here. The fact that unicorn is in the top list, which is practically under UC series. Although I'm a seed fan, seed is millions of miles compared to those what I've mentioned above. ( doubled on 00 ) I guess you didn't even bother watching or you have no idea about it. In short, this list is NOT RELIABLE and based from YOUR OWN POINT OF VIew. Guess you didn't even bother to research. Just do yourself a favor watch this and come again and tell which is the real TOP MECHA ANIME.

    • profile image

      Banagherlinks 4 years ago

      You didn't even bother to add to the list the vision of escaflowne which is maybe considered one of the best mecha anime during it's time.

    • MaskaThor profile image

      MaskaThor 4 years ago from Slovakia

      First of all yea it's based on my opinion and it's even written in the first paragraph so it's normal you have a different list of top 10 Mecha Animes and to me it looks like you are just Gundam fan-boy. (nothing wrong with that)

      Only Gundam series I didn't watch yet from the ones you listed is Zeta Gundam.

    • MaskaThor profile image

      MaskaThor 4 years ago from Slovakia

      Vision of Escaflowne was pretty good and maybe it was one of the best Mecha Anime "during it's time", but it's year 2012 now.

    • profile image

      Banagherlinks 4 years ago

      Nope I'm a fan of war and sci fi stories but yeah, some part of me is a gundam fan. Ok, I already know that it's 2012 but still, I thought that this list is about the top ten mecha animes of all time right? Now even with an older graphics I can still tell that escaflowne and the gundams that I mentioned earlier has a more decent plot compared to those listed above which makes them practically more famous and appreciated by fans. It's not all about the graphics or animation, it's the STORY, THE PLOT that still matters, if you're looking for a more decent show I recommend zeta gundam: a new translation it has three parts and best of it, it has some reanimated scenes, so yeah, it has a more presentable look. And the best thing about it, you can forget that this shows is intended for kids and barely focuses on the mechs instead. So yeah, a MATURE SERIES.

    • profile image

      Gundamfanboy 4 years ago

      You're not serious when put full metal panic, 00 and seed in that list are you? Ok, as long as age is not there...... It's a good thing unicorn is there but I still doubt that it must be the number one..... When the likes of 08th ms team and zeta is out there......

    • profile image

      SickeningCries 4 years ago

      Try watching Broken Blade it has a really great story to it!

    • profile image

      buster machine 4 years ago

      you forgot gunbuster

    • Tonyx35 profile image

      J Antonio Marcelino 4 years ago from Illinois, USA

      Thanks for making this hub. I "hit a wall" as to what is the next Mecha Anime I should watch.

    • profile image

      Techo 4 years ago

      SickeningCries is right, Broken Blade is a hidden gem among mecha anime be sure to give it a watch!

    • profile image

      Just passing by 4 years ago

      Errr.. isn't it Voltus (Voltes) V or Mazinger Z was the mother of mecha anime? IMO :-)

      But to me, Code Geass is the winner.


    • profile image

      Meh 4 years ago

      The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar, Getter Robo, Kotetsushin Jeeg, The Five Star Stories or Mazinkaiser isn't here. This list is no bueno.

    • profile image

      olo 4 years ago

      linebarrels of iron and zoids

    • Ayu Bi profile image

      Ayu Bi 3 years ago from Sorajima

      I am looking for a list of mecha anime to watch and this is just perfect.

      I also think Full Metal Panic deserves to be on the list. Nice hub! :)

    • profile image

      Krimlan 3 years ago

      No Gundam Wing?

    • profile image

      Rusty 3 years ago

      Oh boy, you know it's depressing when Mazinger Z doesn't make a list like this.

      Even worse, you called Evangelion the mother of all Mechas. Right, I don't see how it could give birth to Mazinger Z, which came about 25 years earlier.

    • profile image

      HitenKatsu 3 years ago

      Can't put this more bluntly, Gundam Seed is the worst Gundam series of them all and ruined the entire franchise for me. With that said it is a travesty that you left the best Gundam series off the list. 08th MS team is of the most well crafted animes out there.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 years ago

      Did you try watching Machine Robo Rescue? Its an old classic but it really is a decent mecha anime for "little" kids. :D

    • profile image

      HIJASDE 3 years ago

      And tetsujin 28?

    • profile image

      exia 3 years ago

      aquarian, nge, valvrave are also good ones

    • profile image

      Snuj 3 years ago

      try watching Valverave the might give these mecha anime series a run for their money...

    • profile image

      Salvare00 3 years ago

      where is break blade???

    • profile image

      lithiun 2 years ago

      The only one i can agree with is Code Geass but at number 1. It's far better than any of the gundam series by a long way.

    • profile image

      av 2 years ago

      Code geass is 1. Try watching knights of sidonia and Ginga kikotai magestic prince.

    • Robert Welter profile image

      Robert Welter 2 years ago

      Great list. I really love FMP and CG. Thanks for listing 8 more shows to watch.

    • profile image

      Noriko Takaya 2 years ago

      one word:


    • profile image

      AghiuTZa 2 years ago

      Blue Gender was a great mecha anime too, with a seriously good plot (personally i rate it 10/10, i rarely do that, not because it was original, but because it was really well and smart put together), great characters, great character development, maybe it was too mature for the audience so that's why it's so underrated, you guys should definitely check it out. Everything exceeded my expectations while i watched it:

      enjoyment (10/10), drama (10/10), coolness (8/10), romance (9/10 slow development, but great after all), action (9/10), soundtrack (8/10), realism (10/10), side characters (10/10), excitement (10/10)

    • profile image

      Alexiel 22 months ago

      Hello, tehre.

      The list ist great.

      But say, how about Ninja Robot also known as Ninja Senshi Tobikage, a classic from 1985. Especially Cybertrone/Tobikage (Flying Shadow). The story and characters are fine, not the best, but original. It deserved a second season.

      There is a korean anime known as Lazenca, unfortunately I'va watched it once on the TV some years ago, and even today I cannot find anything about it. :)

    • profile image

      GUILHERME AGUIAR 20 months ago

      Eureka Seven miss.. Gudan Repeat...

    • profile image

      animeluverr 19 months ago

      Im soo happy to see this site which give me a new list to watch, coz i need a change of mood.. I miss watching mecha anime..but lil sad bit coz valvrave the liberator is not on your top 10, its on my top 3 favorite mecha anime of all time.,but by the way thanks a lot guys!jana..

    • profile image

      Christos 15 months ago

      I love how nobody pointed out that evangelizing isn't a mecha anime. They're biological organisms in armor.

    • profile image

      Green 8 months ago

      Pretty strange list... even the Gundam shows you chose are hardly the best within their own franchise. SEED is legitimately awful.

    • profile image

      Shameza Khan 8 months ago

      i saw a anime a few years ago. it was about a few people on an island for mecha training. a brother and sister were in charge o the facility. there was also a guy that was asleep for a while in a chamber and suddenly awakens and thinks one of the girls was his friend

      i would love to know this anime name.

    • profile image

      Bob 8 months ago

      Aldnoah Zero

    • profile image

      Animeboy 6 months ago

      Aldnoah zero

      Sidonia no kishi

      Muv luv eclipse

      Eureka seven

      Infinite stratos

    • profile image

      Me 5 months ago

      Where is Knight of Sidonia!?

    • profile image

      tim thomason 3 months ago

      im sorry this may sound some what dumb.. but i remember watching an anime show based around some what gundum styled robots, but the controler\person inside their chest wore a form of spandex suit and the movements of the wearer were reanimated by the bot itself.. does anyone have an idea of what show this could have been from?

    • profile image

      Sebrigg 3 months ago

      Why does nobody like Gundam Seed? I thought it was an excellent series and I've watched every mecha anime ever released. Not saying it's the BEST, but I mean... It wasn't bad. Seed Destiny was trash, but the first series was great IMO

    • profile image

      Jeff Jeff 2 months ago

      This was a pretty poor list.

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