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Kawaii! The Cutest Anime Couples

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The most adorable anime pairings you will never get enough of!

The most adorable anime pairings you will never get enough of!

Cute Anime Couples

Just finished compiling a list of the most adorable anime pairings you will never get enough of!

And without further ado, I am now serving you the list of cutest anime couples of all time in 5..4..3..2..1...Let's begin!!!

18. Chitanda Eru and Oreki Hotarou (HYOUKA)

On the 19th spot are Chitanda Eru and Oreki Hotarou from the anime Hyouka! These two look the cutest when solving cases and mysteries surrounding the literary club. Just thinking about the very lazy Oreki working his ass off in discovering the truths behind school-related incidents because he cannot ignore Chitanda's curiosity is enough to make us go "kawaii!!!" But of course, we all know that Oreki isn't just being forced into this by Chitanda's overflowing energy and curiosity, but because he just can't leave Chitanda alone :)

17. Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo (RANMA 1/2)

Our next couple is none other than the classic Ranma 1/2 couple, Saotome Ranma and Tendo Akane. Nothing can be cuter than watching the never-ending lover's quarrel between these two! They quarrel and bicker and argue and sometimes literally fight each other (with martial arts), despite their strong feelings for each other. In spite of all the wrangling, both would go to great lengths in order to protect each other :) Still totally shipping for the love-hate relationship of Ranma and Akane!!! <3

16. Sakura Nina and Tsujiai Hiroki (ULTRA MANIAC)

Who else remembers this adorable pair, raise your hands! Sakura Nina and Tsujiai Hiroki (from the anime/manga Ultra Maniac) are one of the first few couples I fell in love with. It really is cute that Nina and Tsujiai became close because they are both into manga >.< The cutest thing about these two is how their personalities complement each other: the very clumsy, innocent but kind Nina and the very cool, level-headed and honest Tsujiai, make up for one of the cutest anime couples in the realm of anime and manga!

15. Inuyasha and Kagome (INUYASHA)

Our next couple (from another Rumiko Takahashi masterpiece, the first one is Ranma 1/2) are none other than the very lively Higurashi Kagome and the half-human, half-demon InuYasha. These two, who also share a love-hate relationship are still one of the loveliest couples I've ever seen! I find their lover's quarrels extremely adorable and I especially find delight whenever Kagome orders InuYasha to "sit"/"osuwari." Personally, the cutest InuYasha moments I remember are the scenes where Inuyasha asks Kagome for forgiveness after his crazy or childish misdeeds :3 Don't you think so too? :)

14. Ryuzaki Sakuno and Echizen Ryoma (PRINCE OF TENNIS)

At number 15 are the tennis sweethearts, Echizen Ryoma and Sakuno Ryuzaki. We have been shipping for them since day 1 (like literally) when Echizen saved Ryuzaki from irresponsible tennis players on the train. Moreover, we, the very loyal RyomaxSakuno fans, never believed him when he said that it was not for Sakuno's sake that he stopped the bad guys and that it was only by some coincidence that she was on the train. And of course, our favorite episode is still the one where they had a date (yes I am referring to episode 71: It's a date/Deto da! :D). Dear Prince of Tennis creator, we are begging for more RyomaxSakuno scenes, onegaishimasu!!!

13. Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri (DETECTIVE CONAN)

Coming in at number 14 are childhood sweethearts Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo. Ran and Shinichi have been close since kindergarten and grew up as close friends despite the frequent fights (which is kinda normal for high school students in love). The two have not been very open about their feelings for each other (not until recently, please refer to London arc/episodes) but one episode suggests that Shinichi has already liked Ran since they were kids. As for their cutest moments, there are just too many to count but I bet Shinichi's confession in London would be everyone's top pick :) Hope Gosho Aoyama is already working on Ran's reply already. God, how many chapters has it been since the confession???

12. Shinji Hiraku and Hiyori Saguraki (BLEACH)

Shinji and Hiyori, our lone couple representative from the anime Bleach, made it to the top 13 because their relationship is undeniably cute! Their hobbies include annoying and teasing and making fun of each other. Hiyori is rather violent, and particularly enjoys physically abusing Shinji. I love that Hiyori shows no respect for Shinji (and vice versa), despite the latter being one of the strongest captains in Soul Society. However, I love it even more when Shinji childishly responds to Hiyori's insults. Despite all the surface-level hate between the two, we all know that they deeply care for and trust each other. Well-deserved, top 12 couple! :)


11. Zorona - Roronoa Zoro and Perona (ONE PIECE)

I know this one's kind of unexpected but I just really find Zoro and Perona's undefined relationship (after the 2-year time skip) really cute. I am actually shipping Zoro and Robin (ZoRobin) but Zoro and Perona's contrasting personalities make the pair look so adorable. Perona's bossing around Zoro is both funny and charming given the fact that no one often orders Zoro around (except for Nami I guess). I am still a ZoRobin advocate (but everyone would agree with me that the Zoro-Robin combo is just way too cold and not really cute), but for the purpose of this list, I would ship ZoRona just this one time! :)

10. Yusuke Fujisaki and Hime Onizuka

Grabbing the 11th spot are the very dense couple from the Sket Dance trio, Bossun and Himeko . Their weird similarities and unique humor are pretty much the formulae for them to become a couple, but when will that happen is the big question. At present, their relationship is a bit complicated as the two are obviously more than friends but are definitely not lovers. My favorite scenes are whenever they appear "subconsciously" jealous when a potential love interest for either Bossun or Himeko pops up. However, they still are cutest whenever they pull off their bokke and tsukkomi acts! :)

9. Atsuhi Otani and Koizumi Risa (LOVELY COMPLEX)

What else can be cuter than two people with a height complex falling for each other? Making it to the top 10 are the very lovely couple from one of the loveliest anime ever, Risa and Otani, representing team Lovely Complex! Nothing can beat a couple who shares the same humor, interests (Umibozu) and height complex. Despite the obvious connection between the two, it took them forever to realize that they have romantic feelings for each other, especially that dumb Otani. Their cutest scenes include Riza's confession and that fireworks scene on the school's rooftop. RisaxOtani: still one of the cutest anime couples ever!

8. Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama (KYOUKAI NO KANATA)

Taking spot no. 9 are Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata. These two are one of the sweetest things I've seen in my entire life. Mirai is best known for her tagline, "fuyukai desu" which literally translates to "how unpleasant," while Akhihito, for his extreme fetish for girls wearing glasses. Their cutest moments, of course, are all those times when Mirai literally tried to kill Akihito, but the best ones would be all those times when Mirai sacrificed herself in order for him to live on. No other pair deserves this spot than Akihito and Mirai :)

7. Hinata Hyuuga and Uzumaki Naruto (NARUTO)

All the way from Konohagakure, winning the 8th place are one of the most popular couples of all time, Naruto and Hinata! The shy, young Hinata and the foolish but strong-willed Naruto are definitely one of the cutest pairs ever! Despite the painfully slow development of the relationship between these two, we can make do of the handful of NarutoxHinata moments Kishimoto offered us. Their ship started sailing as early as the chunin exams arc, when Naruto swore by Hinata's blood that he will defeat Neji in her place. After billions of years, things finally took an interesting turn when Hinata declared her love to Naruto (for all Konohagakure to hear) and fought a battle she was sure to lose for his sake. As for their cutest scene together, it can only be the much-anticipated holding hands scene! Everybody agrees, right? :)

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Landing a sweet spot at number 7 is the Fullmetal couple, Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell. Like some of the couples on this hub, Ed and Winry were childhood friends (to the point where they were almost family to each other) and like most of the couples on this hub, they argued A LOT. Despite all the quarrels, Winry ensured that Edward was well taken care of (including his automail needs) and has provided him constant support, while Edward offered Winry protection several times throughout the series (in fact, he was overprotective most of the time). The cutest scenes happened whenever Ed was in denial of his romantic feelings for Winry but the best moment was Edward's very awkward confession but definitely the cutest proposal ever in the entire history of anime (of course Winry agreed and now they are officially family to each other)!

"It's equivalent exchange! I'll give you half of my life, so you give me half of yours!" -Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood