Is Goofy a Dog?

Updated on January 9, 2019

Goofy Is Not A Dog - The Cover Up

If you are a fan of Disney then you have probably seen Goofy. The lovable but clumsy comic relief in Disney's cast of characters.

But what is Goofy? Is Goofy a Dog? The beloved clumsy character was born in 1932. His original name was Dippy Dawg and in 1938 appeared in a book titled "The Story of Dippy The Goof".

In 1939 he officially changed his name to Goofy after starring in the animated film Goofy and Wilbur. The name change was a genius marketing move for Goofy as he has become one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time and a member of Mickey's inner circle.

Goofy has always been thought of as a "dog with human features" according to Disney's Mouselinks. However what the Disney establishment isn't telling you is the goofy is really a cow. To be specific an Aberdeen-Angus Cattle. A fact that Disney would love to cover -up considering that Goofy's national origin is anything but American. In 1939 with American nationalism at an historic high, Goofy's true heritage could have created a huge scandal for Disney. A Scandal that would have finished Goofies career just as it was starting to take-off.

Dippy Dawg circa 1932
Dippy Dawg circa 1932

Goofy's Heritage Revealed

Goofy's full name is Dipalwa Dawala. Born in Scotland, Dipalwa is the son of Egyptian immigrants and comes from a long line of hornless cattle called Aberdeen-Angus cattle. Dipalwa came from a meager beginning and was discovered by Disney talent scouts during a livestock sale in Scotland. The talent scouts noticed his raucous laugh and clumsy charm and convinced him to travel with them to America to be a part of a comedy team headed up by up and coming cartoon comic, Mickey Mouse.

Once back at Disney headquarters, Dipalwa underwent extensive training. The Disney team worked with Goofy on English but could not entirely eliminate his accent. To solve the "problem" Disney trained him to adopt his trademark voice to cover up the hints of his Mideastern heritage.

The Disney marketing team saw the American public thought of dogs as lovable and thought of cows as food. Looking to induce laughs and not appetites. Disney team decided they would market him as a dog and shorten his name to Dippy Dawg.

Although Dippy gained some fans with his debut book "The Story of Dippy the Goof", the response was underwhelming. The lack of interest left the Disney team split on Goofy's future.

They decided to try one last time by changing Dippy's name to Goofy and gave him a starring role in the 1939 with the film "Goofy and Wilbur". Goofy was a hit. After starring in his own series of "How to" films such as "How to be a rock star" and "The Art of Skiing", his star seemed to be on the rise.

Clarbelle circa 1930
Clarbelle circa 1930
Goofy and Clarabelle's pride and joy!
Goofy and Clarabelle's pride and joy!

The Dark Years

Goofy's career hung in the balance in the 1950s with the birth of his son Max. While Goofy's screen persona was that of a dog he could not deny his bovine heritage. One day after filming he met his true love Clarabelle the cow. Clarabelle was an actress on the rise at Disney but saw Goofy for what he was, a handsome Angus bull stud. Goofy was enamored with his new girlfriend and at the height of their romance, their son Max was born.

The Disney team was outraged. The Walt Disney company was on a roll producing hit movies and planning to open a theme park in the 60's. They could ill afford to have a scandal that not only revealed that Goofy had a calf out of wedlock but also revealed his true identity.

If the truth was exposed the public trust would be violated and the lines to buy tickets to the Disney blockbusters would dwindle. Goofy was quickly cast with his son with and a dog wife in the short series Mr. Geef.

After the failure of Mr. Geef, Goofy was taken out of feature films and reduced to an actor in film shorts. Once a headliner, Goofy films were now only being seen during previews and intermissions. Although his merchandise sales remained strong, Goofy decided to take more of a production role with the Disney team and spend time with his young family.

In the 1990's Goofy was back on the small screen with the introduction of "The Goof Troop" TV series. Goofy was delighted. He was able to spend time with his son and co-star Max and did not have to hide their relationship. Goofy, Max and Clarabelle were allowed to be together on set. Things finally seemed to be getting easier of the Angus cow family. There was even talk of giving Clarabelle the role of Goofy's dog wife, Cuddles.

The entire family was going to be on screen again until Clarabelle was suddenly stricken with Mad Cow disease.

Clarabelle's illness forced the cancellation of "Goof Troop" so that Goofy could spend time with his ailing companion. Despite great risk to his own health, Goofy spent day and night with his love Clarabelle. It was said that Goofy was often up at all hours of the night chewing cud and waiting for Clara's fever to break.

Miraculously after weeks in bed, Clarabelle recovered but not before their son Max was stricken with the terrible disease. In 2000, Max lost his battle with Mad cow disease on a farm in Northern Scotland. Goofy was devastated and most feared he would never return to acting again.

The Comeback

In 2006, Goofy and Clarabelle were offered roles on the new series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Clarabelle was cast as a cow but Goofy was still playing the half dog, half human character he made famous over a 70 year career.

Goofy and Clarabelle live happily in the Florida pan handle during shooting but return home to Scotland in the off-season. You can see Goofy and Clarabelle in the mornings on Disney Junior. The Disney channel also re-runs his classic "How to.." shorts between episodes of the Disney Junior programs.

Goofy's How to Dance 1953 from Disney

Goofy's "How to Play Football" 1944 from Disney

The Evidence

The Physical Evidence

The physical evidence of Goofy's bovine heritage is obvious. His buck teeth are rounded and flat. Both characteristics of a herbivore. His cow nose is larger than that of a dog with flaring nostrils like that of a cow. Remember he comes from a hornless breed of cattle so it would not be unusual for him not to have horns.

The Other Evidence

Goofy's love interest in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse is Clarabelle the Cow. The on-screen chemistry is obvious. Disney often couples characters with the opposite sex of the same species. Mickey and Mini, Donald and Daisey both follow this pattern. So why would the writers at Disney have Goofy and Clarabelle coupled up? Could it be an attempt to reward the cattle couple for their years of loyalty to the Disney brand?

Is this just a conspiracy theory or an extensive cover-up in the Disney corporation reaching all the way to the top? Has the lovable mouse been the mastermind behind the cattle controversy? Is Goofy A Dog? You be the judge?

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      • profile image


        2 days ago

        This page is one of the first to come up when googling "is goofy a dog". Which is pretty scary really as people i know try to use this to claim goofy is a cow. Which is utterly ridiculous. If anything goofy would be a bull and as such would have horns like a bull. He also wouldn't have dog whiskers, long droopy dog ears, or a dog nose. So conspiracy this is not. Ambiguity there is not. Stop spreading mis-truths.

      • profile image


        3 weeks ago

        Goofy is a dog. Y'all can't tell me nothin' about goofy. How does he have a dogs nose if he's a cow?! Pssh . Passionate about disney over here and I'm not afraid to take somebody down for talking some bs about goofy being a cow

      • profile image

        Some Weenie 

        4 weeks ago

        “Disney often couples characters with the opposite sex of the same species. Mickey and Mini, Donald and Daisy both follow this pattern. So why would the writers at Disney have Goofy and Clarabelle coupled up?”

        Disney doesn’t always do same-species couples, so I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Can’t think of one for Mickey’s group of pals? Take Mickey’s half-brother, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He’s, and let me not stress this enough, a rabbit who is married to a cat, Ortensia, and the two have had 420 children together. A cat and a rabbit.

        I feel like this alone shows that Disney isn’t afraid to have that sort of character relationships. If they’re willing to have a rabbit-cat relationship, why not the possibility of a dog-cow relationship?

      • profile image


        4 weeks ago

        Goofys original name was dippy dawg. Which makes him a "dawg" lol and he doesn't have flaring nostrils he has a small nose that looks wet. Just like a dog

      • profile image


        5 weeks ago

        WAIT!!!MAX IS STILL ALIVE..... he was in the their movie “An Extremely Goofy Movie” which was made in 2000 and he was on the show “house of mouse” as the Parking valet and that ended in 2004. SO MAX STILL LIVE PEOPLE

      • profile image

        A C Ratone 

        3 months ago

        A list of Twenty-Seven Disney theatrical cartoons where Horace Horsecollar (wikipedia) appeared with Clarabelle Cow:

        The Plow Boy (1929)

        The Barnyard Concert (1930)

        The Shindig (1930)

        Pioneer Days (1930)

        The Birthday Party (1931)

        Blue Rhythm (1931)

        The Barnyard Broadcast (1931)

        The Beach Party (1931)

        Barnyard Olympics (1932)

        Mickey's Revue (1932)

        The Whoopee Party (1932)

        Touchdown Mickey (1932)

        Mickey's Mellerdrammer (1933)

        Mickey's Gala Premiere (1933)

        Camping Out (1934)

        Orphan's Benefit (1934)

        The Band Concert (1935)

        On Ice (1935)

        Mickey's Grand Opera (1936)

        Orphan's Benefit (remake, 1941)

        Mickey's Birthday Party (1942)

        Symphony Hour (1942)

        All Together (1942)

        Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983)

        Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

        The Prince and the Pauper (1990)

        Get a Horse! (2013)

      • profile image

        Ruby Marteney 

        7 months ago

        pluto is a dog goofy is a cow it specifically says that get over it

      • profile image

        The Dude 

        11 months ago

        Dogs and cows have always had a close relationship. Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog. Pluto is a regular dog. Animators are creative and play with perspective. This is not complicated.

      • profile image

        Goofy fan 

        12 months ago

        What the.....if he a dog and a human at the same time?!

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        If goofy is not a dog, then what is he?

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        I still don 't now wot goofy is he mat be a dog wolf or cow or diffrent animal

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        based on the evidence you provided, I'd say he's a mix between a dog and a cow. cows have flared nostril in disney, goofy doesn't. he also used to have a tail. but the fact is they never say he's a dog, because he isn't. perhaps they are ashamed of his origins as a hybrid animal.

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        This is stupid. He has buck teeth and a big nose, because it's funny. He's paired with Clarabelle occaisonaly because of the ambiguousness of his species. (Although Clarabelle is more often paired with Horace Horsecollar.) And, furthermore he's a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. He was drawn, not discovered. He is whatever Disney wants him to be, and they want him to be a dog.

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        Thank you for info

        I think goofy should be with clarabell!

      • profile image

        Marvin martian 

        20 months ago

        I think goofy is a mixed animal hybrid crossbreed just like the animaniacs

      • profile image


        23 months ago

        Hi I I want to thank you for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I really really love me and I hope you are right I can meet her one day and can you send her a picture something to me so I can so I can meat her

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        This is nothing but fanfiction

      • profile image


        2 years ago


      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Dog for least till the cows come home!!! lol

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        This is so great.. can I share it on fb, my friends need this to chew on.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        It's funny because it's not true. LOL but nice try.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        I'm pretty sure Goofy is a goat. Pretty much every other character has a first name letter that matches the first letter in its animal type. For example: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto Pup.

      • Qmarpat profile image


        3 years ago from Northern,California

        This is just too funny!!!!

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        awesome thanks great info

      • peachpurple profile image


        4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

        nice post, i think goofy is a dog, never thought he was a cow at all

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Nice!! Good one, thanks.

      • ryokowaren profile image


        4 years ago from USA

        Good job on this article! It was a fun read. :)

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Great job on this research. Now i have so much to tell my 2 year old daughter who just happens to be over the moon for goofy. Im sure she will love him no matter what.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Well thought out. Loved it! Wonderful imagination

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        Wow…this was absolutely hilarious!! I always knew there was something fishy about Goofy's character. You just confirmed it. AWEsome job!

      • tonyfischer profile imageAUTHOR

        Tony Fischer 

        5 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

        Thanks Ninja!!! It was fun writing it.

      • profile image

        Chocolate Ninja 

        5 years ago

        I have always wondered exactly what animal Goofy was...thanks for clearing that up for us! I really liked this hub, even if it mostly fictional, it was a fun read!

      • tonyfischer profile imageAUTHOR

        Tony Fischer 

        5 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

        Anne, Thanks for reading. The article is intended as satire. Just a fun little SEO experiment that turned out to be my most read article. The article on cattle was provided as a source confirming that there is indeed a breed on hornless cattle that is black in color. The rest of the story is a work of fiction loosely based on the history of the cartoon character goofy's appearance in early animated shorts. Thanks again for reading and happy Hubbing.

      • profile image

        Anna S. 

        5 years ago

        Im sorry but what are your sources? How does the the article on cattle that you provided tell us anything about where Goofy came from? I don't mean to come off as rude, I am just a little bit confused.

      • tonyfischer profile imageAUTHOR

        Tony Fischer 

        5 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

        thanks for reading Daisy. I hope to do apprenticeship sometime as well. would like to talk with you about how you like it when you have a chance.

      • Daisy Mariposa profile image

        Daisy Mariposa 

        5 years ago from Orange County (Southern California)


        What a fun article! Thanks for providing us with so much about which to smile.

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        i always believe that goofy is a man of a dog version but thanks to you. You gave me such a nice information.

      • tonyfischer profile imageAUTHOR

        Tony Fischer 

        6 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

        I think the facts to support the argument are clear!

      • profile image

        Cat Callen 

        6 years ago

        Tony, my friend and I are debating. He believes you wrote this as a satire and I believe you wrote this as truth. Can you resolve our debate?

      • Fun2Video profile image


        6 years ago

        We see many things in life but never try to understand them, same i watch goofy cartoons many times but never think its dog or what but now after seeing this hub i came to know about goofy. Thanks

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        I was the only one out of ky family that guessed that he was a cow the rest said the he was a dog:D

      • tonyfischer profile imageAUTHOR

        Tony Fischer 

        7 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

        Thanks Dan! Looking forward to them!

      • tonyfischer profile imageAUTHOR

        Tony Fischer 

        7 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

        Thanks Krim, what a great compliment.

      • tonyfischer profile imageAUTHOR

        Tony Fischer 

        7 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

        Thanks Dahlia, The world needs to know and the truth never sleeps.

      • Krimsty profile image


        7 years ago

        I'm at a loss for words. This could possibly be your best work to date!

      • Dan Merrick profile image

        Dan Merrick 

        7 years ago from Portsmouth, Virginia

        This is a really cool HUB man! Boy, you really got my brain spinning...I have a few conspiracies of my own I might have to write about. Great one man, I really enjoyed it.

      • Dahlia Flower profile image

        Dahlia Flower 

        7 years ago from Canada

        Humorous and very researched. Wow. You're motivated! Great work. I wish I had energy like this.

      • tonyfischer profile imageAUTHOR

        Tony Fischer 

        7 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

        Thanks Stephanie, I have been sitting on this scandal for awhile. It is something the world needs to know. lol

      • StephanieBCrosby profile image

        Stephanie Bradberry 

        7 years ago from New Jersey

        This is really cool coverage. I always wondered if he was actually supposed to be a dog or not, but never cared enough to do research.


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