What You Didn't See: Hidden Disney Images - Tangled

Updated on February 22, 2017

We've all did it: paused our favorite Disney movie trying to find the little hidden images that we may have missed as children. We've all heard about the hidden penis on The Little Mermaid original cover, drawn by a disgruntled employee. Or the word "Sex" that is written in the dust in The Lion King, which Disney claims is "SFX", a nod to the Special Effects team. But here are some more hidden Disney images that you may have not heard about in Tangled.

Tangled: Homage to the Disney Princesses

Rapunzel may not be hand drawn like the rest of the traditional Disney princesses, but Tangled still pays homage to the princesses we know and love. In Rapunzel's tower, every inch of her walls are painted with images and designs. On each of the banisters, there is a symbol that pays homage to a different Disney princess. There are, also, other objects that symbolize each of the princesses scattered throughout the tower.

The first symbol you see is an apple, paying homage to the very first Disney Princess: Snow White. It is shown during the first song of Tangled: "When Will My Life Begin."

The second symbol is a rose, symbolizing Belle, on another banister during the beginning song.

There is, also, the same dresser from Beauty and the Beast from Belle's room. This can be seen when Rapunzel is sitting in her room after coming back from her journey with Flynn

Another symbol is a glass slipper, symbolizing Cinderella, on another one of the banisters at the beginning of the film.

A spindle can be seen at the beginning during the first song, behind Rapunzel, when she gets tangled up in her hair. This represents Aurora, aka. Sleeping Beauty.

And finally, towards the end of the movie, when Rapunzel realizes she is the lost princess, a shell can be seen on one of the banisters, symbolizing Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Pinocchio Just Hanging Around

Everyone's favorite marionette doll, Pinocchio, makes an appearance in Disney's Tangled. During the song "I Have a Dream" at the Snuggly Duckling, Pinocchio can be seen sitting up in the rafters when the "cupid" drunk flies over everyone.

Rapunzel's Baby Mobile

If you look at Rapunzel's baby mobile at the beginning of the movie, you will notice that all of the toys hanging on the sides of it are a different character from the movie.

There is a small Pascal and small Maximus character.

The angel with the bow and arrow represents the drunkard who dresses up like cupid.

The blue bird represents the birds, Rapunzel first sees when she leaves her tower for the first time.

And the duck represents the Snuggly Duckling Pub.

A subtle hint towards what is to come later on in the movie.

Sleeping Beauty Story Book

When Flynn and Rapunzel are at the festival and are looking at books in the library, if you look to the far left, you might see a familiar image: The beginning pages from Sleeping Beauty. I guess Rapunzel is doing her research on some of the previous princesses.


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    • profile image

      awsome 6 months ago

      that crunch thing that he posted was very interesting

    • Keisha Hunter profile image

      Keisha Hunter 2 years ago from Kingston, Jamaica

      Therein lies a perfect reason to go and watch all these lovely movies AGAIN! I'm still enjoying my Frozen days though, so I'll start with that, albeit with keener eyes.

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 3 years ago from Louisiana

      Nice Hub, I'm always on the lookout for new excuses to revisit Tangled! The only thing I have to add isn't really a hidden object, but a fact: Rapunzel and Flynn (Eugene) have the largest age gap of any Disney couple so far, 8 years. He's 26 and she's 18.

    • profile image

      krunch 3 years ago

      When the old woman falls from the tower and her cape is on the ground it makes the shape of a man when you tilt your head to the left and a girl if you tilt your head right.

    • profile image

      wrlcome 36 3 years ago

      anna is in there

    • profile image

      paulina@1915 3 years ago

      Did you know that rupunzle is elsa and ana's cousin .

    • profile image

      Superman 3 years ago

      You can also see the little mermaid and beauty in the beast books on the floor with the sleeping beauty book

    • DChance2 profile image

      DChance 3 years ago

      I never get the hits that Disney seems to put into the movies.