Top 6 Bizarre Pokémon (From the Anime)

Updated on July 8, 2017
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Ash and Pikachu
Ash and Pikachu

Anime History

We keep coming back to the Pokémon anime, don't we? Pokémon originally began as a video game, then soon expanded into a trading-card-game and television show. The series has since constructed hundreds of episodes spanning multiple anime.

Throughout its various seasons, we've experienced many allies, enemies, and amazing Pokémon... but we've also seen some truly bizarre occurrences. To see what I mean, let's countdown the six most curious cartoon Pokémon!


6. Charizard

To start off our unusual list, take the famous fire-breathing dragon Ash captures. Actually, take every Charizard we see in the anime. Why? Well I hate to say it, but these Pokémon are giants!

Remember, Pokémon began as a video game. In that game, your Pokedex lists the official size of each Pokémon. How big are Charizards? As of Generation 6, they are five feet and seven inches tall (1.7 meters). Heck, I'm taller than our hotheaded reptilian friend. Yet Ash's Charizard towers over every adult in the show, so what gives?

Well, the anime takes very, uh, creative approaches to several specie's heights. Though, in all honesty, myself and most viewers prefer the gigantic dragons over the official sizes.

What makes this even stranger is that Ash's Charizard is revealed to be smaller than most; anime Charizards can stand five times taller than their video game counterparts.

Lugia and Silver
Lugia and Silver

5. Lugia

Lugia, the mascot of the Game Boy Color's Pokémon Silver, is a legendary Pokémon. This means it's genderless and you can only capture in the video games; theoretically, there's only one of them in the world.

However, anyone who has watched anime episode The Mystery Is History encounters a parent Lugia, and its baby, nicknamed Silver. This raises numerous questions. How are there multiples of the same legendary? Are there more; the Lugia must have mated if it has a child. Also, the parent and Silver certainly seem different than the Lugia from the anime movie, Pokémon 2000; are they connected at all?

So are Legendary creatures truly one of a kind? Game lore and most the anime say yes, but occasionally a wrench in the works, like this parent Lugia, suggest otherwise.

4. Meowth

One of the oddest Pokémon is right in front of us half the time. Team Rocket's Meowth differs from all other versions of the cat shown in the video games and anime. This particular feline not only walks on two legs, like a human, but it speaks our language too!

In fact, the show explains why Meowth can talk (but never how). Before joining Team Rocket, the still-normal cat found a female Meowth, Meowzie, and fell in love. However, she rejected him, saying she preferred humans. Thus, Meowth worked painstakingly hard to attempt to become more human-like, and taught himself to talk and move as a biped. Even so, Meowzie still rejected him, and he wound up as a member of Team Rocket.

This also raises some questions. So, Meowths apparently have the capability of speaking, given lots of practice. Could any Pokémon talk if they tried hard enough? It seems unusual for only this cat to have the potential to speak, but we hear it for ourselves all the time. Isn't that right, Meowth?

Giant Dragonite
Giant Dragonite

3. Dragonite

Great, another enormous dragon discrepancy. However, unlike Charizard, I'm not describing the regular Dragonites we see in the show; they seem close enough to their official seven foot and three inch height.

No, I'm talking about one particular behemoth we see in the Mystery at the Lighthouse episode of season 1. This creature is huge, easily exceeding the size of a lighthouse. It's also rather mysterious, and we know very little about it. Heck, it's never even specifically referred to as a Dragonite, and we never get a glimpse of it beyond shadows.

Dragonites are already some of the strongest Pokémon available; imagine what havoc this giant version could wreak. Definitely an oddball. Well, at least only one Pokemon's size is dubious here; it could be three times worse..

Giant Alakazam and Gengar
Giant Alakazam and Gengar
Giant Jigglypuff
Giant Jigglypuff

2. Gengar, Alakazam, and Jigglypuff

These three monsters, all of which are normally smaller than an adult human, have jumbo-sized versions seen in The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis.

In this episode, an exploration teams uncovers ancient devices. While investigating the materials, they inadvertently release an enormous Gengar and Alakazam, who start to raze the land. Ash, Misty, and Brock use their Pokémon to try to stop them, but it's no use.

Eventually, a third giant, Jigglypuff (who Misty dubs "Bigglypuff"), is released and sings, putting everyone nearby to sleep. When our heroes awaken, there's no sign of any of the giants. It's already fascinating to have colossal versions of these small Pokémon; plus, they seem to have extra features. They all possess strange markings covering themselves, and the Gengar is seen to somehow "absorb" people, trapping them inside its own body.

Certainly a trio of weird Pokemon.

Crystal Onix
Crystal Onix

1. Crystal Onix

Our number one rarity is the Crystal Onix encountered in, well, The Crystal Onix. And this isn't a simple shiny Pokémon, either. Shiny Pokémon are rare creatures who simply bear an alternate color palette. However, while a regular Onix is gray, a shiny Onix is a pale green-yellow; neither bears a resemblance to this turquoise creature.

Onix belongs to the Rock and Ground types, both of which are weak against Water Pokemon. However, the Crystal Onix is shown to actually submerge itself in water, and it seems more vulnerable to flames than most Onix. Is its type different; perhaps part Steel? And what would happen if it were to evolve into Steelix?

We may never know the mysteries behind this strange creature. Some believe its body is made of glass, but sadly the truth of the matter isn't crystal clear.

Regular, Shiny, and Crystal Onix
Regular, Shiny, and Crystal Onix

Future of Pokemon

I hope you enjoyed viewing some mysterious creatures from the anime. With another Pokmeon anime in the works, and the ever-continuing success of its main games, Pokemon shows no signs of stopping as it passes from generation to generation.

But for now, vote for your favorite oddball, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

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    • profile image


      3 weeks ago

      Gladion’s Silvally should be here.

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      3 months ago

      What about the shiny baby lugia? Another mystery to solve.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      what about Banette


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