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Meaning of Love in "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3" (2014)

Chris G is a writer, researcher, and internet-culture enthusiast who enjoys digging into some of the stranger trends on the web.

The gang has returned to once again! Lets see what beautiful nugget of information they've got wrapped in their trip-tastic new episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared!

The gang has returned to once again! Lets see what beautiful nugget of information they've got wrapped in their trip-tastic new episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared!

Introduction to "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3"

Welcome to another video breakdown by yours truly! Becky and Joe are back and they've brought all the familiar characters back for the third installment of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared!

During their hiatus, I was beginning to think I wouldn't be writing another analysis on the internet's favorite puppets! Luckily, the Kickstarter campaign seems to have gone well and on Halloween of 2013 Don’t Hug Me I'm Scared 3 dropped, and once again, ThisIsItCollective has sent us a new nightmare to dwell on.

That being said a lot of viewers have commented that they missed the gruesomeness that the first two Don't Hug Me videos introduced us to. That means no crazy psychotic rave trip-scene in the kitchen with a cake made of blood and entrails and no time speed up showing the decay of the characters as they beg for mercy. Leave it to the internet to demand blood and violence right?

The lack of extreme shock value here does not mean any loss of meaning. Becky and Joe (the creators) did not start this series strictly for shock value. People like those at ThisIsItCollective are artists and were using the shock value to get through to the viewer but now that they have a following they can return to their norm. Which appears to be just weird humor (the best of humor) that still has an underlying message that bleeds through.

Speaking of the underlying message, what the hell was this new video about?! Haven't seen it yet? I've put it just below so take a look and I'll give you my interpretation of what "Love" is all about!

There have been 3 episodes of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared now and I've tried to take a good hard look at each one. If there's one thing I've learned it's that the more you watch the more a story comes into focus. Becky and Joe don't just arbitrarily slap lyrics and scenes together, there is always a deeper meaning. Taking that into account, you have to be sure to realize that pretty much everything I say here is only my opinion and what I pulled from my multiple viewings. We may never know what the creators are trying to say but we can always look at their art and do our best to pull out the meaning. The problem is whatever you do pull out must also reflect yourself which is what makes everyone's opinion so valuable; your opinion on something is a mixture of the something's message and your own personal beliefs.

Okay, now let's grab our thinking caps and dive in!

Original Video

The first of the two sightings, you can tell they're not even trying to hide June 19th anymore.

The first of the two sightings, you can tell they're not even trying to hide June 19th anymore.

Initial Thoughts?

So first things first, that was different. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Creativity and Time both had a certain amount of shock value (especially at the last 30-40 seconds) but this one took a different approach.

The most notable difference is of course that there is less blood and gore than in the previous two episodes. Instead of being in your face about the nastiness of their theme, they decided to slowly slip in bits here and there until you realize that this video is NOT about love. Or at least, not about love how I see it.

As usual with the Don't Hug Me series there's a LOT going on. I've snapped a few shots from the video that I find important to understand the overall theme or meaning. Let's break it down piece by piece!

An Easy To Miss, Yet Very Important Clue...

Did you miss the familiar publication barely visible here at the raw chicken picnic?

Did you miss the familiar publication barely visible here at the raw chicken picnic?

The Right Wing from the first episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has it's first cameo appearance here in the third installment as a clue to the true meaning behind the "Cult of Love"

The Right Wing from the first episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has it's first cameo appearance here in the third installment as a clue to the true meaning behind the "Cult of Love"

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The Right Wing and the "Cult of Love"

Right off the bat I have to start a fight with the religious right in this free country. It's not my favorite thing in the world, poking fun at the overly religious, but Becky and Joe lay it out for us in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3. With your first viewing (or the first half of your viewing) you'd be totally justified to say that this actually is about Love. However, it's hard to hold on to that as they gradually start bringing up a very specific version of love. Of course, this is the religious version of love.

So the third installment of Don't Hug Me is about the religious views on love. Easy enough right? NOT even. Take a closer look at the picture I've snapped from their picnic and you'll find a very familiar publication. That's right, the return of The Right Wing. It's not easy to make out but it's definitely there and Becky and Joe aren't ones to just throw that in for no real reason. So you have to imagine it not only has a huge role in the theme of the video but the creators wanted us to find it. I'm inclined to say that this whole video and the silly ideas of love proposed (hah) here are poking at the political right. Specifically the religious right.

Politics are not my strong point in any way. What I do know is that nobody really knows what's going on anymore because political leaders and big business leaders change roles and positions so fast. One thing that can be said is that there is a lot of talk in American media about exactly what the religious right wishes to push. Take a look at this snippet I snapped from the Christian Right page on Wikipedia.

My favorite part in there is where it says "The Christian right is notable today for advancing socially conservative positions on issues including school prayer, intelligent design, stem cell research, homosexuality, contraception, abortion, and pornography." Funny that the Christian (or religious) right is responsible for pushing all that ridiculous shit that the government has no right to enforce. Controlling contraception? No pornography? Jeez, you'd think they didn't want you to have sex at all! … Oh yeah, we're supposed to save ourselves for our "special one."

The way the video is presented it's not too difficult to realize it's poking at the cultish view of Love our country has but after spotting The Right Wing I don't think it's too far of a stretch to assume that Becky and Joe aren't just making fun of the idea but are outright blaming the Christian right for forcing these views onto our society. It's another example of how our media is more of a distraction than anything. I mean, how else can you explain our politicians sitting around debating what the bible defines as a "real" marriage when our own vets are committing suicide at an almost hourly rate (to the point that more have killed themselves after coming back from the war versus those that died in the war), or when children in our own back yard are dying of starvation? If you keep the people squabbling among themselves you can keep them from looking and thinking about real human problems.

Enter the Dream/Trip World of the "Cult of Love"


The sequence in the clouds is the part where the video starts to get interesting. This episode may not have a crazy blood bath scene but the trippiness is still apparent. Take a look at the picture I clipped above. It's a happy unreal place with a fancy rainbow in the background so we know for sure this can't be real. There are two things that I believe are very important to understand.

First, take a look at the clouds. They're the creepiest character in the scene and they appear to be watching over, or monitoring, the entire situation. Almost as if they have a vested interest in how the yellow guy reacts to this invitation to the "Cult of Love" as the internet now refers to it. There are two ways that this gets explained in my head. One, they're the Christian right that I've been talking about making sure that the youth of the coming generation (the yellow guy) accepts the rules of their glorified version of love. The other way to look at it may just be remnants of the previous episodes influencing how I look at it but as I see it they could also represent the people in charge of televised programming for kids. In that scenario, they are just using their power to control the way the youth is thinking.

Of course, the second theory could be outdated as the creators made their theory about media control quite clear in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Creativity but the continued use of the puppet medium and the recurring 1906 (check out my analysis of DHMIS2:TIME for 1906 breakdown) points to Becky and Joe always poking at the regulations of the media so it's really up to you how you take it. Either way, the ominous clouds are watching over, and make no mistake; they do have a vested interest in how the coming generations think.

For those of us who aren't familiar with the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared universe, here's the first clue to the real intentions of our trip-tastic cult.

For those of us who aren't familiar with the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared universe, here's the first clue to the real intentions of our trip-tastic cult.


When I originally caught this picture it was strictly for the fact that it was my favorite scene. It just caught me off guard especially the first time because I was looking for so much meaning. After a bit of time had passed I realized that it is an important scene! If there's a pattern I've noticed it's that Becky and Joe like to present a scene and almost immediately drop a clue about its meaning or true intention. Just like at the beginning where it presented the group and had the right wing newspaper in the shot.

So why does this puppet's tone and look change as he instructs "Harder!"? Simply put it's a clue to the intention of these new "friends" in the Cult of Love. At first, it looks like a happy positive place. There's no reason to not trust these friendly critters in the happy trip-like world they reside in UNTIL he says harder. Almost as if letting you know this amazingly positive trip has another darker meaning behind it.

Does the story of Michael prove that everyone has a special one?

Does the story of Michael prove that everyone has a special one?

Your Special One and The Story of Michael

Then comes the push for your soul mate. They call it your "special one" but the implications are pretty easy to figure out. The Christian right have made it clear that they don't want you to have sex. It's just that simple. No pornography, no contraception and no abortion leaves very little room for sexual exploration.

Sex is a difficult subject especially when it comes to young ones transitioning into adulthood. It's got to the point where parents don't even talk about it with their kids anymore! It's officially the responsibility of the school system, which is a joke. I had that class in the fourth grade and I remember coming out a lot with a lot more questions than answers.

So what does a "special one" have to do with this? They want you to put up ridiculous expectations and have a vision of your soul mate (just as the yellow guy's special one isn't even real in the illusionary cloud place) that is just so perfect that you probably won't find them. And even if you do, it'll be many years before you stumble upon them. If they get all children to grow up believing this it becomes easier to enforce the other silly rules they want.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in monogamy as a practice (I'm a married man!). I even believe that we fit together perfectly but that doesn't mean I have to accept the idea that God created my perfect other and I had to wait to find her. But this article isn't about my views on spirituality and soul mate's so we'll save that for another day!

So as a lead of up to the story of Michael lets review what leads up to it.

First the butterfly (pesky bee?) explains that the yellow guy looks sad and it's because he's lonely (even though he was clearly upset for a different reason). Once the yellow guy is thoroughly confused the butterfly explains all about the cult-like version of love and claims that every person has a special one out there that they should save themselves for. The group of animals and plants then proceed to show a story where a boy named Michael lives alone under the ground depressed. ... Huh?

What I absorbed from this is that there isn't a special one for everyone. Our society propagates the idea that everyone has a soul mate waiting out there when in reality there are a lot of people who die alone. I'd be willing to wager a few that die alone were still waiting for their special one to find them instead of going out and living life which is the real way to find someone special. Working on yourself and trying to grow on an individual level will not only bring out the best version of yourself but also attract people to your world.

It's also worth noting that I've heard the theory that Michael is Malcolm the King Of Love all grown up. I haven't seen much to back that up though so you'll have to find someone else to explain that. If you do find good reasoning for this, let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear some new theories.

Malcolm The King of Love

I've seen some people say that Malcolm the King of Love is Michael from the story all grown up but I can't really see any hard evidence to support that.

I've seen some people say that Malcolm the King of Love is Michael from the story all grown up but I can't really see any hard evidence to support that.

If you've ever taken any hallucinogen then you're aware of how fast a trip can take a left turn. This is the equivalent of that left turn. Even the yellow guy lets out a "wha-?" when the group of animals and plants mention that they worship a "King of Love".

For sure, it's an odd scene. There wasn't much I could find that can really explain this King of Love so I had to go entirely based on what was presented in the video. The only real clue is that they feed him rocks or gravel.

They feed the King rocks. That is all I had to try to find some sort of meaning to this creature. It finally hit me as I finished a shower late last week! There is only one other stone/rock in the entire video and it'sfound around the neck of the yellow guy's special one! Take a look at the pic I have of her.

That's right, a diamond. Seems like a stretch a first, but also take a look at the yellow guy once he adorns his robe a the end. A piece of jewelry around his neck. Take a look at the picture of the King of Love. He has stones down by his neck area. And where is the special one's diamond? Around the neck of course!

What I'm assuming the creators are saying is that the cult version of love demands a constant feed of jewelry or shiny rocks to keep it going. It's a form of materialism that's built in with love right down to the traditional diamond ring. That's why they "feed" the King of Love with "rocks" to keep him happy.

Again, I can't be sure about this theory and it is a bit of a stretch. If anyone has any better theories let me know!

The Cult of Love

The return of all familiar faces in their ritualistic robes to bring in the yellow guy to their group

The return of all familiar faces in their ritualistic robes to bring in the yellow guy to their group

The first character to return. The porn addicted father figure of the yellow guy.

The first character to return. The porn addicted father figure of the yellow guy.

A recurring theme of the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series, the Cult of Love wants you to "wash" your mind.

A recurring theme of the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series, the Cult of Love wants you to "wash" your mind.

The final scene of the yellow guy's dream/hallucination shows him in a robe surrounded by friends and previous Don't Hug Me I'm Scared friends Tony the Ticking Clock, Paigenote and even the angry father figure. It's a pretty scary scene for the yellow guy because he's strapped down and forced to join what has become known as "The Cult of Love".

A couple of interesting notes, the father and the yellow guy are wearing the same robe while Tony and Paigenote have a white robe on. I haven't really done much research on cults but if there's one thing I've seen before is that those who wear the white robes are sometimes the conductors of the cult operations. Other times, everyone wears a white robe. So take what you will from that. Also, since when does Paigenote even have a body?

Something a lot of people may miss is the eyes of both Tony and Paigenote. There's a lot that can be learned from just that! Tony's eyes are completely white. The mixture of that and him being at the yellow guy's initiation tells me that the creators believe that time (and more precisely how we look at/use it) contributes to the foul version of commercial love propagated by America these days. Paigenote, on the other hand, seems upset. Almost depressed by what she's witnessing. The almost universally accepted explanation of this character is that she's a teacher who in the first Don't Hug Me video taught our characters about creativity. Thinking along these lines I've come to the idea that she knows exactly what's happening as she looks upon the initiation ceremony and is genuinely unhappy or has even given up trying to fight this process.

As a final little side note, they mention that you must forget your name is forget everything you ever knew. This is easily a reference to the fact that the Cult of Love uses brainwashing techniques. Something that has been referenced before in the first video where they show that the swastika (used most recently by the Nazi's who were known for their brainwashing) equaling MC squared.



This part is just for me.

Weren't there a lot of mushrooms in this video? I know that they have a limited amount of items for the set but doesn't it seem odd that a video series that is very trip-tastic ha this many mushrooms? I can see the physically made mushrooms being reused but the scene I have at the side from the story of Michael has a group of mushrooms in the bottom right.

After weeks of trying to unravel what these videos mean maybe I'm just seeing things.

Change your name!

Change your name!


On the day the video came out there was a rush of YouTube comments from people trying to figure out different aspects and hidden clues. Shrigis was one of the first things I searched but I came up dry. One YouTuber did find some correlation however! With his permission, I'm putting down his response below. It was something that helped push my further understanding and I'm sure it will help you. Every perspective can help! For more from Kelleett check out his Google+ channel!

"I know it's long, but it's worth a read

I did a bit of research into the name 'Shrigis', as printed on the Yellow Character's robe at 4:45. Nothing really significant came up so I decided to search 'Sigirhs', which is just the word spelt backwards. I discovered a fantasy novel by LineGYde on the Booksie website called 'With The Blood of A Goddess'. What I can only imagine is the blurb for this novel states:

"The vehenes of the island Kirr'kra lives good lives, they are safe and there are plenty of humans to eat... Until

vehenes suddenly gets kidnapped by strange creatures who want to kill all the vehenes. Can the Elder

Ayzariihn Boenete save them before it's too late?"

I could immediately see a clear resemblance between the plot of the novel and the plot of this episode of DHMIS. Both begin with the "vehenes" or the DHMIS characters having plenty to eat, in WTBOAG they have "plenty of humans" and in DHMIM they have "lots of chicken." The blurb goes onto say there is a kidnapping by 'strange creatures'. In DHMIM we see the Yellow Character being led away by the Bee. Could the Bee be seen as a "strange creature"? The crow did kill the butterfly at the start and describe it as a "pesky bee." The novel's blurb then says these creaters want to "kill all the vehenes." The Bee says at 4:48 to forget everything the Yellow Character has ever know, with all previous DHMIS characters timingly placed in the background. Could the Bee be immpying to kill off the other "vehenes", the vehenes being DHMIS characters? This could be true due to the link in regards to having lots to eat at the start.

The final part of WTBOAG's blurb talks about whether the kidnapped character could be saved before it is too late. This directly links to DHMIS as it can be associated to the Crow and the Red Character rescuing the Yellow Character before he is converted into the 'Love Religion' belief the Bee is endorsing on him...


At the end the Crow continues to kill the animals, in this case a bird which he again wrongly calls a "pesky bee." This makes me think that maybe the Yellow Character does in fact belong to the 'Love Religion' faith and that he's been kidnapped by the Crow and the Red Character. This could be the case as the Crow keeps killing animals, as the WTBOAG blurb says the "weird creatures" wanted to do."

A great set of theories. Thanks to Kelleet for letting me use this in my analysis!

My analysis' seem to be getting longer! Either I'm getting better or way worse! Either way I'd love to hear your theories about what the creators are trying to say so leave me a comment below. I read all of them so any new insight is greatly appreciated!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 ChrisGibson


test on April 10, 2019:

this is just a test to see if i can post a comment without creating an account before i spend all the time required to write out a comment.

Mr R on August 23, 2018:

A little late and I loved your explanation in general.

I think the gravel thing is a reach, I just saw it as, if there’s such a God, so big, with so much love... why needs shit like gravel or stupid things to survive, or will get angry. It’s so irrational but they do it because it is how this “religion” works.

Kamal on July 21, 2018:

You think Christians are bad? Try living in Islamic country motherfucker

bob pinchy on August 13, 2017:

1. Stop looking at Christianity as one whole religion. Many things you described aren't found in the Catholic church.

2.The church doesn't approve of sex outside of marriage because many men will leave their children. Sex is for having children, not physical pleasure (they don't support contraception for nearly the same reason). They don't support pornography because it's both lustful and supports the idea that sex is for pleasure. They don't support abortion because it doesn't matter what you call it or say it's not human it's still murder. As soon as the sperm penetrates the egg it becomes a human life as valuable as any other. Capable of bringing more life, world peace, saving the human race, or doing the exact opposite.

I feel truly sorry for the creators of DHMIS. They are clearly a team of such intelligent individuals so unfortunately misguided by today's agenda.

And if you don't believe that a god (or gods) created the universe than what did. Don't say it created itself because everyone knows that that doesn't make any sense. Please get more educated about Christianity before criticizing it.

mike on February 28, 2017:

The theory about malcom being michael. Let's have a go at this one.

Okay, so that little kid, looking perfectly normal btw, no matter what the song tells us, is abandoned by society for some reason.

That reason could be him having views contradictionally to the society he lives in. Perhaps even "dangerous" views that possibly could harm and out people for what they really are. So that's why he is outcasted, not because he is ugly as F*ck, whitch he obviously is not.

Anyhow that lead to some sort of Radicalization of him, changing him from the roots. Growing up as an outcast he keep the memories of his past close to his heart and hatch a plan to get revenge, to redeem himself in societys eyes.

At first his reasons could be honest, he want's good. hence the cult of love. But his past is to close to him. It has become to much a part of his identity that he start to believe people ain't capable of the kind of love he's trying to represent and coming that far as a cult leader he get's corrupted by himself in a way and change the direction he's going in.

And TA DAA! There you have it, black on white.

Dear Sophie, on August 26, 2016:

I think harmony being spelt harmunee could show yellow guys childish comprehension of this indoctrination.

Seriously? on August 26, 2016:

You spent 1/4 talking about how hard this was to find.

Your idea of a cult buying affection AND nonmaterialistic religion is contradictory.


sophie on August 19, 2016:

Also when I watched this video through the third time I noticed when the butterfly said "We can live in harmony" harmony was spelt in clouds as "Harmunee". I was just wondering if anyone has an explanation for this as I am very curious. This theory made quite a few things clear about the episode though so thank you.

Nico Bellic on June 20, 2016:

I'm glad you kept mentioning the Christian right, because it is the only major religion today that promotes such ideas. Anyway my wife's son and I loved your analysis. very progressive!

Sophia on November 26, 2015:

I'd like to add a point onto Jinan's explanation about the picnic. Maybe, when the bird refers to the butterfly as a 'pesky bee', it's showing how religions see people who perform abortions? I feel that they think pro-choice-ers treat abortion as a casual procedure, and the fetus as no more than a pest. Additionally, there's always been a constant debate on whether a fetus is alive or no more than a group of tissue, which is referenced when the bird misnames the butterfly as a bee, if that makes sense.

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on November 03, 2015:

Hey Black! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. As usual, my comment section teaches me more than I ever could have learned on my own. I never even thought about the double standard of violence for animals but it's plain as day in the video. We have created a society where children will fight for animal rights but each the chicken/steak/whatever from the super market.

Black on October 30, 2015:

Just to add some points, when the video starts and the yellow guy is upset because the bird kills the butterfly, but is not upset when the bird brings all the chicken to the picnic, it satirizes the double-standart from the society and furthermore deeply from the teenagers in general for the violence to the animals, arguing that kill a dog is horrible but kill a cow is normal, because its not a pet.

As we know, in the series the bird represents to the older adults, the red thing represents the adults, and the yellow guy, to the elder youngs, explained for example in the chairs they use in the house, or in the yellow guy´s inocence and exploration, the red thing's general disinterest and the bird's suspiciousness and critical stance in front of the ideas that are satirized or in the third video, how he tells "pesky bee" to another insects.

I'd also want to make explicit the scene that the insect tells to the yellow guy that he is lonely

And with that idea in his head, they will proceed to try to control him.

Sorry for my bad redaction or bad english, i'm latinamerican

btw i still can´t figure out why in 1:19 the image says harmunee

Jinan on July 15, 2015:

Thanks for your support on both my comments Chris!

I hope I've been as insightful to you as you've been to me!

That's not a bad idea about writing an analysis, I should try that next time I have a few hours spare.

Can't wait to see what you have to say on number 4! You'll get to talk about the eye plenty in that one!

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on July 14, 2015:

Much mind blowing happening here. The picnic/sex metaphor is incredibly insightful. I always knew that every scene they put in has a purpose but it's always hard to determine. I pretty much just ignored the picnic scene but you're way onto something. As soon as you mention the egg/abortion connection I felt my eyes widen. =) Thanks again friend! Why don't you write some analysis'?

Jinan on July 14, 2015:

Just another interesting point I'd like to raise, and that's the significance of the picnic, and what it represents. A friend pointed this out to me by slowly giving me clues like "Well, there's chicken, and a male chicken is a cock, and there's eggs..."

I think that it's not a far stretch to say that the picnic represents sex, which makes a lot of sense when examined. When the bird kills the creature that hatches out of the egg it could be seen as a representation of abortion, which makes sense when you consider it upsets the yellow boy so much.

Not only that, but there is the point in the video where the bird and the...squid thing...remark that maybe they should follow their friend, or they'll get left behind. This represents the urges of society for everyone to follow such a pure, religious life. However, they then continue to say that they would still like to eat the chicken, so they do that instead. This can be seen as the general, almost lazy approach of many people to religion "I'd like to follow a religion, but I still want to have sex. I'll do that instead.".

It also points out that the puppets can't both be part of a the cult of love and eat chicken at the same time, the two are mutually exclusive.

The other thing I'd like to point out is that the video does in fact make a few remarks about love itself. It almost parodies how Christianity or religion promotes one singular approach to relationships, that they are all the same, perfect, pure, etc. ("That's the way that all love goes" "That's the way it's always been") It doesn't account for other sexualities or other dynamics of relationships, it says that there is only one way relationships should go and all relationships should go like that.

Finally, I think there's something else about the story of Michael as well. When the butterfly uses Michael's story as an example of how everyone has a special one, it could be seen as a parallel as to how religion uses examples that seem to contradict its messages to support its messages. For example, consider the following scenarios: a gang drives by a boy and shoots at him, all bullets miss; a gang drives by a boy and shoots at him, some bullets hit his non-vitals; a gang drives by a boy and shoots at him, permanently hospitalising him; a gang drives by a boy and shoots at him, all bullets hit and he dies.

Religion has explanations as to how God or religion remains in the right in all of these situations. It was God that made the bullets miss! The injury could have been much worse, God spared him! Those bullets should have killed him, God saved him! He's in heaven now, God has other plans for him, he's in a better place now.

All of those theories contradict each other as to whether religion is actually in the right in these scenarios, much like with the story of Michael. It makes no sense when examined, but is still used as evidence by religion.

Anyway, those are just some things I thought I'd share :)

mutronics on April 04, 2015:

It's sad how religions exploit these weaknesses in people.

Meta on April 03, 2015:

The "Special One", I feel, is similar to the concept of paradise, of which (in many religions) we are expected to wait for, not actively attempt to find or create. Yellow is never meant to find their special one. That is the lure. A promise to keep them faithful. Must of us want love, to have that special one, but for the cult it is just a carrot on a stick. The cult exploits that. Our insecurities, our fears of being alone and unloved... next then you know, you're shoveling gravel.

Michael, as presented, is like Lot. He is depicted as pointlessly suffering, and somehow, it's actually for some greater good or works out for him in the end - despite, much like the story of Lot, having no purpose to it. An indifferent universe or an indifferent, hell, even sadistic god - and, in the eyes of the cult (like so many religions), you are in no place to question that suffering.

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on April 03, 2015:

No worries friend! It's my goal for this weekend! I have a podcast recording on Saturday then I'll be hitting it strong. It's definitely another awesome addition to the series.

mutronics on April 03, 2015:

Hope you're gonna do part 4 soon! It's pretty great

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on April 02, 2015:

I didn't! Interesting catch friend... Also just after that you unicorn creature has the necklace... Hmm...

Wilken TV on April 02, 2015:

In this you were talking about the heart necklaces on the special one the yellow guy and Malcom but did you see the heart necklace on the puppet who said "harder"? Its seen at 4:30 in the video and the puppet has on a fireman's hat with the heart charm attached to it.

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on January 11, 2015:

Niko Linni- It seems to be coded into our biology doesn't it? It's tribal survival. Get in a group and you'll be protected by the group! What's sad is what people do in groups. The larger the group of conformity the more irrational the people in it can and probably will behave. One wrong person says "down with the Jews!" and Hitler comes to power using mob mentality. Something to talk to our children about before they are indoctrinated into a clique.

mutronics- They're obviously still waiting! ;) Hah

mutronics on January 11, 2015:

Just wanted to nonchalantly point out that none of the tree animals have their special one around which struck me as odd

Ignacio Mata from Las Vegas, Nevada on December 28, 2014:

To me DHMS 3 could also be used to send messages about cult mentalities in general. I mean, look at all the various social groups this day an age eager to absorb any and all people they can get for whatever purpose they have. And how much they sell it as "The right way".

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