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Full Anime Series Review: Blood Lad


Blood Lad is about Staz, a young demon boy in control of a small territory in the world of the dead, and a girl who happens to end up in said territory, eventually becoming a ghost/vampire. But basically, this is your typical shounen (targeted at boys) anime. Staz gets caught up between his otaku-like obsession with humans and anime, his need to look tough to defend his territory, and his family's schemes. There's a lot of that kind of wacky style of anime fighting where nobody really gets hurt.

Although it has some horror-themed visual motifs, it's not really part of the horror genre. It had a slapstick style that reminded me more of Fairy Tail or Naruto. So I would classify at least the anime version as more comedy and less horror than I initially expected based on the aesthetic of the show. A lot of the comedy in fact comes from anime references, particularly to Staz' favorite series, Dragon Ball Z.

Title:Blood Lad

Source Material:

Manga by Yuuki Kodama


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Additional Material:

Light Novel by Yasaka Kei, Illus. by Kanata Yoshino



Blood Lad is probably going to appeal to the target audience, especially if they're familiar with other anime enough to laugh at the anime jokes. Staz is a memorable protagonist. Often, male protagonists in anime are often a bit flat and generic, but Staz oozes personality. One thing I would have liked to see more of is more horror elements. The show has a werewolf, vampires, a sorceress, a ghost, etc. but they really just feel like an average shounen pack of teenagers. Similarly, Rosario + Vampire and Soul Eater are light-hearted, fun anime that also have horror-themed character types. Some people might enjoy seeing these types of characters in a lighter comedy series, but personally, I prefer to see horror characters in a show that's well, actually trying to be horrifying.

Blood Lad is not terrible. I did laugh, and I did get interested in the protagonist's various struggles. But it never does anything that original or unexpected, either. It's fun, but a little forgettable. My guess is that since it's only 10 episodes, the manga is probably better, and this anime could have been better if it were longer. But, as is, it makes for a decent anime with good art that would be good for a party or anime club. It's entertaining.


Ced Yong from Asia on September 21, 2016:

This sounds like something to check out!

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