Top 10 Dark Digimon

Updated on October 9, 2018
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Various Digimon
Various Digimon

Dark Digimon

If you were watching cartoons in the early 2000's, you're likely familiar with the Digimon craze. Back in those days, the franchise was popular enough to compete with the juggernaut of kid's shows, Pokemon, and it still retains a loyal fanbase.

Digimon stands for digital monsters, who are form-changing creatures dwelling in cyberspace. Throughout the years, we've seen thousands of shapeshifting beasts; today, we'll countdown the ten most daunting dark Digimon ever seen!


Digimon powers are classified by rank. Starting from the lowest tier, there's Baby, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega.


10. Saberdramon

Level: Champion

Remember Sora, the motherly girl from the first season of Digimon? Her partner could transform into the blazing Birdramon. Well, replace Birdramon's orange flames with black fire, and you get Saberdramon. Few can deny the awesome design of this intimidating monster; sadly, it'll doesn't appear in the anime, but you can find it in the Digimon World video games.


9. AvengeKidmon

Level: Mega

AvengeKidmon may have a silly-sounding name, but don't underestimate him. His name comes from the infamous, gunslinging (and real) Billy the Kid, and Kidmon's cowboy hat hints at his Western origins. Throw in AvengeKidmon's Mega rank, and you have one heck of a dark monster.


8. MadLeomon

Level: ?

Next, we have a monster from the Digimon Fusion show. MadLeomon lacks an officially classified level; normal Leomon is a Champion monster, perhaps his mad form is Champion or Ultimate. Regardless of rank, MadLeomon is a berserker who constantly seeks battle. His normal form already looks powerful, and various transformations provide further awesome designs. For example,his Armed Mode adds a chainsaw, further cementing him as one of Digimon's scariest creatures.

Omnimon Zwart
Omnimon Zwart

7. Omnimon Zwart

Level: Mega

The powerful Omnimon (called Omegamon in Japan) Zwart takes seventh place. He certainly looks dark and evil, but he's actually classified as a Holy Knight, and is a special form of the normally-white Omnimon.

Omnimon is already a fusion of two Mega Digimon, and his Zwart form further boosts his power; very few Digimon stand a chance against this behemoth. You can find him (at least in his regular forms) in many Digimon video games.


6. LadyDevimon

Level: Ultimate

Fans from the original series likely recognize this iconic villain, whose dark legends claim has unlimited potential. Her awesome design looks both alluring and deadly; a great physical manifestation of evil. In the anime, she was narrowly defeated after being ganged up on by the protagonist's creatures, but don't worry: you can encounter her in most Digimon video games.


5. Plutomon

Level: ?

Plutomon hails from the video game Digimon Crusader; thus, he has no official level, but considering his mighty strength, I'd wager Ultimate or Mega. Despite his evil appearance, he's a good guy—mostly. Plutomon attacks wicked beings, and is said to only gain joy from vanquishing evil.

Eliminating darkness is great and all, but what do you do when you run out of enemies to slay? Regardless, there's plenty of vile creatures in the Digiworld to keep Plutomon satisfied, so he should be fine for awhile.


4. Devidramon

Level: Champion

Devil? Check. Dragon? Check. With Devidramon, we get two intimidating monsters fused into one. He's only a Champion, relatively low compared to most Digimon in this list, but I wouldn't want to mess with him. Not only are Devidramon known to attack in groups, they can paralyze opponents simply by glaring at them.

Devidramon's vicious and sleek design has always intrigued fans, and I'd love to see further digivolutions of this menacing beast.


3. Cyberdramon

Level: Ultimate

Cyberdramon is supposedly man, dragon, and cyborg all at once. A direct hit from his claw won't just kill foes; it'll completely erase their existence. If that's not scary enough, consider that his armor is said to withstand any assault.

Impressive abilities, Cyber. If you're not feeling his original design, check out the 2010 reimagining of Cyberdramon. All-in-all, this guy's definitely a classic dark monster.


2. Beezlemon

Level: Mega

Next, we have a merciless Digimon named after Satan (Beezlebub) himself. Beezlemon is ruthless and a loner, but has a sense of honor, and seeks to find opponents worthy to challenge him. He wields two shotguns, and rides a giant motorcycle called Behemoth.

Beezlemon is known to target his opponent's heart when firing weapons at them. He represents the sin of gluttony, and the planet Venus. In the Tamers anime, he's the final form of Impon and delves into surprisingly dark territory, killing Leomon and giving Takato's team a steep challenge.


1. BlackWarGreymon

Level: Mega

Arguably the most famous Digimon of all time, BlackWarGreymon adds a dark color scheme and brutal personality to Agumon's regular Mega form. Similarly to Beezlemon, BlackWarGreymon is merciless, but despises cowardice and seeks to find meaning in life.

In the original Digimon Adventure anime, BlackWarGreymon acted as a sort of anti-hero, sometimes cooperating with the protagonists and sometimes working against them. I remember the awe we felt as kids seeing an eviler version of our hero WarGreymon, and he's still as cool years later. For more fun, check out BlackWarGreymon X, a form unlocked in the video game Digimon World 4.

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Future Digimon Anime?

The Digimon series may have lost some steam, but still produces newer content, like the Fusion anime and a steady stream of video games. With luck, maybe it'll one day regain its former gargantuan status, but for now, vote for your favorite digital companion and I'll see you at our next anime countdown!

© 2015 Jeremy Gill


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    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      5 years ago from Louisiana

      Appreciate it, Akriti!

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      5 years ago from Shimla, India

      Awesome post. Voted up.


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