First Impressions: Drifters

Updated on November 15, 2016

Summary (Episode 1):

Drifters: Battle in a Brand-new World War starts off like your standard historical samurai epic; bloody battles are taking place and of course, a lone badass main character isn't afraid to stand down an army. But what happens next makes this nothing like your typical historical action anime.

The protagonist is transported to a place resembling a long hallway with a lot of doors. In front of him is a desk where a smug man sits, disinterestedly smoking and doing some paperwork. The man is dressed like he's from the 20th or 21st century. Angrily the protagonist demands to know who that guy is and where he is, but he doesn't receive an answer.

Instead, he is transported to another place through one of the doors. He falls down, collapsing from blood loss from his battle in his original dimension. Some elf-like boys, brothers, take him to a place other "drifters" from Japan have hidden out. Two others. One is from Japan about 400 years before the protagonist's time (which is the early Tokugawa period), and the other? Oda Nobunaga himself!

Driters: A Battle in a Brand-new World War
Source Material:
Manga by Kouta Hirano
Action, Science Fatasy, Seinen
Hoods Drifters Studio
Additional Material:
1 OVA Episode, 36 Minutes

Review (Based on Episode One):

This looks like an exciting show. A few things I'm interested in watching more of it for are:

  • The animation and the battles look really cool.
  • It's not just another cliche "special magical ordinary high school" anime. The plot is creative and original.
  • There is a lot of mystery surrounding who is causing the "drifter" phenomenon and for what purpose.
  • Oda Nobunaga seems like a funny and interesting character in this anime (I say that because he shows up pretty frequently in historical anime and film.).

So this show looks both badass and intellectually stimulating. That's a pretty good first impression. Also, it looks like the manga was written by the same guy who did Hellsing. Pretty cool!

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