Four 90s Cartoon Voice Actors and Where They Are Now

Updated on September 4, 2017

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

Everyone remembers this marvelous, yet dimwitted, hunk from the 90s. Voiced by Jeff Bennett, this self proclaimed womanizer was the victim of comedic beatings by the ladies Johnny tried to pick up. Although Johnny never had much success getting what he wanted, the voice behind this character sure had a lot of success. Not only is Jeff a voice actor, he also is a singer and a regular film star as well. Starring in over 100 movies, voice acting in over 100 television shows, and voice acting in over 50 video games, this impressive personality has certainly made his presence known. His most recent television gig is voicing Bob and General Lance from Nickelodeon's "Bunsen Is a Beast." We will always know him as the voice behind Johnny Bravo.

Rocko's Modern Life


Surprisingly, adults made up one-fitfth of the audience for this Nickelodeon cartoon. This little Wallaby's show contained a lot of racy humor and adult innuendos that most adults understood, but children did not. Critics put it in the same boat as "The Simpsons" by saying it was considered an adult cartoon, and that it was not for kids. Not only did he voice Rocko, he has voiced a plethora of characters from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. The list is endless! Remember the original Spyro the Dragon Playstation game? Yep, you guessed it, he voiced Spyro too! Later, the man behind Rocko's voice also went on to star in a show that definitely wasn't for kids. "Reno 911!" is one of the shows Carlos Alazraqui went to after voicing Rocko. You'll recognize him as Deputy James Garcia.


Tommy Pickles

The Rugrats' Tommy Pickles definitely had to make this list. Tommy was known for misinterpreting the conversations had by adults, which led them on their mischievous adventures. This bald little child was admired by his fellow children for his courage, loyalty, bravery and kindness. He was always the source of encouragement when they embarked on their journeys. Elizabeth Daily, the woman behind Tommy, is also well known for her role as Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls. Although she hasn't voiced or starred in many shows like the others, she makes a separate living as a singer/songwriter. If you're a fan of The Voice, she made an appearance in the fifth season during 2013 and turned the chairs of Blake Shelton and Cee-Lo Green. She ultimately chose Team Blake but, spoiler alert, she lost in a knock out round. If you're into the Pop/Rock genre, you should definitely give her a listen.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters


If you weren't too scared to watch this show, then you will surely remember Ickis. This bunny-like monster was definitely the most skittish, yet sometimes brave, character out of the group. Ickis is clearly capable of being a leader at certain times and could even increase his size to scare away potential threats. With his blatant disregard for rules and laws, he sometimes put the monster world in jeopardy by almost exposing it to humans. Charlie Adler has had consistent work throughout the years. Alongside voicing Ickis, you may recognize him as Buster from "Tiny Toon Adventures", Cow AND Chicken from "Cow and Chicken." His most recent notable work has been as Starscream from the Transformer franchise. Along with voice acting, he does a lot of crew work on various cartoons and television shows for HGTV.


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