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"Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 TIME" [Analysis] What is the meaning?

My Hubs tend to lean toward technology, analysis of other online content, as well as apps and games and anything that peaks my interest.

Please welcome Tony the Ticking Clock!

Please welcome Tony the Ticking Clock!

DHMIS 2 Meaning and Analysis

Another disturbing look into how our society teaches us to fit in. If Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - Creativity haunted your dreams you'll be happy to hear part 2 - TIME will definitely replace your current nightmares with a whole new reason to pee yourself at night.

The Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series is created by Becky and Joe over at the YouTube channel ThisIsItCollective. The first one definitely earned its way onto the internet meme world with its catchy tune, hilarious characters and quotes, and, overall, its shock value that leaves you with a terrible unsettling feeling at the very end.

If that doesn't sell you on how great their series is then the sequel, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - TIME, will definitely make you a follower. Check out the original video below.

Interesting Video... But What Does It Mean!?

A fairly unexpected ending right? Well the creators, Becky and Joe, have put a lot of time and thought into these videos, and not without reason! As entertaining (and damn catchy) as these videos are there is definitely a deeper meaning.

I've already hit on most of the deeper message (at least in my opinion) in my analysis of the first video. For those of you who refuse to read my first analysis, I'll try to sum it up as cleanly as possible.

In this case, I feel like the biggest clue to what they're trying to say is that the main characters and the world itself are mocked up to look like a typical kids' TV show. While the endings aren't exactly PG-rated, the rest of the videos are taken straight out of your normal Sesame Street type program; a bunch of puppet creatures are taught about some topic through the means of song.

With all of that in mind, I've come to the conclusion that their videos are poking at the current way our "educational programming" is presented and created. The big idea is that there is a lot more focus on "programming" rather than "education." The first video focused on the idea of teaching our kids how to be creative while this second video displays how the creators feel about the way these kids shows teach about time. And they feel pretty strongly it seems.

"Time is a ruler to measure the day, it doesn't go backwards, only one way!" And also... a syringe?

"Time is a ruler to measure the day, it doesn't go backwards, only one way!" And also... a syringe?

Look a computer!

Look a computer!

"Look at the time!"

The obvious first topic is the one Tony the Ticking Clock is there to talk about. Time! I feel like Tony does a good job of introducing the topic specifically when he says it's a tool we put on the wall or wear. He then explains that the past is far behind us and the future doesn't exist. This all seems innocent and simple enough.

Then comes a few zig-zaggy turns.

After one of the puppets asks "what is the time?" Tony replies "It's quarter to 9, time to have a bath" and all of them are now in a bathtub. He scrubs them down taking no consideration to the fact that they're already clean. In the first few views of the video, I didn't put too much thought into the scene but after a while, I've come to the idea that Tony is already conditioning them to do as time dictates. To obey time. If it's time for a bath, you take a bath, clean or not.

Afterwards, he explains that time is a ruler to measure the day (what does the syringe mean?!) and confuses the younger puppet with his nonsense about time going round and round like a merry-go-round. All this means to me is that Tony is trying to make the subject so complicated you won't question it.

At this point in the video, the characters go with Tony (against their wishes) through time learning how time affects different things. It's also the first scene where you get a sense of the dark meaning behind the video. The first is a ripe apple that over time becomes nasty, followed by a shriveled, evil-looking tree and then a close-up after the younger puppet says he's friends with his dad. Sinister music and a reddish tint go over the video. The creators have shown the dad a few times and I get the feeling that they feel like parents are misrepresented in children's shows. Maybe Becky and Joe feel like shows try to make parents out to be bad, creating a rift between the two.

Next Tony goes about explaining that time flies fast when you're having fun but stops the bird puppet from having such fun stating, "There's a time and place" for things like that. He vilifies the idea of having fun if it's not time for that. Another queue that Tony wants time to control what we do, not us.

Now the video goes into exploring the idea of things changing over time and how the old turns into a mystery and new technology comes. The young puppet then says "Look an old man died!" and Tony immediately distracts them with "But look a computer!" He doesn't want them to think about death. It isn't the last time he derails a valid topic they bring up either. What I take from this is that children's shows deliberately avoid the topic of death. Whether it's because there's a devious motive or they fear how the parents will react they just don't go into it.

After their travels through time, Tony and company are back in their living room and the puppets begin to discuss some pretty deep questions about time. In fact, the most important and deep thinking questions in my opinion. But as soon as the reality of time comes into question Tony's alarm goes off halting the discussion reminding them, and all of us, that whether time is real or not, our every action is governed by the tick tock of the clock.

Is time just a concept of human construction?

Is time just a concept of human construction?

Then the ending of the video commences where Tony has had enough of their silly discussions and time begins to speed up. Ultimately leading to their falling apart and death. But didn't Tony not want to talk about death earlier? It seems like he didn't want the puppets to think about death until it was too late.

Overall, the idea of how these programs teach our youth about time seems to be pretty controlling. My views on society are pretty extreme (or pessimistic) to many people but if there's one thing our society does it's promote the way things are and boost up those who help keep the status quo. I believe an underlying theme found here backs that up. All people born into this world simply inherit what the previous generations have left to us. People lived, added to the model of society, passed on a few ideas to their children and died. And this has been going on for thousands of years leading to the current state of the world. Which is pretty ridiculous. Nobody in all that time sat down and said "Where is all of this going? Is there an end goal here?" and so the momentum of society just kept going.

Bringing this all back to the video I believe the limited teachings of time are to keep people from questioning what must be done. We must get a job, we must get married, we must have children and most of all, we must make sure our children do the same. It all seems like a way to keep people pushing this crazy momentum we've inherited into the future no matter what that future is.


The Eyes Are Always Watching

Now here is a theme that has persisted through both videos and I'll be excited to see if Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3 keeps the pattern going. The eyes! At the trippy ending of the first video about creativity the world breaks down and reveals to you the behind-the-scenes of the show. What is happening behind the curtains (so to speak) is the ones crafting the kids show are nothing but eyeballs so the many appearances of eyes in this video are no coincidence. I've even been drawn to the idea of Paigenote using a seer stone in the first video as a reference to this, as only once she places it over her eye and the puppets begin to see as she wants them to see.

Finding a theme with this was just built into the way I think so I'm not sure if this is accurate but I do believe this is a reference to the idea of a Big Brother looking over us and controlling how we think. I'm not referring to the TV show Big Brother by the way. This is the Big Brother from George Orwell's 1984. It seems to match up nicely in my mind as the eyeballs are crafting the original episode about creativity and are again shown in part 2 as part of the simulation computer they're all hooked up to.

Although I wouldn't mind hearing some other opinions! My mind always looks for these types of connections so I understand my view may be slightly biased.

Note the numbers on the Wanted poster to the right

Note the numbers on the Wanted poster to the right

There's fish everywhere... Fish everywhere. Also note our favorite little notebook, Paigenote, in the background making an appearance.

There's fish everywhere... Fish everywhere. Also note our favorite little notebook, Paigenote, in the background making an appearance.

June 19?

This is a tough one. There aren't very many clues to this other than the date and the content of the videos themselves. The only real theory I have comes from typing the date into Wikipedia and searching year by year to try to find something that corresponded. The only event that seems to be related at all is the establishment of the FCC on June 19th, 1934, or in other words, The Communications Act of 1934. The organization created consists of the people who dictate what is okay to watch on TV.

Now, because there's no other date that seems related, I'd have to say this is what the creators wanted us to look at. Should some government agency make the rules about what is okay to watch? I, for one, am against it. Then again, I don't trust the government so you'll have to make your own opinion on that.

To be completely open I don't believe anyone should control TV. The creators of those shows are making art and it's just as much art as any painting ever created. Yes, some shows fall short of being called artistic but what right does an agency have to tell them what's okay to put in their art?

Ooo a Looksite!

Ooo a Looksite!

The Little Things...

Like all great art, these videos have hidden little things for our entertainment and perhaps to provoke a bit of thought. The above has the father puppet surfing a "Looksite." Seems like an obvious display of the misuse of technology. He also has a primitive helmet similar to the ones the puppets are hooked up to when they're "in the future!"

Then there's the fish everywhere. There's fish everywhere! I mean, it's only one part and it could just be filler for the song but with all the work Becky and Joe put into these videos I can't help but feel I'm missing something. I mean, there's fish everywhere!

I already mentioned that Paigenote makes an appearance in the picture above but something else came through from the previous video as well. The great clown painting that Paigenote destroyed in the first video can be seen in the very beginning. Although it can't be seen in the living room in the intro shot...

Did you spot the eyeball on the floor next to the TV?

Did you spot the eyeball on the floor next to the TV?

Nothing Date: Forever

Nothing Date: Forever

What is the Meaning?

The video should already invoke some sort of reaction from you so everyone has their own meaning to apply. So everything here is simply my opinion. I'm not trying to speak for the creators at all.

I believe the video is trying to make us aware of the consequences of letting our children be raised on this form of "entertainment". The end of the video zooms out from the terrible aging scene to show that what we saw is actually the show they were waiting to watch. Not only that, but if you compare the picture above (the very end of the video) to the first picture (at the top of this page) there are a few differences. For one the picture of them together in the top left has changed to the picture of the future; Nothing. What they are telling us is that these are the puppets in the future and it has become what their shows have guided them to become; Nothing.

Another difference is found on the floor next to the TV set. The eyeball (yes another eyeball) that popped out of the bird puppet while he was aging can be seen. This is saying that the show they watched when they were younger has changed them. They have carried this dark change into their future and it affects them today.

What do you think?

There are a lot of holes in my analysis! Many questions remain unanswered and even some of the topics or observations I've made are unanswered or incomplete. I'm not a professional when it comes to breaking down videos like this and I need help!

Let me know your take on the video in the comments below! I'd love to see what other people think about this video and I'm sure that what the creators wanted more than anything was a discussion about their video. Thanks for checking out my analysis of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Part 2 - TIME and remember to check back when Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Part 3 comes out. It's sure to have a jingle just as catchy with some crazy twists.

And remember, green is not a creative color!


Aiden on April 24, 2020:

The red guys name is harry

Chris Crochet on March 27, 2017:

The fish are herring. They don't have red blood, so whatever that red stuff is makes them a "red herring". A quick definition of that term: "A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences towards a false conclusion."

embo on November 22, 2016:

On June 19t, 1955 (the date shown in the ransom videos) a judge and his wife were kidnapped. this correlates with the puppets having been kidnapped by (supposedly) Roy, yellow guys father. This is realized when at the end f the video where they are taken, yellow guy asks "why are we in my dads house?" and Roy is spotted in every DHMIS video, looking in over the set or hiding in the corner or in the phone booths.

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on October 16, 2015:

I feel like you've nailed a couple of the main points a lot of us resonate with here.

I especially like the idea of analyzing the art. It's something our culture doesn't do much of anymore. Seems like we are a society of reactions, spending as little time as possible digesting what we're seeing rather than breaking it down. Most people rush to Twitter as soon as they can to talk about how they feel about something instead of what that something means. It's the same way we treat our television, especially the kids show these days. If they look and feel right, then whatever, it's another kids show. We don't bother looking at what they are getting from these shows. Instead we just trust that they would only put on programming that is good for their development, right? Bah....

We need a new renaissance where we shift from being reactionary to being contemplative.

Thanks for your reply! I feel like there's more to learn from the comments of my material rather than the material itself! And with the rise of views from the newest video release, my guilt has finally risen to a point where I'll have to finish up the analysis of 4 so I can start on 5... More to come soon friends. =)

Fenix on October 16, 2015:

The one thing that stands out to me the most in this series is the violence/gore bits. I think that further adds to the theory of TV programming and its influence on child development.

We do live in a growing day and age where parents use the TV as a babysitter for their kids. And kids will eventually get bored of watching the same shows, or if they find none of their regular programming is on, they end up channel surfing and find content not suitable for their age.

The more I think about it, the violence going on in each video of this series is almost to be expected and is symbolic. Why are the creators utilizing such disturbing imagery in these so-called "children friendly" content videos? Because it grabs attention.

When do most people turn to the news channel at once? When something violent is going on. Columbine. 9/11. Virginia Tech. Boston Marathon Massacre. Sandy Hook Shooting. Violence is an effective bait. This is why some of the most popular TV shows ever created tend to have some degree of violence or disturbing imagery in them. And children are indirectly getting exposed to these images or concepts of violence.

We are conditioned to expect violence and gore on the television and in life, to the point that if it's not there, there almost seems to be no point in watching it. We practically crave it...which was depicted literally in the first DHMIS video, with the characters eating gore-filled cake.

Overall, there is a lot going on in this video series to the point where there isn't a single analysis that isn't accepted to some degree. Maybe that right there is something to acknowledge as well: being taught to analyze things, but when it doesn't match with others, especially those of higher authority, analyses, you are condemned and need to think their way in order to be right.

alex on August 02, 2015:

does anyone else think that the syringe might be a drug reference? I mean honestly the whole video seems like it was made on drugs

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on July 14, 2015:

I'm not sure how else to respond but to say, #nailedit. =) I really like your ideas. We're on the same level as far as this series goes and I'm glad others have similar thought processes. The advertising is especially noticable in their latest video! (The Oats!) More to come there... Thanks much for your comment!

Jinan on July 14, 2015:

Just wanted to add another interpretation of the fish and time to the discussion.

I think the creator's message is not only about educational programming, but the media itself. The news, movies, all of it. And what is made to control our minds more than advertising? After all, what is it the characters are doing while the clock takes them on an adventure? Waiting for their show to come on, and what would they be watching if that was the case?

In terms of advertising, the meaning of the fish becomes clear. The fish show up right after the clock talks about the tree growing old and dieing, and the apple rotting. A main message of many marketing campaigns is that life is short, and you don't have enough time. Specifically here, we see marketing's message about age, the more times go by, the more you rot, or grow ugly. Therefore, you need to buy things to make you look young! And what do the puppets do next? Buy things! Lots of things! What things? Fish.

I think the fish is all about the puppets becoming lost as consumers, too busy consuming than anything else. But then, when they're having fun or questioning time itself, they are told to stop mucking about, and to get back to consuming. Ignore fun and logic, remember, time is always running out, you have to consume!

I think these videos also point out the blurred line between kids TV and everything else on TV. This is a mock kids show about waiting to watch a kids show, hence it is figuratively a kids show about advertising. See how the line between what's advertising and what's a show a blurred? And kids especially would have trouble telling the difference, at first I'm told by Big Bird not to be mean to people, then I'm told by Nerf to buy their new toy gun. How does a kid tell the difference? Especially in terms of product placement...

Anyway, I just thought that might help clear up another interpretation of the video as well as help explain the fish :)

Vryon on June 07, 2015:

I think the ending obviously refers to time because the puppets begin to decay

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on April 20, 2015:

That goes along with the idea I had about Big Brother. It's hard to just wrap up things as Illuminati to me because it's so vague. There is definitely a good number of people pulling strings behind the world stage but the level of things that are said about the "Illuminati" reaches some pretty ridiculous levels. On one hand I feel like Big Brother and the Illuminati are exactly the same thing, but I feel less like a conspiracy nut when I call them Big Brother.

Lika on April 19, 2015:

The eyes represent the Illuminati and how it controls all media and entertainment. If you don't know what I'm talking about search it up and I think you'll understand why I think this. (:

Guy on April 04, 2015:

the 1906 thing goes makes more appearances than just the calendar, it's also the reward money in the "wanted poster" It's in the math equation that the duck solves, and in episode 4 it's in the math chart on the wall, it's on the calendar, the time that the computer diplays, and inside the digital world with numbers flying around.

malapie on March 24, 2015:

I found out about the fish!!!! Fish (sometimes FISH) was the UK's GC&CS Bletchley Park codename for any of several German teleprinter stream ciphers used during World War II.[1][2][3] Enciphered teleprinter traffic was used between German High Command and Army Group commanders in the field, so its intelligence value (Ultra) was of the highest strategic value to the Allies.[4] This traffic normally passed over landlines, but as German forces extended their geographic reach beyond western Europe, they had to resort to wireless transmission

malpie on March 24, 2015:

did u notice the wanted sign is a date? search up 19 june 1906 its really interesting

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on January 27, 2015:

If art doesn't make you think, is it art? =) Thanks for your kind words.

Isn't there a quote like, "In a decaying society, art must also reflect decay"?

KY lee on January 23, 2015:

Really enjoyed your analysis! I love art that makes us think about where we are going as society. It's sad to face the reality but we need to be awake to see what is going on.

mutronics on January 11, 2015:

I have to say you did the vast majority of the mental legwork for me with the theories around these videos 1,2 and 3. It gave me the freedom to look elsewhere. When you talk about keeping momentum going (in TIME) it really brings a larger picture into focus for me.

The downside to living as a nihilist or a hedonist (which is a trait of serial killers and sexual predators) is you don't find happiness that's built from financial security or hard work. You find happiness that is fueled by moments of joy that cannot be sustained. Drug addicts, gamblers, sex addicts... all think this way. And children too. They would eat a box of popsicles if they could and not think about the diabetes they may be starting or their teeth. I know I sound like the clock right now, but it all has to do with the personal views of the person. You might like to live that way or you might not. You might not have a choice. Me? I live like every moment may be my last and I don't think about or care about my death. I hope I live to be 100 but I don't count on it, and that doesn't bother me. I rejected the clocks ideals when I was still young and left the school system because I realized they were an institution build around corruption and making adaptive versions of children. When we talk about repetition with purpose, we're talking about indoctrination and brainwashing. It's why pop songs repeat phrases. They are teaching you their ideals in a 3 minute package.

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on January 11, 2015:

To Kiterpuss- I like your ideas! It's crazy how much you can extrapolate from the needle! You're very right with all your observations though. From healthcare to child indoctrination it's pretty messed up. Our children are partially formed by society and it's out of our hands. Very haunting idea.

To mutronics- Wow! Two long intense comments in a row! I love it! Your view has definitely gave me more to think about. The quote is great as well! But is there a downside to existing merely "in the moment" as they say? I feel like living in the moment is how happiness is experienced. A way of life rather than something to get to, you know? The system is definitely scared of creative innovation, that's for sure. Just look at how it reacts to electric cars or anything on the internet! Any shock to the system gets some backlash... It's a crazy world we're meant to keep perpetuating.

mutronics on January 11, 2015:

I think this video had 3 great points unrelated to the main message: 1. the clock insists he is only a clock so many of the things he teaches are things only a clock would really believe if one were personified. 2. I believe why they chose a clock to sing, because a clock doesn’t tell you how much time you have left, only how much time you have spent. 3. His entire philosophy is built around a nihilist view. There is a swastika on the chart and he insists (in a sense) that “Now is the only thing that’s real.” Based on the three pictures. Something Charles Manson said on his “Lie” album. I have included the full quote which has been edited from lyric form to literary form and proofread by myself, which follows:

“It seems a shame to have to sneak to get to the truth. To make the truth such a dirty old nasty thing. You gotta sneak to get to the truth, the truth is condemned. The truth is in the gas chamber. The truth has been in your stockyards.Your slaughterhouses. The truth has been in your reservations, building your railroads, emptying your garbage. The truth is in your ghettos. In your jails. In your young love, not in your courts or congress where the old set judgement on the young. What the hell do the old know about the young? They put a picture of old George on the dollar and tell you that he’s your father, worship him. Look at the madness that goes on, you can’t prove anything that happened yesterday. Now is the only thing that’s real. Everyday, every reality is a new reality. Every new reality is a new horizon, a brand new experience of living. I got a note last night from a friend of mine. He writes in this note that he’s afraid of what he might have to do in order to save his reality, as I save mine. You can’t prove anything. There’s nothing to prove. Every man judges himself. He knows what he is. You know what you are, as i know what I am, we all know what we are. Nobody can stand in judgement, they can play like they’re standing in judgement. They can play like they stand in judgement and take you off and control the masses, with your human body. They can lock you up in penitentiaries and cages and put you in crosses like they did in the past, but it doesn’t amount to anything. What they’re doing is, they’re only persecuting a reflection of themselves. They’re persecuting what they can’t stand to look at in themselves, the truth.”

What those lyrics mean to me is two things. It's how the Clock would really think deep down if he were a person and it's how the capitalist society really wants our children to think. At the same time, Manson touches on a few themes about our society and why they hate creativity that challenges their views, time being spent in ways they don't want, and love that is spread based on how you want it to be spread. They see their inner yellow guy. Their innocence lost. They see a time that has long passed for them and it makes them very upset. It's why they brainwash kids like this.

Kiterpuss on January 01, 2015:

I took the syringe as having a double meaning. First, there's a literal meaning of doctor appointments, medical drug use, and even just taking care of your body on your own time (After all, it's recommended that you exercise for at least an hour a day). Anyone with a medical condition can tell you that you have to put a LOT of time into making sure you get to every appointment and take your medicine every day. Even healthy individuals have to get vaccines at specified points in their lives. You have to get certain ones renewed because too much time has passed.

Second, there's a metaphorical meaning for the way society and media inject specific ideas and beliefs into our minds at a very young age. Honesty is good and lying is wrong; boys should play with cars and girls should play with dolls; people of color behave in specific ways. Over time, television, news, and music have gone from varied and unique (think of shows like CatDog and music like old style country) to uniform and normalized (every show on the Disney channel has turned into teen girls chasing boys or teenagers who want to become rockstars, and modern country music is closer to pop than true country). There are specific ideas hammered into our minds the moment we're out of the crib that are marketed to hit us at the age we're most vulnerable to it. An innocent 4 year old can watch Dora and learn what colors they should wear to be "normal", while an 8 year old will learn to act aggressive (boys) or meek (girls). At 14, you start hearing what modern music is teaching you -that getting drunk is fun, that having sex with lots of people will make you cool, that if you don't fit into the norm you should just leave, whether it be suicide or drastic actions that will separate you from the herd (like drug abuse).

Even in schools, we struggle with the rush of time; no child can be left behind (even if they may need it) because they won't graduate from grade school on time, and then they would be seen as a failure in society. However, once we reach "adulthood", we have to learn to manage our own time between extra school, work, and the ever increasing struggles of age. This battle continues until we run out of time, as you can see in the end of the video when the puppets start aging -or, as they start to realize they're aging. I didn't view that seen so much as the clock forcing time to speed up, but as the clock opening their eyes to the truth. At the end of the video, there is an eye on the floor and the photo is of a future of nothing -the puppets can now see their own future before it is too late. Now it is up to them whether they view it as nothing (the photo could be representing depression, which often causes thoughts of worthlessness or the idea of there's-no-reason-to-live-if-we're-just-going-to-die) or as a life worth living in the short time we have. The clock might not have been intentionally evil so much as a neutral being informing the puppets of the truth, or even a good being who wants to save the puppets from running out of time. Maybe the clock represents the puppets (who appear to be in a child's TV show) reaching maturity, and their perception of the world has changed because, suddenly, death is very real thing, and now they are aware of how fast time can fly.

Ari on December 15, 2014:

Great analysis! Be sure to read Matt Dave's thread on the youtube video. Something I would like to touch on is the [swastika]=mc^2. The Nazis (the people who swastikas are associated with) used a lot of ways to brainwash but science isn't commonly said to be one of them. I think it should show that the brainwashing is everywhere and nothing is safe (if you look at the movements of Paigenote you could see they resemble those of a teacher, it's a bit far-fetched so I'm leaving this in brackets). It could also associate the Nazis as something that is generally bad, this can be backed up by the fact that it is shown in the part where the duck is presenting his ideas on time and Tony interrupts him quite violently, showing that free thinking won't be tolerated, a message that is very similar to the message of the first video.

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on December 04, 2014:

Thanks Kathrin! I'm working on the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3 analysis right now. It's my main focus so I'll drop it in a few days!

Rinatus! Very awesome way to look at it. It's worked that way ever since mass marketing started as well. They push and push and push and eventually it's the norm. Sometimes it's for the better. People called Ford crazy for offering the idea of a motorized vehicle when they've had horses for hundreds of years and cars would destroy the road and blah blah blah, soon it was the norm. But sometimes people slip terrible shit into society, like the federal reserve or a corrupt media that actually spreads fear and terror to keep people separate rather then report what's happening and questioning business/government. Or, as in the case for part 3 of DHMIS, religious ideas of love being forced upon society.

What's really interesting is that most all of the new generations are totally aware of this and can see that we've inherited a pretty terrible situation (fishy indeed). It's proved by videos like this where artists are bringing it to the table for discussion.

"In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it."-Ernst Fischer

Rinatus on November 23, 2014:

Nice analysis about both videos. I want to leave my idea about what the "fish" mean. The way I see it, DHMIS is all about criticizing society and the media. The fish would represent when things get inside society and they look really weird, but then with enough marketing or pushing them really into the society those things become "Normal". At first it is weird to have fish in your plate, which does not seem like something weird, but as more and more fish gets introduced into the show, the puppets start to accept it, to the point that when there is fish "everywhere" the red puppet barely questions it, and says "hum" and keeps on with whatever he was doing. If the cost for a bus ticket were to increase 2 dollars from one day to another, people would twist off and do riots all over the city. Instead, have the bus ticket increase a couple of cents every year and nobody will care, because there is little change, and it is regular, so it's "Normal". Remember when Youtube force-fed Google+ to everyone who wanted to comment on a youtube video? People hated it. Let 2 months pass, youtube just kept forcing it more and more while not saying nothing about it. At some point people accepted it. Nobody complains any more. Of course I just talked about some easy to understand examples, but I can think of way more.

Kathrin on November 20, 2014:

That's a great analysis, just as the first one. You should do an explanation for don't hug me I'm scared 3, too.

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on November 14, 2014:

That is something I was drawn to as well! I'm not entirely sure. I tried to see it as a saying old people get grumpy over time, but that seems way off base. I finally just decided that it's an innocent way to look at the passage of time (seeing as how the young innocent puppet says/points it out). I would like a fully fleshed out theory about it though...

Anthony Kattan on November 14, 2014:

I am really enjoying reading everyones perspective on the details in the video. But can someone explain what is up with the tree that "has circles inside"? What is that trying to represent? That scene stood out to me the most.

Joel Witts on November 08, 2014:

Just had a thought about the syringe. It's a hypodermic needle, and quite possibly used here to symbolise the hypodermic needle model, which states television injects ideas and ideologies into us, and we cannot help but absorb and reflect this; just as we see in all three DHMIS videos.

Jackson on October 23, 2014:

The year is definitely either 1955, or 2055. I don't know what is significant about these. But, and I'm not sure, but isn't 19th of June the date that apple shows their calendar to be in their promotions? And the rocking horse changes from the first to the last scene...

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on October 17, 2014:

Oh yes, and then at the end when the picture says NOTHING the date changes to Forever... =)

GUS on October 13, 2014:

Did some one spotted the date in the first picture is 19 06 1995

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on September 26, 2014:

Wow, thanks for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time 'n all!

Brainwashing eh? I never thought about it that way! But with all the talk about how Americans are going to be microchipped in a few years it makes a lot of sense. I guess there's also the idea that vaccines are making us dumber. I'm not sure about the whole autism/dumber situation, but there is always reason to question when our government requires us to do something for our "health".

Michelle on September 26, 2014:

In my opinion, the syringe means brainwash. The world feed us with lies and specific worldvide, so we agree with that and we think that everything's fine, but it's not.

Thank you very much, I agree with you and I hope that one day everything will be better and truth will come out. I pray for it.

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on September 15, 2014:

Nice benedikt.

I guess I was way over thinking it when it came to the fish everywhere (there's fish everywhere!) but that makes a lot of sense. Cause it does stink. Anyone working a 5 day a week 9-5 can tell you that.

And I totally agree with you with the structured life programming. It's like the entire structure of the school system and the way the television explains time crams you into just the structured schedule, damn what you want. As if they wanted an entire generation prepped for work at their nearest Taco Bell.

Thanks for your comment benedikt! And I'm glad you enjoyed my analysis!

benedikt on September 15, 2014:

regarding the fish everywhere thing: imo the fish is a symbol of boredom (it stinks). Imagine the puppets living like the clock told them for some weeks (8:15, breakfast, 11:30, read a book,...) this eventuelly becomes boring after a few days, thus the fish. I also think the clock wants the puppets to get used to this structured life for their later life, when they have a job (6:15, get up, 7:30 start your work, 12:00 eat smth, 16:00 get home, 20:00 sleep, repeat until dead). Hope this helps. Great analysis btw, really enjoyed it

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on September 07, 2014:

Nothing can really be made as to why it's the yellow guy, but if you look at the reward money for him, 1906, you see that is in reference to June 19th. More focus on the date.

Sam on September 07, 2014:

What can be made out for the wanted: dead or alive poster of the yellow guy in the olden days?

Sarah on August 31, 2014:

I can't understand the fish thing yet, very frustrating.