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"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 116: Ultra Instinct Returns

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In this episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Ultra Instinct...returns!

In this episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Ultra Instinct...returns!

Ultra Instinct: The Comeback

In the previous episode, we find our hero quickly losing stamina and being pushed to his limits. He puts up a good fight, pushing back Kefla, but it seemed his time was running out. To the surprise of many, Kefla knocks Goku back into his base form with a single kick to the head.

I'm left stunned, wondering what just happened and questioning the power scaling of the show all at once as Goku lays on the ground. He manages to get himself up to his feet, and as his opponent tries to attack, she is stunned that he had dodged all her attacks effortlessly. He opens his eyes, and we the audience knew exactly what the silver eyes had meant: he had done it. He had tapped into Ultra Instinct yet again.

This episode starts where we left off, and once again shows Goku pushing past his limits, accessing a power that is difficult for even the Gods to obtain. Fans of the series were sure to be getting hyped by now, as the hero of the story stands confident. As if to say things had changed now, he looks at his opponent and says, "you can't beat me anymore." Goku, who had just been pushed into a corner and left lying on the ground, was ready for his comeback, and this time he would be sure to put on a show. If you blinked, you may have just missed it.

Don't Sweat The Technique

With the battle underway, attack after attack is thrown, but everything seems to miss and Kefla is unable to land a single blow. With ultra instinct, a technique even the Gods find hard to achieve, Goku is giving his opponent trouble. Unable to land anything, Kefla is getting frustrated as in this state Goku proves too much for her, landing some blows of his own while she is still unable to touch him. Kefla powers up even more, and the power scaling that they had stopped caring about long ago became even more blatantly clear, and it seemed there were no ends to the power ups. Still Goku stands confident, continuing to evade every attack, showing just what this technique is capable of.

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Kefla Eliminated

With an action packed battle that was sure to get fans of the genre excited, what seemed like a dragged out fight going on for multiple episodes finally concluded. This conclusion ended this fight in style to say the least as we get to see one of the best moments of the series as a whole, and possibly one of the best moments in the entire franchise. With all of the build up getting here, it was a sight to see and something that could catch the attention of all fans of the franchise. With this tournament filled with inconsistencies and outrage of some fans concerning all of the power upgrades, this was a satisfying conclusion to this particular fight.

The character Kefla had her run, and although the power seemed to go against what the entire series had set up for itself already, a good fight is still a good fight. All of this character's power development seemed to contradict established plot points in the series that we are provided a retcon for in order for entertaining battles to take place. Kefla was strong because she had to be and the plot demanded it, not because of any character development, and the blame can be placed on the writing and introduction of the character.

However, whether you loved our hated the female saiyans of universe 6, we can say they provided us with entertaining scenes. The greatest scene of all had to be the elimination, with possibly the greatest scene we have yet to see, it is sure to keep people talking for some time.

Final Thoughts

Some of the power upgrades from Kefla and the female saiyans seemed to disregard the logic of the series that had been previously established, and even Goku using ultra instinct seems to be happening a bit too fast. The story is rushing through the development to raise the stakes which may be hurting the overall story strength, but as a fan of the franchise I must admit that I enjoy myself watching these fight scenes, and I'm just as excited as everyone else in the fandom.

Growing up on the franchise, I tend to notice it is not always the greatest when it comes to story, but we still love it regardless. It is episodes like this that get the fans going wild. Let us just hope that this level of excitement keeps up. It will be interesting to see where they decide to take things going forward.

Overall I give this episode an 8 out of 10 for the pure excitement value, and the fact that I could watch the final elimination scene on repeat.

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